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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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i thought that was a akron, iowa man accused of killing his mother is expected to enter a plea this afternoon. jonathan neunaber has already pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the death of esther neunaber. in january, he was found competent to stand trial. in july of 2014 the bodies of esther neunaber and her husband donald were found in their farm home near akron. authorities say donald died of natural causes, but that jonathan neunaber killed his mother. he's expected to agree to a plea deal with prosecutors at a hearing this afternoon at 1:30 in plymouth county district
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a 90-year-old norfolk, nebraska woman has died of injuries she suffered in a car accident last week. marilee thorburn died at an omaha hospital on friday from injuries suffered in a two-vehicle crash last tuesday night, according to norfolk police. the crash happened at the intersection of queen city boulevard and benjamin avenue. police say say thornburn's car was struck in the intersection by a car driven by 21-year old dino alai of norfolk. police say there were three people total in the two cars, all of whom were hospitalized. they also say thornburn was not wearing a seatbelt. the accident remains under investigation. a laurens, iowa man accused of leading police on a high-speed chase around spencer, iowa faces a long list of charges today, including 3rd offense possession of methamphetam ine. spencer police say they pulled 31-year old blaine stockwell over for a seatbelt violation sunday afternoon. as the officer approached stockwell's pickup, police say he fled the scene. police say stockwell led officers on a pursuit
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eventually out into the county, where speeds topped 90 miles per hour. when the pickup went into a ditch, stockwell was quickly apprehended. he now faces 16 charges, including eluding, driving while barred, driving while revoked, driving while suspended and driving while cancelled, along with the aforementioned felony possession of methamphetam ine. a minnesota man is in custody after police say he stole a semi from a lawton, iowa farm and drove it all the way to kansas. the trouble started friday when 26-year-old ivie popplewell got into a scuffle with police in worthington, minnesota and fled. authorities say he had stolen a pizza ranch delivery van in sheldon, iowa earlier that morning. later, police police say he took off in a semi he took from casey willer's farm near lawton. authorities caught up with popplewell nearly 300 miles away in ottawa, kansas. willer is still waiting to get his truck back. an army staff sergeant charged with killing his wife and a virginia police officer who was
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being held without bail. pentagon worker ronald hamilton appeared in court by video today. he's charged with gunning down officer ashley guindon saturday night as she responded to a domestic dispute. officer guindon had just been sworn in on friday. the prosecutor has said he'll likely seek the death penalty against hamilton. in germany, the trial of a former nazi s-s medic on 3,681 counts of accessory to murder at the auschwitz death camp appeared close to collapse before it even opened. the presiding judge told the court today that over the weekend a doctor found 95-year-old hubert zafke was suffering from stress and high blood pressure... and had suicidal thoughts. the trial was postponed for two weeks, with both sides agreeing zafke should be examined by doctors the morning of the proceedings to see if he is fit to be brought to court. zafke's unit was allegedly involved in putting gas into gas chambers to kill jews. his attorney insists zafke did
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jurors in a $75 million civil case could soon hear testimony from sportscaster erin andrews, as well as the man who stalked her and posted secretly- the internet. testimony resumed this morning in andrews' civil trial in nashville. she's michael barrett and the nashville marriot hotel. barrett used a peephole from an adjoining room in 2008 to record andrews as she changed clothes. andrews' mother is expected to take the stand today. her father gave emotional testimony last week. > weather ad-lib much like yesterday, today will be breezy and cool again as clouds increase and temperatures fall from the 40s to the 30s this afternoon behind a cold front moving
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said cold front, another disturbance will move in this viewing area a quick tonight with the highest of north of sioux city. besides a few lingering flurries, tomorrow will be dry and much cooler with highs not making it much past 30 degrees. the 40s will make their return on wednesday ahead of another mix to the area wednesday night. things look dry after that with temperatures returning to the 50s and 60s this weekend. >> president barack obama has awarded the nation's highest military honor to a navy seal who participated in a daring 2012 raid that rescued an american hostage in afghanistan. senior chief special warfare the first living, active duty member of the navy to receive the medal decades.
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chance to get a glimpse of a special breed of warrior who so often serves in the shadows. the rescue was undertaken by members of the navy's famed seal team 6. we're now less than 24 hours away from super tuesday -- 12 states whose votes could alter the course of the presidential campaign. tracie potts is in washington with a preview of how things are shaping up.
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super tuesday's looking good for hillary clinton. coming off her huge win in south carolina: bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate "well, we got decimated. that's what happened." bernie sanders "feeling the burn"... of the south's african american voters: bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate "i'm gonna need your help to win the democratic nomination." clinton's leading nearly 2-to-1 in key states... focused on trump: hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate "i don't think in a campaign you make wild promises, you insult everybody and then people wonder "well what does that person really stand for." but clinton could find herself on defense - the rest of her emails are due to be released today. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. >> a massive fire has destroyed a boat storage facility in portland, oregon. the blaze broke out late last night at sundance marina. about 350 boats are dry docked in stacks inside the huge facility. it's not yet clear how many boats were damaged or destroyed in the fire. well over 100 firefighters
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eventually caused the building to collapse. there are no reports of injuries from the fire. officials are still working to determine what caused it. diversity, the environment, sexual abuse and other topics were addressed in hollywood last night... and they also handed out some awards! david daniel looks at the key moments and big winners from the 88th annual academy awards.
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dark, around a flickering light, whether a campfire or a projector." some winners were expected, like "room" star brie larson taking best actress. "the thing that i love about movie making is how many people it takes to make it." some winners made history: alejandro inarritu (ih- nyar-ee-too) became just the third man ever to win back-to-back best director oscars. the mexican filmmaker urged us to... "...liberate ourself from all prejudice, and this tribal thinking, and make sure for once and forever, that the color of the length of our hair." and some winners were long-awaited: "revenant" star leonardo dicaprio finally took home an oscar, and connected the film to "our production needed to move to the southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow. climate change is real -- it is happening right now." the show also addressed the issue of sexual abuse, with a stirring performance by lady gaga... (singing) "til it happens to you, you won't know how i feel..."
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story of the boston globe reporters who uncovered sexual abuse by catholic priests and the coverup, taking best picture of the year. "we made this film for all the journalists who have and continue to hold the powerful accountable, and for the survivors, whose courage and will to overcome is really an inspiration to all." plenty of inspiration to go around on oscar night! in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> supporting actor went to mark rylance from "bridge of spies," over "creed"'s sylvester stallone... ..and as expected, a- 'lee-sia vi-kander from "the danish girl" won supporting actress. leonardo dicaprio's oscar gold set a twitter record. his best actor win generated more than 440-thousand tweets per minute last night, according to the twitter trackers. that makes it the most- tweeted minute of an oscars telecast ever---- besting the previous record, owned by that
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selfie. hope you didn't get lulled into complacency with that record weekend warmth... because ben says it's going to snow. he'll be back with the forecast when news four at noon continues. here's the view from spencer, iowa, where it's and degrees this noon
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ben, as we were enjoying out beautiful weather on saturday, i kept reminding myself.. "it's still going to snow before spring arrives"
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much like yesterday, today will be breezy and cool again as clouds increase and temperatures fall from the 40s to the 30s this afternoon behind a cold front moving through this morning. behind said cold
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move in this evening which will give the viewing area a quick round of 1-3 inches of snow tonight with the highest of those amounts north of sioux city. besides a few lingering flurries, tomorrow will be dry and much cooler with highs not making it much past 30 degrees. the 40s will make their return on wednesday ahead of another system that might bring a light mix to the area wednesday night. things look dry after that with temperatures returning to the 50s and 60s this weekend. see graphics. >> > the farm and financial markets are next on news four... plus, it's hard to let go. and members of this church are hoping they won't have to, despite the
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last week by the sioux city catholic diocese.
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>> stocks were edging higher on corporate earnings news and rising oil prices. catholic churches in the sioux city diocese held their first sunday services since last week's announcement that many of them will be consolidated. when that happens next year, dozens of these smaller churches will be used only for the occasional wedding or funeral. ktiv's michelle schoening visited one of these parishes still coming to grips with the changes ahead.
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status. "i understand that may be the best plan for the diocese, but it is not the best plan for our church," said alise allan, parishioner. father david hemann is the priest at ellendale. and says, unlike many rural churches in northwest iowa, it is growing. "there's a hundred-plus people who come to mass. it's pretty lively. it's going very well right now, " said fr. david hemann. but the problem resides with a projection of not enough priests to cover all parishes. and while parishioners at ellendale understand it's only a draft plan, it doesn't sit well. "due to the closings that we went through locally in the past couple years, it doesn't lead a lot of comfort to that. but i do know that we have a voice and an opportunity to speak that," said alise allan, parishioner. so for now the members at ellendale will continue to fill the pews, and pray for their parish. in merrill, iowa, michelle schoening, ktiv news 4. >> her job has had her helping others for 35 years.... now, this nebraska police dispatcher is in need of help herself.
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rallying around her.
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from our okoboji skycam... a dedicated nebraska state patrol dispatcher for 35 years is now the one needing help. and the people she looks out for every day are returning the favor.
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she's also a two time cancer survivor. so she -- rallied the troops, you see here.. to help with hospital bills.. so barb's getting better. (brea nelson/benefit organizer): "she's done so much to keep everybody, not just the troopers but the public safe as well." and barb says..she's not done serving. she's not done fighting.. and seeing this support..encourages her, to keep going. (brea nelson/benefit organizer): "it's amazing. it's amazing. i can't say thank you enough." >> that was kristyna engdahl reporting from omaha. barb's benefef will be held this saturday at the german american society in omaha. there's about to be a "tree count" in sioux city. those details are still to come on
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we want to be more proactive with the emerald ash bore, we don't have it here currently but it is a prevalent issue in surrounding communities. what we want to do is see what kind of disease we have in our tree inventory currently, assess our trees, identify what we have in order to get more variety within our community. the project will assist us with that, volunteers will help us with identifying what trees we have. every year we have an annual tree sale, that will help us with our tree sale, which types of trees we will have in our inventory. what we're doing during this time with this grant we'll have volunteers come and assist with this several day training process, it's about 40 hours combined of training that people will. the volunteers? the volunteers will come on march 17th is
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they'll come to city hall. after that we'll have various dates and they can contact me at 712-279-6115 if they need more information about it to get involved. tree volunteers, thank you for joining us. thank you for watching around siouxland. >>
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[knocking at door] >> brady: holdldn. hold on. [knocking continues] [sighs] hold on. [clears throat] summer, you alright? >> summer: i went back to my place and there was no way i could sleep, so i thought i'd go for a walk and i ended up here. you threw a hell of a lot at me today. >> brady: i kno--i know. >> summer: like you recognized me from in dreams? do you know how weird that is? >> brady: yeah, i-- it's weird. >> summer: and then i asked you about daniel-- and i know there's no real great way to tell me that he's dead, and that you have his heart, and that if it turns out that he is my brother, that you know the woman that migig be my mom! >> brady: summerer


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