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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 5AM  ABC  December 14, 2015 5:00am-6:00am PST

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charleston and town
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breaking news a woman is dead this morning after being shot multiple times around 2:30 this morning...near lamb and i-15. being shot multiple times around 2:30 this morning...near
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this morning...near lamb and i-15. and the shooter is still on the run. we know the female victim was taken to the hospital where she died from gunshot woulds. at last check it was causing some traffic problems at the highway onramp...micah? now to another late night shooting...this one in north las vegas-- now to another late night shooting...also in north las vegas-- has one man locked up--
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action news reporter marissa kynaston joins us live from where it happened with the latest. marissa? police say it happened in this parking lot-- around ten oclock last night. this parking lot is right on the corner of craig and mlk. police say-- when they got to the scene-- the found a 20 year old woman suffering from a gun shot wound. but she died at the hospital. she was shot by a man-- but police are still working to figure out how they knew each other. it appears at this moment to be
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and a woman, right now we do have the man in custody, and detectives are conducting scene police say there were a lot of witnesses here on scene when it happened-- so they are working to find out more details. live on mlk-- mk-- ch13an. now to an action news update on a deadly crash... we're learning more about a woman hit and killed while crossing six lands of traffic wihtout a crosswalk! 42-year-old emily collier was hit friday night crossing boulder highway. her neighbor says she was crossing the busy road to get to arizona charlie's...where she used to work. neighbors also say she was a sweet person and went out of hi. my name is. welcome to the neighborhood. you know and it was very endearing.
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and people don't do that no more." collier was hit by a pickup truck...and police say the driver was not impaired and will most likely not be charged with any crime... right now...a motorcyclist is fighting for his life after a crash left him in critical condition. this all happened yesterday afternoon near cheyenne and allen and cheyenne was shut down for a while. you can see the motorcycle on the ground right there on the left. we do not know the condition of the other driver....and police are still trying to figure out exactly what caused this crash. in this morning's red white and blue political coverage...all eyes are on las vegas with the republican presidential debate just one day away! this is the final debate of the year...and donald trump is front and center...flanked by his newest rival...ted cruz and also ben carson. also on main stage, marco rubio and jeb bush, john kasich, chris christie, carly fiorina and rand paul. as for the first round
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santorum, lindsay graham and george pataki will face off. that starts at six p-m at the venetian...we'll be live at the debate tomorrow right here on channel 13. a shake-up in the polls shows a new republican presidential candidate taking the spotlight from trump...which could make for an interesting debate tomorrow. a new fox news poll shows texas senator ted cruz leading the republicans in iowa with 28-percent and another poll shows the same thing... the surge comes just after we heard cruz questioning trump and carson's judgement to lead america... and now trump is responding... "i was against going into iraq. that's good judgment. i was for bombing the oil long before anybody else thought about it. that's good judgment. i have good judgment, i have trump in the lead nationally...and texas senator ted cruz surging into second place. the n-b-c/wall street journal
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declining, as other republican presidential candidates have. carson -- the frontrunner in this poll in late october -- has dropped 18- points to fourth place in the g-o-p race... ...while florida senator marco rubio is in the third spot. time now is x:xx --- nothing is safe from thieves this holiday season! 10:50:12:00 you can't have packages being delivered to your home because they come and take it, obviously you can't have nice decorations out because people take it. the latest crooks are still on the run... the d-m-v can be a frustrating place...but for one woman she wasn't going down without a fight... :21-:23 that whole fight was caught on camera...we'll show you more,
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responsible...and they got the thieves on camera. this all happened in the silverado ranch area...and from the surveillance footage the family think there are two thieves...both women. lori burger estimates the duo made off with six hundred dollars worth of decorations....and even though many of the decorations meant a lot of the family they're not going to let it ruin their holiday. 10:51:55;00 we're not going to stop, we're going to put more decorations out, it's christmas, it's the holiday's i have two kids, i'll do it
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call police. an arrest at the d-m-v is all caught on camera you won't believe what happened when an officer asked a woman to leave the building... :45-51 i'm not going...will youlet me go! that was 31-year-old eleanore stern...this happened in florida and you can see someone got the whole thing on their cell phone. that woman got into an argument with someone at the d-m-v last thursday...and the trooper asked her to leave....things escalated quickly. you can see her kicking and fighting with the trooper...and he even falls to the floor at one point taking down the trooper with her. time now is x:xx --- today marks the anniversary of the sandy hook
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still aren't back in their school this they're recovering, next...
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storms and typhoons hit the phillipines every year. two years ago around this time the strongest typhoon on record hit...leaving more than
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breaking international news 41 police officers in argentina have been killed in a bus accident. the crahs happened earlier this morning -- the bus was traveling in a convoy -- it
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crossing a bridge.... flipped over and fell about 65 feet. amazingly there are some survivors. we'll watch for updates. today marks the third anniversary of the massacre at sandy hook elementary. and for the first time the shooting anniversary falls on a school day. police officers are trying to make today as normal as possible for students in newtown connecticut. but it still won't be a regular school day for these kids...the town is a long way from recovering from the shooting. they're building a new school for the kids there and it should open next fall. the massacre happened back in 2012 when 20-year old adam lanza killed 20 children and six teachers. he also killed his mother, then turned his gun on himself as police closed in on him. town officials say there will not be any public remembrances...but a local church is holding an interfaith service. in the wake of shootings in
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is jumping in on gun debate. and after the attack in paris...the british prime minister is taking action. british prime minister david cameron plans to call for a ban on high powered semi-automatic weapons across the european union. it's part of a long-term plan to counter terrorism and to crack down on the illegal firearms trade. back here in the valley...local religious leaders are taking a stand to violence right here at home. they say they're tired of the violence. muslim leaders in las vegas believe the people behind the violence are not true muslims and want the community to understand that. thanks god that we are living in a good city where people understand. if they have any kind of communication with a muslim then they understand our true religion and true values. they held an interfaith prayer vigil for peace and unity...with the message that by coming together we can beat violent people. time now is x:xx --- have you sent your christmas presents yet? well if you waited until
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you might need to wait a little longer to send that package out of town. plus! action news is giving you a chance to win two tickets to see shen yun this january at the smith center. enter each day at ktnv dot com then watch live at 11 to see if you win. shen yun at the smith center is a proud sponsor of action news and is providing the prizes for
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you might want to stay away from the post office today...the busiest shipping day of the year is upon us! abc's reena ninan and richard bacon have more in this morning's business headlines, from new york. < good morning. topping "america's money"... mail mania ... today is the busiest day of the holiday season, the postal service says it expects to handle more than last year's volume of 640 million cards, letters, and packages today alone ...
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pieces by new year's eve. the federal reserve is expected since the 2008 financial crisis. but don't expect much. the fed is expected to nudge that rate up by just a quarter of a percent. and finally, "the hunger games: mockingjay part two" topped the weekend box office for the fourth straight weekend. it's earned more than 245- million dollars so far! "in the heart of the sea" was a close second... followed by "the good dinosaur." and that's america's money. have a great day. > time now is x:xx --- this weekend's fight was the talk of the strip...a big upset in the u-f-c world and it lasted less than 30 seconds!
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more white stuff. good morning las vegas.
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and i'm dayna roselli. let's get to our big story of the day-- bone-chilling cold, fierce winds, and even possible snow. our crews are spread out across the valley tracking mother nature. let's begin with yasmeen hassan who is live near lone mountain and the 215. yasmeen?
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breaking overnight... police think a medical episode may have led to a deadly crash right behind caesars. officers say just before 9, a minivan went through the intersection of jay sarno way and frank sinatra... kept going-- and crashed into a wall. the driver, a 50 year old man was taken to umc where he was
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a neighborhood scared this woman concerned for her children even wants to move after waking up to gun shots! 11:42:47 sara hirsz "i was in the middle of sleep and i heard four gunshots. i was in shock, i was petrified, confused, didn't know what was happening." this all happened yesterday morning near sunset and grand canyon. police are still searching for the shooter who got away in a red car. the man who was shot is in stable condition this morning. a trip to the rodeo ended in jail for former clark county commissioner tom collins. the 65-year-old former state lawmaker was arrested and booked friday night in clark county jail and is expected to face a drunken driving charge. he posted pictures to twitter of the rodeo right before his arrest. charges haven't been filed yet. collins resigned back in august from the commission for family reasons. one valley woman had to wait
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doctor's signature. she was even in danger of losing her job over it! so she reached out to us.. and when you ask we investigate... aurora demattos was rushed to the hospital one day...and had to miss 9 days of work for a blood flow problem. to process the paper work to still get paid for those days she just needed the doctors signature...but the hospital kept telling her the doctor was on vacation. she called and called and no one was willing to help. when our volunteers called...the response was instant within 10 minutes the hospital called and got everything sorted out so... line. with a hospital you can go to for help. or file a complaint.... with nevada's... "board of medical examiners". the last republican presidential debate of the year is just a day away... and it's right here in las vegas! many people hope this debate focuses more on the issues than the previous ones. monica cagnet, fort lauderdale, florida "i think they've been kind of a circus so far because it's kind of over-the-top and
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of the venetian today for a "no hate debate." organizers say they want to hold every candidate accountable. and ahead today...some candidates are already in the valley! both donald trump and marco rubio are hosting events free and open to the public. trump will be holding a rally at the westgate at 7-30. doors open at 5. and marco rubio is hosting his own event at the renaissance hotel. it's from 2 until 3. doors for that one open at 1. to go you just have to register online! and the two candidates have had some harsh words for each's what marco rubio had to say about trump's statement about muslims... "it''s offensive and outlandish in a sense that. . for example that it's not going to happen, number one, it identify homegrown violent extremism, and prevent it or root it out before it takes action, we are going to need the cooperation of muslim communities in this country. so it'll be interesting to see
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candidates talk about trump's plan for muslims. and today before the debate many of those presidential candidates will be at the state's national security action summit to discuss fighting terror at home and abroad... republican presidential candidates ben carson...ted cruz...and carly fiorina will all be there along with local leaders like congressman joe heck. they'll discuss border and immigration security...u-s military...threats to our electic grid and the jihad movement... that's all day today at the international peace education center. a major u-f-c fight had the strip buzzing over the weekend.... but it was over almost before it started. jose aldo and conor mcgregor faced off at the mgm garden arena. the whole thing only lasted 13 seconds though. mcgregor sent aldo to the floor with one devastating knockout punch. aldo is considered by many to
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he was undefeated before last night's loss. time now is x:xx --- you know those chrismas lights that project onto your house or your trees? well they're a super hot item this holiday season! but they can be dangerous...if you point them in a certain direction they can cause a lot of damage.
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across the cascade mountains snow is finally falling... it was opening weekend for many across the cascade mountains snow is finally falling... it was opening weekend for many
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after last year's dismal season skiers couldn't get enough. they got about half a foot of snow over the weekend there! extreme weather hitting texas...and now they have this to clean up this morning... three tornadoes destroyed this neigborhood over the weekend. high winds even knocked a train right off the tracks...uprooted trees and destroyed roofs. on top of the tornadoes...severe rain also hit some parts of texas...bringing up to half a foot of rain. but fortunately not a single injury was reported with these
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breaking national news coming in a 42 year old firefighter has died after falling down an elevator shaft he reporetedly fell two stories while fighting a fire. an unusual death and obviously would be horrific for any fire department it's making national headlines right now. and in california...mud slides closed a major highway! you can see the traffic backed up for miles there...while crews were cleaning up. it looks like people must have been delayed for hours there! 3-hundred and 50 newborn babies and their mothers are worried they're infected with tuberculosis! and the woman responsible worked in the hospital! officials at the santa clara valley medical center say a nurse in the maternity ward tested positive for t-b. but doctors only found out
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patients for months. now they are tracking down the babies...moms...and hospital workers who had contact with the nurse. doctors say t-b tests for infants are they're taking extra precautions and recommending anti- biotics for over 3-hundred babies. dr. jeffrey starke, md/infectious disease specialist at texas children's hospital tb leaves the lung and causes other problems such as meningitis, so it's appropriate to take the protection of newborns very seriously when an exposure has occurred the hospital is starting some treatments as early as today. doctors could soon be able to identify a concussion in as little as 20 minutes...and it's all with a quick and simple blood test. a new technology will identify proteins that show brain trauma with a finger prick. the company is backed by the n-f- l...but the test could also be helpful for kids playing football. the company hopes to have tests for the technology as ready as soon as next year...and it could really change the game. now to a contact 13 consumer alert... you may have seen these new laser displays around the
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hot item this holiday season. but you should be careful putting this up! point them in the wrong direction.. and one of those lasers could hit a plane. those lights can fill the cockpit.. blinding the pilot. the display's designer is reminding users to only keep them pointed at their home. hoverboards are one of the most popular toys this holiday season...but the hot item is scaring some people away. and this morning you can't even get it on amazon! this is all after the toys caught malls and homes around the country. several brands are being tested after causing this mass. there have been 10 hoverboard fires in states...that have even sent riders to the e-r. amazon has stopped selling the "swagway" brand after firefighters say it was responsible for igniting a new york home. the company says it meets all safety requirements. the problem is the lithium-ion batteries.
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avoid lower-quality boards under 3- hundred dollars. the ladies of the longest running show on the las vegas strip are getting ready for their final performance. bally's has been home to the jubilee showgirls for more than production is currently being explored. the new star wars movie is just days away! but the big premiere is tonight in los angeles and people have been camping out for days. this could be one of the largest movie premieres in history... this is a view right now of the massive tent on hollywood boulevard. the premiere for the force awakens will be right there. the movie opens in theaters this friday! time now is x:xx --- if you need something to brighten your monday... look no further than this polar bear'll never belive how much this little guy snores...we'll show you the whol and take a's a
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where everything looks like it's set up and ready to go for the debate! we'll be live at the debate tomorrow covering it
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announced their sportsperson of the year -- and take a look: it's serena williams the 34 year old tennis star featured on the cover she won three grand slam finals this year: the australian open, french open, and wimbeldon. newton zipps it in...we got a touchdown cheers the carolina panthers...still undefeated after a blow out yesterday...38 to 0 against the atlanta falcons. you can see that pass whizzed by two falcons defenders...for a touchdown! the panthers are the only team still
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:04-15 interception...that's his 6th career interception... that steelers player just keeps dancing...and dancing...he was actually penalized for unsportsman like conduct! even after the call he just keeps going! celebrating with people on the sidelines too. the steelers won that game
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a sleeping and snoring polar bear cub is going viral this morning... it's topping today's stories
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that's the sound of a sleeping 5- week-old polar bear. the columbus zoo and aquarium released this video of the cub. she was born last month...and can't even open her eyes yet. zoo staff are monitoring the bear around the clock and making sure she's healthy! people in georgia tried to break a world record...for the most couples kissing under the mistletoe...and it looks like it was a success! more than 2-hundred couples were at a six flags to kiss for at least ten seconds under mistletoe. that's more than 4-hundred
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still need to find a gift for the taylor swift fan in your life? well the artist just announced she'll be streaming her 1989 world tour live concert film on apple music. starting december 20th you can watch her november show in australia...with backstage footage and rehearsals. this is a big deal...because it's the first time swift has put her songs on any streaming service. the only way she would agree...was for apple to change the terms of its initial three month free make sure artists get paid even during the trial period. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to the "now trending" section of our web site, time now is x:xx --- here's a look at what's coming up at 6. all eyes are on las vegas as the republican presidential debate is only a day away! and it seems like the candidates are done playing
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hosting the big republican
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