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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  December 14, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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plan to defeat isis. but we begin with breaking news we've been following near craig and nellis. metro officers say they were forced to open fire on the woman.. who was suicidal.. after a long standoff. action news reporter.... david schuman is on the scene for hours.. he joins us now live.... with the very latest. david... the street this happened on is still closed off -- you can see the lights behind me, this appears to be an active scene still the standoff ended with the woman pointing a shotgun at officers, who then shot her. metro had been called to the home when they were alerted that she might be trying to kill herself. the crisis team tried to make contact but she wouldn't cooperate. she came outside twice -- first then with a shotgun. metro says she put the barrel under her chin but was having trouble with the trigger and that's when she turned the gun on officers metro says she told police she wanted to get into a gunfight and she wanted to get shot. reporting live david schuman
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now... to a developing story.. president obama promising an end... to "isis". "the point is isil leaders cannot hide and our next message to them is simple. you are next". president obama went on to say.. the u-s led coalition is hitting "isis" harder than ever.... and... is moving forward with great urgency. abc's.... elizabeth hur reports.. his announcement comes as new questions are raised.... about the terror couple... in california. liz pkg: for anyone wondering what if anything is being done to defeat isis.. president obama had this answer. ((sot)) obama "we are taking out the isis leader, commanders and killers one by one. ((skip to)) and the next message to them is simple, you are next." that message.. after his rare visit to the pentagon with top security officials.. talking strategy in tackling terrorism. ((sot)) obama "we are hitting them harder than ever.. on isil targets than any other month since this campaign started." the reassurance comes as new questions are raised
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in the san bernardino attacks.. abc news has learned that the u-s.. turns out.. a secret u-s policy prevented immigration officials from searching social media as part of the screening process. ((sot)) john cohen "the primary concern was that it would be viewed negatively if it was disclosed publicly and there were concerns that it would be embarrassing." just last year.. immigration officials did ask for new policies.. allowing them to look at applicant's social media public posts.. but were opposed by the homeland security department's office of civil rights and civil liberites. ((sot)) sen. charles schumer, (d) ny "had they checked out tashfeen malik a little more, maybe she wouldn't have gotten a visa. maybe those people in san bernardino would be alive." liz hur tag: the homeland security department says the current policy is being reversed.. but insiders tell abc news..
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not a widespread policy. eh, abc news, ny. new at 6:30.. a 35-mile stretch of i-5 in southern california had to be shut down last night because of a massive mudslide. it happened near castaic. cal-trans road crews needed 3 hours to get the tons of mud and rocks off the pavement before the interstate could re-open. unfortunately.. they're still looking at the same weather conditions that helped cause the slide. other parts of the country are also dealing with their own high winds.. heavy rain.. and even some tornadoes. abc's karla barguiarena shows us some of the areas being hardest hit. script: nat pop: chainsaw it's a morning of heavy lifting and clean up after a heavy punch from mother nature. "think that's a tornado" at least four confirmed tornadoes over the weekend in texas alone. "tornado on the ground + sirens" in lindale, at least fifty homes were destroyed. "it was a white wall of stuff flying everywnere." this birds eye view is just a glimpse of
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including the devastating damage to jennifer skenders home who was out christmas shopping when the twister struck. sot - jennifer skenders "i'm just grateful that we weren't home. i think, um, the lord sent us away and spared us." further south in lufkin, heavy winds picking up and tossing a long line of freight cars. sot - witness "we had some really heavy winds// it hit these cars and flipped them over." winds and rain also causing destruction out west. trees tumbling down in san francisco. and causing concern for one alaska airlines crew at the oakland airport. sot - witness "to describe it best that i can, the wind came across the runway and just about pushed us off the runway." (kgo pkg) nats wind snow in kansas?it was the snow and the blizzard like conditions causing chaos on the roads? nats while in the east?millions still enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures? the traditional white christmas at this point- a long shot.
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december warmth here in the east will continue as dozens of daily record highs are expected again today across the eastern third of the country. in new york?.kb?abc news. this is where we bring in.... our chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan... las vegas is getting cold at night. how long is this.... going to last? breezy winds will continue tonight as our current storm system pushes through the area. expect lows in the low to mid 30s around the valley tonight and highs only in the mid to upper 40s tomorrow. the winds will remain breezy on tuesday, but will decrease by wednesday. the system makes its exit wednesday, but the cold air will still be in place and it will be another afternoon of expected to drop to at or below freezing. new information now..... on an early morning police shooting in new orleans....
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it happened..... during a traffic stop just after 4-am.... in the east side of new orleans. police say... officer fredrick carter stopped a white mazda m-p-v.... for a license plate violation. as he walked toward the vehicle.... a shot was fired. the officer returned fire... killing the suspect. (chief michael harrison, new orleans police) "the officer will be reassigned pending investigation. and this will be a complete and thorough investigation by our force investigation team." officer carter was not hurt. chief harrison says... the officer's body camera caught the sound of a single gunshot... from the suspect. police will also go over footage recorded.... from the dash cam. today marks the third
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shooting at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. 20 students and six educators died in the massacre. to mark the tragedy.. dozens of moms dressed in orange yesterday in sesattle for the 'orange walk' to end gun violence. they're demanding tigher gun control laws to make it more difficul for people in certain groups to obtain firearms. a north carolina woman got quite the wake up call this morning. it started when two tires came off an 18-wheeler and rolled into the path of a school bus. that caused the bus to cross the center line.. then slam into a parked suv before plowing into the woman's house. the home suffered major damage.. but fortunately.. no students were on the bus.. which serves a science and technology high school. investigators are still trying to figure out if anyone could face charges. rescue crews in houston are looking for a missing worker.... after a construction accident this morning. officials say... crews were just beginning construction..... when an excavator the worker was in.... gave way in the mud.
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you can see an excavator partially submerged.... underwater. workers are trying to drain the water.... to help in the search. the harris county sheriff's office and the fire department are investigating. a quick look.... at who's hiring this week.. the palms will be hosting a job fair on wednesday.... from 11am to 2pm. c-c-s-d.... diamond resorts international and nevada job connect.... are among the companies that will be on hand.. so dress for success... and... be sure to bring.... plenty of resumes. between black friday and christmas eve this year.. fedex predicts it will ship 317 million packages. if you put all those boxes end to end.. they would stretch around the world twice. if you are still shopping.. you still have time for the gifts to arrive by christmas. but as cnn's mary moloney explains.. the deadline is coming fast. --reporter pkg-as follows-- this holiday season -- the united states postal service expects to deliver roughly 15.5 billion cards and letters and 600 million packages. that's a lot of gifts.
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those presents under the tree-- there are some deadlines you need to know. get your packages to fedex by wednesday. that's if you want the standard ground delivery. ups gives you a couple extra days with a friday deadline. and the u-s-p-s guarantees first class mail by saturday. if you still need time to shop -- the three major carriers will deliver the week of christmas. but it'll cost you more. get to the post office -- fedex-- or ups by december 23rd to beat santa. in some cases -- fedex may even offer same day service on christmas day. but the week of christmas -- be prepared to wait in long lines with others trying to beat the clock. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. local gas prices are on the move again. we'll tell you which way they're headed.. next. plus.. el nino's pulling a fast one on the u-s. while temps are dropping in las vegas.. people are about to turn on the a-c.... on the east coast. and.. office record.. long held by another sci-fi
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dow + 1all of the big local gaming stocks were lost some ground today. caesars entertainment down 3-and a half percent. boyd gaming down 6-and a half percent. chinese internet giant alibaba is buying the south china morning post.. hong kong's main english-language newspaper.. for 266 million dollars. in a recent letter to readers.. alibaba's executive vice chairman said the company's digital strength will help the century-old newspaper with distribution of its news and analysis. the post has its circulation and profits tumble in recent years. it is one of only a handful of newspapers that serve hong kong's english-speaking minority. finally.. the recent trend of falling gas prices is likely to continue. nationally.. prices have falling another 2-cents a gallon in the past week. by the end of the year.. analysts predict we could see the lowest gas prices since
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the current national average is $2.01. it's 2-52 around the las vegas area. that's tonight's 'financial focus.' let's go to bryan scofield and 'weather first.' . breezy winds will continue tonight as our current storm system pushes through the area. expect lows in the low to mid 30s around the valley tonight and highs only in the mid to upper 40s tomorrow. the winds will remain breezy on tuesday, but will decrease by wednesday. the system makes its exit wednesday, but the cold air will still be in place and it will be another afternoon of highs in the mid to upper 40s around the valley. low temperatures on wednesday and thursday morning are expected to drop to at or below freezing. high pressure will begin to take over the forecast on thursday and that's when our warming trend begins. high will bounce back to the low to mid 50s by thursday kick the winds up to breezy and bring a slight cool-down to the upper 50s for the start to next work week.
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the last couple days it's been warmer in new jersey....
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it's all..... el nino's doing. today's high in ocean city.. -61- degrees! while people there..... may not get a white christmas this year.. there's really not a lot of complaining going on. bob dewire milford pa i think it's wonderful to be out here with just? i'm getting hot with my sweater on i don't know what
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jackie dewire milford pa i'm in the christmas spirit but let's keep this warm weather temperatures are expected to drop about ten degrees... by friday. today marks -1- hundred -4- years since explorers first ventured to the south pole. here's a picture from that day.... on december 14-th, 19-11. leading the team of explorers was norwegian... ronald amundsen. the team spent three days at the south pole... measuring and mapping their position. the winter temperature at the south pole? negative -76- degrees fahrenheit. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13: 8:00 the great christmas light fight 10:00 the great holiday baking show nats of new film trailer it's the event..... star wars fans have been
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the hollywood premier of star wars: the force awakens. it's the first new star wars movie... and... some industry analysts it will become the highest-grossing film of all time. at a time.... leaked.. the plot in this film has been largely.... under wraps fans can expect a lot of the same actors.... from the original trilogy. harrison ford says... he's more excited for this film than when he debuted.... as hans solo.... in 1977. to break the all-time record.. set by avatar.. the force awakens will need to bring in.... more than.... -2- point - 79- billion-dollars. still ahead on action news live at 6:30.. we'll tell you what the federal government is doing in your favorite glass of beer. why some aren't happy about.... what the f-d-a is asking restaurants and brew pubs to start doing.. stay with us.
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a univerisity of new hampshire chemist says... he's created.... a coffee using arabica beans infused... with res-veratrol.. the same natural anti-oxidant found... in the skin of grapes. glen miller says... one cup of his heart healthy
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as the same provides the same through his vera roasting company. labels new f-d-a rules are brewing up a controversy over beer. the federal government is ordering breweries to list nutritional content if they want to keep serving their beers at chain restaurants and brew pubs. but the new guidelines are getting mixed reviews. craft brewers would love ingredients to be listed as well. full disclosure of ingredients because that's really what separates us as "craft" and a lot of the bigger breweries are using others worry about cost. small breweries will have to spend hundreds of dollars to analyze the nutritionalalue of each type of beer they produce. the new rules take affect next december. you can give your christmas tree.... a new lease on life.... after christmas. drop it off.... at any of the henderson parks on your screen... december 26-th through january 14- th.... to have it recycled. keep in mind.. this list continues.... on our website. the trees will be chipped.. then...
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around city buildings. the city asks.... that you not drop off fake trees. bryan returns after the break with an update on tonight's forecast. your watching.... channel 13 action news. breezy winds will continue tonight as our current storm system pushes through the area.
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through the area. expect lows in the low to mid 30s around the valley tonight and highs only in the mid to upper 40s tomorrow. the winds will remain breezy on tuesday, but will decrease by wednesday. the system makes its exit wednesday, but the cold air will still be in place and it will be another afternoon of highs in the mid to upper 40s around the valley. finally tonight.. this may be the most adorable thing you see today. adorable thing you see today. a 5-week old polar bear getting some naptime. the columbus zoo and aquarium released this video of the sleeping beauty. she weighs about -4- pounds and she has started trying to stand up on all -4-'s....
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for her next meal. the cub was born last month... to aurora... one of three adult polar bears.... living at the zoo. that's action news for now.. but... we hope to see you again later tonight...
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