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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 6AM  ABC  December 19, 2015 6:00am-7:00am PST

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might want to grab yourself a nice hot cup of coffee or tea because it is cold out there... although not quite as cold as it has been. let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) developing this morning... a motorcycle rider is dead after police say he was hit by
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a motorcycle rider is dead after police say he was hit by a drunk driver near elkhorn and red cinder. word of the tragedy has already spread to the young man's friends over facebook. police say the driver was so drunk it was apparent to officers the minute they arrived on scene. a on the side of that truck shows where that 21-year-old motorcyclist slammed into the
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left hand turn in front of him, cutting him off... a witness told police the motorcyclist tried to stop but there wasnt enough time ....and despite wearing a full face helmet he died on scene. the death marks the 119th fatal accident in metro's jurisdiction this year. friends of the victim were at the scene placing a makeshift memorial in honor of their friend. the driver, who police have identifed as erik provencal, is being charged with felony dui involving death... all we know right now is that man is 49 years old. turning now to a developing story... a pedestrian is in critical condition this morning after being hit by a car near las vegas boulevard and blue diamond last night. metro says the man was jaywalking whennhe was hit. we have very little information at this point and are awaiting details from metro. we will bring you the latest as soon as we get it. an update to a breaking story we're following. a violent attack inside caesars palace is caught on camera. watch the man walking up the hallway. you see a couple of people come up from behind.. then they attack. the victim was taken down by a
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d doesn't get up. police tell us the other guys took off and are still on the loose. this gives you a much-closer look at the men police are looking for right now. the victim is in critical condition. we're also following the latest developments on a shooting that sent a metro officer to the hospital. . some cellphone video is giving us a new look at chaos after the gunfire. phillip davis says he still can't believe a metro officer was shot just outside his room at the emerald suites. when he realized what was happening he started taking video.. and recorded other officers attending to the wounded officer. you can also see the wounded officer is awake and moving as he was taken to the ambulance. 00:25;04:00 no body knew what was going on until we actually seen the officer getting hauled off in the gurney, so it was just a real crazy, crazy moment. action news was also first to show you this picture of the suspect.. 38- year old teag fox. he's behind bars facing some serious charges including the attempted murder of a police officer.
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a full recovery. a story you'll see only on action news. a woman says someone fired a shot at her car while she was driving down the street near mountain vista and flamingo. rachel macdougall says she was going north on mountain vista around 4:45pm thursday when something hit her car. yesterday morning.. her husband went back to the area and found 4 shell casings.. possibly from a 25- caliber handgun.. and used chalk to mark exactly where he spotted them. "it was probably some bored kid or somebody high or otherwise stupid who sat over there and just took pot shots at cars as they came up the street police say they still can't confirm rachel's car was hit by a bullet.. and currently have the incident listed as vandalism. an action news update on a story we're following closely out of boulder city. police say they're investigating the drugs used at the city's animal shelter. formal charges have also been filed against the former animal control supervisor.. mary jo frazier.
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euthanizing more than 100 animals and violating a city code requiring a 5-day waiting period and veterinarian review before an animal is put down. this week.. city officials released a letter to the d-a saying police will also look intoof custody for the drugs that were used. turning to your red white and blue political coverage... today's the big day...the abc news democratic debate taking place tonight in new hampshire. the candidates get ready to take the stage, on the heels of the revelation that a member of the sanders camp gained access to clinton voter files . abc's lana zak is in new hampshire with a preview. heading into tonight's debate, hillary clinton is 31 points ahead of bernie sanders in the latest abc news/washington post poll. clinton nats clinton tops the national poll at 59%, sanders at 28% and martin o'malley with then-senator barack obama. nh sanders nats and here in new hampshire, sanders has a slight advantage:
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herald/franklin pierce university poll, 12/17 ] rick klein sot (if bernie sanders is gonna beat hillary clinton it has to start right here in new hampshire ) look for these issues to be front and center at the debate: first, guns... hrc sot (urging gun control) second: the campaign data breach: the clinton campaign has not commented on news that a sanders campaign staffer was able to access clinton's confidential voter database after a firewall lapse, the now-fired staffer says he did nothing inappropriate: (either audio from fired staffer or sanders campaign presser at 1:00 friday) and finally, look for sanders to play up his role as an this election, outsiders are king. klein sot (bernie sanders may be one of the most unique outsiders of all time. he's been in congress for a quarter of a century but he's never been associated with either of the political parties. ) you can see the debate right here on channel 13 at 5 p.m. on the republican side of
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shows donald trump with a very big lead over the rest of the field. you can see here... 39-percent of registered voters want trump to be the republican nominee--compared to 18-percent for ted cruz, 11-percent for marco rubio, and 9-percent for ben carson. other candidates are far behind. the poll was conducted after cnn's republican presidential debate on tuesday right here in las vegas. trump lags 11-percentage points behind hillary clinton in a hypothetical election match up. good morning las vegas coming up... president obama spent some time with the families of the 14 killed in the san bernardino shooting. we'll get reaction from his
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streets of california finally comes to an end.. what started all of this? we'll
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christmas in washington state. take a look at how much show fell in snoqualmie pass... so much in fact.. it's creating some dangerous conditions for drivers as they try to dig out their cars. 3 people even had to get out at one point and push their car out of a big snowbank. ((ad-lib at open set with live
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time now for a look at your problem solver traffic.
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turning now to national news... the fbi and us marshals are joining the manhunt for the infamous affluenza teen, who appears to be on the run. ethan couch received probation two years ago following a drunk driving crash that killed four people. couch's attorneys made headlines in the case after
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"affluenza.".. meaning he was a rich kid who didn't know what consequences were. the father of a 12-year-old boy injured in the crash spoke out about the case ( "ethan, you know, you're a man now. it is time to man up, come in and let's begin to make good decisions and start again. you are not beyond redemption." authorities believe ethan couch disappeared with his mother. an arrest warrant was issued for him after he failed to stay in contact with his probation officer. president obama is in hawaii this morning but he made a stop in san bernardino before heading on vaction. he and the first lady spent about two hours with the families of the 14 people killed earlier this month. "we have to remind ourselves of the overwhelming good that exists out there. if you met some of these folks, despite the pain and the heartache that they're feeling, they could not have been more inspiring." the president's visit comes as a childhood friend of shooter syed farook was just arrested on terror
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authorities say enrique marquez bought the two assault rifles used in the attack. an update now on a story we first reported as breaking news. a man is behind bars for stealing some christmas packages.. then leading police on a wild chase across orange county. it started on the 5 in irvine.. then moved into neighboring santa ana. we covered much of this chase here on action news as it was happening.. you could see the guy driving into oncoming traffic several times.. even driving over the median at several intersections to avoid police. he finally bailed out of the car.. ran a short distance on foot.. then laid down on the street and surrendered. tense moments in oregon as a man tries to rob bank, claiming to have dynamite with him. this happened yesterday in bend, oregon.... 72-year old thomas handerson walked into the wells fargo.. demanding cash. he was armed with a gun and suspicious devices. after 40 minutes of negotiation he walked out of the building without a shirt... his hands raised...
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one by one... bank employees walked out. police found the devices to be fakes. henderson is now behind bars. . straight ahead... we all know our christmas trees have the potential to be a really big fire hazard. next, we hear tips on making sure christmas doesn't turn disasterous. you're watching good morning las vegas on channel 13. we'll be right back on this
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had you're tree up for a few weeks now. this morning, we have a very important reminder about just how quickly your holiday could turn disasterous if that tree goes up in flames.
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protection association, on average, christmas trees are the source of about 200 structure fires, $17 million in damage and 7 deaths each year. training, they conduct lab experiments at umd's department of fire protection engineering. research assistant isaac leventon explained why christmas trees so quickly go up in flames. "we have a tree that's perfectly arranged, so we have this wonderful surface area to volume ratio, so we have all these nice little bristles that could ignite," he said. with real trees, leventon and his classmates said it may seem obvious but it is critical to keep them hydrated. umd professor and fire protection engineering department chair jim milke said, "the smoke that's produced, we were able to exhaust through our hood but that [smoke is] going to accumulate and provide a very difficult environment for any family member left in the sources. "so don't keep open flames near it. don't have a space heater nearby. check the wires and lights you're putting on the tree," said leventon. also, avoid putting trees near exits, near drapes or furniture or in your basement. the students said that is the
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christmas tree. "flames, smoke and hot air and all that rises, so if you have it in the basement, all the floors above it are going to be done to stop it. they demonstrated in one experiment that even sprinklers won't put out a tree fire, although they can help slow the spread of flames. "get out immediately and call the fire department," said umd phd student eric link. "you have very limited time, no time really, to get out safely." t-13 consumer alert. best buy lived it up to it's name yesterday---they had one of the best deals of the year. the electronic retail giant sold the brand new iphone for 1 dollar! if you're wanting to get your hands on one, you're a little late. the deal expired at midnight. customers who traded in a working i-phone 5 also snagged
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so, needless to say, there's some happy bargain shoppers this morning. but there is good news for shoppers still looking for that perfect gift. with christmas less than a week away, many retailers are stepping up the bargains. stores are pulling out all the stops to earn your dollars. target is counting on tomorrow being a big day. it's rolling out its "wrap it up sale" running tomorrow through christmas eve. and tomorrow only, target is discounting all gift cards by 10-percent. walmart is expected to follow suit... it's still promoting deals on its website, including an i-pad mini for 199... and a toshiba laptop for 269. and contact 13 is ready to help you with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers any weekday between 11 and 1. our hotline number is 702-368- 2255. a major identity theft protection company will pay a record 100-million dollars to settle charges it failed to keep customers' personal information safe.
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with the federal trade commission. in 2010, the f-t-c alleged the company made false claims in promoting its i-d theft protection services. at that time, lifelock paid a 12- million dollar settlement. but earlier this year the f-t-c said the company violated the deal by continuing to make false claims. and-- it charged lifelock did not create and maintain a system to protect customers' information. an arizona man is trying to turn the tables on telemarketers by being as annoying to them.. as they are to you. before he answers the phone he grabs his flute.. then wants for them to start talking.. and hits them with 'ode to joy.' he says hees tried the high road.. but it didn't work. 37:35 i've asked them in the past would you please stop calling me ..doesn't work . the man is on the no call list but still gets several calls a week. he also tried complaining to the ftc with no luck. still ahead this morning...
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today and it's all happening right here in las vegas! we're talking about the utah utes and byu cougars facing off in the las vegas bowl. coming up, the details on today's game! plus, a store manager is turning the search for robbery suspects into a little humor.
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closing in on an agreement that could lead to better paying jobs for nevadans. and a live look outside...shaping up to be a beautiful, but cold morning. but will the weather hold up for your weekend plans? good morning las vegas! i'm elizabeth gadley... the time now is ... if you are just joining us... welcome. if you've been with us, thanks for sticking around. let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! it's another cold one... but not quite as cold as it has been. how's our weekend looking carlo? ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib))
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it today in carson city...trying to reach an agreement on the "faraday" future deal.
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discussions and negotiations the senate finally passed the tax incentive and bond package needed for the governor's faraday future deal. senators believe it will lead to better paying jobs for nevadans. sen. aaron ford (d) las vegas 21..6.42.00 "i think what you are going to see is as senator goicochea said is they will build it and people will come and we are very excited about the opportunity." that bill is now being passed over to the assembly for discussion. even though there's alot of work to be done, lawmakers are hopeful they can complete everything today. action news reporter bryan callahan is in carson city following these developments. we'll of course keep you updated on the status of this deal. we have some dramatic security video of robbers breaking into a local taco shop. they smash through the glass.. then run through the place.. apparently looking for something to eat. now.. the manager is trying to use some humor to track down the suspects. greg carlson is in charge at 'frijoles and frescas grilled tacos.' he says after he called police.. he decided to get the public's help to find out who broke-in to his business in the middle of the night. so..
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the security video with subtitles. and then the next thing i thought was the reason why he wants to go in there is he and has been seen thousands of times. carlson hopes someone will recognize the crooks in the video and contact police. an action news update on a bizarre front door package theft. police say they've caught the man in this video stealing a package from a doorstep near charleston and nellis.. but the suspect had a nasty suprise when he opened the box. the homeowner had just moved into the neighborhood and decided to conduct an experiment to see if any package thieves lived nearby. so.. he filled up the box with dog if the homeowner wants to press charges. polic arrested a man after he led them on a wild chase that ended near washington and jones it happened yesterday morning when police spotted a stolen
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driver over near boulder highway and lamb. but.. the driver sped away. eventually.. he tried to bail out of the vehicle while it was still moving.. causing it to crash into another car. the suspect ran into the backyard of a home and tried to hide inside a shed before being arrested. culley elementary was on lockdown down during the chase. the suspect was the only person injured. we have some sad news to report this morning.. two tiger cubs that lived at siegfried and roy's secret garden.. passed away yesterday... we're told the cubs.. "liberty" and "justice".. died from a kidney infection. in a statement.. representatives from the habitat told us they will forever be inspired by the two cubs. according to some research funded by nasa.. lake tahoe is among hundreds of lakes worldwide that are getting warmer. the study entailed 25 years of satellite and on-scene measurements and determined that lakes are warming an average of point-6-1 degree each decade.. raising concerns about freshwater supplies and ecosystems. lake tahoe had an above-average temperature increase of point-97 degrees when measured
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measured by satellite. unlv s head baseball coach tim chambers.. is stepping down.. citing health reasons. it comes two months after he was arrested for d-u-i.. and six months after chambers took an indefinite leave of absence to deal with medical problems. in a statement.. chambers said stepping down was the best thing to do for himself and the players. ahead today.... a big battle on the college football gridiron and it's right here in las vegas. the royal purple las vegas bowl features two bitter rivals this year...the utah utes and the byu cougars. the teams have spent most of the week here in the valley, yesterday the teams got together for a luncheon at the convention center. there was also a big pep rally on fremont street. . the utes and cougars kickoff at 12 thirty at sam boyd stadium. if you're not heading to the game, don't worry---you can catch the action right here on channel 13.
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christmas celebration for six families in need.. thanks to the las vegas firefighters at station 7. they adopted the families for the holidays.. and invited them to the station last night for dinner. santa even stopped by to see the kids.. and some girl scout 'volunteer elves' helped santa hand out gifts. coming up on good morning las vegas... a target employee plows through his own work with his car! why did he do it? we'll tell you
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in today's health report with new year's right around the corner, people are starting
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about their resolution. if losing some weight is on the top of your list.. there's a new way to do it. a hospital in missouri is among a few in the nation testing a the pill contains a small balloon with a long string attached. once in the stomach.. you inflate it with nitrogen. the goal is to take up enough stomach space that you're no longer hungry. some say it can help you lose more than 20 pounds in just sreeni s jonnalagadda, md / gastroenterology you really have to watch what you eat .. and you have to exercise. the pill is designed for people with a body mass index of 30 to 40. most people have a bmi of 26. security cameras catch a car plowing into a target store in missouri. take a look at this. police believe a target employee deliberately drove through the front glass wednesday. just before the crash..
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nathan glenville posted on facebook that he was about to do something big. he initially walked away from the scene.. but he was later arrested on charges of causing property damage and resisting arrest. police say the crash came hours after he got in trouble for inappropriate behavior. a grinch is on the loose in winston- salem, north carolina. police are looking for a man who stole a salvation army kettle outside a walmart. officers were called to the store after a volunteer said the man seen here.. ran up behind the bell ringer and grabbed the kettle. it's not clear how much money was inside.. full-sized pickup truck.. which was also caught on surveillance cameras. a new york gas station owner used an unorthodox weapon to fight off an armed robber. you can see the robber walk into the store and point a shotgun at the owner. but the crook tried to get greedy and reached into the
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that's when the owner pulled off his shoe and chucked it at the robber.. then ran out from behind the counter and pushed the man out the door. when good morning las vegas returns... they're a favorite of both the young and old... today rc cars will be taking to the track for a good cause... we've got details on the fun event coming up in a live interview. ((transcribe)) some teeny, tiny cars will be hitting the track today for a
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the track today for a good cause... it's all part of a toys for tots benefit race. here now now to talk about this fun event is patricia battie with 702 rc raceway. patricia battie, 702 rc raceway 2. who is allowed to participate. 3 who does it benefit. 4 tell us about 702 rc raceway,
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5. what type of rc cars/trucks are customers allowed to run on the track? 6 are these cars/trucks available for purchase on site? 7. how can people find out more? the sixth annual toys for tots holida benefit race starts at ten a-m this morning at the 702 rc raceway.
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want to participate you have to sign up by 9:30 this morning. the entry fee is 15 dollars plus a new unwrapped toy. toys for tots holiday benefit race 702 rc raceway 2901 s.
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thanks for joining us this morning. good morning america is up next. and join us back here at 8 a-m for another full hour of the day's top stories and weather headlines.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, the democratic debate drama with the candidates ready to square off in new hampshire tonight, the bernie sanders campaign slammed for accessing hillary clinton's confidential files. >> i saw that there was data. i saw that it was different than ours. >> the clinton campaign outraged. the democratic national
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latest twist just hours before
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