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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  December 21, 2015 9:00am-10:00am PST

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crown her tree and take it back. do you have your holiday shopping done? there are only a couple of days left. thank you for joining us today. i'm dao vu. hopefully you'll get that shopping in and stop procrastinating. today we have a lot on tap, including last minute ideas in case you have been procrastinating. first, get your child ready for child. open enrollment is underway for the nevada prepaid tuition program. you could even win a year of free tuition. here to show us how you can get signed up, nevada's state treasurer, dan schwartz. good morning. great to see you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> can you tell us about this program?
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i can't think of a better gift than a prepaid or college savings program. the prepaid, they're both very similar in that they enable parents, nevada parents to save for their children's education and take any increase in value out tax free. the college savings program, which is the one that actually prepaid is offering a free year of tuition, enables you to save. we have five different programs. you invest, you can invest as little as $15 and the earlier you start, in other words, if your baby has just been born, it would be a fabulous christmas gift to start a college savings program. and hopefully by the time your son or daughter is ready to go to college, you've built a nice nest egg for them. >> the nevada prepaid tuition basically allows you to pay for tomorrow's tuition at today's prices because it always goes
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if you look at the statistics, gas and eggs and butter and milk have gone up certainly. the highest percentage increase over the last ten years has been in college tuition. something like 1300%. >> wow. >> and what the pretrade tuition plan does is you buy it today, you invest and there is different ways to invest. you can buy it lump sum or do it over five years. i think now ten years. when your son or daughter gets ready to go to college, they are guaranteed a free ride at least as far as tuition, at one of the universities. >> are you finding a lot of grandparents are gifting their grandkids this? >> i would hope they are. when you look at a fire truck or a nintendo or whatever they're buying today, to me, the best thing you can do for your -- the best thing you can do is encourage them to crack the books. but beyond that, you've got to save. and not only does it pay the
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is a big problem now with college debt, with debt that a lot of the students have gotten, this will not object crate that, but cut it down to a manageable size. >> how long have you been trying to raise awareness about this program? >> we had a great fall promotion which was the sage, the magic desert tortoise. for those of you lucky enough to see him, we're going to get him next time we're on the show here. but we started in september. we hit every nook and cranny. there he is there. >> so cute. >> and we're trying to encourage the kids to tell their parents this is really, really important. >> and what is the cost to open a college savings account? >> there is two types of accounts. one is the college savings. the 529. the other is prepaid tuition. prepaid tuition is if you're feeling wealthy and you've got
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pocket, it's about 22 or 23,000. if you want to do five years, it's probably four or 500 a month. college savings you can open for as little as $15. we also have what's known as college kick start. this is the program where the state of nevada puts $50 in every kindergartener's account in the hopes that this will encourage them to save. we're going to have some changes. the treasurer's office is going to make this -- we're going to put some real incentive into this program so that kids will not just get $50, but they will get more if they put on a college savings program after it. so we want nevadans to go to college. if you don't go to college, go to junior college of the if you don't go to junior college, you should think seriously to get a certificate. if you ignore education, you are locking in a place at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder for the rest of your life and that's
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>> and it will be hard to move up. >> it's very hard. >> talk about the open enrollment date. >> the open enrollment for prepaid tuition is i believe march. then the college savings starts again in early next year. so we have this contest for prepaid that if you open up a prepaid savings account, you get a year's free tuition. you got to win. >> enroll and then you can win. >> you're eligible. >> so you do that automatically. you will enroll somebody once you set it up, make a payment into it, you're good? >> absolutely. absolutely. yeah. we've got your name. we know where to find you and it happens. there is someone in the north and someone in the south who will get a year's free tuition as a result. >> fantastic. let's talk about where it can be used, this money. >> yeah. very good question. both of them are designed to be
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but they can be used anywhere in the country. for example, if your son or daughter wants to go to harvard, we will pay the equivalent of what we would have paid had they gone to unr or unlv. it's national -- you can also take the money out. if for some reason your son or daughter doesn't want to go to college, for prepaid you just get the principle back. it's an important difference. for college saving, you get all of the money that you've earned by saving and investing. the prepaid really is like an insurance policy. so there is a bit of that built into the program. so as i say, they're not -- you don't lose it. you put the money in. it's a great savings program. and you can even move them to a relative, your brother or his brother or i think up to their first cousin. >> we have ten seconds left. you wanted to talk about the esa program. >> yes.
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adopt the education savings account rules and regulations. this is a big moment. the legislature passed a bill over the weekend effectively sanctifying -- giving credit to our exceptions for their kindergarteners. so we encourage you to come down at 10:00 o'clock and watch us get the rules going and off to the legislative commission. >> fantastic. thank you so much. >> thank you. now through january 31, if you open a prepaid tuition plan, you are automatically entered to win a year's worth of university tuition valued at more than $6,000. to learn more about the open enrollment that runs through march 31, check out the web site on your screen or call the number listed. still to come on the blend, where you can go to find out what makes our valley great.
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>> welcome back. for the past weeks, restaurants have been providing goods to those in need. in fact, they've donated nearly 4,000 fresh sandwiches to those who need help through the salvation army. and they are not stopping there either. here to explain, subway restaurant development agent, donna curry, philip holland of the salvation army is also with us. good morning to both of you. >> thank you. >> donna, let's start with you. this is a fantastic partnership. how long have you been with subway? >> i've been with subway 33 years. i started here in las vegas 33 years ago.
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whole country and now there is 44,000 location. >> you've seen a lot of changes over the years, a lot of great sandwiches that have come through. you've also helped a lot of charities, too. >> yes. >> including your partnership with the salvation army. can you tell us about this? >> yes. last year we started our partnership and gave away 33 sandwiches right before the holidays, like we're doing today. and we decided we need to do more. let's do it every month. now we do it every month. we provide sandwiches every single month to 300 individuals at the salvation army. >> do you do it at the beginning of the month? middle of the month? when is the rotation on this? >> the first tuesday of every month. >> so people just go down to their nearest salvation army or how does it look. >> 35 west owens. the first tuesday and one of the most popular days of each of the months because so many people know that the fresh baked sandwiches are being provided to the community through subway and they want to stop by.
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sandwich. >> absolutely. >> it ought to make you feel so good that they're doing this for you, and the people that you serve. >> it's tremendous. the support that we have been receiving from subway, 13 times this year now. and not just once or twice, but 13 times subway has come out and been able to provide fresh baked sandwiches to homeless and low income community, to be able to provide this very special sandwich that they normally wouldn't be able to have an opportunity to receive. >> exactly. and donna, does every store participate or it row takes by store? >> yes. we have 26 franchiseees and they all take turns making donations and providing the sandwiches. >> do you need volunteers to help you the day of the delivery? >> volunteers are always welcome and certainly in the dining room. we're always looking for people to help us out. we serve our meals 365 days a year. we serve a community meal from 1:30 to 2:30. today subway will be there and they're bringing all of their team out to provide the meals this afternoon. >> that is so fantastic. it's got to make you feel good
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so much from the communities. >> absolutely. it makes my staff happy that they can come and serve sandwiches. >> and when it comes to the sandwiches, what do you serve up? >> ham and turkey. >> and philip, are you taking also donations? what do you need that people can help? >> donations to help us buy additional food products throughout the course of the year, like we're serving meals 365 days a year. we're also looking for hygiene products to be able to provide to the homeless, low income. also for family services. people that are struggling to put food on the tables. >> and donna, what made you decide to work with the salvation army? >> my father was a big supporter of helping people with charities. as a little girl, he told me the best organization was the salvation army, in a was the best response that he had ever received. i always remembered that. that's why. >> it touched you. you have an events today. what exactly is going on?
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300 sandwiches in all my -- and all my team members will be there with their santa hats on helping give out sandwiches. >> what time? >> 1:30. >> and in terms of also people making donations at this time of the year for year end tax write justifies, can people do that at >> absolutely. they can make donations, go on to our main office at 2900 palomino lane. they can't contact us, go to our web site and learn more information at >> can you tell us more about your community? >> we're about helping individuals who are struggling. anyone in need in terms of whether it be food for the table or, just a meal to the homeless. we're providing meals for the veterans. we have our food pantry where we're putting together bags of food.
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>> we're seeing a lot of people with the bells in front of the stores. even a dollar goes a long way. >> absolutely. every little bit helps a needy family that's out there. there's a need here in southern nevada. the generosity of the las vegas community has been phenomenal. we really appreciate it. >> so for people who want to come out today, they can come out and say hello and support you? >> absolutely. >> the location? >> 35 west owens. they'll be there with so much christmas spirit. it's incredible to see the support that subway has been providing us. >> thank you so much. merry christmas to both of you? same to you. >> today subway restaurants of las vegas will continue to give back to others with additional donations of sandwiches to the community. they will be with the salvation army for more about subway, head to and are you on facebook or twitter? like or follow us. you can find vegas "morning
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we'll be right back. throughout the holiday season, we've introduced you to several veterans who have given their all to their country. nevada coin mart is a proud sponsor of active military, veterans and first responders. here with the recap is neil sackmary. good morning to you. how are you? >> how are you? >> great to see you. >> yes. >> you've been supporting the military and veterans here for a very long time. honoring them. can you tell us what you've done? >> sure. so i've partnered with channel 13, the vegas "morning blend." we've saluted five different veterans. we've given gift cards to each of them so they can have a little better holiday christmas.
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the eyes to the community that now is the time to support people instead of just making yourself wealthy, to actually go out and do what needs to be done by supporting the local veterans and first responders. it's very important. >> yes. including the gentlemen that was cutting his cake. he had just gotten married and it was so. to see him and all these people have given to our country. they've protected us and now you are generously honoring them. >> absolutely. the thing is nevada coin mart is here for the community and here in las vegas to stay. and so when it comes to the client doing business, they're not only supporting a local company that does good business, but they're actually supporting a way that we can actually make a difference. today i'm going with operation fire heat to give the christmas gifts to the kids. i went out with them on saturday and it was tremendous.
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we went out and it's a very, very important thing that most businesses don't do. nevada coin mart is a supporter of local things that have to do with the community. that's why we're in business. >> that is so cool, neil. i know you're always at work, too and that you're always there. so for you to break away means a lot. >> absolutely. i said to my wife on saturday, 'cause fred called and he said he wanted me to come. and i'm like o hurricanes okay. so listen, i dropped everything. it's what we have to do. so nevada coin mart is open 365 days a year. we will be open christmas. it's not out of disrespect. it's to change people's lives. when we were open on thanksgiving and what we did was we changed people's lives that needed money for turkey dinners. they were able to come in and sell their item. when you deal with nevada coin mart, you are dealing with the industry leader.
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when you want the real deal, some see neil. >> where are you located? >> jones and flamingo. 4065 south jones boulevard. that is next to the ampm. it's 4,000 square foot store, former bank buildingment i am there 365 days a year, 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m if you come in, you will deal with the industry leader. if you go on the web side, you can see all the technology. nobody has the technology that i have. i have an x-ray spectrometer, a gia diamond microscope, $1,200 carat scale. you can see on the web site. there is technology, media. you can read all abobo me. you can read all about the store. i have six privacy windows in the store. i have four privacy booths. i have one privacy room, all in one place where coin buyers, collectible buyers, jewelry buyers, you want the industry leader, you come see me. >> i love you in the santa hat. people bring also their diamonds to you.
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>> you pay top dollar for that? >> absolutely. i have a 9 methods gia diamond microscope. i have two-55-dual monitors on the wall. so when you come in, we're going to look at your diamond right there and then in front of you. i'm a graduate gemologist from gia. this is what i went to school for. and so there is nobody in town that pays more. i had a lady come in the other day. she went up the road. they told her to go to the pawn shop because they passed on the diamond. she came. i offered her $400. she went to the pawn shop. she offered her 250. she came back later if the day, sold the ring, $400. there is nobody in las vegas that pays more for any type of jewelry than me. that's why i'm the industry leader. >> and you also again buy coins and sell coins. >> absolutely. i have john john kowski. i buy coins, currency, bullion. every type of coin you want to sell from anywhere in the world, we buy it all.
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we've changed the face of las vegas. everybody else used to charge some exorbitant amount over and above the spot price of silver. when you come in, you'll get the best price in las vegas. right now we're buying silver bullion for 50 cents below spot. everybody else used to be at 2 and $3. we've changed the face because we are the industry leader. nevada coin mart. open 365 days a year. community supporter. >> which means you're open on christmas. what are the hours? >> 9 to 5:00 p.m. on christmas day. on christmas eve. here is the thing, las vegas is a 24 hour town. so when you need something, you know that you're always going to come to nevada coin mart. we don't have different hours on sunday and all this ridiculousness. we are open 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m that's the true testament of a business is a business owner, it's whether you want to sink or swim. nevada coin mart is open 365 days a year.
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i'm a successful business owner because i am here to support the community. on top of which without the customer, there is no business. everybody else wants to just mess around with customers. i want to pay the highest price so that i get repeat business. >> are you still doing a partnership? >> absolutely. i will until i'm under the ground or something. i was there the other night. i saw mrs. g and talking to her and things like that. >> was your cutout there? >> yes. i have a full-size cutout there that if you want to see or come to the store, some people take pictures with me and stuff. and so the thing is this, i am here in the store, i'm not just a spokesperson. if you want to go to the greatest supermarket ever, you go to blazers. you want to come to the industry leader, you go to nevada coin mart, 4065 south jones. all in one place. six privacy windows, four privacy booths, one privacy room, x-ray spectrometer, technology, look on the web
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call right now. i am there. the best price always. >> thank you so much, neil. >> thanks. >> to learn more about the veterans featured in salute to nevada veterans program, go to nevada coin mart, a proud sponsor of action news and supplying the gift cards in this proposals to the recipients. for more details about the business, head to the web site or call the number listed. now before we go to break, congrats to lauren of the west career and technical academy. she was the first place winner of the public education foundation's annual holiday art contest. about 300 entries were received with a theme of joy in the world.
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have you procrastinated on getting your gifts? before you panic, our next guest has ideas. here for last minute picks, bob guiney. good morning to you, bob. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> our pleasure. there are only a few more days until christmas. what do you suggest for the last-minute gifts? >> it is crunch time. no doubt p it. if you're like me, you've waited 'til the last minute. we have great gift ideas for everybody on your list here. we'll start, let's go one for the whole family. you enjoy these two nintendo games. for all ages. gravity falls, is based off disney number one tv show called "gravity falls." the gnome needs your help. the smurfs are back. their village is destroyed and you have to rebuild it by collecting resources. the beauty of these games, only 29.99. so very affordable. great stocking stuffers.
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if you're looking for educational gifts, like you don't want a give a video game, but something to help with the studies and everything else, again for all ages, full function notebook with a full fledge windows experience, this is only $199. acer aspire 1 cloud book. it only weighs 3 1/2 pounds. it's feather weight. and it includes both the one year subscription to office 365 personal and one drive online storage. plus outlook, power point, word and excel. 14 hours of battery life. keeps you connected all day long. the perfect gift to give. i'd like to get one. >> that's very light. >> i know. it's crazy. it's so light. remember the laptops that weighed like 25 pounds and the battery lasted for five minutes? those are the things of the past. it's a dinosaur with this baby. look at this, i love this. if you send out holiday cards, do you do them? >> i do. but i don't print out my own. so it's easy to do? >> so easy. i've never printed out my own either.
9:24 am
you can prints your holiday cards and pictures right at home. this is the expression, premium xp 530. printing, copying, scanning and faxing. does it all wirelessly. and you can print a borderless photo up to 8 by 10 right from your smart phone. you take the picture and you can send it using the app or air print. it's less than $200. >> love it. that is fantastic. >> yes. now for the ladies in your life. the bayou conscious lady, gentlemen, pay attention. the casio time piece combines sporty modern designs, with precision time keeping. it features daily alarms, stopwatch. water resistant up to 200-meters. great gift for the lady in your life. for the coffee lover, this is amazing. swiss made automatic coffee center.
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specialty coffees on the color display, brew your choice for a true bean to cup experience. always freshly ground. lightning fast aroma and grinder. light as air. last but not least, my favorite gift to give because i want someone to give it to me, omaha steaks. family owned company. look how beautiful this is. finest gourmet food for many years. includes everything you see here, juicy burgers, baked potatoes, carmel apple tartlet. only 69.99 with free shipping. it's very affordable. i'm so hungry. standing here all day makes me hungry. they have retail stores across the country. going to omaha steaks or so you know where to go, one stop shopping, is where you can find the information about all the gifts you see here. >> great gift ideas.
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small one at your house this christmas? >> i'll be having a real big one on christmas eve actually. it's going to be my whole extended family comes in. i go home to michigan for it. i'm really excited. i get to see everybody once a year. >> fantastic. merry christmas to you. thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. merry christmas to you, too. >> don't panic. you can still find great gifts just like the ones bob mentioned. to learn more, visit the web site right there on your screen. discover a no pain, noninvasive treatment to bring back your youth. it's called radio frequency and the state-of-the-art treatment valley. here with more is medical assistants lindsay kay. >> good morning. >> what exactly is radio frequency? >> so radio frequency is a noninvasive treatment to now reduce wrinkles, fine lines or deep holes and tighten up the skin in the area that we're treating.
9:27 am
>> we're talking about the face and the body. of course, the most popular area is going to be the face where it's the first signs of aging for our patients. we can treat any area. so if you're looking to tighten up the skin on an area on your body, we can treat the body as well. >> what type of results can a typical person see? >> so what's really nice about this type of treatment is it's noninvasive. so radio frequency is just heat and radio waves and what this is doing is we are heating that deep layer of your skin, the derma, to a target temperature. with all the heat that builds up in that deep layer, it's scientifically proven to collagen. we are taking your collagen back in time. as far as results go, you're looking at a look of about four sessions. >> that's just a little wand >> yes. feel pain. sensation which kind feels like a hot stone massage.
9:28 am
have sensitive skin. as you were seeing in that treatment, we're only using water-based conducting gel for the actual treatment. so even if you tend to have more sensitive skin, this is still going to be a noninvasive treatment. that's going to be able to help take you and your collagen back in time to reduce the wrinkles. >> how quickly will you see the results? >> you can see results immediately after the first session and that just improves month to month. like i was saying, most patients get that dramatic change in a series of four sessions where they're coming once a month for four months. >> we have another before and after treatment. >> it's just amazing results. this is the only radio frequency device on the market that is noninvasive that can treat the eye area. and that's one of the most popular areas, one of the first signs where you get the dark circle, crow's feet. this is one of those treatments where we can treat the complete face. >> and i'm seeing a picture of men as well.
9:29 am
>> male or female, the age does not matter. unfortunately, we start to see wrinkles as early as early 20s. there are so many signs that you're going to start to notice that you're getting these fine lines and there is a lot of causes that cause wrinkles in general. smoking, dehydration, stress. they're all factors that comes to the condition of our skin. we're able to definitely improve with that. >> do you get better results if you do several treatments? >> you do. so like i was saying, someone could get away if they're in their early 20s with doing one or two sessions with us. but most of our patients that we're seeing that come into the clinic are anywhere from 40 all the way up to 80 years old. and for those types of patients, the condition of the skin is pretty severe. looking at four session where is they do come once every four weeks for best results. >> what type of down time should we expect? >> that's another nice part about this.
9:30 am
down time with this. so you can come in for your session. if we're treating the face and neck and you want to do both at the same time, you're more than welcome to do that. it takes about an hour and 15 minutes. so you're in and out. you can apply make-up right after and like i was saying, there is no side effects. so no down time with something like this. >> fantastic. where are you located?? >> we're located at washington and rainbow. 777 north rainbow boulevard and we are suite 200. >> you have a special offer for folks? >> we do. if you're look to get rid of those fine lines or deep folds and reduce wrinkles in a noninvasive way and really improve the condition of your skin, we're doing a special for 40% off for four on sessions. >> that's fantastic. you're located where? >> at washington and rainbow. at 777 north rainbow boulevard and we are suite 200. if you're looking to treat the face or the body, you want to tighten up an area on the body, you can give us a call and we can give you all the information.
9:31 am
certificate? >> absolutely. it's in time for the holidays if you want to get looking good for the new year, give us a call and we'll help you out with all the information you need. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> again for all "morning blend" viewers who call today and book an appointment, you're going to get 40% off four sessions. that's today only. laser med solutions is located on rainbow south of washington. for more information, call the have a smart phone? just in time for the holidays, our friends at action news app. it's very simple to use. radar. get the new action news app free in the app store and in google
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we'll be right back. >> hate waiting at the doctor's office for something minor? you can have a doctor make a house call virtually. it's telemedicine option called now clinic and here with the details, medical director dr. somphone. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> as you know if you followed the news, it's no vies that there is a shortage of doctors here in our state and you're providing an option that makes it easy for people to see their doctor. can you tell us about this? >> we all know nevada ranks dead last for doctors. we've been aggressive in hiring physicians. we added new offices, providers, centerses. we introduced telemedicine. >> can you tell us what
9:33 am
>> telemedicine comes in different forms. southwest medical our clinic, allows consumers with nonlife-threatening conditions that don't always require an examination to connect where their provider via secure video or audio for the use of their laptop, home computer, smart phone. the connection time is about five minutes. the provider will ask you a few questions. usually lasts less than ten minutes. if a diagnosis is made and you need a prescription, it's sent electronically to your pharmacy. so we launched this two years ago and today conducted 13,000 virtual consultations. >> it's a great service because some people want to see their doctor, but they don't have the energy or they just don't want to get dressed to go see a doctor. it gives you really peace of mind as well. >> sure. this is so easy. a case in point, i had a patient come in about 5:00 a.m, young, healthy female with a raging bladder infection at 5 in the morning. we did the visit in less than five minutes and she was so happy. when she told me was that she was a single mother, two young kids, didn't have to roll out of
9:34 am
very, very easy. >> what type of conditions can be seen with this now clinic? >> sure. this is not for every patient or every condition. for certain things like bladder infection, skin rashes, med refills, this is a very, very easy way of conducting a visit. >> you can do poison ivy, oak, bronchitis, a range of conditions, too. >> sure. just like anything that does not require a full examination. we know a lot of patients go to er's when they shouldn't or even urgents cares. this is a very easy, easy form of access. super quick. really it's much cheaper for the patient and for the healthcare industry. >> how long did it take to you talk to this woman on the computer? >> our connection time is about five minutes. the consultation usually lasts ten minutes. >> so super fast. you're in and basically out. it works like face time if you
9:35 am
>> basically. it's really secure audio and visual. and so sort of like a face time visit. but it's secure. and with the smart phone, you can visit from your bedroom, anywhere really outside of the hospital. again, you don't have to drive to an urgents care or wait. the co-pays are very, very low. patients love the service. it's really one of a our highest rated as far as satisfaction of care. >> the woman loved it that she could see you without having to get out of bed or out of the house. what other responses are you hearing? >> i can tell you that every health insurer right now has a telemed practice either in place or in the works. seeing what every major employer , every major health group in town. patients love it because it's so easy, quick and fast. co-pays are low. our patients love it. our physicians love it, too. it's just so easy for everyone.
9:36 am
development coming on here regarding the availability of now clinic. >> sure. in the past month or so, there has been state regulation changes allowing medicaid patients now the same access to telemedicine that our spacious had for the last two years. medicaid can access telemedicine we had a quarter million new patients to the state. a lot of times we had no access to primary care providers or medical care. now they have either access to simple conditions. >> very nice. when it comes to registering, downloading the app, do you see just any doctor that's available at the time or is there a specific doctor? can you see your own doctor if they're working? >> our telemed is limited to care needs. things that require urgent attention. so we have a panel provider that you can access with a click of your smart phone.
9:37 am
they'll come on in about five minutes or so. >> again, you have to download that app to get started? >> exactly. it's very, very easy. go to the app store, download it. or southwest medical web portal. >> you saved so much time for 13,000 people that have used your services. it's incredible. >> exactly. again, it's not for every patient or every condition. but i can tell you that over 13,000 patients with their mouse, have told us this is the form of medicine that they want. >> that's incredible. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> be sure to try out southwest medical's now clinic telemed for all your nonurgent needs. ted head to now for more details. to find the closest southwest medical to you, call the number or check out the web site on your screen. also check them out on facebook and twitter. on, you can find so many from stories on what makes the valley a special place to live. click on the positively lv tab, from special reports to deals at
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out the web site for your insight into vegas.
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still looking for that perfect gift for the men in your life? studies show choosing gifts for guys is very tricky, especially for couples. choose something based on your common interests. erequire stags editor has rounded up a few of his favorites so everyone will be pleased. good morning to you, wendell. >> good morning. how are you? >> great, thank you. as you know, choosing gifts can be difficult, especially for men. what's your advice for getting gifts for guys? >> guys definitely like things that they can actually use. they like things that are part
9:40 am
so i know everybody likes head sets. i'm a fitness addict. i'm always at the gym, listening to music, working out, taking work calls. i'm always on my phone, whether i'm rushing to work, rushing through an airport, music going. so head sets are a great things. the lg tone series does it all. sleek and well designed. they rest comfortably on your neck. they have retractable ear buds. and the volume jog and google voice controls are right there on the head set. the best part also, they work with blue tooth enabled smart phones, whether it's iphone or andrade. you don't have to stress what kind of phone do they have. then for all those audio files out there, the lg tone ultrasaid set has signature sound technology while the other model has harmon carden. they deliver excellent sound. all the music will sound fantastic. this is a very useful thing for
9:41 am
commuting to work or at the gym. amazing value at $69, available at select retailers nationwide. >> gives you the high quality sound. it's very practical. get one for the office, one for the car, 'cause when you're on the go, you forget to grab it. so it's nice to stash them everywhere. >> yeah. it just makes everything more pleasurable when you have your music. >> what other gift ideas do you have for us when it comes to picking a gift for men? >> yeah. yeah. especially for that hard to give to person on your list. this is something kind of unexpected which is what makes gift giving really fun. this is give the gift of harley-davidson. they have something unique for everyone on your list. specifically give the gift of a motorcycle lesson. through the harley-davidson riding academy, you can send those on your list from their sofas to their motorcycle license in a number of days. call your local harley dealership for all the details. up with of the most exciting things from harley-davidson if
9:42 am
of the season, check out this iron 883 motorcycle. it's part of harley's most powerful cruiser line-up ever. features blacked out custom design, combined with modern upgrades. whether you're a rider or not, there is something for everybody. look at the leather jacket that will further distress over time. there is also some really stylish gloves. you don't have to be a rider to rock these. you don't have to be a biker. these are great for people in cities or on the go. they also offer really unique accessories like touring bags, rock glass. there is a just a whole world out there for you from harley-davidson. and a lot of the gifts are under $100 and some are under $50. there is excellent value there, too. so see our web site for all these fantastic things from harley-davidson. for the bad boy on your list, for your grandfather, your son, whomever, kind of a lot of wonderful things? >> how about for yourself?
9:43 am
so beautiful. very sleek. >> yeah. i mean, i was impressed with that. the thing is you don't have to be a biker to get into the motorcycle world. there is a whole variety of bikes for a lot of different guys out there. so i was impressed with that bike. when i saw that i thought wow, maybe i need to look into it. >> i know a few ladies that would love that. thank you so much. some great gift ideas for us. >> my pleasure. thanks so much for having me. >> for more gift ideas that guys will love, check out the web site right there on your screen. remember to check out on your web site. you'll find past segments, recipes and our facebook and twitter links.
9:44 am
>> looking to renovate your kitchen, take yours to a new level with black stainless steel. here is a peek at what's turning heads. >> nearly nine in ten homeowners plan to renovate their homes in the near future with half of them planning to do so within the next year. now more than ever, it's important to know what's cooking in kitchen design trends for 2016. we caught up with hgtv design stars, david vanderwaal and emily henderson for the scoop at black steinless steel series. steel. it's very classic. but it's also nice to have something new, like another option out there. and the black stainless steel is the new option. it makes it feel really modern and fresh. >> on top of that, a real nice edition is that this is smudge resistant. >> what's hot is not to do the
9:45 am
at that really isn't. davids and emily, with industry insiders from real estate and architectcal designs discuss how they can increase the value of their home. >> people have to be smart. you don't want to take the highest ends of your stainless lower priced home. you should go with the highest technology package that you can get, appliance package that you can get and design package. >> so matching the value. >> that's key. >> it's the first time in 15 years that stainless steel really has a new color. now you have the opportunity to make your appliances be part of your design in your kitchen. what we've done is brought together emily henderson and david bromstad, and they brought together how to make a kitchen really explode with design possibilities.
9:46 am
pinterest contest for consumers. >> through january 29, create your own inspiration board anything that inspires kitchen design with the black stainless finish for a chance to win a kitchen suite of your own, $25,000 and a consult. to enter, visit contest. >> love the look there. today on the view, whoopie goldberg dishes tough love from her new book about relationships. plus the voice's talent behind aladdin reunites. that's today at 10 right after us. then today at 2 on valley view live, the most wonderful time of the year can be dangerous for your pets. how to avoid a holiday hazard. plus celebrate a festivus gathering. tomorrow on the blend, comedian and headliner joins us for some laughs. plus a 13 things for your christmas wig. that is all tomorrow and we want you to have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. bye. captioning provided by
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