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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  December 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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and injured more than 30 when she ran her car up on the sidewalk. 09.24.34 the intentional act that occured on the boulevard is going to be very hard for us to explain 41 at face value 43 her arrest report says she was tired and stressed, and spent the day trying to sleep in her car but kept getting kicked off property. and as we countdown to new year's eve, hundred of thousand people are making plans to be here.... 09.35.33 obviously it's america's party happening in two weeks 37 and we're doing everything we can to ensure everybody's safety 41 sheriff joe lombardo says they have been planning for new year's eve for a year. he says they ramped up safety this year after terror events around the country and the world. he does not believe holloway was committing a terrorist attack, but says he can't rule it out until they find out more about her background. they are working with the fbi
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her arrest report says she drove a mile on a flat tire to and hopefully it will never happen again in our community 32 in the arrest report, it says holloway would not explain why she drove onto the sidewalk. but she told police she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, just tired and stressed. soc our action news live team coverage continues with some information that nearly a dozen of the crash victims were college athletes. action news reporter david schuman is live to explain how last night's tragedy put a cloud over a wrestling tournament. david. the wartburg desert duals is a tournament that for many years has taken place in a ballroom at the flamingo right behind me. pacific university and delaware valley university both pulled out of the tournament today
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wrestlers go to the hospital last night. (wrestling b-roll is cell phone video) the four athletes from pacific and five from delaware valley had a variety of minor injuries from concussion to bruised ribs...and all the guys have now been released. the teams are both on their way home early -- traumatized and frightened about how much worse it could have been. tournament organizers told me today didn't have the same festive atmosphere as usual -- but after a moment of silence this morning...everything went on as planned. sot (cell phone video) 00:01:43 joe breitbach, wartburg desert duals organizer "kids here know what's going on. they're competitors on the mat but they have the prayers for these kids and they'll get through it. they're tough kids." delaware valley's coach also had to go to the hospital. a school representative told me the coach said they were hoping for four wins on the mats -- and ended up with six victories in the form of everyone on their team being all right. live on the las vegas strip..david
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more and more people are coming forward, reliving what they saw as people were mowed down. action news found one of the youngest witnesses...who was with his family and saw the crash happen from start to finish. aber "it was just very terrifying, my heart was pounding a million times a minute." butt to sot "i just saw one of them fall, like fall to the ground and i knew they were really badly hurt" that family paints a vivid picture of the horror. but for one of the family members...he was in the right place at the right time. tonight on action news live at 6- 30...what he did to help out during the chaos. action news has learned that lakeisha holloway is on suicide watch. that's according to her public defender. holloway's cousin tells action news she is a "very good person".. and the family can't believe this happened. they say it's a tragic situation and they're praying for the victims. we're also told they're upset about the media coverage of this story . we've been working with stations around the country.
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you can see portland police knocking on the door of the former apartment of the suspect. we learned holloway's mother booked a flight into las vegas this morning.. and is expected to arrive soon. we're also learning more tonight about the woman who lost her life last night in the crash. her name was jessica valenzuela... a 32-year-old mother of three from just outside of phoenix. angie kaley from our scripps sister station in phoenix has more. there are still so many layers to this situation and our coverage is far from done.
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done. we'll have much more on the tragedy on the las vegas strip coming up on action news live at 6:30. our website and app are some of the best sources you can access for information.. so stay with us online and on air for the latest. action news is tracking the latest weather developments a live look outside right now -- where we could see some warmer temperatures over the next couple of days. but that could all change by december -25-th. action news chief meteorologist brian scoffield has a look at what we can expect. bryan? we will continue to see periods of thick cloud cover throughout the rest of the week. in the short term, tomorrow, which is also the first full day of winter, looks to be the warmest day of the week with will drop to the mid 50s on wednesday and christmas eve. u.s. marshals and metero have arrested a man wanted in texas
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31-year old garth claytor was picked- up friday near charleston and rainbow. he's currently in the clark county detention center awaiting extradition. now to an update on a crash
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a woman was killed crossing the street near 2-15 and jones this morning. the driver left the scene.. but metro caught up with him. tonight.. 40 year old gaston martinez is in jail .. charged with driving under the influence. brand new details on last week's officer shooting. tonight.. we're finding out exactly what the suspect said to the officer.. seconds before he opened fire. coming up... in contact -13- tonight... if you're waiting until the last minute to ship out your christmas presents... you may already be out of time. and contact 13 is ready to help you with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers any weekday between 11 and 1. our hotline number is 702-368- 2255. an action news update on a deadly accident on saturday
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we've just learned the name of the victim.. 24-year old thomas phillips. police say 35-year old david coleman was speeding down las vegas boulevard saturday night when he hit phillips.. who was riding a moped. according to investigators.. coleman is facing several charges including driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. the search is on tonight for four men...following a shooting. it happened around four this morning near eastern and owens. police say the suspects were seen shooting out of their vehicle. that vehicle was later found at an apartment complex. it doesn't appear anyone was hit. if you have any information, give crime stoppers a call. an action news update now on a homicide investigation. police have now identified the victim as 38-year old jesse galvez valle.
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and killed on 10th and wilson. witnesses reported seeing an older grey pickup leaving the scene. if you have any information on the suspect.. call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. still ahead.. a contact-13 consumer alert about a type of boxed rice being pulled off store shelves. plus.. a local family catches a burglary suspect with his pants down.. literally. stay with us. we're learning new information
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week's officer-involved shooting that's revealing exactly what happened
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after teag fox opened fire on officer gregory sedminik. according to the arrest report... fox approached sedminik near some stairs at the emerald suites apartments and asked him quote "are you here to kill me?" twice before telling the officer to "look up" and firing three rounds... hitting sedminik in the armpit. the officer returned fire as fox ran away. he was arrested hours later.. and now we know how he made it four miles away to southern highlands.. he called his boss and asked for a ride... saying his car broke down. officer sedminik is expected to make a full recovery. a las vegas family is still shaken after a bizarre home invasion. the homeowner says the would be robber broke in and headed straight to a bathroom. this is a story that new for you at six. and.. as action news reporter elizabeth gadley explains.. the family caught the guy in a very compromising position. kathleen doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. kathleen, homeowner 08;54:36:00 (laughter) i shouldn't be laughing but i can't help it. after someone broke into her
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quite literally. 08:48:02:19 my husband was getting up to go to work and it was roughly about two and he goes to the bathroom and there's a gentleman in the bathroom taking a poop. standup: using the bathroom after breaking in isn't the only strange thing this would be robber did. kathleen says first he jumped this fence, then took off his shoes and left them outside before going in an unlocked back door. while the circumstances now strike her as funny, kathleen says the break in was terrifying. kathleen, her husband and their two children were all at home asleep at the time. 08:49:15;00 it's like you feel invaded. she says her husband did what he had to do to protect the family holding the crook against the wall and threatening him with a gun. 08:51:52:00 he's like look dude, i'm not messing around here do not come back he points over to the couch and he shoots two shots and drags him
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with his shoes still by the back the back door. 08:58;46:00 he kept saying also, where are my shoes, can i get my shoes and he even attempted to try to come back and get his shoes. kathleen says the would-be robber eventually took off on a bicycle before police arrive. 08:54:29:00 i guess it's the new eco way of robbing tag 09:26:39:00 the family says it always plans to lock the door in the future and it's going to get a brand new security system. reporting near lake mead and jones, i'm elizabeth gadley channel 13 action news. the national weather service today issued a winter storm warning for parts of northern california. forecasters say strong storm systems will bring heavy mountain snow this week. snow rates of more than one inch per hour are expected tonight. lower elevations could see accumulation of up to 14-inches, with more than two-feet of new snow at higher elevations. the warning is in effect until
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we will continue to see periods of thick cloud cover throughout the rest of the week. in the short term, tomorrow, which is also the first full cooler air moves in on wednesday and high temperatures will drop to the mid 50s on wednesday and christmas eve. we will start to feel the effects of our next major system on christmas eve, in the form of windy conditions and chances for rain. the winds will stick around for christmas day and that's when the system's cold air sweeps in, dropping high temps to the upper 40s. the system will remain over the area through sunday morning, which means the cold air will sit in place. afternoon highs will only reach the mid 40s on saturday, then as the system moves out on on sunday. for the latest consumer
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