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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  December 29, 2015 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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we begin with breaking news... the death toll from historic flooding.... in missouri.... continues to grow this afternoon... governor jay nixon says... the death toll now stands.... at - 13-... and... the threat continues to loom as the mississippi river has now topped a levee.... north of st. louis. meanwhile... in texas... people there..... still recovering from monster twisters... over the weekend.... that killed at least.... -11- people... abc's... lauren lister... has the latest. blizzard warnings...sleet hitting boston as the region gets its first major snowfall. the weather delaying departures for dozens of planes at boston logan airport. on top of the record rain and flooding in parts of the midwest and south.... claiming more missouri four visiting soldiers swept away in a car in this roadway and killed..... but also -- leading to successful rescues... broadcastify: a water rescue school bus occupied with at least 18, standing upright. overnight in illinois, this school bus --carrying a girls highschool basketball team - skidded off the road into floodwaters breanna george: it was so scary // some people
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streaming over of their banks, rising to historic levels [sand bag nat] volunteers scrambling to prepare as the mississippi river is expected to crest higher than it has in 22 years -- the second highest level ever recorded -'we've never really been faced with the water coming up so fast' now, this deadly midwest storm is barreling towards the northeast.......bringing sleet snow and freezing rain while in texas......the clean up from those deadly twisters is giving way to cold and ice..... tag: and here in this texas neighborhood you can see the cleanup has a long way to about houses, tk about cars, [and residents just today getting their first chance to get into their homes and salvage what's left--need to fact check when i get there; may add damage estimates if i and... we're continuing to follow the latest developments.... with our weather... cold temperatures and high winds could put a damper on new scofield.... and 'weather first'..... for the latest. below average temps will continue through the new year and the beginning of next week. in the short term, expect at
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skies expected both days. an update now to breaking news... we first brought you.... on k-t-n-v -dot-com... and... our k-t-n-v mobile app... a suspect has been arrested.... in connection to the december -13-th shooting death..... of a -28- year-old woman.... in north las vegas. police say.... vernon newson junior shot the woman multiple times..... near lamb and the eye-15.... before taking off.... to southern california.... where police found him. he now faces charges of murder
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and... illegal possession of a firearm. he is now awaiting extradition.... back to north las vegas. a man is shot dead.... outside of a -24- hour fitness.... and... police are now reviewing surveillance footage.... to figure out... why. action news reporter.... parker collins explains.... why police are calling this unusual. they're saying it's definitely a weird case... this morning you couldn't go to the gym without seeing flashing lights and a wrecked car... that's not the case now take vo police are looking at there were at least two people in the car where the bullet came from... they got out to shoot... and the bullet actually went through the victim's window. the shooter takes off. no idea yet what they were talking about before the trigger was pulled. take sot lt. dan mcgrath, lvmpd 4:11:39-4:11:48 "with the bike on the back and it looks like some dry cleaning and some other items in there it doesn't look like it's consistent with a... i'm not trying to stereotype..." no one actually saw what happened... they're relying a lot on footage from 24 hour fitness.
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get our hands on that footage. near rainbow and alta parker collins channel thirteen action news. and... an update to breaking news.... we first brought you..... on action news.... live at midday... a suspect is in police custody..... believed to be behind the shooting death of his father. police say... -21- year-old.... eugene (she- yahm-bo)tshiyombo..... shot and killed..... his -68- year-old father..... following an argument.... at their home.... near pecos and the 215. he now faces.... murder charges. a metro corrections officer is now on.... administrative leave... after being arrested for a misdemeanor prostitution charge. robert moore was taken into custody last wednesday... but.... he's since been released. metro released the details about his arrest last night.... but... they didn't say specifically.... what moore is accused of doing. he's been with metro.... since -2- thousand -5-. a sad action news update now.... on the search for a missing elderly man.... wallace inkenbrandt has been
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the -72- year old's family says... he left to buy food for relatives on christmas eve... and... never came back home. he had dementia and cancer. the tragic loss has been very hard on the family. they did not want to talk about.... the details of his death. new year's eve is almost upon us.... the highlight of the night is always.... the fireworks shows, but... with all the recent severe weather.... many people are wondering... if we'll still have..... a fireworks show. as of right now... the show is still on. but organizers say... it only takes winds of -10- miles an hour or more..... to make them pull the plug. that's because..... debris could fall onto the crowds. safety is paramount that is up to that is our decision as well as clark county and we are not going to fire a show that could endanger someones life. grucci has been in charge of the fireworks shows.... since -2- thousand - 1-. so far... they've not had to cancel.... any part of their shows. and... make sure..... to keep it here on channel 13.... all night long! the party kicks off... at 5 p-m.... with ryan seacrest and new
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you can watch the ball drop.... in new york live.... at 9.... our time. then at 9:30... it's america's party..... live on action news. our crews will be live on the strip and downtown... plus... you'll get a view from the sky..... of all the festivities.... from chopper 13. and.... we have a full list of new years eve happenings.... in las vegas.... posted on our website. there's information.... on fireworks.. parties.. the best places to eat.. and... so much more. you'll find the list.... on the right side of k-t-n-v dot com. police are investigating a possible hate crime.... after a spring valley mosque was vandalized and covered in bacon! we'll bring you... the surprising response from one of the founders of the mosque... and... take a look at what some of our viewers are saying! plus... a terrifying home invasion.... caught on camera... we'll show you... what may have saved the lives of the homeowner and her children. and... a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow is up.... -1- hundred - 93- points closing at.... -17- thousand -7- hundred -21-.
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a spring valley mosque was
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touching and eating the meat.... is against the religion of islam... so now... authorities are investigating it.... as a hate crime. action news spoke with the founding member of that mosque.... earlier today. he says... he understands..... there may be some attacks.... in paris and san bernardino. sot rokai yusufzai, founding member we do have an open door policy, and we ask any of our community members that have questions at any time, they are welcome to call us the f-b-i is now also involved.... in the investigation. this is a story.... that's been receiving a lot of comments online... not all of them nice... and... we want to show you some of the ones..... that we're actually able to put on air... many of our viewers have condemned the actions. ty beau says.... "cowards seek the night... cameras still work... karma should be swift." sammie jackson commented.... "insensitive jerks! freedom of speech huh? that's rude and disrespectful!" nilla latte wrote.... "if you support actions like this..... that divide and induce hate within our country...
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everyone is taking the vandalism so seriously though... some even supporting the actions... jesse richard walker wrote... "this really made my morning! this is what you get when you don't condemn.... radical islam. and... this is just the beginning." tiffany simpson commented.... "a hate crime, really??? come on now. the only thing he did wrong.... was waste bacon, what a shame." najee jackson wrote... "i hope he doesn't get some pumped up charge for hate crime or something for a joke.... that literally hurt no one... get better feelings." we want to hear your thoughts... share them with us..... on facebook... or on twitter.... using the handle @k-t-n-v. a holiday scare.... for a single mom!!! she and her children barely made it out alive..... of a frightening home invasion. and she says.... it's just the latest..... in a string of break-in attempts..... at her home. atlanta tastemaker.... danielle rollins is named.... one of the best party hosts.... in america. but... the day after christmas.... she got some unwelcome visitors.... two men trying to open..... the front door. police say... the men were carrying bags... containing a loaded gun... ammo...
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gloves. danielle rollins the door handle started moving and i heard male voices. (butted with) there were helicopters and search lights and dogs. thankfully... her armed security guard chased them off... with police close behind. the suspects are still on the run. rollins says... she has been targeted three times.... in the last month. still ahead... how you could get some money back.... from your cell phone provider... plus... a viral post quickly spreading on facebook..... with users looking to cash in.... on mark zuckerberg's fortune... we're debunking the hoax.... when we come back. heavy snow in idaho....
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broken branches from the weight of the snow..... tripped circuit breakers and brought down.... cable and power lines. now... utility companies there are calling in the help of helicopters..... to use their rotors..... to blast snow off....
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here it's just cold outside... let's go to chief meteorologist.... bryan scofield and 'weather first.' below average temps will continue through the new year and the beginning of next week. in the short term, expect at and below freezing low temps tonight into tomorrow. afternoon highs will top out around 50 on wednesday and new year's eve, with partly cloudy skies expected both days. conditions will get breezy on thursday and friday, as a low pressure system comes together and remains over the area through most of the weekend. this system doesn't look to bring chances for rain, but it will keep the cold air in place, with highs in the mid and upper 40s expected on friday and saturday. the system starts to make and exit on sunday as another one starts nudging in from the southwest.
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sunday and in the low 50s on monday and tuesday. the center of this next system will stay to our south, but as it passes through it will usher in moisture and bring us chances for rain starting sunday afternoon and continuing on monday. yet another system will follow behind that one, and looks to bring better chances for rain on tuesday. claims-vm in today's contact -13-
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now.... a heads up for verizon or sprint customers.... if you're or were a customer for either company..... over the last -5- years... you can earn some money back! but... you better act fast! both carriers are paying you.... until thursday... for cramming bills with bogus... unauthorized charges. the government fined the companies more than.... -1- hundred -50- million dollars. sot mandi woodruff/ personal finance correspondent, yahoo finance 18;23;36;50this is not a new tactic that these companies have been using, they've been doing it for years - but it's really nice to out.... a refund claim. you have to go back and review again.... you only have until
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to file the claim. you know what they say... if it sounds "too good.... to be true"... it probably is!!! but... that didn't stop a hoax on facebook from spreading like wildfire..... which began shortly after..... mark zuckerberg and his wife announced they were giving a gio benitez.... sets the record straight!!! script: this morning, a wild rumor spreading on facebook? crediting gma as the source: "mark zuckerberg is going to give away $4.5 million of his facebook stock to people like you and me! all you have to do problem: it is a hoax? here's what we actually reported? sot - lara spencer on gma 12/2: "mark zuckerberg promising to give away 99% of his shares of the company to charity" the phony status update going viral - facebook quickly responding: "while priscilla and mark's pledge to give money to improve the world is real, not everything you read on the internet is, and they're not giving it away randomly ..."
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thousands of hoaxes and scams taking over social media... sot - kris white / hoax victim: "i just won 250,000 dollars, yes!" kris white says someone wrote to her about winning 250 grand in a "facebook powerball lottery" - telling her she'd get her winnings if she sent in 750 dollars for taxes? sot - kris white / hoax victim: "a sucker, i guess. i believed it." the zuckerberg hoax doesn't ask for cash - but experts think it could be used to find easy targets for id theft... sot - scott schober / bvs ceo, cyber security expert: gio: "so you're saying even if someone isn't necessarily asking you for money, they're trying to see if you're going to fall for this?" / scott: "exactly" / gio: "and then steal your identity..." / scott: "yeah, it's like a trap, just trying to pull you in" overnight, facebook telling abc news it has an abuse-fighting team using "automated and manual systems" to help catch suspicious activity? but you can spot them yourself too... sot - scott schober / bvs ceo, cyber security expert: "if you look at it carefully // there's spelling errors and there's also grammatical errors throughout and that's usually a sign it's coming in
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want to see if a post is legit, we're told look for this blue checkmark - the verified badge - next to a company's name... abc's gio benitez reporting. the n-f-l is breaking its silence.... on the latest scandal... the report claiming... denver broncos quarterback peyton manning used.... illegal growth hormones. find out... if they're standing by the football star.... next. now...
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cys!mexplosive accusations..... involving superstar quarterback.... peyton manning... the n-f-l saying... it's reviewing the report.... alleging he used performance enhancing drugs..... to stage one of the greatest football comebacks ever!!! he fiercely denies it... and... is considering suing. abc's.... ryan smith has the very latest this morning, peyton manning?weathering the storm of controversy. nats 8:21 - peyton missing his 6th game tonight the super bowl winner, slamming accusations made in the al-jazeera documentary "the dark side"?.showing charles sly? said to be a pharmacist at the guyer institute where manning received treatment for a debilitating neck injury (nats) talking to an undercover
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nfl star human growth hormone sot sly: "and all the time we would be sending ashley manning drugs. we were sending it everywhere (laughs) i'd go to florida" // and it would never be under peyton's name, . sot: manning: "it's completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage." the guyer institute...saying sly was nothing more than a three-month unpaid intern in 2013, when manning wasn't being trebut al- jazerra...refuting that claim, releasing this phone call allegedly made to guyer nearly one month ago deborah: i need to do an employment verification on a gentleman called charles sly. believe he did a rotation with you is that right? do you know him? heather: yes. uh-huh. deborah: can you possibly give me the precise dates? heather: it looks like he was here in the fall of 2011. the nfl telling abc news on monday "we are reviewing the matter" sot brennan: 19:56:07:37 we are in the steroids era of sports the nfl is well aware of what is going
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it. the performance-enhancing drug hgh - banned by the nfl?.known for it's restorative affects sot: dr stuart weinerman, endocronologist 01;07;35;00 it is claimed that it helps promote lean body mass reduce the accumulation of fat people get as they get older and supposedly makes you feel younger. sly?.saying he made it all up he reporter?recanting online sot sly: "the statements on any recordings or communications that al jazeera plans to air are absolutely manning also standing by his brother, saying the accusations seem "very odd" and don't make much sense to him - and as abc's ryan smith reporting. coming up.... on action news.... live at 3:30... after days on the run... the so-called.... "affluenza teen" and his mom are caught! find out.... where they were found... and... where they're headed... next. plus... family members are remembering a loved one..... who died after crashing his motorcycle... during a memorial ride.... for another motorcyclist! and remember... you can get all your breaking news and weather updates anytime.... just by downloading.... the free k-t-n-v mobile app....
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right now....
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righdozens of motorcyclists come together.... to remember a fallen biker.... during a memorial ride... plus...
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frontrunner is coming out
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