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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  December 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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you're in for a treat. the fireworks will be launched from the mgm grand.. aria.. planet hollywood and caesars palace. plus.. treasure island.. the venetian and the stratosphere. and this year.. the show will be interactive so you can track everything from your smart phone. phil grucci, president, fireworks by grucci: fireworks by grucci performance app, 5 minutes before the midnight moment you'll see a countdown that will tell, and you'll hear, 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, and success this year will be driven by having a uniform countdown on the strip the entire show will last about 8 minutes and synchronized to a special soundtrack with music from bruno mars and frank sinatra to name a few. as always.. the best place (and safest) to enjoy new year's eve in las vegas is from the comfort of your own home..
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extended coverage. we'll get it started tomorrow night at 5 with ryan seacrest and new year's rockin' eve. that will be live from new york city so you can watch the ball drop in times square at 9:00 starting at 9:30. (90-minutes earlier than previous years) action news will have crews live from the strip and downtown las vegas. and.. we'll have chopper-13 in the air so we can bring you live pictures from overhead of the party and the fireworks in spectacular high- definition. we also have a list of all the new year's eve festivities at it includes information about fireworks, parties, headliners, and nightclub appearances. plus dining, transportation and even road closures. now to a developing story we've been following closely. the woman accused of running down more than 30 people on the las vegas strip was under the
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d-a steve wolfson released a toxicology report today. action news anchor jacqui heinrich has the latest on lakeisha holloway. look live: even with this new report, the charges against lakeisha holloway will not change, according to the district attorneys office...and thats largely because theres no tried and true consensus on how much marijuana makes a driver impaired. vo: according to toxicology results, holloway had 3.5 nanorgrams of pot in her system per milliliter of blood....that's above the 2-nanogram nevada for the marijuana metabolites in her system, which show more long-term use....results showed 23.6 nanograms of pot per mililiter of blood.....also above the 5-nanogram state limit. but that still doesnt prove her driving was affected. umc's head physician explains: sot: "if you drink an ounce of alcohol, youre under the influence of alcohol, if you drink 10 ounces of alcohol, youre drunk. but youre still under the influence of alcohol. so at what level, it has to be determined scientifically, at what level youre clearly
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and nobody can decide exactly what that is." vo: the crash back on december 20th ended the life of 32 year old jessical valenzuela and injured at least mexico, and canada. one person is still in critical condition at umc as a result of that crash.. look live: holloway is next due in court on january 20th for a status check on her charges of murder, child endangerment, and felony hit and run. she is reportedly on suicide watch at jail. reporting in the newsroom jacqui heinrich channel 13 action news. breaking news with the san bernardino shooting. a grand jury has indicted the longtime friend of the shooter responsible. just minutes ago, we found out that enrique marquez has been indicted on weapons and terrorism-related charges. we'll keep following this story and bring you more information as it becomes available. now to an action news update involving a missing north las vegas woman.
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villa-lobos has been found. north las vegas police aren't giving any details.. only saying she is safe and back with her family. she was reported missing december 6th. a las vegas man is in jail.. accused of shooting and killing his father. tonight we are learning more about their relationship ... and the circumstances inside the home. action news reporter mahsa saeidi is live near green valley and paseo verde with the new details. mahsa? no one knows for sure what sparked that deadly argument. tonight we've learned that while this appeared to be a loving home. some say was also one that was strict by today's much so...that 21 year-old student reportedly not allowed to have a smart phone... or to be out late at night. even acquaintenances had heard that his dad was strict. but no one ever expected this. anytime anybody doessomething like that it's shocking in generalbush for him he seems like a real kind of innocentshy kid he came to me on several times after events or during
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that he wanted to get involved that man worked at unlv while eugene tshiyombo was a student. he says that 21 year old volunteered for a lot of events he would put on.tshiyombo loved and really seemed to come out of his shell during the extra curricular events. another student told us thiugh...that didnt last long. tshiyombo's father had him stop his involvement in extra curricular activities becuase it ran too late into the night. back out here live we have been trying to reach family members to gain more insight. we have not heard back yet. coming up at six...we will tell you more about the victim. two people have recently died in clark county from the flu. the southern nevada health district says one was a child under the age of five.. the other was a woman over 50. two men also died from the fly before christmas.
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typically peaks in january and february.. so if you haven't gotten a vaccine yet.. it's still a good idea. for years bill cosby was accused of sexual assault. but for the first time.. the actor- comedian has formally been charged... and his mug shot is all over the internet. and a valley man speaks with action news after his friend's death. find out what led to the deadly stabbing. bryan. does prism tv have all the channels we watch? that's a great question.
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the actor and comedian appeared in a pennsylvania courtroom today.. on one count of aggravated indecent assault. he did not enter a plea. his bail was set at one million dollars. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for january 14th. attorneys for former temple university employee andrea constand confirm the charge is connected to her. these charges stem from a sexual assault that took place on an evening in early 20-04 at mister cosby's home in sheltenham township, montgomery county. constand says during that visit.. cosby gave her medication and wine that made her feel paralyzed. she eventually woke up to find her clothes in dissaray. authorities in cleveland are bracing for the worst after a grand jury decided not to indict two white police
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of 12-year-old tamir rice. members of the cleveland naacp chapter and other organizations are planning protests. what you're about to see in cleveland you've never seen before. we are calling on activitists from all across the country to be here in cleveland with us. at this moment activists are coming.. and there will be civil disobedience the groups are demanding the grand jury transcripts.. the removal of prosecutor tim mcginty.. and the re-negotiation of the cleveland police patrolmen's association contract. the shooting happened outside a rec center in november of 2014. the boy was playing with a pellet gun when someone called police. a recent f-b-i video analysis showed tamir was drawing the pellet gun from his waist. a dramatic rescue in missouri today as flood waters in the st. louis area continue to rise. two rescue workers saved a man and his dog from the roof of a flooded home.
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to pull off its foundation. as you can see... the dog didn't want to get on the boat.. and his owner fell in the water trying to get the dog to cooperate. first responders were able to pull the man to safety. he's now being treated for possible hypothermia. this flooding in missouri is part of the latest from a huge storm system that has killed about two dozen people in the past week. experts say the current el nino weather pattern is to blame. millions of people across the midwest and south are in areas with flood warnings. officials fear the mississippi and other waterways could cause flooding worse than the great flood of 19-93. a 37-year-old man is facing charges in a christmas day fire at a houston mosque. according to police documents.. gary nathaniel moore.. also known as jamal moore.. was a member at the mosque for about five years and attended prayer services almost daily. police don't have a motive.. but federal investigators say
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hate crime. moore is expected in court tomorrow. here at home.. the fbi is offering a 5- thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of this man.. caught on video vandalizing a mosque with strips of bacon. it happened near jones and twain. in islam.. pork is banned to either eat or touch. the fbi and metro are investigating this as a possible hate crime. donald trump takes a dig at the clintons on the campaign trail. coming up... we'll hear trump's reaction after he says hillary clinton took a swing at him first. and from contact 13.. whole foods settles charges after being accused of overcharging some of its customers. plus - here's what we're working on right now for action news live at six: a local couple left with nothing -- not even their identities -- after a private guardian takes all of their personal documents, leaving them unable to even prove who they are. that guardian is now under police investigation... but tonight... chief investigator darcy spears digs even deeper.
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you're watching channel 13 action news... where you ask and we
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stabbed to death... and a bystander has to watch as his friend dies in his arms. action news reporter parker collins has this heartbreaking interview.
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"it's the worst feeling in the world. i wouldn't wish this feeling on anybody." standup: signs of the crime scene are even out here on the street... flares were set up here because this is where a bloody knife was just dropped. 4:27:05 up close knife that knife stayed out here for hours... the man who dropped it is behind bars now... after the complex's security guard chased him down and arrested him... 4:25:33 crying woman put in cruiser leaving a sobbing woman behind. img0339 00:00:21-00:00:22 "you can always forgive, but don't forget." it started because of a woman... and it left one man-- a friend of the victim-- with an impossible choice. img0340 00:00:13-00:00:27 "i had two choices in that split moment: take down the person that did it or save a life, and i tried to save his. i guess i didn't do it." holding his dying friend in his arms... the warm blood on his hands... it's something he'll never get over. the ripples of pain are spreading and getting bigger and bigger. shante, witness (no super) 3:11:47-3:11:57 "i was just talking to him not even three days ago.
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he was so nice... like i'm confused." for people who woke up to flashing lights, police tape, and blood-- their lives are forever changed too. 3:11:30-3:11:38 "i'm ready to go. i'm ready to go. i work too close to here. it's just too much. i'm ready to go." police say they have the stabber in custody and they're not looking to arrest anyone else. near swenson and twain parker collins channel thirteen action democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. trump says he had no choice but to bring bill clinton's past infidelities. during a rally in south carolina today.. trump talked about the former president after hillary clinton took a few swipes at the gop frontrunner. (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "she came out, remember, and said 'he's demonstrated a penchant for sexism. can you believe it? me. nobody respects women more than donald trump. nobody. that i can tell you, nobody." trump says it would be fair for
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investigate his background. the real estate mogul made tabloid headlines in the early 90's when his marriage to his first wife.. ivana.. fell apart when he had an extramarital affair with model and actress marla maples. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is currently on a 3-day campaign swing through iowa. today.. he discussed creating an economy that helps the middle- class. (bernie sanders (d) presidential candidate) "we have got to develop and create an economy that works for working families and the middle class. not just a small number of very, very wealthy people." sanders also talked about making college more affordable and removing big money from politics. he'll finish-up his iowa visit tomorrow with a stop in des moines. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.'
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as a dry area of upper level low pressure drifts to our north. temperatures won't go much of anywhere with very cold air at the upper levels around central nevada and decent upper level winds helping to transport the cold air southward. that means that new years eve and day will see temperatures just a smidge below 50 with breezy north winds making those days feel even cooler. highs tomorrow will be 49 and friday we'll see a high of 48 to start off 2016. new years eve night will be pretty chilly as well with temperatures around midnight in the 38 range and generally calm winds at the surface. the complicating thing gets
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as winds just above the surface (200-400 feet) will likely be stronger overnight which could curtail fireworks on new years. the weather during the first week of the new year will start with a bang as well with some substantial looking storms headed towards southern california and las vegas. las vegas will likely struggle to see much sunshine from saturday on through most of next week with a series of increasingly potent and moisture laden systems push into the desert southwest. these storms are forecast to move in from nearly due west which is a much wetter direction for southern nevada and initial models are saying steady rain could fall basically tuesday night through systems as the week progresses.> time now for the latest consumer news from contact 13. whole foods is set to pay half-a- million dollars for overcharging some consumers. the grocery chain and new york city consumer affairs agree
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500-thousand dollars.. to settle charges that it overcharged new york city customers for some items. the agreement comes after city officials claim there was repeated mislabeling of pre-packaged goods at whole foods last year. whole foods says there's never been any indication that the over-pricing was intentional. the database of 191 million voters was left exposed on the internet. the wide-open voter database was discovered by security researcher chris vickery, who reported his findings to "data" so far no one has nailed down exactly who's responsible. but fingers are being pointed to "nation builder".. a digital campaign platform headquartered in los angeles. the company denies that it's responsible but says it may have contributed some of the leaked data. contact 13 is ready to help you with a consumer problem. just call one of our volunteers any weekday between 11am and 1pm at 368-2255. we'll be right back with a final check on your forecast from bryan.
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a look at some of the stories we're working on for action news live at 6: the countdown is on for america's party tomorrow night.. and new year's eve security in las vegas is ramping-up. we'll tell you what's being done to keep you safe.. on action news live at 6. we'll be right back. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality,
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he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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channel 13.
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the goldbergs at 9 -- modern family at 9:30 -- black-ish at 10 -- the goldbergs at 10:30 -- black-ish at 11 -- action news. that's our news for now.. but stay with us for abc's world news up next. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then..
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get started with prism essential tv plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $70 a month for a year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. we have several breaking stories tonight. for the first time, bill cosby criminally charged. >> mr. cosby, how do you respond to the charges? >> our reporter, right there, as cosby stumbles on his way into the courtroom. tonight, charged with sexual assault. authorities on what it was about
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