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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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police saynthe susoect then started tonwalk towards cops... his hand ... holding what police thiugh was a gun... in his pocket. childress ignored commands and xo ruined to advance with object clutched in had in pocket.... contd to move not drop item in hand other new infirmation. marshalls had originallyntold cops suspect was wantednformattempted murder. that turned out to be false. it was a miscommunication. but he was accused of an armed home invasion in 2013 in arizona. sompolice say no stranger to violent crimes. first officer involved shooting where suspect did not have a gun in 2 years. a painstaking investigation now
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officers did anything wrong or could have done anything differently coming up at 6 whatnthe family had said about this case so far an update now to breaking news we've been following all day. chopper 13.. first over the scene of a hit and run rampage that happened over 4 different locations today around downtown las vegas. we're bringing you team coverage.... on the chaos!!! action news reporter.... marissa kynaston is standing by live... but first... let's head out to contact -13- investigative reporter.... stephanie zepelin joining us live.... from one of those scenes... near lamb and sahara. stephanie... there were five cars hit here, but this was not the beginning or the end of the story here. this was the third place the driver came and hit cars before taking off yet again. police got a call about the wreck here at 12:36. the suspect is a woman driving
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witnesses say they were stopped at the light when she rear-ended a car, causing a chain reaction wreck with two more cars. then the woman in the pickup hit a coca-cola delivery truck and a minivan here in this parking lot. rose lloyd car hit at lamb and sahara. "we were stopped and the light and then we were going to take the right, and everybody hit us and i guess there were a bunch of them. and i thk whoever hit us took off." the coca-cola delivery truck was hit on the driver side cab. he talked to us off camera and said he was about to get out when the truck hit him. live at lamb and sahara, stephanie zepelin, channel 13 action news. this map gives you a better idea of how this all went down. the first call came in around
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pole near bonanza & main. then at about 12:30.. a vehicle was hit near pecos and stewart. the driver continued to the third location at lamb and sahara where those five vehicles were hit before being followed by witnesses to fremont and st. louis where the driver was finally caught. and... that's where we continue our team coverage now... action news reporter marissa kynaston is live on the scene..... where the suspect was detained and arrested by police... she joins us with more..... on what witnesses say..... went down in those few scary moments... marissa? that string of accidents ended here in this parking lot-- some workers in this area said they saw the whole thing happen. they said the driver in the white pickup truck-- came crashing into their parking lot-- and was surrounded by police. they say she was yelling and screaming-- metro tried to get her on the ground-- but when she refused-- they dragged her out.
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slammed on the hood, she kept yelling and saying her name and then they hog tied her on the ground because she kept trying to kick an officer police are investigating to see if drugs or alcohol played a role in the accidents. live on fremont-- mk-- ch13an. take a look at this scene near twain and dean martin.. where a truck ran right into a fire hydrant.. sending water gushing all over the road. no word on what caused the accident.. but slick roads from today's rain made for an treacherous drive to work today. and speaking of the rain.. a live look outside right now at what has been a wet day across southern nevada.. and some areas are now under a winter storm warning. let's go to meteorologist karla heulga in the weather center to let us know what we can expect from this latest winter blast. karla. we continue to track a series
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cloud cover and chances for rain and mountain snow to the area through the remainder of the workweek. our first system is already affecting the area with scattered showers that will continue through tonight. our next system moves in tomorrow and is expected to bring more numerous showers to the valley as well as mountain snow to the sheep range and the spring mountains. cliven bundy is back in the news!!! the nevada rancher's sons are leading protests.... in oregon. and.. once again..
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federal government! 05:11:42 cliven bundy "well i don't know what he might do, but i have a lot of faith in my sons that they're going to do what's right. i have a lot of faith in them that they're there to do good things." bundy and armed protesters were part of a tense standoff..... with government agents -2- years ago.... over cattle grazing fees.... bundy owed. he's not as.... hands-on with this new protest..... which includes.... a takeover of a federal building... but as... action news reporter... david schuman... tells us.... bundy's feelings remain... strong. intro: "what the bundys are doing in oregon is a little different from the standoff that took place on this land back in 2014. i spoke with cliven bundy today, the family's patriarch, and he expressed some misgivings about where things are heading this time." 05:11:57 bundy "you know, i'm a little nervous about them taking over a facility but you know, they have the right to peacefully assemble." two of bundy's sons and a group of armed protesters have taken up
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wildlife refuge building. 05:14:28 "we're tired of the abuse of the federal government and we're tired of the abuse of the federal government claiming ownership of this land." it started as a rally saturday to support the hammonds -- two ranchers convicted of setting fires on federal land. the conflict has escalated to become a broader fight over land rights -- and echoes of the prior bundy standoff are starting to be heard. 05:06:10 "i didn't want to see that abuse go on to my fellow ranchers in oregon so i sent my son and some other people to investigate." i asked bundy what exactly the protesters want -- how does this end? he said he wants the federal government to surrender jurisdiction of the land -- and a rehearing of the hammonds' case. the hammonds have since turned themselves in. his sons are staying. 05:21:48 "they're indefinite. however long it takes." tag: "bundy says he's in daily communication with his sons and
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he's prepared to travel to oregon himself. in bunkerville, david schuman, channel 13 action news." a major unveiling tonight in southern nevada. faraday future is expected to unveil its electric car prototype that will be manufactured inside a billion dollar plant in north las vegas. the project was recently approved by state lawmakers.. and is expected to create around 45-hundred jobs. groundbreaking is scheduled for later this month. the car will be revealed at 7:30.. and action news will be there so look for more on our facebook and twitter pages.. along with a complete report on action news live at 11. still ahead.. the formal sentencing today for convicted strip shooter ammar harris. 9:35:36-9:35:41 "he's a thug and he needs to be put down like a dog. he's a dog." hear why victim's family isn't happy with the death penalty. plus... the fight continues between
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missing country singer.... craig strickland has been found dead.... after a week-long search. the -29- year old and a friend went missing.... while duck hunting.... at an oklahoma lake.... during a fierce winter storm. strickland was the lead singer.... in a country rock band called..."backroad anthem."
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about what caused strickland's death... but... did say... there were "no personal floatation devices.... in use." in tonight's rwb2016 political coverage... with exactly one month to go before the iowa caucuses... hillary clinton is getting some help on the campaign trail while donald trump is launching a new ad campaign. "i'm donald trump and i approve this message." trump's new ad focuses on his controversial proposals.. including his proposed temporary ban on muslims entering the u-s. meanwhile.. former president bill clinton hit the trail for his wife for the first time in new hampshire.. but deflected questions about donald trump. democratic senator harry reid held a news conference today ahead of wednesday's "battleborn battleground" event which will see all the democratic presidential candidates in las vegas. reid addressed immigration reform.. which is a major issue with nevada voters.. and took aim at a couple of republican candidates for their stance. "it's not just trump that's so anti- immigrant. it's rubio who leads the charge
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he's such a, i repeat, a hypocrite." wednesday's event will be held at the mgm grand. hillary clinton.. martin o'malley.. and bernie sanders are all expected to attend. a heartpounding search for a toddler.. in the back of a car when it was stolen.. finally comes to an end. chris poccia, albuquerque police, body camera) "hey sweetheart, are you okay? come here, come here." hear how this officer was able to find that little girl.. alone in the darkness.. and why it could have ended much worse. plus... c-e-s is about to kick off.... right here in las vegas.... but first... we're getting a sneak peek at one of the products.... that's going to be unveiled this week... and... it could completely change the way... you watch t-v. plus... here's what we're working on right now.... for action news.... live at six: nevada's on a new top ten list..... a dramatic end to the desperate
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics,
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[ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. the car was found.. but the girl wasn't. fortunately.. the story still has a happy
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(voice of ofc. chris poccia, albuquerque police, body camera) "hey sweetheart, are you okay? come 1am.. hours after the search began. she was sitting alone in a parking lot.. cold.. crying and confused. (voice of ofc. chris poccia, albuquerque police) "i saw a ball, of purple, in the middle of the parking lot. and, thought that weird and i drove into the parrng lot and i immediately could tell it was a kiddo." searchers also found a small wooden cross nearby.. a gift from caroline's grandmother.. and hand-delivered it to the hospital.. and captured in this emotional photo. caroline is expected to be okay. police are still looking for the car thief and kidnapper. ammar harris will receive the death penalty.... for a shooting on the strip.... that left -3- people dead!!! that's the decision in court enough....
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still picking up the pieces!!! the actual sentencing took just a few minutes. the hardest part was speaking to one of the victim's brothers afterwards. take vo this is the brother of the cab driver who was killed. remember in 2013... harris shot and killed a man who was driving on the strip... and that man's car slammed into a jury sentenced harris to death in november. the cab drivers brother was shaken by how cold harris has been... he thinks a death sentence will take too long to carry out. take sot tehran boldon, victim's brother 9:36:21-9:36:34 "this man is alive. he should be dead. who cares how much it costs? what about the cost to my family?" no word yet on any appeals bring filed. at the regional justice center parker collins channel thirteen action news. happening right now: meteorologist karla heulga is
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developments for meteorologist karla heulga is tracking new weather developments for
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and the main thing is this winter storm warning that's in effect now. we continue to track a series of systems that will bring cloud cover and chances for rain and mountain snow to the area through the remainder of the workweek. our first system is already affecting the area with scattered showers that will continue through tonight. our next system moves in tomorrow and is expected to bring more numerous showers to the valley as well as mountain snow to the sheep range and the spring mountains. a winter storm watch will be in effect from tuesday morning until wednesday morning. expect high temps in the mid 50s on tuesday and wednesday with breezy winds both days. our next system moves in wednesday afternoon. this system will be broader, slower and a bit colder. scattered showers and mountain snow is expected wednesday, then more numerous showers on snow. high temps drop to the low 50s on thursday with breezy winds, and then will linger around 50 degrees for friday and the weekend. chances for showers with this
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and will taper down to very slight through saturday morning. time now... for the latest consumer news... from contact 13. mc-donald's today... rolls-out menu options... time now... for the latest consumer news...
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mc-donald's today... rolls-out menu options... for budget-conscious customers. the fast-food chain... launches its.... 'mc-pick-2-' menu. it allows customers.... to choose two items... for -2- dollars. options are... the mc-chicken... mc-double... mozzarella sticks... and... small french fries. mcdonald's... just added mozzarella sticks... last week. and... you're next television could be flexible. at this week's..... c-e-s technology expo... here in las vegas...
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is showing off a high-definition t-v... you can roll up... like a newspaper. but... this t-v... will not be sold this year. right now... this is just a concept... to show off... what's possible. we'll be right back.... with a final check on your forecast... from karla. moving a tv is a real pain. would that be easier if i had prism tv from centurylink? sure. i've got centurylink's wireless set-top box, which makes it pretty easy. let me show you. i could move it here... or here... even here. switch to centurylink. get the prism essential tv package with internet for only $70 a month for one year with autopay enrollment. didn't even break a sweat.
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coming up... in tonight's primetime line-up... on channel 13... the two-hour premiere of season - 20- of the bachelor.... beginning at 8... followed by.... "the bachelor live".... at -10- o'clock.... with discussion and analysis... of the season premiere. then... we hope.... you'll stay with us.... after that.... for action news.... live at 11. that's our news for now... but.. stay with us for abc's world news tonight... up next. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a great evening. the oregon state cattleman's associ..
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tonight, the heated
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donald trump versus the
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