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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  January 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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but first.. this radar image shows why it's going to be a cold.. wet week for las vegas.. with a series of storms rolling into southern nevada. here is a look at some of the rain we got today. a lot of areas around the valley saw sprinkles.. off and on today. but the stakes are about to get higher.. with some areas now under a winter storm warning. meteorologist..... karla huelga's in the weather center..... tracking the latest push from of systems that will bring cloud cover and chances for rain and mountain snow to the area through the remainder of the workweek. our first system is already affecting the area with scattered showers that will continue through tonight. our next system moves in tomorrow and is expected to bring more numerous showers to the valley as well as mountain snow to the sheep range and the
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a nevada rancher's sons are leading a group of armed protesters.... occupying a federal building..... in oregon. cliven bundy made national news.... with his stand-off.... with the government.... in -2- thousand -14- ... and now... the family's at it again. action news reporter david schuman sat down with the man today...who's being more hands off.... this time around. cliven bundy says he sent his sons to oregon to look into the case of dwight and steven hammond -- two ranchers convicted of setting federal land on fire. the hammonds have now turned themselves in to authorities. what started as aly for the pair has turned into an armed occupation of a federal wildlife reserve building.
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land rights -- and his side wants the government to surrender its jurisdiction. 05:10:23 cliven bundy, rancher "they're there to demonstrate against the ederal government'cs hing abuse and they're also there to stand up for the constitution and the state of oregon." 05:29:37 david schuman, bunkerville "there have been media reports that the hammonds don't want the bundys there. cliven says that's not true at all. they've welcomed his sons and expressed appreciation for them. in bunkerville, david schuman, channel 13 action news." authorities in carson city will conduct an autopsy to determine how an inmate has died at a corrections facility in northern nevada. 69-year old cread lyons had been in prison since 1993. he was serving a life sentence for murder. new at 6:30.. chick-fil-a is keeping the doors closed.... on its big new york city restaurant.... after getting -59- health department violation points. the city's first freestanding.... chick-fil-a got its "c" grade on christmas eve.... and...
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on december -30-th.... for a deep cleaning. the violations included.... flies and potential food contamination. the massive three-story restaurant just opened.... in october. las vegas is getting its own chick-fil-a... this year. it's going in.... at sahara and rancho. country fans are mourning the loss of craig strickland!!! authorities found... the -29- year old country star last week. strickland disappeared.... during a fierce winter storm. turning now to your red, white and blue 2016 political coverage. democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley is returning to las vegas this week! he'll be here wednesday...ahead of next month's democratic caucus. he'll address the "battle born battleground" first in the west caucus countdown dinner. then on thursday, o'malley will speak with the economic club of las vegas. in tonight's rwb2016 political coverage.. gop presidential frontrunner donald trump released his first campaign ad which will air in
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he's expected to spend at least $2 million a week on ad buys. this spot focuses on democratic frontrunner hillary clinton.. who is not getting some help from her husband. former president bill clinton was in new hampshire today for his first solo appearance on behalf of his wife. ((take sot)) bill clinton interview with reporter republican senator ted cruz.. who is closing the gap with trump in the polls.. made 5 campaign appearances today in iowa. cruz is also adding a new staffer.. mike huckabee's former top spokesperson. president obama is taking on gun control.
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to take action.. he plans to do it.... on his own. tomorrow.. the president is expected to take executive actions..... that his administration believes.... will make it more difficult for the mentally ill.. criminals.... and terrorists to get guns.. although, we have to be very clear, this is not going to solve every crime in the country. it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it's not going to keep every gun out of the hand of a criminal. it will potentially save live in this country." the president says... his plan will not violate... the second ammendment. but... some gun rights activists are arleady promising.... legal action. new developments out of the middle easet involving a new threat from isis. one would've thought you've learned the lessons of your pathetic master in washington" a new propaganda video shows a man and a child who speak with british accents. the man threatens british prime
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while the child says isis will kill non-believers.. quote: 'over there'.. meaning in the west. five men are killed in the video.. after confessing to spying for the u-k. a new warning.... from contact -13-. another case of craig's list scamming to be on the watch for. a pretend property owner.... in middleton, ohio.... is renting a home..... that person doesn't own. according to the victims... the culprit asks for.... first months rent..... before handing over.... the keys. the creator of the false ad claims... to be renting.... while they're away.... completeing.... missionary work. the warning tonight.. never give money first. a major unveiling tonight..... in less than an hour from now.... in southern nevada. faraday future is expected to unveil..... its electric car prototype that will be manufactured.... inside a billion dollar plant..... in north las vegas at 730 tonight. the project was recently approved by state lawmakers... and... is expected to create around... - 45-hundred jobs.
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later... this month. again... the car will be revealed at 7:30 tonight.. and... action news will be there... so... look for more on our facebook and twitter pages.... along with a complete up next in financial focus.. we'll take a closer look at today's big selloff on the stock markets being blamed on the economy in china.. and an uprising in saudi arabia. we'll talk with an expert about what it means for you. sticker shop..... at the gas pump. where it looks like las vegas prices are headed.... next. karla... the snow is coming down....
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it's responsible for at least.... one of several crashes.... in the mountains.
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the forecast looks clear.... for lower elevations. we continue to track a series of systems that will bring cloud cover and chances for rain and mountain snow to the area through the remainder of the workweek. our first system is already affecting the area with scattered showers that will continue through tonight. our next system moves in tomorrow and is expected to bring more numerous showers to the valley as well as mountain snow to the sheep range and the spring mountains. a winter storm watch will be in effect from tuesday morning
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morning. expect high temps in the mid 50s on tuesday and wednesday with breezy winds both days. our next system moves in wednesday afternoon. this system will be broader, slower and a bit colder. scattered showers and mountain snow is expected wednesday, then more numerous showers on thursday with heavier mountain snow. high temps drop to the low 50s
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with breezy winds, and then will linger around 50 degrees for friday and the weekend. chances for showers with this system will linger on friday and will taper down to very slight through saturday morning. in tonight's financial focus.. not a good day to check-up on your 401k. dow down 276 nasdaq down 104 sp500 down 31 all of the big gaming stocks were off today. boyd gaming had the roughest session.. down more than 4%. the problems continue to mount for troubled german automaker volkswagen.
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department are suing volkswagen over its emissions cheating software. the agencies are seeking up to 18 billion dollars in civil penalties. about 500-thousand volkswagen and audi vehicles in the u-s are affected by the scandal. volkswagen has admitted to installing the illegal software. but they have yet to comment on the lawsuit. we're all feeling the pain... at the gas pump. the average price in las vegas... is -2-55- per gallon. that's according to gas buddy's survey... of -6- hundred and -49- valley gas stations. prices are about -11- cents higher... than they were... during the same period... a year ago. meanwhile... the national average... is actually down... about -20- cents from a year ago. coming up later... in tonight's abc primetime
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hard landing at henderson executive airport. coming up later... in tonight's abc primetime
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up.... on channel 13: it's the season premiere of "the bachelor".... starting at 8:00. at -10- it's the bachelor live... and then... on action news.. live at 11.. you've probably ccked..... "the like button"... on facebook a time or two.. but could that click of the mouse..... actaully be giving out... your personal informtin?at yo u nee dto kow.... in tnight's cmer aert plus... a teenager ends up in the hosptal... bause hvboard.. t... s di't falloff. ho sha. . m h.
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adva's ne cie juifces ia breakthough.... in women's health care. you can now get birth control.. the pill and the patch.. without a doctor's prescription!!! right now... it's only.... in oregon. but... california will be the next state. experts say... the goal here is to give more ladies will go on the pill.... without a doctor's consultation. an occasional happy might be good for your health. abc's dr. timothy johnson explains how a good social life can help you live longer. script: celebrating with family... friends? and close work colleagues. we've known for year that being conneed to other people - what researchers call having a high degree of social integration - in linked to a lower risk of dying early. why this is true has been more of a myster y?until now. researchers at unc-chapel hill, collaborating with researchers in china, looked at data from four large, nationally representative databases to compare levels of social connectedness and support with various measures of health.
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levels of socially integration was linked to lower levels of inflammation earlier andlater in life. we know inflammation is linked to a variety of chronic health issues. and what's more? they also found that in older adults, social isolation appears to have a more detrimental effect on health than diabetes does. yet more support for the idea that the quality of your relationships could affect your physical health. and another reason to start this new year off with those you love? or to resolve to make some new friends. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. karla has another look at your forecast.... in just a bit. you're watching channel 13 action news.. live at 6:30.
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at 11. thank you for joining us. "inside edition" is next. have a great evening..
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