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tv   Action News 5pm  KTNV  January 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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strong - take a look for yourself. the snow clouds are so thick you can't really see very far into the distance - but overall it's been a beautiful day on mt. charleston. "it's beautiful up here" "maybe we're going to do a snowman." "just getting to see it for the first time. i think that's everybody's
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just to see it fall." 10 secs snowballs because the kids were celebration. the staff at the lodge are certainly celebrating - they guests. i'm told that over the past few snow and we're expected to
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skies are just gray and gloomy! for all the rain lovers though this is great. here's a live look at the 215 right now. i flip live drive shot cars seem to be taking it easy.... traveling a few miles per hour slower than the speed limit. we're going about 55 right now. make sure your head lights are on though! we've seen a bunch of cars with no lights on. other than driving around chasing the storm with my photographer --- we also stopped at a shopping plaza near fort apache and tropicana. lots of people still out doing las vegas doesn't get enough of it. one even called it beautiful! irvin hunt, loves the rain (("i all day.. we've been getting pictures from viewers showing us what
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is doing in their neighborhoods. joanne dahlia sent us this photo from sun city summerlin.. which wasn't living up to its name this morning because of the fog. here's an ominous photo of the stratosphere sent to us.... by franklin urrea you can't even see the top of it.... as it's just completely immersed.... in the low-lying clouds. and finally.. raymond baumbach is having some fun in the snow at mount charleston. he sent us this photo of a snowman that came to life today. we want to see more of your
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if you're seeing rain... snow... fog... or anything in your neighborhood... send us your pictures. you can e-mail them to or... share them on social media.... using the hashtag eye-c-13. we're not the only ones being affected by this nasty weather system.. in solimar beach, california... a fire burned over a thousand acres of land last month... now... the rain is swamping.... the ground. in camarillo springs... voluntary evacuation orders are in place..... due to an unstable hillside.... that's causing fears of a dangerous mudslide. and... in oregon... icy roads caused this scary scene.... as an -18- wheeler... slid off the road... and... came literally just inches from crashing into.... an apartment complex. neighbors say... they watched the truck slide a few hundred yards.... before heading downhill.... towards the building. fortunately... no one was hurt. action news is continuing to follow all the latest developments.... with this storm system... stay with us on-air.. and... on-line on k-t-n-v-dot-com and... our brand new ktnv mobile app... we have more in this newscast though. our live drive is on the road...
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weather. and when they find it... we'll get a live report. president obama rolled out a sweeping executive order this morning to create stricter rules for gun sales.. while remembering the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. (show few seconds of emotional silence) obama: every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. with families and victims of gun violence in the room on hand.. obama announced mandatory background checks for all gun sales.. including at gun shows.. and stricter rules to prevent criminals and people with mental health issues from obtaining guns. most of the reaction went down party lines with democrats applauding the move.. and republicans calling it executive overreach and unconstitutional. obama disagrees.. and says his actions are consistent with the right to bear arms.. but says constraints on freedom are necessary to protect the innocent. we're getting some strong
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executive order on gun control. action news reporter david shuman has been hearing from both sides of the debate around the valley. this is bilal shabazz. almost 25 years ago...his pregnant daughter-in-law was shot during an attempted robbery. she lost the baby. 14:38:31 bilal shabazz, gun violence prevention advocate "you never forget and you never get to put it away. you might be able to put it on a shelf but there is always the occasion where it has to come off the shelf." shabazz calls president obama's newest executive action a good start for gun control progress. others don't believe the legislation will be effective. 13:12:26 bob irwin, the gun store owner "there is no correlation where the background checks prevent or reduce crime." david schuman, the gun store "the owner here says he wishes president obama could spend a day behind this counter talking to everyday people about why they're coming in to buy a gun." 13:29:22 irwin "they're buying guns because they're afraid of crime. people buying guns because they're afraid of crimes don't commit crimes." gun control advocates say it's common sense to make it harder for unqualified people to buy
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14:46:51 annette magnus, battle born progress "people are kind of operating in the shadows and can sell these guns basically illegally on the black market." time will tell whether president obama is grasping at straws... 13:29:06 irwin "this is something that's just political posturing crap." ..or taking a landmark step. 14:39:30 shabazz "i just breathe a sigh of relief." david 13 action news. we begin action news live at five.. with breaking news on the search for a killer. we're just getting this mug shot of 29 year old shawn lynn glover. he's in jail right now on charges that include murder and assault with a deadly weapon. and east centennial in north las vegas on new year's day. they arrested him without incident yesterday. that's the latest at the breaking news center. a leader in solar power is no
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here in the silver state.. this after... the public-utilities commisions vote december 22nd.... to increase rates...
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that decision pushed solar city to tear down it's training center today.... the company pulled out of doing business in nevada in the wake of the p-u-c's decision. officials say... there's also now less incentive for customers to make the switch to solar. sot chandler sherman, public affairs manager we go solar because we want to help people save money and do the right thing for the planet and with these new rates, our customers might be paying even more than they would have had they not gone solar solar employees are being given relocate. the commission could vote to delay these changes.... later this month. it's day four of that standoff.... in oregon... and... anti-government militia men are refusing to back down. the latest on the fight being led by the bundy's.... from bunkerville, nevada. plus.. new developments in the arrest of the so-called "affluenza teen." more on what we're now learning about ethan couch's wild night in mexico before his arrest. stay with us.
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militia members.. led by members of the bundy family. they're calling themselves "citizens for constitutional freedom." the group is holed up inside this federal wildlife sanctuary.. which they seized over the weekend. miltia members say they're fighting thousands of miles of federal land" which they believe "should be returned to america's ranchers." but tonight.. local police say it's time for them to go. sot - sheriff david ward / harney county (or): it's time
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go home to your families and end this peacefully. the siege started saturday when the militia men were protesting prison time against two fellow ranchers convicted of setting fires on public land. new information tonight... about how the so-called... "affluenza teen" spent his last days on the run... workers at one strip club... told abc news.... ethan couch spent time there before his capture..... drinking and racking up a -1- thousand dollar tab.... with lap dancers. when he wasn't able to pay... bouncers took couch back to his apartment.... where his mother paid the tab!!! tonya couch also appeared in a los angeles court today.... agreeing to be extradited.... to texas. she now faces up to -10- years.... in prison. it's almost time for the show tech- afficianados have been waiting for. up next... we'll give you a preview of the consumer electronics show about to get underway in las vegas.. and show you what's going to be hot in 2016. and.. being long-winded may not keep
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find out... why the social media platform could be changing it's charachter limit.. and... not everyone is happy about it. plus... here's what we're working on riders faced with outrages bills. a bug in the app is all to blame. (weather tease) a report from the wall street journal today says twitter
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the 'official' announcement is expected to come by the end of march in response to a diminishing user base for the social media giant. it's a topic that's been blowing up online today so we sent out a tweet to get your thoughts in 140 charachters or less. most of the people who responded in written form are against the idea of 10-thousand character tweets. yvette vazquez says: "10k is too much. i'd like 160-200." robert morrone responded "i think that would be stupid expanding it that much! baby steps.. maybe to 400?" sheryl loch was adamantly against the idea saying "no! just get your own blog.. tumblr or post on facebook. twitter is short & to the point!" i also posted a poll on twitter to asking users if twitter should allow longer tweets. we got more than 100 responses in the first hour.. and the poll shows 60- percent of you said yes.. twitter should allow longer
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35-percent said no.. 140 characters is enough. and 5-percent of you aren't quite sure. this year.... c-e-s is bigger than ever! more than... -3- thousand exhibitors are in town.... showing off.. -50- football fields... worth of technology and innovations. action news reporter... elizabeth gadley has a look at the latest in consumer technology! on cam people wait all year for this trade show and the wait is almost over. if you take a look around me you can see there's still some construction going on and there's a lot of people moving around and putting finishing touches on booths and exhibits. take sot joseph sahyoun, president of earthquake sound 14:57:57:00 you've got all these things syncronized and this logistically, amazing, you have to unpack, let other people pass and unpack and that in itself is a challenge take vo crews have been working for days and in some cases weeks to get everything ready.... and there's a lot to prepare for this year ces is bigger than ever.
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future car and there are eight other big car makers expected to show off electric and automated advances. virtual and augmented reality are expected to be big at this years show as well and not just in gaming. take sot laura hubbard, ces spokesperson 14:12:03:00 augmented reality in automotive and other ways you are imposing things on the screen of your car so that you'll see that there's a curve coming up in the road. take on cam we can expect to see a lot of new products and innovations for parents here at ces, i'll have more on that comeing up tonight on action news at six. reporting from ces, i'm elizabeth gadley channel 13 action news. widespread rain is expected this afternoon and evening and our next system pushes through the area. up to about a foot of mountain snow is expected above 8000 feet and a winter storm warning remains in effect through tomorrow at 4am. fog is again a possibility for tomorrow morning. this system makes an exit this system passes through. chances for rain continue tomorrow through thursday slight. as far as temperatures are concerned, highs will top out things look much quieter by early next week, with mainly sunny skies on monday and
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but you can help change that
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90-minutes. action news meteorologist karla huelga is live at red rock casino resort & spa to tell you how... karla? we'll be right back with a final check on your forecast... from bryan. but first.. a look at what we're working on coming up on action news live at 6: new technology for your smartphone! the new gadgets are rolling out at ces.
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system pushes through the area. up to about a foot of mountain snow is expected above 8000 feet and a winter storm warning remains in effect through tomorrow morning and another follows closely behind. before we go... here's a look at what's coming up later... on abc in primetime... at 8:00... it's "fresh off the boat"... followed at 830 by "the then we will see you tonight for action news... live at 11.. that's our news for now.. but... stay with us for abc's world news tonight... up next.
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30-minutes for breaking news tonight. the showdown after the president breaks down. the president taking executive action o
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