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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 11, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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they say around 11:30 this morning-- they got a 911 call from somebody inside this home-- that there eas a domestic dispute. but when police got on scene-- they found one man dead--from a gunshot wound. police are interviewing two people-- and are waiting for a search warrant to do more investigation. michelle french henderson police department at this point this is the first homocide we've had in the year. and this is an unusual occurrence, last year we had 4 homicides, and we are still investigating you can see police are still on scene-- we will continue to gather more information and bring it to you throughout the newscast. live near whitney ranch drive--mk--ch13an.
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at the las vegas academy. metro police don't know why the man was there.. who he was or how he died... but they say it appears the man committed suicide. the body was discovered early this morning... before school started. classes were held as usual.. but grief counselors were on- hand just in case. new developments on the world's most wanted drug lord-- we just got this video we just got into our newsroom... showing the dramatic raid at the drug lord's house. take a look! police say he was hiding there... but managed to escape during a shootout with the mexican navy. he was later captured on a highway. the extradition process is underway to bring joaquin guzman back here to the u-s, but in the meantime, we're learning more on his secret meeting with actor sean penn. the actor is defending himself...saying quote "he has nothing to hide" about the meeting. mexican authorities say the two met 3-months ago...for a rolling stone magazine
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the kingpin was reportedly trying to land a movie deal about his life. many people are now wondering if penn violated any laws in meeting with the fugitive. sot - dan abrams / abc news chief legal analyst "to convict him of something like harboring or concealing a fugitive, you'd need evidence that he actually helped him. aided him, gave him money, sheltered him. not just to say, he met with him." fellow celebrities are defending penn... saying it's not uncommon for actors to have meetings like this. meantime, penn has not commented. right now, take a good look at your screen. this is 15 year old brooke mccarthy. metro police says she was last seen around eastern and pecos on tuesday. s in both ears and two 3- inch scars on her right leg due to a surgery on her femur. if you see her, or think you may have seen her... call police immediately. an update now on a story we first brought you as it was breaking -- nye county prosecutors have decided not to file charges against lamar odom. the d-a says there wasn't enough evidence to prove the
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using cocaine... during his stay at the love ranch. plus a major milestone on the star's recovery! he's out of the hospital! take a look -- it's been 3-months...since odom nearly died of a drug overdose at the brothel near pahrump. now, he's continuing his recovery in a private rehab facility. the world mourning the death of david bowie. the music legend died last night... after a secret battle against cancer. he entertained us all with his music, acting and fashion. and taking a live look now at los angeles-- you can see the dozens of people gathered at the rock and roll legend's star on the hollywood walk of fame. abc's elizabeth hur has more now on his career and lasting impact. < ((nats)) "rebel rebel?" for decades.. legendary musician david bowie entertained audiences around the world.. ((nats)) "all right.. young americans.." with favorites including "young
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((nats)) "ch-ch-ch-changes.. turn and face the strange..." ((sot)) wendy leigh / biographer of david bowie "he was a renaissance man, he was a superstar and i truly believe that david bowie's death will be on par with jfk's, with calls the singer.. magnificent.. british primister david cameron calling him a master of reinvention. ((sot)) david cameron / uk prime minister "today we're mourning the loss of an immense british talent. i mean, genius is an overused word, but i think musically, creatively, artistically, david bowie was a genius." born david jones.. in south london.. his unique sound and style inspired and influenced generations of to madonna.. from singing to acting.. he did it all.. starring in movies like "the hunger" and "the man who fell to earth".. ((nats)) even releasing his 25th and final album, "blackstar" last friday.. on his 69th birthday.. this album..
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a parting gift to his fans. elizabeth hur oncam close: bowie is survived by his wife, he died late last night, peacefully.. after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. eh, abc news, ny. > this just in -- we've just learned the fremont street experience will lit up tonight, in david bowie's honor! they'll post a retrospective on the viva vision canopy! it'll run ever hour, starting at 6 tonight. the music legend died over the weekend. he was 69. here at home -- a live look now at the thomas and mack center-- a big shake-up in unlv's men's basketball program! coach dave rice has resigned! now the search is on for his replacement. right now, associate head coach todd simon is serving as
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rice had been coaching the runnin' rebels since 20-11.... and before that, he was the assistant coach for 11-seasons. rice, himself, studied at unlv too. action news has a crew right now at the university...talking with players, you'll hear from them, coming up on later editions of action news. and let's get back closer to home -- taking a live look outside-- it's shaping up to be a beautiful week. the winds and rain are gone! let's get all the details on your work week weather... with chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' a ridge of high pressure will bring pretty quiet weather through the first part of wednesday with high clouds, dry conditions and highs in the mid 50s. wednesday afternoon we will feel the effects of a weak, incoming system that will bring us breezy winds and a slight chance for showers and mountain snow
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the powerball jackpot is the highest it's ever been -- one point four billion dollars. nevadans are heading out-of-state to buy their tickets. action news reporter david schuman has been right along with them. he joins us now live from baker, california. david. take a look at the line here -- this is actually relatively tame. at primm lotto's been at least a three hour wait all day. that was enough for some people to say "forget it, let's head down to baker." 11:39:09 john mitchell, las vegas "we decided to come to california, it's another 35-40 minute drive. it was a one- hour wait here so it was worth it." run 6 we decided to do some quick math to figure out how to optimize your time to buy
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primm's about 45 minutes from las vegas and then you'd have a three hour wait. if you drive another half hour to baker..the line's an the half hour back to primm. we figure you're saving yourself about an hour or so by driving to baker. some people in line at primm knew it would take more time there...but decided to stick it out anyway. they had a reason for that. i'll have what that reason was in about a half hour. rikki? thanks david. up next, some heart-stopping images coming out of houston. two window washers found themselves stuck on a ... dangling dozens of stories in the air. we'll show you the dramatic rescue next. plus, a surprising revelation in court during the bond hearing for the mother of the so- called affluenza teen. what tonya couch's other son is saying about his finances. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow is up
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>> create a change to -- and an a big driveover! take a look.
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loose...with at least two workers on board! they were cleaning windows at a high-rise. but breaking right now -- we just learned osha will now investigate what went wrong! thankfully, firefighters got to them quickly. neither worker was hurt. new developments on the mother of the so-called affluenza teen. a judge lowered her bond from 1- million dollars to 75-thousand. tonya couch appeared in a texas court for the first time. she's facing charges for helping her son, ethan, leave the country to avoid a probation hearing that may have led to jail time. but that's not all -- her lawyers also revealed she has no money because all her accounts have been frozen. and in court, her other son testified! steven mcwilliams says his mom is broke! and he said tonya used an ex- husband's company trucks to escape texas. nedw and a petition is circling online now to transfer the case
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it's being pushed for by mothers against drunk driving. the organization says the transfer will hold ethan couch that's where his transfer hearing is set in texas. right now, couch is still behind bars in mexico...fighting his extradition. moving to oregon -- it's been more than a week since an armed militia took over a wildlife refuge. and they say they're not going anywhere. the leader of the group, ammon bundy, says they won'y leave until the government transfers control of the land back to locals. :23 - :29 sot - bundy: "our stand here is very clear. it is to say that there are rules that the people have taken my land over. this is my land. this is radical extremists who have taken my land over. this is my land. this is your land." authorities have not moved in to remove bundy's group. but classes have resumed in the nearby area. a home catches on fire, and this wasn't the first time! firefighters are still investigating how the blaze
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squatters are to blame. it happened this morning near mount hood and carey.. fortunately, no one was hurt. a reminder to be extra safe driving around town today -- we're coming off a deadly weekend. in 48-hours, 7 people have died in five-accidents. here's a map of all the locations. most of the victims have been identified, except for the crash at a r-t-c bus shelter. in just months, we'll all be heading to the polls to place our votes for president. but before then, clark county officials are making some changes to help make the process easier for everyone. details ahead. welcome back -- snow has finally arrived back east. you're looking right now at
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buffalo. there's a lake-effect storm sweeping upstate new york right now. and take a look -- it's a "car-cicle!" a car completely
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been dumping about two inches of snow per hour on the region just this morning. the severe weather canceled classes for several schools today. here at home-- taking a live look outside... those beautiful, clear skies! we're finally getting a break from those beautiful, clear skies! we're finally getting a break from all that rain! let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' < a ridge of high pressure will bring pretty quiet weather through the first part of wednesday with high clouds, dry conditions and highs in the mid 50s. wednesday afternoon we will feel the effects of a weak, incoming system that will bring us breezy winds and a slight chance for showers and mountain snow. that system makes an exit thursday, but we will continue to see breezy winds on the back end of the system, along with highs in the mid 50s. friday will be another day of
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weather with mostly cloudy skies, light winds and highs in the mid 50s. our next weak system moves in over the weekend. expect breezy winds on saturday and sunday with a slight chance for showers saturday afternoon through sunday morning. afternoon highs will top out in the mid and upper 50s over the weekend and the start to next workweek. > army sergeant bowe bergdahl goes before a military court
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he's facing charges of desertion and endangering fellow soldiers. the charges all stem back to 2009... when military leaders say he disappeard from his post in afghanistan... and was then held by the taliban for five years. here at home -- clark county is going electronic to save money... but they need you to do something. we're talking about sample ballots. all registered voters get these before the election. in 20-14... just printing and maithese out cost taxpayers more than a million dollars. now you have the option to have
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joe gloria, clark county registrar of voters 10:08:01-10:08:09 "i believe nevada is on the forefront of what we're doing here electronically. the other counties in nevada will also be trying to provide the same service." you can opt in online.... already more than 500 people have. we put a link up on our website ktnv dot com. president obama is preparing for his final state of the union address. it happens tomorrow night. but, the white house released a preview today. take a look. "i want us to be able when we walk out this door to say we couldn't think of anything else that we didn't try to do. that we didn't shy away from a that we didn't shy away from a challenge because it was hard." you can watch the state of the union right here on channel 13 tomorrow. it starts at 6 p-m. a local event is teaming up with one of the city's biggest money a local event is teaming up with one of the city's biggest money makers. still ahead, how the professional bull riders are helping to breathe new life into helldorado days.
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now at the univerity of phoenix stadium! that's where the college football playoff national championship is being held tonight, between alabama and clemson. and we're sure here in las vegas, the sportsbooks will be full of people betting on their favorite! an action news update now on
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fight to stop fan duel and draft kings. the two daily fantasy sites can now operate in new york! this as the court works to decide if the websites violate state law. a temporary stay was granted just hours ago. you may remember back in november, new york's attorney general sued the companies...arguing they were illegal gambling operations. a big announcement from the professional bull riders! las vegas helldorado days is coming back... and right in time for las vegas's 111th birthday! the third p-b-r major, last cowboy standing will headline the event. it's set to take place may 13th to 15th at the las vegas village. tickets are now on sale. we'll post a link to where to
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and a big announcement from uber -- they're offering an incentive to get you to try the ride-sharing app! they're offering discounts on rides! the company says it's because january is a slow month for them. a manhunt underway right now for a killer... an american woman killed in her florence, italy apartment.. and it's a case that's drawing too many similarities with the amanda knox case. the full story is coming up on action news live at 3-30. action news live at 3-30 begins
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action news live at 3-30 begins with breaking news. i'm steve wolford. and i'm rikki cheese. let's get straight to action news reporter marissa kynaston. she joins us live now. marissa, has anybody been arrested? police tell me nobody has been taken into custody-- but they are interviewing two people about the shooting. they say around 11:30 this morning-- they got a 911 call from somebody inside this home-- that there eas a domestic dispute. but when police got on scene--
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