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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 18, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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crisis in the city of flint. >> amid high-profile calls for resignation, even the arrest of governor rick snyder over the city's contaminated water there are was a cover-up. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: angry residents demanding answers during a town hall in flint, michigan. reverend jesse jackson there to lend his support. >> people of flint have been betrayed. >> reporter: filmmaker and flint native michael moore even calling for the arrest of the governor. >> he committed a crime, he knew what was he was doing. >> reporter: president obama declaring a state of emergency over the contaminated water. the state now under investigation after it changed its public water source exposing its 100,000 residents to toxic levels of lead. families like the horns forced now to drink and cook with bottled water being trucked in daily. but lisa and her four kids and niece are still bathing in that water. >> it's hard to make sure everybody's been bathed properly, because we're really not supposed to use this water.
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point to this memo from the epa to city water officials back in june, saying it shows that officials knew that testing showed "high lead results" but didn't publicly admit it for another three months. >> it's a manmade tragedy that was completely preventable. >> reporter: professor marc edwards says for about $100 a day, the city could have made the water safe. instead, he claims they manipulated data and testing methods to make it look safe. so many families like the horns exposed to lead for more than a year, which can cause neurologic damage. local doctors are working to screen and help those children affected. the governor maintaining that he took action as soon as he knew of the elevated lead levels. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. so president obama declared a federal emergency but didn't declare a -- make a disaster declaration which would have allowed more funds. people say you only do that during a natural disaster. >> this was clearly a manmade disaster. and one that will continue. many politicians in the sunday
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more action by the governor there including senator sanders calling for the governor to resign entirely. >> a lot of angry people. rightfully so. >> understandably. coming up, the lunch emergency that put 911 on hold. >> the 911 dispatcher who got into trouble over forcing call force wait while she placed an order for pizza. oh, boy, that's next. >> how big of an order? >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations."world news now"
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abc okay. okay. so when you pick up your phone to dial 911, it's usually during an extreme crisis. and the last thing you would expect is no one picking up on the other end of the line. >> but that's exactly what happened in florida because the dispatcher on duty was apparently too busy trying to order pizza. here's abc's aditi roy. >> let me have one slice of cheese pizza. >> okay. >> let me have a lunch special. >> reporter: a broward county, florida, 911 dispatcher taking
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while on the clock. while she's ordering lunch for the office -- >> doctor couldn't hold him up, he dropped to the floor. >> reporter: an emergency at this optometry office. multiple employees try calling the dispatch center after a patient faints, but no one answers. >> first they called, from their office, no answer. i called from my cell phone, again, no answer. other people in the store tried calling and nobody picked up. >> reporter: the dispatcher, still on her eight-minute call, putting in her long order. >> everything on those. all the fixings. >> reporter: five and a half minutes in, she's asking for final orders from her coworkers. >> no one else? okay, can you hold on for me one second, please. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: and seven minutes in, she seems distracted. >> poppy's? poppy's? i'm so sorry, i'm so busy. >> that's okay. >> reporter: the sheriff's department telling abc news the dispatcher violated policy and was disciplined.
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keep ringing. call the nearest police station. you can also try texting. >> thank you for being patient with me. >> no problem. >> reporter: so those urgent calls don't get overlooked. aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. >> so her punishment, what was it? >> it was a letter of reprimand after all of that. an official letter of reprimand. i have put in an order for all of us here. and it's never taken that long to put in an order. and get seamless. get an app. >> you could do that. >> exactly. >> multitasking. >> she was very particular about her order. need to have some pepperonis, a side of sausage. >> still complicated. >> gluten free dough because it's important. otherwise it gets all messed up. coming up, overuse of cuteness. >> coming up, overdose of cuteness. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too. cough! guess what? it works on his cough too.
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oh, we love our pandas around here, don't we? >> of course. >> kind a bit of pandemonium in washington, d.c., over the weekend. there's a reason. >> we're talking about bei bei, a panda named after beyonce. >> no, it's not. >> in my mind. >> in your mind it is. >> yes. the national zoo's new pride and joy made his big public debut, of course, on saturday to thousands of eager fans. and abc's gloria riviera was there. >> reporter: this was the moment. a panda cub making his public debut to squeals of delight. the first thing a sleepy baby bear does, shy away from the spotlight. meet bei bei, the national zoo's five--month-old panda. >> my heart is like -- >> since his birth, bei bei has enjoyed babyhood in private. >> okay. >> but thousands from all over the world waited for hours in line to see him for the very
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>> it's a pandemonium. >> reporter: bei bei's name means precious treasure in chinese. the endangered bear is only the third cub to be thrive at the zoo. less than 2,000 surviving in the wild. like any superstar worth his bamboo, bei bei is a social media darling. 5 million hits and counting on the zoo's giant panda cam since he was important. >> he is immensely popular. >> said to be a charmer and a bit of rascal, he spent most of his big day snoozing flat on his back making his fans wait. >> we're waiting for him to wake up. >> we really want him to wake up. >> reporter: after all, being that adorable has got to be exhausting. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> you know, bei bei had a brother, twin brother who passed away unfortunately. it's so hard for them to get pregnant and then for the child to survive.
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>> we've both been to that little enclosure at the national zoo. while it's really cute, it's really smelly folks. it's a little secret. they're smelly animals. >> they are. they are. >> what always drove me nuts was you can't tell with female pandas if they're pregnant or not. >> there's no mood swing or anything like that. apparently they withdraw a little bit. maybe they have swollen feet. i don't know. >> no morning sickness. >> no cravings of pickles and ice cream either. >> okay. >> that's the news for this half
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facebook at ends up in the hospital. we're tracking the latest developments...and have a reporter going to the scene as we speak. also breaking overnight...a person going around a
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into cars on the northwest side
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