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tv   Action News Special Edition  ABC  January 23, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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for track palin assaulting his girlfriend? >> now, inside edition weekend. >> amy schumer accused of stealing jokes. i'm diane mcinerney and this is inside edition weekend. the red hot train wreck star is willing to take a polygraph test. >> amy schumer says she is no joke thief. >> i did not steal any jokes and i wouldn't. >> accusations are flying online. listen to this joke from her hbo special last year. >> i'm very old school. i think the guys should always pay on the first date for sex. >> now, listen to comedian wendy libman from a 1995 routine. >> maybe i'm old fashioned but i like it when the guy pays for sex. >> then there is a joke from kathlene matigan.
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oprah, you are a billionaire, you have enough money to pay a man to slap [bleep] out of your hand before you put it in your mouth. >> compare that to this joke from inside amy schumer. >> this is a new weight loss program that takes decision making out of the equation. >> how does it work? >> sandwiches. fettucini. >> kathlene retweeted this. stealing jokes is despicable. then there is this joke from tammy pascateli. >> i will admit that women dress for other women. men, if we love you, we dress you for other women too. that is why we dress you stupid. who do you think invented the hawaiian shirt? >> you dress him like that so nobody wants to have sex with
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>> she started shooting in new york this week. photographers caught up with schumer. >> amy, why are they saying you are stealing jokes? come on amy. >> i don't know man. >> she categorically denies stealing the jokes and she says she is even willing to take a lie detector test to prove it. >> i did not steal any jokes and i wouldn't. i will literally take a polygraph and i just would never do that. that would be so stupid for me to do that. well, smith saids, he didn't know his wife was going to boycott the oscars until she went public. celebrities are taking side ins the growing uproar over the all white acting nominations. >> will smith is speaking out saying he had no clue his wife jjada pinkett smith was going to announce a boycott. >> i was out of the country at the time. and i came home and ...
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>> i will not be at the academy awards and i will not be watching. >> what was your first reaction? a fist pump or what? >> she is deeply passionate and when she is moved, she has to go. and i heard her words and i was knocked over. you know. i was happy to be married to that woman. >> smith made it clear he is standing by his wife. >> will you be attending the oscars? >> ho was snubbed for an oscar nomination for his widely praised performance in concussion spoke to gma's robin roberts. >> i have been nominated twice for academy awards. and i have never lost to a white person. the first time i lost to denziel. the second time to forrest whittaker. >> the controversy over the all
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no sign of letting up. fox news channel stacy dash known for her role in clueless stepped into the debate slamming jada and director spike lee who will not be going to the oscars. >> i think it is ludicrous. because we have to make up our minds. either we want to have segregation and integration. if we don't want segregation, we need to get rid of channels like bet. >> so there shouldn't be a bet channel? >> no. i don't think so. >> interestingly, she guess starred on the bet show the game. this was posted on the show's instagram account saying so, stacy dash, can we get our check back or not? the academy is expected to announce big changes in the coming weeks aimed at increasing diversity among the members. right now, 94% of the members are white and membership is for life. one possible change, yanking
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who haven't worked in ten years. pierce morgan for urged chris rock to stick to his commitment. position. they can't fire him. he is unpredictable and he has at his disposal. >> let's do this. now, a suspect with discriminating tastes in wine. bandit. >> there he is in an actual tug of war with a store manager over an expensive bottle of wine. >> i thought he was up to no good. >> 25-year-old scott deluca is accused of shoplifting bottles of wine. >> he would ask to see an expensive bottle. this one is $4,200. he would stuff the thing in his pants and head out the door. >> in this surveillance video in connecticut, he is accused
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look as he appear to make sure the coast is clear before ducking into the restaurant's private wine collection. but you can bet the so-called bandit never expected this. store manager lori says her antenna was up when he asked for a rare wine. >> i turned my head to see him, he grabbed another bottle. that is when you see in the video he starts tapping himself and says i don't visit and you can see it stuff right here. i went to grab the bottle and he went to grab the bottle too. i thought perhaps he might just let it go and give it back. but that's when the scuffle ensued. >> he managed to slip away. >> he definitely knew what he was looking for. >> at this wine store in new york, manager truly hardy showed us how pricey wines can get. >> this is going to run you about $15,000. >> this bottle of wine is $15,000. i'm nervous holding it. i will give it back to you. >> all right. as a massive winter storm
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some tips on how to survive a blizzard. the big one is coming this weekend with two feet of snow expected. >> it goes anywhere from arkansas all the way into new jersey. >> forecasters are warning everyone on the mid atlantic coast to brace themselves. we asked all motive expert lauren fix known as the car coach for tips on how to get through the great blizzard of 2016. first, people are always afraid of the windshield freezing. >> what can you do with it easy. take two-thirds rubbing alcohol, one-third water. spray your windshield and it helps to keep the ice from sticking. >> and here is a tip we bet you haven't seen before. >> it is silly. bet that sock on over the arm. and over the blade and you can leave it straight up. >> what's ex? >> what's next is a gallon bag. put this over the side view mirrors, leave it throughout
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ice and snow on your mirrors. >> what if your lock is frozen? >> you use the alcohol in the hand sanitizer and you pump it right into the cylinder lock and then you try to get that into that hole with the key. >> another solution. carefully heat up your key. >> you are lighting it up a little bit to warm up the metal so it can go into the cylinder. another thing, you can use a hair drier and extension cord and melt down some of the ice. >> the approaching blizzard has sparked panic buying at grocery stores. already shelves are empty, but what do you really need the ride out the storm? >> you don't have to go crazy bying a ton of different products. >> we went storm shopping with dietitian amy shapiro. >> i recommend crackers because they don't get bad or go moldy and they go well with other things i have in my basket. so, peanut butter. fish.
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cheese that doesn't have to be refrigerated. beans that can be mixed with other things. and, of course, soup that you can crumble your crackers too. now, why sarah palin is blaming the president for the domestic violence arrest of her son. >> sarah palin is taking criticism for linking her son's arrest to president obama. >> it starts from the top. the question, though, that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder do you know what we go through? >> george stephanopoulos couldn't contain his surprise. >> what about this argument that president obama is to blame for track palin assaulting his girlfriend? >> that is a stretch. >> we are learning more about the accusations against track palin. the report says his girlfriend jordan lowe hit under a bed inside a dark bedroom to get away from track.
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he was maintaining contact with an ex-boyfriend. she was. he served in iraq and afghanistan. his toddler daughter kyla welcomed him back with a sign reading look daddy i can walk. he divorced his high school sweetheart in 2011 after just a year of marriage. >> track palin is due back in court next month. next. mom slain. by a daredevil punk. his sick defense that is out raging her son. >> she was duct taped and thrown away like a piece of trash. >> then, the cop who was asked to sing the national anthem on five minutes notice all because she got stuck in terrible weather. >> try today run. >> and zach efron. how did he get those abs?
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insideed in >> a daredevil will spend the rest of his life in prison after murdering a real estate agent and dragging her reputation through the mud but that is not punishment enough for her son. >> he saw himself as a daredevil performing dangerous stunts like this on his motorbike and posting the video on youtube. but 34-year-old aaron lewis now has another claim to infamy. cold-blooded killer. he has been sentenced to life without parole for murdering
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his outrageous defense was that his innocent victim died while having consensual sex. that baseless claim is angering the slain woman's son carl and his wife kim. >> i can't imagine what it was like for you listening to that in the courtroom. >> i was mad. infuriated that someone would make those allegations. and, then, i had this fear that people might actually believe that and that her beautiful legacy would be tarnished. but, thank goodness that we got justice. >> lewis lured the realtor to this house in little rock, arkansas claiming he was interested in buying it. he kidnapped her for a ransom and bound her entire head in duct tape. lewis wrote a 17 page handwritten confession saying i covered the whole front of the tape. every part of her face was covered with a mask of tape.
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sketches to show what he did to her. she died of suffocation. beverly was an active mom who worked hard on her real estate business. these show her competing in the little rock marathon. >> she was kidnapped and she was duct taped and she was thrown away like a piece of trash. >> lewis' ex-wife, his accomplice, pled guilty and testified against him. now, his days as a youtube daredevil are over forever. talk about being at the right place at the right time. after a singer was supposed to perform the national anthem at a big basketball game got stuck in weather, a police officer stepped in and took the mic. wait until you see what happened next. >> the knock-out performance came just before tipoff at west
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take on number one ranked kansas. but get this. police officer carlton smith wasn't even supposed to sing. the scheduled singer leslie dorchester had gotten stuck in traffic after a really bad snowstorm pounded west virginia. >> describe the moment when you realized you weren't going to make it. >> i was so devastated. i tried so hard to get to the coliseum. i had parked my car and try today run in the snow and ice. >> it was a crisis. then somebody remembered carlton smith was in the house working security. through the perilous fight >> they were like and we need a favor. can you sing the anthem? i said how long do i have? they said about five minutes. [ laughter ] i was like okay. can i get some water or something? >> although being a cop is his day job, singing is his passion. >> my name is carlton smith. >> he was a contestant on american idol in 2014.
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national anthem is always a big deal to me. and i was just basically hoping i wouldn't mess it up too bad. >> i don't want to put you on the spot here leslie, you couldn't sing at the game, you can sing at the show. oh say can you see by the dawn's early light >> great job leslie. and you too, carlton and the home of the brave! [ cheers and applause ] zac efron is so buff he as an eight-pack. >> efron is getting a lot of attention for his eight-pack in dirty grandpa. now his trainer shows us how he got so ripped. do.
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zac also did abdominal crunches on an exercise ball. a lot of leg lifts lying on the floor. and one more. planks that have you moving from your elbows to your hands. >> anyone can look like zac. it is a matter of how bad do you want it. >> the trainer met zac at a louisiana gym. closed caption sponsorship for inside edition weekend is brought to you by ... >> when heartburn hits, fight back fast. tums neutralizes stomach acid at the source. stay i wanted to earn an mba, but i didn't want to spend my time studying material i already knew. that's why i chose flexpath from capella university. its revolutionary, self-paced program let me leverage my work experience. i can move faster through material i knew, spend more time studying what i didn't, and it worked around my busy schedule. finally i could graduate at the speed of me.
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movie, but it is keeping a house being sold. >> no seral killer here. we just want to sell our home. >> but would you want to live here? this house was the set for one of the scariest films ever made. >> i ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice gianti. >> the 1991 thriller the silence of the lambs starring anthony hopkins and jodi foster. homeowners barbara and scott lloyd own the house in periopol iso, pennsylvania where the scene was film. the exterior has not changed since the movie was released. >> this is where foster came in. >> she played fbi agent clarice starling. remember how she comes through house looking for buffalo bill.
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>> it is here that calarice confronted the villain. they transformed the home into a house of horrors. all the kitchen appliances were moved, the woodwork was painted ugly green. and this is the famous basement door. the basement is where the chilling confrontation was filmed. scott and barbara have put their home of 39 years up for sale because they are downsizing and they want to assure potential buyers there is nothing to be afraid of. >> it was just a movie. no ghosts, no serial killers. nothing evil in the house. >> the silence lambs connection shouldn't impact the sale. >> most of the people that have been interested in the home love the home because it is a home and because it is a charmer. >> but so far, no takers. coming up next, a human suction cup.
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her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who is with me? >> the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure with nine grams of
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>> stay >> finally, one of the strangest talents. >> cans, bottles, jars. >> here is a cell phone. >> almost anything will stick to jamie keaton's head or anywhere on his body like glue. jamie has a rare medical condition. his body temperature is higher than normal, a constant 100 degrees. >> all they know is that my skin pores literally suck in oxygen and that is what makes the things stick to me.
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we'll see for the fifth time in his nine seasons with the cavalier, lebron james has a new coach. with that, higher expectations for the four-time mvp and it starts today, just in time for the rivals from chicago to pay a visit. nba countdown starts right now. >> it's like thornton and melo the third. rocking with the best call me out like i'm the one who did it and as quick as i ran off with it man down if he ain't off in
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i know you did it
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