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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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be careful on the roads! they are slick! action news reporter mahsa saeidi is tweeting pictures of the wet roads near summerlin parkway and durango. she also snapped this shot of a wreck around 2:30 on d-i. the accident blocked the inside left lane for a little, while police investigated. mahsa's still out there chasing the storm. mahsa? chasing the storm. rain started to come down summerlin pkwy and durango. ad lib we also have new information on
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di. you can see white smoke rising above the trees....this was right before three. firefighters say the call came in as a tree fire.. possible started by lightening. then the reports of a house fire on the same street. no one was inside the home. you can see firefighters in the roof. from the location of the fire
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we've seen pretty strong wind gusts... you can see the trees blowing with the wind. as we drive in ktnv live drive. plenty of puddles on the ground as the storm moved from the central part of the valley east above us lib reminder from firefighters.... be careful of lightning strikes and flash flooding right now mount charleston officials are reporting a full snowstorm. it's making driving conditions very dangerous. this is a picture they shared. the roads are very slippery and visibility is low.
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drive and snow tires to make it up the mountain. we're not the only ones on the west coast getting slammed by mother nature. right now california is getting hit hard. that storm is moving east. several areas are under winter storm warnings...and a high surf advisory is in effect for the coast. our abc affiliate in l-a tweeted this picture of a tree that was blown over in the storm.. blocking traffic on the 134 near burbank. we'll continue our coverage of the storm later this hour. in the meantime.. you can get immediate updates on the valley's weather on our website, right now a valley man is recovering after one of the scariest encounters of his life..... go-pro video shows a truck driver pulling a gun out on a motorcyclist. take it easy. i didn't do anything! these dumba are riding like.... so you're gonna pull your gun out!? i sure the f will! action news reporter gina lazara talked to the biker and
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she's live in the studio right now -- gina? yasmeen -- the incident happened near boulder highway and horizon yesterday afternoon. the biker who recorded the video wants to remain annonymous so we are not showing his face. get that god d gun out -- get the f away from me why are you guys flipping me off?! i didnt do nothing! this heated confrontation happened at a stop light saturday afternoon. you're banging on our f door --- crossing traffic and everything. you're f idiots. you're all about to f get shot. seriously take it easy man i aint doing nothing the man behind the camera --- who is going by his youtube name -- subliminal moto -- caught it all on camera with this go-pro camera -- attached to his helmet. "i don't know what i was doing. incident -- ended in this hot mess. "i could have ended up dead. i have a wife and two kids that i wanna come home to." subliminal moto wishing he never knocked on this window... nats of knocking "this was literally the first and last
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somebody's window and confront them." after being threatened with what might have been a loaded gun -- take it easy. i didn't do anything! these dumba are riding like.... so you're gonna pull your gun out!? i sure the f will! subliminal moto hopes his mistake will be a lesson to others out on the roads. "no matter how big and bad you are, or how much weight you lift...there's always somebody that's bigger and badder than you are...that will put you in your place real quick." henderson police say they opened an investigation -- hoping to find the driver of the red truck with texas license plates. they say the might be issuing a warrant for his arrest. reporting live in the studio gina lazara channel 13 action news. a developing story tonight on an early morning home invasion police were called out to a home near carey and mount hood for a reported shooting. one person was shot....but is expected to be okay. no word yet from police on
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the home or the suspect who was shot north las vegas police are investigating a deadly accident . a pedestrian was hit and killed by a car near camino al norte and lone mountain this morning. the man was rushed to u-m-c where he later died from his injuries. police say he was not in a marked crosswalk at the time of the accident. the driver of the vehicle stayed on scene, no word yet on if that driver will be charged. new at six.. a man missing for days. is back home with his family. george kimura went missing thursday. police say he was found today. they are not releasing any more information at this time. presidential candidates are working down to the wire...with just hours until iowa voters head to caucus. the latest poll shows donald trump leading the g-o-p race - five points ahead of ted cruz. donald trump (r) presidential candidate donald trump can do practically anything and they're still voting for him. they're going to still caucus for him. nearly all of the candidates
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the sunday talk shows. they are pulling out all the stops.. blasting the airwaves with non- stop ads. even marco rubio is airing a half hour t-v special this weekend. and teachers at one iowa middle school found a sweet way to students about the political process. they are using cake and cookies. cake represents the republican race - and cookies represent the democrats. two groups of students vote on what type of cake they would like to eat. if one dessert team doesn't have ten people on its side...they can do one of three things: go somewhere else...persuade others to join...or give up on their favorite dessert. (dawson hinders, 8th grader) "some of the kids in the chocolate chip cookies were set. set in stone." (ryan rahmiller, social studies teacher) "we're hoping in the caucus we ran with the cookies, that there would be some alignment that took place. the kids were excited about that too just so you know: chocolate chip won the dems cookie nomination and ice cream cake won the g-o-p cake side. vo
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backing any candidate before nevada's caucuses next month. the union represents thousands of casino workers here in the valley. right now, the groups says it is focusing on the general election instead. the union backed barack obama back in 2008 during his primary race with hillary clinton. union leaders say--they want to focus on getting thousands of people to vote, but they also want to concentrate on growing their ranks. coming up.. a murder case getting national attention.. now a new lawyer representing steven avery is vowing to get the convicted criminal out of prison. we will do everything necessary that's forensically available the extreme meausres she is taking to prove avery's innocence. plus.. a pre-historic discovery. fossils thousands of years old are found below a west coast university. ad-lib take a look at the pictures you're sending in. a viewer snapped this photo of
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clouds. and jesse sent us this picture of what looks like her backyard. she says she got hail today! send us your pictures! you can email them to or use social media. just be sure to include the
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tt2watw( i4 bt@q> , tt2watw( i4 "a@q.,h tt2watw( i4 bm@q%'d tt4watw( i4 " dztq cth tt4watw( i4 " entq 3p( tt4watw( i4 " gzt& *wp tt4watw( i4 " hnt& :y< tt4watw( i4 " iztq p0d tt4watw( i4 " jntq b@$ tt4watw( i4 " lzt& z-x you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. that wind is blowing in montebello, california. it's toppling over trees there too.. ripping them right out of the ground. the storms are still moving across california and las vegas. meteorologist karla huelga will have more on the storms hitting us in just a bit. but first a developing story. an attorney says a colorado department of correctoins officer fired his gun during yesterday's fight in denver. while police investigate, the two rival motorcycle clubs are blaming each other. police still have not made any arrests. the fight broke out yesterday during a motorcycle expo. one person died. six people were also injured in the fight. we're also getting new
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has millions of people talking. we're talking about steven avery. he is main character in the netflix documentary series, "making a murderer". abc's eva pilgram reports his new attorney is now saying she's optimistic... .....even talking about new evidence and technology that could clear his name. script: (nats//netflix intro of making a murderer) steven avery - the man at the center of the true-crime sensation 'making a murderer' (nats) (sot steven avery) i want people to know i didn't do it. reaching out from jail - his new attorney kathleen zellner - tweeting this handwritten note after meeting with avery. (gfx) "to my supporters: i want every forensic test possible done? because i am innocent" zellner - a high power chicago attorney known for overturning wrongful convictions - wasting no time in criticizing avery's former prosecutor ken kratz -- for his role in putting avery behind bars?even taking to twitter defending her client... (sot kathleen zellner) we will do everything necessary that's forensically available (nats) the netflix docu-drama spotlighting much of avery's
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2003 for a rape he didn't commit only to be charged again 2 years later for the murder of 25 year old teresa halbach and convicted (sot steven avery) it's hard enough going to prison for something you didn't do and you have to do it all over again. (gfx) but now zellner telling abc news she noticed something strange saturday... seven of her tweets... about the former prosecutor and allegations of planted evidence...mysteriously deleted...zellner says she didn't delete them and she doesn't believe twitter did either?tweeting: so if the truth hurts, just delete it zellner -- launching an independent investigation focusing on the dna evidence found on holbach's rav 4...that prosecutors said linked avery to the murder the attorney - even purchasing the same car model halbach owned. (sot kathleen zellner) i want to examine what was not tested in the car that should've been someone else killed teresa halbach. (sot kathleen zellner) clearly there are other people we are looking at...that's always done in a case like this. that was eva pilgrim reporting. and new at six.. zookeepers in
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over the sudden death of a beloved asian elephant. 37-year-old chai was moved from woodland park zoo in seattle to oklahoma last may - along with bamboo, a 47- year-old asian elephant. animal rights groups tried to stop the transfer. they insisted a sanctuary in california would be a better, because of the weather. chai was found dead in the elephant yard yesterday morning. tara henson oklahoma city zoo & botanical garden "this is a surprise. and a shock. she was normal behaving yesterday. it's really hard for us. we think of these animals as part of our family." the rest of the elephant herd seems to be okay. chai is the second elephant to die at the oklahoma zoo in the last four months. a viral infection killed a four-year-old asian elephant back in october. now developing weather here in
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take a look at this picture a viewer sent us of the clouds - just before the rain hit. and our own action news anchor rikki cheese snapped this photo of the wet weather in centennial hills. ad-lib a potent pacific storm system will bring strong winds and widespread rain and snow to the area tonight and monday. dry weather and calmer winds return beginning tuesday but temperatures will be significantly cooler. temperatures will warm through the remainder of the work week returning closer to normal over
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new at crews at oregon state university uncovered a huge find this week, in the end zone of reser stadium. they found pre-historic fossils... thousands of years old. this is a big deal, partly because they are so...big (lloren davis/professor of anthropology) here we have the femur, the thigh bone, about a third of the height of the whole thing. this is five feet, then the thing is probably fifteen feet. ) but it turns out this just a kid. o-s-u students get first crack
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putting them back together - for some real hands on experience. construction crews are working on a 42-million dollar stadium expansion. they have already dug up bones from a bison and what may have been a pre-historic horse or camel. coming up.. an american car company has a new plan to get self-driving cars on the roads. plus.. you can't believe everything you see online... a lesson one valley man had to learn the hard way. contact 13 is showing us how easy it is to fall victim to a scam!!! and we're back to winter. here's a live look at the las vegas strip. we're keeping on that storm to tell you where the wind and rain is hitting the hardest. action news wants to help you stay informed 24/ sign up for breaking news ealerts at all you need to do is go to the member's page. you can get to by clicking on the contest tab on our
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the wind and rain is still hitting parts of the valley. meteorologist karla huelga is standing by to tell us where mother nature is sending the storm next. gas prices just keep on falling! today's national average for a gallon of regular is $1.80. that's according to triple-a. prices are falling in las vegas too. today's average is $2.30. yes.....that's a bit higher than most states.. but it is seven cents less than what we were paying last week. now to a warning from contact 13.'s easy to fall victim to an online scam. most of us want to believe they are easy to spot... but... they're not! tonight, action news anchor tricia kean
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to get hooked in, and ripped off.
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130 dollars in overdraft fees. so here's what you need to remember when doing business on sites like craigslist: --deal with local people only, who you can meet in person. --never accept a check for more than an item is worth. --and never wire money to someone you don't know. it's a lesson harry learned the hard way. "i have got two kids at the house we take care of, it doesn't take it out of my hands it takes it out of their mouths."> it's important to remember... your bank could press charges if you deposit what turns out to be a fake check. so - always be sure a check from a stranger is good before you go and spend that money. new at six. general motors is picking up its efforts to build more self-driving cars. the company is creating a team that is going to be dedicated to just that. they start working tomorrow. the goal is to figure out a strategy to make g-m the leader in self- driving technology. it is looking more and more like self-driving cars are not just a concept anymore... clearly, g-m sees them as
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real world. coming up on channel 13 action news live at 6:30 we're less than 1 day away from the all important iowa caucus. can vermont senator bernie sanders actually pull off upset? we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. a second virginia tech student has been arrested tonight. what she's now accused of doing to help her classmate. and for breaking news and weather updates anytime.. just download the free ktnv mobile app for your smartphone or tablet.
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a powerful winter storm hammered the valley this afternoon, bringing with it high winds, rain and good evening... and thanks for joining us. i'm yasmeen hassan. let's head back outside, for another live look as the valley continues to get hit with wind and rain. a severe thunderstorm warning is now in effect. let's check in with action news meteorologist karla huelga with what we can expect throughout the night and into tomorrow. karla? ad-lib a potent pacific storm system will bring strong winds and widespread rain and snow to the area tonight and monday. dry weather and calmer winds return beginning tuesday but temperatures will be significantly cooler.
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the remainder of the work week returning closer to normal over the weekend. right now up on mount charleston, officials are
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snowstorm is in effect, creating dangerous driving conditions. the roads are very slippery right now, and there is very low visibility. you will need chains or 4-wheel drive and snow tires to make it up the mountain. and we have more coverage of this storm as it makes its way throught the valley. action news reporter mahsa saiedi is live in summerlin with what people are dealing with right now mahsa? chasing the storm. rain started to come down summerlin pkwy and durango. ad lib we also have new information on house fire near joe brown and
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you can see white smoke rising above the trees....this was right before three. firefighters say the call came in as a tree fire.. possible started by lightening. of a house fire on the same street. no one was inside the home. you can see firefighters in the roof. from the location of the fire downtown boulder city. we've seen pretty strong wind gusts... you can see the trees blowing with the wind. as we drive in ktnv live drive. plenty of puddles on the ground as the storm moved from the central part of the valley east above us lib reminder from firefighters.... be careful of lightning strikes and flash flooding whenever there is severe weather around southern nevada..
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to show us what you are seeing. one viewer sent us this picture as the storm moved in over red rock canyon and another viewer sent us this picture of rain pouring down on the highway, reminding everyone to please drive safe. if you get a good picture or video of the weather.. be sure to send it to and you might see it right here on action news. action news is your weather authority. we'll have continued coverage of the storm throughout the night. and don't forget, you can follow ktnv on facebook and twitter for immediate updates all night long. new information tonight on the death of a virgina teenager. a second virginia tech college student has been arrested in connection to the kidnapping and murder of nicole lovell. the 13-year-old went missing from blacksburg, virginia on wednesday.
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out of her bedroom window. four days later, her body was discovered across the border - in north carolina. police arrested and charged 18-year- old virginia tech student david eisenhauer with her abduction and murder.... ....and today, they arrested fellow student 19-year-old natalie keepers. she is accused of helping eisenhauer dispose of the body. chief anthony wilson / blacksburg, va police dept. "based on evidence collected to date, we have determined that eisenhauer and nicole were acquainted prior to her disappearance. eisenhauer used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and then kill her." state police are now searching a pond near campus, but won't say what they are trying to find. a massive fire breaks out at a textile workshop in moscow. it started late last night and engulfed the 32-thousand square foot building. 12 people were killed, including 3 children. authorities say this may have been arson. a british helicopter pilot was
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his helicopter was fired on by elephant poachers. roger gower was shot during an operation to fight poaching in the mas- wa game reserve he somehow managed to land his chopper, but died before help could arrive. three suspects have been arrested in the shooting. the western wall, one of judaism's holiest sites, will soon have a prayer space for mixed-gender ceremonies and non-orthodox jews. this follows a historical israeli cabinet decision today to finally allow such an area. many throughout the region are rejoicing the decision as a display of judaism's diversity. the iowa caucuses are just a day away....and it is down to the wire. presidential candidates are making a final push to get out in front of voters. steve nannes reports. nat pop iowa offers only a small contingent of the delegates who will determine the presidential nominees, but a win would greatly increase
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hampshire primary. a recent poll by the des moines register and bloomberg shows the iowa choice for democratic nominee -- among likely caucusgoers--- is hillary clinton with 45 percent of the vote.. (hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate) "we've run a terrific campaign from the grass roots up ... of course it's close its competitive that's why i hope everyone who has decided to (sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate) "when we started this campaign here in iowa, we were 50 or 60 points behind secretary clinton. we have come a long, long wayso i think if the turnout is high, jake, i think we've got a real shot to win this." trump leading the polls as the iowa choice for republican nominee. surprisingly enough, he wasn't much of a target sunday. senators ted cruz and marco candidate) "when marco ran in florida he promised the men and women in florida he would lead the fight against amnesty. in texas i promised the men and women i would lead the fight
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and i went to washington he and i made very different decisions. a vote for marco is a vote for amnesty." the two clashed over immigration during thursday's debate.. and while speaking on the road with cnn's jake tapper, the argument still hasn't died down. (sen. marco rubio / (r) presidential candidate) "i've tried to fix a problem that's a very serious issue in texas and in florida, and it's a hard issue. and clearly we're not going to be able to do it comprehensively, and we're not going to be able to do it until nevada democrats are planning caucus sites at 6 strip casinos to accommodate voters who work on caucus day.. that is coming up - saturday.. february 20th. workers can vote at new harrah's and the wynn resort. voters hoping to use the strip caucus sites instead of one in their neighborhood have to declare they work in the area and can't get home because of their shift. some information for your commute. expect delays today and tomorrow along the 95 near the spaghetti bowl. crews are closing lanes from
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tomorrow morning to dig trenches along the road. they'll be used when they widen the 15 this summer. so just keep that in mind if you are heading in that direction. congratulations tonight to 4 new unductees into the southern nevada sports hall of fame. mixed martial artist frank mir.. former major league baseball player marty cordova.. the 1998 ncaa champion golf team.. and former state athletic commissoner and u.s ambassador to iceland sig rogich. they'll be enshrined june 24th at the orleans arena. proceeds from ticket sales go to support various area youth sports programs coming up in tonight's financial foucs. mcdonald's is looking to add to their menu. and uber and lyft be facing even more competition with facebook. what they are planning. and a consumer alert tonight. a new scam is targeting paypal users. what you need to know so you don't get ripped off.
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action news is continuing to track the latest weather developments, this as a high wind advisory will be in affect tonight along with a severe
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facebook may be looking into taking on uber and lyft. the idea is an expansion of facebook's event feature. it would help users share rides or find a carpool to events. it could also connect you with someone you can travel with on public transit, like the subway. the patent has not been approved yet.... ....but facebook did just announce a partnership with uber to allow users to book cars from its messenger app. mcdonald's is apparently having a lot of success with its all-day breakfast.... .....and now, it could be adding more items to the menu. the company will start offering the "mcgriddle" at restaurants in tulsa, oklahoma. that is going to start tomorrow. if it takes off there, it could
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that's tonight's financial focus. let's go to karla huelga and weather first. ad-lib a potent pacific storm system will bring strong winds and widespread rain and snow to the area tonight and monday. dry weather and calmer winds return beginning tuesday but temperatures will be significantly cooler. temperatures will warm through the remainder of the work week returning closer to normal over
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((adlib wx close)) a new warning tonight...
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paypal is a popular and easy way for people to pay on-line but now.....scammers are taking advantage of that convenience. they are tricking sellers with fake e-mails. they are sending out payment confirmation messages from "paypal".... ....they look like legit e-mails confirming the transfer... but...don't be fooled! it's a scam. paypall will have some protection, but when you are dealing with a con artist or a scammer they are going to try to fake legitamacy they will use anything they can and try to say they are paypall experts recommend that you never accept money orders or cashier checks. you can not dispute them if they're fake. that's why you should only accept cash or credit card. here's a look at what's coming up tonight in primetime on channel 13. at 7 -- america's funniest home video's at 8 -- galavant at 9 -- marvel's agent carter at 10
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news a pizza shop turns to social media after an art heist. how the mystery of a star wars themed painting was solved when a man wearing a storm trooper
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where it belongs tonight... .....but it's who brought it back that has workers scratching their heads. tara morgan explains. you only see the mystery man on surveillance from behind... "he has on like a full motorcycle leather outfit and a storm trooper helmet." he quickly vanished like the r2-d2 portrait did two weeks ago. the artwork caper turning more bizarre by the second. "we all saw this guy ride up on a motorcycle." standup: the employee behind the counter at the time thought a co-worker was stopping by, but when the helmet didn't come off he feared they were about to get robbed." "i walked up, started going towards the alarm and stuff...and by that time he had came in, set it on the thing and then was like already walking out." the painting, wrapped in a black trash bag with a note from the big man himself. "and i saw it on the back and i was like 'there a note.
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we didn't know, i mean, he didn't take his mask off so we weren't sure what's going on and i think sometimes you get a social media plea to get the painting back...but believe it had something to do with it. now, keeping a close eye on a favorite in their collection. "i think we're going to frame the note too, right next to it, will make for a fun story." karla has another look at your forecast. but right now, here's a live look outside in the valley. you're watching channel thirteen action news, where you ask.
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions.
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by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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