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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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made several attempts to call 9-1-1.....but all they got was a beeping sound....for what seemed eternity. the juarez family just sat down for dinner tuesday night....when they smelled something burning. "the smell was getting stronger and stronger by the second" they unplugged all the kitchen appliances before realizing the fire started inside juan's little sister's bedroom. "we started calling 911 -- several of us. none of us could get through to it." juan says he called multiple times --- not knowing about the problems the las vegas dispatch center was having. "there was just no service. a beeping sound." so juan and his family ran outside as their house went up in flames. they continued calling 9-1-1. "i was having a panic attack and i was sweating out here in the cold." juan - his sister - his dad - and two of their dogs "one of our dogs died because we couldn't step inside the house again to get it. and the dog was scared. we couldn't get it. and that delay
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is dead right now." frustrated.....anxious.....and sad. juan tries to handle all his emotions after losing his home....and his pet. "all of the above....a combination of everything. mostly sad." the las vegas dispatch center was down for more than six hours tonight. metro tweeted an hour ago that 311 and 911 were back up and running. reporting live gina lazara channel 13 action news action news... chief investigator darcy spears is digging deeper into issues.... with 9-1-1 systems.... including one incident.... that ended with a valley woman's husband dead. don't miss her special report... on action news... live at 11... this thursday. now to the latest developments on the valley weather. a live look outside right now as the mercury continues to tumble. so how low will it go tonight? chief meteorologist bryan
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bryan. even though the winter storm system is making an exit, the cold air it brought will be in place through tomorrow. overnight lows tonight will be below freezing throughout the valley and high temps tomorrow mostly sunny. a warming trend starts thursday friday. the warm-up continues saturday of high clouds thursday through sunday. with highs in the upper 60s and pounding millions of americans. blizzard warnings are posted tonight across the midwest along with winter weather alerts in 9 states from new mexico to michigan. we want to show you this incredible video out of
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and a possible tornado as severe weather moved-in. natsound. tornado siren this video is out of alabama.. where a funnel cloud was caught on camera in pickens county. u can see the large twister you can see the large twister making its way across your screen. and.. across the plains and the midwest.. this same storm system is moving through with heavy snow. people in at least 5 states are being told to stay-put as the blizzard builds. new tonight.... man.... shot and killed ... sharing her heartbreak! (mynia bogan, girlfriend) "he's a good father a great friend, a good son, a great big brother, an amazing boyfriend, a great supporter." police say... the father was murdered.... in front of his -4- year-old. action news reporter.... mahsa saeidi was at a vigil.... mahsa... she's live near green valley parkway and la mesa with how they are remembering him... mahsa?
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missed." so much pain at the spot johnny haney was killed! in every picture - he's kissing his 4 year-old wynter. police say the little girl was there as her father was gunned down. tonight haney's girlfriend sharing their last moments together ...laying in bed: :20-:27 "from two in the morning until seven when he got up to exchange his daughter, he was supposed to come back home, and i never saw him again after that until i got here." here... the home of wynter's mother krystal guice. right now... she - and this man - deonte coleman ... are behind bars facing murder charges. police believe it was coleman who opened fire. the duo then speeding off with 1:10-1:13 "(did he talk about her? were there problems?) honestly, it was so unexpected because her and i were on good terms.
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about him?) not that i know of." action news spoke with loved ones who just arrived into town. no one knows the motive. no one saw it coming. their prayers with the slain father and the little girl who may have just lost both parents. her being the mother like, not only her, if she was involved in this is not going to be in her daughter's life but him either. "he was my everything and i love him so much and i can't wait to see him again." metro needs your help trackidown a bank robbery suspect. take a close look at these surveillance images. metro says this man went into a bank near summerlin parkway and town center earlier this week
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some cash. luckily.. no one was hurt. new information tonight on a viral video showing a driver pointing a gun in the face of a motorcyclist. henderson p-d tells action news they have identified the driver and he gave his side of what happened to investigators this morning. this happened over the weekend near boulder highway and horizon. the biker who recorded the video tells action news the confrontation started after one of the bikers went off into the dirt road. this situation escalated quickly and the driver pull the pistol. no charges have been filed. a valley neighborhood is on edge tonight.... after a home break- in... is caught on-camera! here you can see the crooks... inside the house... near torrey pines and alta.. the men shouted "metro police".... as they broke down the door! no one was home... at the time... but... the theives got away with a computer and some jewelry! according to crime mapping -dot- com... there've been -19- crimes... reported in this neighborhood....
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michele radford neighbor "we involved. rally together. get to know our neighbors, you know? if you recognize the men in the video... call crime stoppers... at 702- 385-5555. new tonight... we're hearing from one of the women.... who was inside one of the cars.... pulled over by authorities.... in oregon.... when their stand-off with militia... turned deadly! really scared that they were going to shoot us because we had lasers all over us and so i screamed please don't shoot us victoria sharp went on to say.... la-voy finicum did have his hands up..... moments before... he was shot and killed. this video shows... the moments authorities opened fire... killing the rancher.. sharp does say... finicium was yelling.... if they were going to shoot.... to go ahead and shoot him.. in all... -7- people were arrested.... during the incident including.... militia leader... ammon bundy. now to the latest developments on the race for the white house.
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just 7- days away as the battle moves east from iowa. today.. both republican and democratic candidates took their message to the voters ahead of next week's showdown. republican senator ted cruz is taking some new momentum into that contest after a big win over donald trump last night. "six weeks ago, donald trump was saying every day that i was his friend that he loved me, that i was terrific, that i was nice, trump tweeted today he hasn't gotten any credit from the voters for financing his own campaign. on the democratic side.. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are coming away from iowa in a virtual tie.. but sanders is polling way ahead in new hampshire sot - bernie sanders i just got in from iowa where we astounded the world. (crowd cheering) and now we will astound the world again." republican mike huckabee and democrat martin o'malley both
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poor showings in iowa. republican ben carson took a break today from his campaign. m-g-m resorts now says.... workers.... to operate the parking garages and valet services.... when they transition.... to the new "pay-to- park" system. happen.... with-in -60- days. so... what does this mean.... for you? m-g-m says... you'll now also be paying for valet... along with regular parking. the current valets will become part of their new contractor team. clark county commissioners took up the issue of whether pet stores.... should only be allowed to sell animals.... from shelters!!! commissioner chris giunchiliani is calling for a work group.... to write an ordinance.... to stop the sale of dogs..... from puppy mills. it would be... made-up of activists... reps from the pet industry.... and the retail association. she says... right now... there are only one or two stores.... in clark county.... using puppy mills. the city of las vegas passed a similar measure... last month. pet shops have two years... to comply.
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thousands of feet in the air after their plane ends up with a hole in the side. tonight, what some experts are thinking caused the scare thousands of feet in the air. plus... a terrifying development.... in the spread of the zika virus. for the first time... the virus has been transmitted... and... not through a mosquito.
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place
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where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight to take back our government. headed.... from tijuana to the united states. the un-finished tunnel was inside a house.. and... measured -32- feet deep.... and... -7- feet wide.. in the bottom part of the tunnel it had only gone.... -9- feet.... toward the united states.. inside the house... police found... meth containers and a package of marijuana. a possible terrorist act is under investigation overseas.
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emergency landing just minute safter takeoff.. when an explosion blew a gaping hole in the fuselage. abc's david kerley has the latest on what investigators have been able to find out. these are they terrifying moments... after passengers reported a loud bang... and smoke...shortly after takeoff... the cabin of the airbus a-321 depressurized.... oxygen masks deployed.. some of the 74 passengers moving to the back of the jetliner... as the plane descends to make an emergency landing.... and on the ground... those passengers get to see.. markings of an explosion.. the peeled back metal... streaks of soot... secy. of state which would suggest quite definitively that this was a bomb of some kind, probably something about a hand grenade size that would have made this hole in the side of flying from mogadishu to djibouti... even the pilot thinks it was a bomb but one aviation expert believes there should have been more interior damage. even if it was a bomb security
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been an attempt by terrorists to see if can defeat seurity systems.... and bring down a jetliner. dk abcn washington early boarding now.. to a consumer alert... from contact -13-. united airlines is going back.... to an old policy: families with small kids..... get to board the airplane.... first. starting february -15-th... parents with kids.... age -2- or younger.... will be allowed to pre-board united airlines flights... right after passengers with disabilities and active duty military personnel.... who are in uniform. united dropped that policy.... in 20-12. a spokesman says... going back to the old policy.... is "simply the right thing to do." the mobile ride hail company... "uber".... is doing a little re-imaging. take a look... at the company's new logo... instead of the stylized white and black "u"... the new design.... features an image the company calls.... the "atom and bit." the logo is an attempt to bring out the human side of "uber"..... highlighting it.... as a transportation network....
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to a story now you asked us to investigate. a lot of people around summerlin say they've had to deal with a wave of mailbox break-ins over the past few months. many residents around sahara and hualapai also told us it's not the first time.. and other boxes in the area had to be replaced recently. people we talked with heard of as many as 30 mailboxes being targeted. rodney pugh mailbox broken 13.45.19 i said, 'ok well we're one of the many' 21 there's been about 13, i think we're number 13 from what the postman told us 28 in the summerlin area 30 we've been hit very hard with them 33 a local spokeswoman for the postal service said she can't give us specific numbers for mailbox break-ins.. but it is a federal crime.. and she said they're replacing 4 in the area right now. as always.. when you ask we investigate. if you have a problem or issue you want us to check out.. send an email to 13investigates@ktnv.c om and
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phone number. new information tonight... on the zika virus. the c-d-c is reporting the first case transmitted.... by sexual contact. the case is out of dallas texas... and is a big revelaton.... on how the virus can be transmitted. the c-d-c says... next to abstinence... condoms are the best prevention method against.... any sexually transmitted infections. right now... there's currenly no vaccine.... for the mosquito borne virus. now... to the latest developments on severe fog... rolling through mississippi. for the second day in the row... this is what areas of the state.... looked like. here you can see... just how bad it was this morning. officials say... drivers are having a hard time seeing through all the fog... and... visibility is extremely low. some very good news tonight from the california department of water resources. they say the snowpack in the sierra is at a record level.. and more than double what they usually see this time of year. in fact.. it's already 72-percent of the april 1st average. forecasters watch that april
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predicts how much spring runoff will reach reservoirs and aquifers. here in the valley.. we're seeing some cold temperatures tonight.. but are we any closer to spring? if you're new to the valley.. we mark the unofficial start of spring when mojave max.. the desert tortoise.. comes out of his burrow at the red rock canyon conservation area. but.. the experts are quick to remind us.. max is on his own alarm february 14th and as late as april 15th. even though the winter storm system is making an exit, the cold air it brought will be in place through tomorrow. overnight lows tonight will be below freezing throughout the valley and high temps tomorrow afternoon will remain in the upper 40s. the good news is that winds will be light and skies will be mostly sunny. a warming trend starts thursday as high pressure starts to nudge in from the west.
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on thursday and upper 50s by friday. the warm-up continues saturday with highs around 60, and continues sunday with highs in the mid 60s by that afternoon. expect light winds and periods of high clouds thursday through sunday. the start to next week will continue with high pressure in control of the forecast, which will mean mild temperatures with highs in the upper 60s and breezy winds. below freezing throughout the valley and high temps tomorrow afternoon will remain in the upper 40s. the good news is that winds will be light and skies will be mostly sunny.
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thursday as high pressure starts to nudge in from the west. highs will rise to the mid 50s on thursday and upper 50s by f the warm-up continues saturday with highs around 60, and continues sunday with highs in the mid 60s by that afternoon. expect light winds and periods of high clouds thursday through sunday. the start to next week will continue with high pressure in control of the forecast, which will mean mild temperatures with highs in the upper 60s and breezy winds. still ahead on action news live at 11.. metro needs your help getting some burglars off the street. plus... we're learning more.... about a teenager.... who was allegedly murdered.... by a virginia tech student. why neighbors are saying...
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tt2w`t2n`q4# bt@q?&< tt2w`t2n`q4# "a@q/*x tt2w`t2n`q4# bm@q$!t tt4w`t2n`q4#" dztq ;zp tt4w`t2n`q4#" entq k^0 tt4w`t2n`q4#" gzt& ryh tt4w`t2n`q4#" hnt& bw$ tt4w`t2n`q4#" iztq (>\ tt4w`t2n`q4#" jntq :n< tt4w`t2n`q4#" lzt& "#@ bedroom was stabbed to death by a virginia tech student. nicole lovell went missing last week. her body was found saturday. 18-year old david eisenhauer has been charged with her another student.. a 19-year old woman.. has been charged as an accessory. a neighbor says the 7th grader told friends she was sneaking out to meet her boyfriend.. who she met online.. before she was killed. policetonight..... finding two suspects believed to be connected.... to a home burglary. they say... this man broke into a home.... near grand canyon and lone mountain road... took several items... and... left in a car.... driven by a left in a car.... driven by a female. may be behind....
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if you recognize this man... call metro... right away. coming up... we'll show you this year's.... vanity fair hollywood issue! plus.. new details on this year's life is beautiful festival in downtown las vegas.. including an early shot at tickets. and as always.. for the latest overnight news along with weather and traffic 'ageless' women
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issue is here. the magazine cover includes... a cross-generational view of hollywood's most acclaimed actresses. from jane fonda to viola davis... and... oscar winners rachel weisz and lupita nyong'o. all -5- of this year's..... best- actress nominees also grace the cover.... snapped by photographer... annie leibovitz. the issue includes.... pictures and tributes to all of the women. it hits newsstands.... nationwide... tuesday... february -9-th. the "life is beautiful" festival is returning to downtown las vegas. this year's festival will take place september 23rd through the 25th. last year.. more than 100-thousand people attended. a limited number of tickets will go on pre-sale friday. for more information on how to
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just go to our website.. we'll be right back with an update on your wake-up weather forecast. but first.. here's jimmy kimmel.... with a preview of tonight's show... right after action news.
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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below freezing throughout the valley and high temps tomorrow afternoon will remain in the upper 40s. the good news is that winds will be light and skies will be mostly sunny. that does it for this edition.... of action news live at 11.. but... stay with us... for "jimmy kimmel live".. coming up next. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las vegas.
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and from all of us at channel 13.. good night. producers: 3-brianne 5-matt
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals.
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