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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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rikki - we arrived as one of the tenants was throwing home goods out of window - searching for anything he could salvage - this is that pile of debris - all of it coming from this unit where officials say the fire started. take a look inside. the devastation is heartbreaking. the owner of the unit - says the fire started around 9am. he smelled smoke comimg from his kids' bedroom. when he opened the door - their whole entertainment system was on fire. he took the kids ran outside and ordered a neighbor to call 911. he says firefighters arrived within 2 minutes. there are four apartment units in the building - with the two on the second floor getting it the worst - but all 16 people who were living here are now forced out - as the building is no longer safe. no one was hurt in the blaze. i spoke with 2 tenants today - about everything they lost and how they plan to recover. later tonight hear their inspirational stories and what some blame for causing the
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live in henderson - michael burton - channel 13 action news. right now, metro wants to apologize for their 911 and 311 systems' failture yesterday. if you tried calling those numbers last night, you were re-directed to north las vegas. they just held a press conference about what happened. metro says the cause of the failure is still unknown. but, they say no injuries were reported of the delayed response...which was about 30-to-50 minutes. one family reached out to action news, and said he lost his family pet and home... because he couldn't get through 911 when he called. right now, 9-1-1 and 3-1-1 are both up and running. a man shot to death on the sidewalk overnight... tried to save himself. and now the search is on for whoever fired that deadly bullet. action news reporter parker collins spoke with a witness who watched the man die. < so many heard the shots. at least a dozen right over here. take vo chopper is probably best police shut down these side streets for hours. casings everywhere to process.
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called 911. i spoke with a man who ran to the dying man... watched him breathe for the mast time.. and could hear dispatchers over the man's phone. take sot ed williams, saw victim dying 4:11:35-4:11:42 "i walked up as the gentleman was taking his last breath and it's just too much. like i said something's got to be done." that same man believes one of the stray bullets hit his apartment. there are some holes on that wall. near charleston and fremont parker collins channel thirteen action news. > new developments on those three inmates who escaped from a maximum security california jail last month. they are all back behind bars. but today, a cab driver who they reportedly kidnapped while on the run, is thanking one of those inmates! sot 'from the bottom of my heart i can say this, bac duong saved my life. and i owe him. i am so thankful, so grateful to him" the driver, long ma, says fugitive bac tien duong helped him escape...
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week! ma says he drove them to the bay area, and they hid out in rented rooms along the way. then duong fled from the others, telling ma to come with him. soon after, duong surrendered to police. and two days later, the other two were caught. new developments in the race for the white house-- the remaining presidential candidates are all focused on the new hampshire primary, except one! c-n-n is reporting rick santorum is set to announce he's dropping out. the former pennsylvania senator is also expected to endorse a candidate. he's the third republican presidential candidate to drop out after monday's caucuses. earlier today, kentucky senator rand paul suspended his campaign. coming up at 3-30, we'll have much more on the presidential race...including how donald trump is now fighting back after losing the iowa caucuses. breaking news on bill cosby in court-- a judge is moving the criminal case forward, refusing a former district attorney's claim that he granted the comedian immunity. here's a live look at the courtroom. we're waiting for cosby and
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the charges stem back to 2004.. when andrea constand claims cosby drugged and assaulted her. yesterday in court.. cosby's lawyers presented their star witness. they say the former d-a signed a binding agreement that cosby would never be criminally charged. another chilly day today, but some good news -- the warmer temperatures are just around the corner. tomorrow we should see a bump in the temperatures that should last through the weekend! let's go to chief meteorologist vegas is known for is coming back to the valley and eventually the warmth will follow. temperatures will take a while to recover as overnight lows in the low 30s will hold temperatures cool during the afternoon, but highs will break back into the low to
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ahead today, caesars will be honoring celine dion's husband rene angelil with a celebration of life. the event is at the colosseum from 7 to 9 guest speakers will be sharing memories and stories about celine's long time manager and husband. if you want to watch, the service will be live streamed. we'll put the link on our website, and taking a live look now at the thomas and mack, today is signing day at unlv! rebels head coach tony sanchez is set to announce his second u-n-l-v recruiting class. the ceremonies actually just started at 3. this will be sanchez's second
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after leaving his coaching job at bishop gorman. it's always hard for parents to drop their kids off at daycare. and one parent is outraged, after a day care worker was doing the unthinkable! the worker is physically abusing the child! up next, we'll show you the video that now has that worker facing criminal charges! and police are asking for your help tracking down a robbery suspect before he strikes again! and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow is up 183-points, closing at 16,336. a daycare worker is facing centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home. call... ...and get started with the prism essential tv bundle. you'll get showtime and starz free for 3 months plus up to 40 megs of centurylink internet all for only $70 a month.
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video abusing a 4-year-old boy! take a look. you see her pick him up and throw him several feet back down, and then hit him repeatedly with stuffed animals. the shocking abuse was by recorded on the phone of one of her co-workers, who say the abuse had been going on for weeks. :39 - :44 police identify that woman as 41- year-old kimberly reid. but she's defending herself,
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she now faces child abuse charges. here at home -- right now, metro is looking for this man! they say he robbed a bank near summerlin parkway and town center earlier this week. tensions boil over in congress, the reason why? that water crisis in flint, michigan. "this was the ultimate betrayal for the citizens." both citizens and lawmakers are going after the people in charge in michigan, pressing them for answers about the lead contamination. and one airline is bringing back something for the first time in more than a decade. we'll tell you about the freebies you'll enjoy the next time you fly. welcome back, we move now to that massive storm moving
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tt0w tiy(%! %4@-?ox tt0w tiy(%! el@-5h4 tt0w tiy(%! ed@-3jp tt0w tiy(%% )8h-s4, tt0w tiy(%% kzh-n[p tt0w tiy(%% n-h-;2\ tt0w tiy(%% 0ph-%ud tt0w tiy(%% s"h-5'$ tt0w tiy(%% ueh-6et tt0w tiy(%% 7hh-*g moving across the country. a series of damaging tornadoes are tearing through the south, and tens of millions of americans are in danger.
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the damage, in tennessee. < across parts of the south overnight, families had to sleep with one eye open. mos: "the tornado picked us up and turned us." the sky started falling before dinner. what looked like a giant tornado moved in over fields in alabama.. nats: it's in the water tower // that things a monster the high winds blew up a transformer, and tore apart power lines. in some areas, trees were pushed over or ripped from the ground. mos: "i didn't know what had happened until i came out of the closest and saw everything around." in alabama and mississippi, first responders and families searched through areas that were hit, and it was good news. no one was seriously hurt. natsound. tornado siren / tornado on the ground there were reports of at least six tornados in mississippi, including this huge funnel cloud. this morning -families whose homes were damaged are trying to save what they can. tag: steve osunsami, abc news.
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look outside, we're in for another chilly day! but don't worry-- in 24-hours, we're in for a warm up! let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' the calm and sunny weather las vegas is known for is coming back to the valley and eventually the warmth will follow. temperatures will take a while to recover as overnight lows in the low 30s will hold temperatures cool during the afternoon, but highs will break back into the low to mid 50s by thursday. sunshine will continue to push temperatures warmer with mid 50s for friday and temperatures near 60 by saturday. slightly gusty winds will move
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strong high pressure system from the southwest which will really allow temperatures to rise. highs will be in the mid 60s to start next week with highs cracking 70 by the middle of the week. winds will generally stay light and apart from a few passing high clouds the skies will stay clear and blue throughout the forecast period. thanks bryan- take a look
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crews got this car out of a river in the atlanta area. they say the woman lost control of her car...which went over a guardrail, into the river and flipped upside down. a disaster declaration is now in effect for 10-counties in washington state...following those storms that whipped through the area in december. president obama signed the declaration, paving the way for more federal aid. the state's governor says the storm caused more than 19-million dollars in daamges. new developments on the water crisis in flint, michigan-- congress held its first hearing on the crisis. they're demanding answers from both local and state authorities about what actually
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((nat/sot)) hearing rep. "pounding fist(?).. the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!" (butted with) ((sot)) hearing cummings: "this is not a third world country!" (applause).." state and federal environmental officials are state and federal environmental officials are blaming each other. so far, at least three class action lawsuits have been filed. and just yesterday, the f-b-i launched an investigation. the anger also boiled over outside the hearing. dozens of flint residents made the trip to voice their concerns! ((sot)) hearing leeanne walters: "now my home is known as ground zero." (butted with) ((sot)) hearing walters: "my home used to be a place of fuming...since governor rick snyder didn't testify and the former flint emergency manager didn't show up. pause for animation the price of filling up your gas tank keeps on dropping! triple-a says the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is now a dollar and 78-cents. here in las vegas, we're paying a little more -- two dollars and 76 cents. in some states like missouri and oklahoma, gas is under a dollar and 50-cents.
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would be drivers in hawaii. and if you're flying american airlines later this year, prepare for some freebies!! we're talking cookies and pretzels for passengers in the main cabin. you'll see them on domestic flights by april, and later this month on trans- continental flights. american airlines is also expanding its free entertainment options on domestic flights. customers with in-seat t-vs will have access to up to 40 movies, 60 tv shows... and 300 albums to listen to. a new, free app is hoping to change the way people buy homes. and the app is targeting young, new buyers specifically! we'll explain how the app works... when action news live at 3 continues. stay with us.
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. buying your dream home may have just become easier... especially for younger buyers. the now's julie dolan talks to the brains behind a cincinnati start up.. to find out how a new website could change the way we shop for real estate.
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c2.5 g 0 [[ 2/2/16 02fphilsot "there is no shadow and for realtors who say: 'spring home buying starts now.' and if you're in the market, you've likely browsed for homes online. nats keyboard 48 45 30 but are current websites giving you everything you need? sure, you can check price, and square footage. but a new site called casamatic hopes to take your search to a new level. and it's targeting young buyers. 38:00:01 we found out that there are roughly 10 things that matter most to millenials when they buy a home. things like being near their friends and family, being a certain distance from work, commute types like biking, walking and driving. it also factors in interests like restaurants, nightlife and architecture -- then, an algorhythm compiles the data, sends you matches in the desired area.. and even goes a step further. 41 12 29 so on casamatic when you find the perfect home, obviously youre going to want to walk through it. so we connect you with expert real estate agents in the area
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living. realtors pay them to get connected to you. 40:28:57 when you see these startups in the news, they make it look easy, but i can tell you its been a challenge, but a good one. right now the website is up and running in cincinnati, chicago and dayton. it will launch in more than a dozen other markets this spring including phoenix, indy, cleveland and sandiego. for the now, i'm julie dolan > casamatic's mobile app will launch this summer. for now... you can check out the site at casamatic-dot-com. a lot of people around summerlin have been reaching out to us, saying their mail boxes were broken into. when you ask. we investigate. people living near sahara and hualapai say this has been going on for months. some people heard about as many as 30 mailboxes being hit at once! a local spokeswoman for the postal service said she can't give us specific numbers for mailbox break-ins.. but it is a federal crime. she said they're replacing 4 in the area right now.
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superlotto win in california. someone in california won 63- million dollars, but still, the winner has not come forward. it's the third biggest unclaimed ticket in u-s history. by tomorrow, that paper multi- millionaire risks tossing all those winning down the drain. the winning lottery ticket was sold at a 7-11 in chatsworth, california. the store even posted wanted signs, looking for the winner. and by the way, we're still waiting for two of the three winners of that record powerball last month, to come forward as well. a lot more news coming up on action news live at 3-30... including a surprising statement from one of the convicted murderers... who broke out of a maximum security prison in new york. what david sweat said in court. plus, a startling new study out will make you want to get up and moving. it found a scary risk between being sedentary and diabetes. have you downloaded the all new channel 13 action news app yet? it's simple to use and features live streaming, video on demand with photos that are just a tap away from the home screen, plus
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get the all new action news app free in the app store and in google play. right now on action news live at 3:30..
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right now student charged with killing a
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and what every parent needs to know about a secret app at the center of the case. plus republican presidential candidate donald trump is now on the attack-- he and one other white house contender are now calling for a re-do of the iowa caucuses. but first.. new information on a man shot and killed in henderson. two people are in custody in the death of 26-year old johnny haney.. whed in out.. and sharing her heartbreak. it's an interview you'll see only see on action news. "he's a good father a great friend, a good son, a great big brother, an amazing boyfriend, a great supporter." family and friends gathered last night at the scene of the shooting near green valley parkway and warm springs. the child's mother.. and this man.. are facing murder charges. a breaking news update- a judge has decided the criminal case against bill cosby can go to
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