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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  February 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> no doubt, big party. >> thank you for spending your morning with us. coming up today, are you ready for some football? dive into a delicious big game recipe that party guests are going to love. >> been almost 30 years since we said goodbye to liberace. >> right now, takes a wild journey into the las vegas natural history museum. this past week, new additions were added to the african savannah exhibit. >> here's a page at the new collection is marilyn gillespie. not just one or two pieces. >> there's a total of 100 pieces, and it is so many we have only actually been able to do just the small percentage of them. but what the collection did for us, gave us an opportunity to go into an exhibit that we opened
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and we never had a shortage of animals but mr. prim's collection were all extraordinary so we're proud to have them. >> that's writ came from. >> yes, mr. gary prim, and his son-matthew. this was their private collection. we got it actually because the mayor goodman had seen the collection and she had written him a long time ago, going, your beautiful collection needs to be in our natural history museum. >> needs to be seen by more people. >> yes, last year he sold his home and was downsizing and looking for a home, and carolyn reached out to him and said it needs to stay in las vegas, and be at the natural history museum, and he agreed. >> that's fantastic. is this on loan. >> this is a permanent gift. >> that is fantastic. what will we find in this collection?
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savanna room we have a very dramatic scene of two lions bringing down a buffalo. >> wow. look at that picture. >> and it's very dramatic, and important story that it tells is a myth that only the females hunt so this is -- other than the drama of the scene, it also tells an educational piece right there. we have a -- he had a beautiful extremely large white rhino that is absolutely beautiful, and a crocodile, 14-foot crocodile, which is really adding drama to the room. and there's also another very dramatic piece is a leopard that has a kill and that has brought it up into a tree, which they are prone to do. >> wow. >> and we have that scene. >> do you now how many times mr. prim went to africa? >> i really don't but all of his
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the best taxidermists in the country, which made them so spectacular. >> make the crock adile alive. that would make it dramatic. how does the miami and the public -- you benefit financially. >> we do, and when people go into the african savanna room, it's a room in 360 degrees, and it's an experience that most people that visit us will never have first hand, so, it opens up the world to them and the importance of it is conservation you can't understand how hag enough sent a lon is until you see it. you don't get that from the tv or from a brook, but when you can see it, it really has far more impact. >> no question. >> what are the things on exhibit over there?
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exhibit, we also have an egyptian exhibit. we have a recreation of king tut's tomb. we also have marine life room and we have a lot of live animals in the marine life room. nevada, and we also take people back in time because we are the dinosaur museum so we have >> awesome. >> absolutely. >> the adults do, too, how do we see this stuff? what are the hours and pricing. >> we're open daily 9:00 to 4:00, very reasonable for our community, only $10 for adults, and $5 for kids. >> how often do you change out your exhibits? >> periodically we change the permanent exhibits but every year we will do at least one traveling exhibit that we will bring to town for about a three-month period. >> if you see things, go back again. >> it's going too change -- going to change.
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and you're only using a small portion, there is ability to use the rest of the collection and other pieces within the museum? >> yes, we have sprinkled some around the museum. he had a giraffe and he had a giraffe. now we have two, which is actually more realistic, you never just see one giraffe in the wild. and then we have an international wildlife room that we have been able to incorporate room. >> awesome. where can we fine the museum? >> we're at 900 las vegas boulevard north. >> are you a nonprofit. >> yes. >> so you ely on donations. >> -- you rely on dough additions. >> we're a community supported project. >> congratulations on getting this collection and a big thanks to the prim family for making it happen. this is las vegas natural history museum. see their upsetted african savannah exhibit.
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new prim family wildlife collection, strewn about there. to learn more, visit the webs or call the number on the screen. the museum on las vegas washington. >> still to come, the flag for excessive cuteness. where to cheer on local dogs in the puppy bowl. >> strap in for some suspense. the stars on the new thriller that will make you question reality.
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we'll be back. in our hot in hollywood report this morning, they say the past always comes back to
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what if it is something you thought was long gong in a new thriller, monday, at 11:01, see what happens when a romantic horror. here with more is writer and producer and star of the film, charles agron, who plays michael. and lance henriksen. how rye. >> really good. >> we're celebrating this movie coming out. >> as you should. >> on the 3rd. >> to put a lot of months and time and sweat and tears into a movie, i know is -- as an actor alone very special. charles, you have all the skin in the game. you're the writer, producer, all over the place. what's it's like to be able to release your baby into the world? >> well, i tell you, i've been a busy man, needless to say. but it was funny you say that. we're talking about how we are
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coming out february 5th, and in fact it's going to be playing at the town center 18 in vegas so we're excited about that. and it's just great to kind of sit back and relax and sort of see where the movie gods take us. >> i'm going to come out to vegas and be a greeter at the theater where it's opening in vegas. >> you could be the usher. >> get some popcorn. >> good excuse to come to vegas. >> you need no excuse but the film is a very good excuse. let's talk about it. monday, 11:01 a.m. the across crosse when the shining and the twilight zone. howl did the film and title come about? it's an interesting one. >> i appreciate your saying that. those are the two projected that infused me the most and the title, "11:01:00 a.m." is random and supposed to be.
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wait for it to he lunchtime or 5:and go to happy hour, go home. and the point i'm trying to make is that monday at 11:01 a.m. is the most important time for my character, michael, and it's all those little moments that so many people try to get past. can be so important to other people. so it's our lives that are made up of the moments and trying to get people to appreciate those little things. >> lance, your character, you're a shady bar tender. you spend michael into a dark path. >> i'm a facilitator. let's put it that way. facilitate his movements. he's doing it. i'm just remarking on the quality of the movement. >> absolutely. michael -- >> i loved doing it. >> charles, this is your second film that you wrote, and another one of your babies. what's next for you?
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right now, but obviously you have a lot of juice left in the tank. >> well, i tell you, i got a couple of scripts i have already written my next script and work on the one after that as well, and then i'm currently working on creating my own distribution company, k street pictures and we're looking at films and acquiring projects. >> that's phenomenal. seems that the film industry is taking the same sort of path as the music industry has, where you can kind of be your own launching pad as opposed to having to wait for a gatekeeper. >> well, i appreciate you saying that because die work hard in trying to launch -- i do work hard in trying to launch the projects. the movie industries undergoing changes and some people are slow to move. i feel like we're at the top our game and making good films, and
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out standing as well. so, i think the future is bright for us. >> absolutely. we're looking forward to see "monday at 11:01:00 a.m." thank you for being here. >> appreciate the time. >> be sure to check out the new thriller, available now on itowns and in theaters february 5th. the wins on your screen. >> time for your senior chair moment sponsored by the spotlight senior services guide. this week, tips to stay socially engage aced you age. experts say staying active and social can ends hans your life, social interaction is just as important to aging as a healthy diet and exercise. keeping socially engaged includes playing games. it keeps your mind sharp. volunteer in your community. it provides you with a sense of belonging and the satisfaction that comes with helping others.
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also, take a class. many senior centers and community colleges offer classes to seniors at a reduced rate or for free. destination senior living is an exceptional example of of independent senior communities offering opportunities to interact with other seniors and live life to the fullest. they have seven lovely communities. to learn more, visit the web site or give them a call. you can meet the staff on march 12th. they're a sponsor of the spotlight spectacular. the senior care moment is sponsored by the spotlight senior services guide. contact them at the phone number and visit the web site on your screen for a free resource booklet. you on facebook or twitter? well, like or follow us, you can find investigation "morning
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we'll be right back. social security contributions be deducted from your paycheck each month. you have to be pro-active and educate yourself on your options.
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help you do that. they're referred to as nevada's retirement brothers and both are here now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> nick, let's start with you. many people are intimidate by the idea of retirement and don't know where to start. you say knowledge is >> when someone is planning on retiring and saving, there's so many unknowns. for instance, one might think i don't know the stock market is going to do or social security will look like down the road. i don't know how much to save. there's so much unknown. if you have a good idea of how much you need to save and have a good idea of smart places to put your money, basically you have a plan and factors go aosayy. so, by propering, you can be less intimidate by how much you need to save. the other day, yesterday, i was meeting with someone in her had saved a little bit for retirement but wasn't sure if she was on track or where she needed to start to finish the job.
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her some basic places where she could save and some places she could smartly invest so she can be less intimidated. and we walked through the plan and it was no longer a problem for her. >> you have to steer it. i don't know if a lot of women realize this, they outlive menoi so that you have enough money in retirement. >> absolutely. that's why it's especially important forelationship to know what is going on in the finances. if you give it all to the man and he is doing it off, if he passes away early the burden is quite large for the spouse. so it's important to both be on the same page when planning for retirement. >> let's play a game, financial fact or fiction. the first question is: simple mix of stocks andbands are sufficient to provide income that i cannot outlive. fact or fiction. >> faction.
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depending on your situation. if you were just take ought the income as discretionary income, income you were using as your fun money beyond your typical expenses, then a simple mix of stocks and bond if you're taking another one or two percent may get you where you need to be. but if you're relying on that income as your basic expenses, if you remember, 2001 to 2010, people call that the lost decade because in the dow jones for that ten-year period of time the average return was slightly negative. so i you're taking out five or six percent towards your income, then during that ten-year period of time you may have lost half of the value of your portfolio. that's whoa so many people say, at that point if i lost half of my portfolio, do i need to look at my spending habits, need to look at finally making an
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we have people call from the show and say, let's up. here iomes to finances. buy and hold always wins. >> there's a lot of debate on this question. i'm going to say fiction. buy and hold does not always win. over younger in your 30s and 40s and saving you have time on your side. you can take more risk and ride the rollercoaster in risky returns. when you get older and closer to retirement your priorities shift airplane from maximizing growth to preserving . so, the priorities change, so some seismic shifts in the stactee, especially if you're within ten years of retirement. it's just time to get
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>> when you're younger you might want to save more, save aggressively. when your older, you don't need to save as much if you have been doing this all along. >> exactly. it's not about maximizing breath at that point. you -- growth at that point. you have too much to lose. and eric was mentioning a second ago, 2008, during the lost decade, that period, if someone was wanting to retire in 20, then they had a lot of risky investments, chances are they conservative, the stock market retire. >> fact or fiction no bigbe fact or fiction.
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conservative. you may need to take a big risk if you're trying to get that loss you had incurred back in that same year. but for a lot of our clients they say, you know what? i want to start let's go from there. if you're not taking big risks and big losses then percent or six percent return is a big return for them because they're not having to weather the storm. >> that's good. to preserve your time. but you have a powerful tool to retirement, very simple report but if you're listening today and you are in that time period where you are not sure exactly where you stand, where you need years prepare for retirement, this report is for you. it's simple and basic that's what retirement should be,
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and so this report does exactly that. so, 702-900-8177, then we can send that report out to you. for the next 30 minutes if you call we can give the report away. >> thank you for coming on. if you call ashton strobelt you'll receive a free copy of the steps to retirement. tune in each thursday morning right here on the blend for more information on ashton strobelt and how they can help you retire success film. they are located on st. rose parkway in henderson and check out the web site or call the number listed. still to come, the future of free parking on the strip. norm clarke has the dish on that. and next, the tenderhearted alicia needs a new home. are you he kind of person that always helps people with
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welcome back. in today's pick of the litter meet alicia. she is sweet. looking for her forever home. >> she is a cutie pie. here with more on how to bring her home, kathy jung, profit the nspca, no kill animal shelter. >> she is just a cuddler. his is all she wants to do, eat and curl up on your lap. the perfect football dog. >> needs to lay down. that's what i'd rather do. >> perfect for you. >> how old is she. >> only two years old. she came to us because is not a big fan of little kids which is often the case with little dogs because little kids don't know the boundaries of not pulling the tail. she is a good girl and gets along.
9:26 am
>> and our ears pulled. >> your tail pulled. >> yes. >> does she need any certain medicine, any requirements? >> no, not at all. no special needs at all. when you come pick her up, she has been spayed, microchipped and current on all of her shots. >> how do we get her. >> come sanctuary. bring your family and your dog to the meet and greet. maybe your dog doesn't like allee sham -- alicia. maybe another dog could be your friend. >> what are the fees. >> anywhere from $75 to 25, depending on the age, their breed, the size. so it's a fraction of the cost when you realize you're getting a dog that's already fixed, has all of their shots and the microchip. >> and you're rescuing somebody. >> and not only are you saving one life, you're saving two, because it frees up an opening in the kennel so we can rescue
9:27 am
i know the big game this weekend, you're hosting a prebig game puppy bowl party. >> this is my favorite time of the year. puppy -- it doesn't get any cuter than the puppy bowl. >> last year was keno. >> this year we have ginger, tobi and magic. tobi and magic are in the starting lineup so you'll see them right out of the gate, and they're so excited. you can follow their -- there they are right there. you can follow their adventure on the facebook and twitter page. it's so fun. >> up for adoption soon. >> yes, absolutely. after the game is over, just call us and let us know if you're interested. >> just a viewer alert for the puppy bowl. it's on cable airing at 3:00. counter programming to the big game. on direct tv -- a round of applause to in the back. >> they're excited. >> direct tv is at noon. the east coast feed so you see it before the big game. >> absolutely, and a lot of
9:28 am
are party at the shelter, direct tv came in and got us all set up, going to be at noon. show up at 11:30 because there will be snacks and games and a previewing party and be fun to watch at the shelter. >> you can gate tour at the shelter, check out the animals up for adoption. >> and maybe take home a new friend. >> that would be perfect. talk about the other animals. >> right now, besides the dogs and cats we have bunnies. bunny season is coming up. please, please, please, with easter coming up. if you want a bunny for easter, come down, spend time with them. we have some great volunteers, great staff that work in the love bug room that will let you sit and play with a bunny to see if a bunny is right for your family. we have bunny and begin -- a goose, a pot belly pig. whatever you are looking for, we may have. >> there's a big need for volunteers and donations as
9:29 am
>> yes. we receive no government funding, so anything you can do financially would be great. if not, champ down to the sanctuary. the dogs can go through a training course, walk the dogs, groom thity cats, groom the bunny's nails. if you're handy, we need painting, fixing up around the building. we can always use the help. >> let's talk about justin the pet you brought in last week. >> justin was adopted shortly after the show. our big senior dog. >> the best. great having you, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> watch the puppy bowl. >> it will be fun. stop by. >> you can watch. >> if you want to adopt alicia, head down to the nevada spca shelter. former information visit the web site or call the number on the screen. there's also on facebook and twitter. still to come on the blend,
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of life for celline's late husband. >> this is going to score big for the big game party. how to make it in minutes.
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that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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this morning some tasty ideas to satisfy your appetite. >> if you're planning your feast, start -- score extra points or a two-point conversion for your guests. how are you? >> i'm excellent. >> give you that extra, extra point. >> thank you very much. >> we're just a couple days away now from the big game. you're getting our party ready. what do you have lined up here? >> you know what, the big game day -- >> quote-unquote. >> i think of something just kind of yummy and dippy and i love tacos, so i thought why not make a hot cheesy taco dip. this is something everybody knows and it's not going to take a lot of time. so simple. just jump in? >> yes. >> i brown the meat, i have some onions and like to put green chilis in. these are mild. >> she looks at me. the resident --
9:33 am
so when you're making this, let the chilis stir-fry and sautee it. i wanted to make the baked potatoes -- >> you're switching it up. >> i am. so, let the chilis cook. get your favorite packaging of taco seasoning, it's really easy, and if you know how to make your own, make your own. this is not rocket science. you add a little water in there, and sometimes when you're cooking this off, sometimes they're so much water, i would let it soak in and cook off so all the flavor goes into the meat. >> so it's really juicy. >> exactly. once this is all combined -- i'm ying to make this easy because you probably have wings and
9:34 am
so i love -- rotel i a tomato and chili mixture. i have the mild chilis but i did get the hot -- >> move it up a notch. >> i think you'll survive. >> i can smell the notch. >> he'll still eat it. >> so you see all the beautiful colors, which i love. you can also check for seasoning. i'm an onion girl. i love the grind onion. >> are the scallions. >> the same thing. >> some people call it one thing or the other and you can't find both in the same supermarket, so i came to the conclusion it's the same. >> it's the same. it's play on words. so, see how beautiful that looks already? >> check for seasoning, add salt and pepper -- >> i would just gate burrito wrap and wrap and it eat other.
9:35 am
>> yes. >> you can do a bunch of different things. i you can have tacos on the size, people can take the meat. i already have some cream cheese ready, too -- >> cheap cheese. >> i'm making this really cheesy. >> wow. >> so, going to get it in there mix it up. it will melt down. so i'm just -- this is what i've got right here. >> how long does it take, 20 minutes. >> about 20 minutes. it's really quick. >> most is getting everything cut up. >> i know sometimes my sister says i'm a chef so i move faster. so probably 10 or 15 minutes. i was also thinking, if you love jalapeos you can take this after it cools down, open up the top and stuff it inside. >> yummy. >> wow. >> some other ideas to use this
9:36 am
>> we have 45 seconds left. >> we have to try this. >> you can serve it just like this, or -- >> you added a bunch of toppings. >> i add, like -- here, add whatever you want. >> you eat this warm or cold or does -- >> hot. the cream cheese -- you want it to be melted and bubbly. you can put more cheese on top, put it in the broiler, let it get warm, add your toppings. >> that is delicious. >> we're having a pot luck on friday, so i'll be making this. i'm going to steal this for the pot luck. thank you. >> thank you. >> so delicious. >> havehave a great sunday. >> i'll be enjoying food. for more on doreen, head to one of her social media pages or web site on instagram, it's @dining with doreen.
9:37 am
and once you've made it, bring it here. >> do you know someone who makes a difference in the community? you can recognize them with the give back award. one lucky person will receive $500 for the great work they do from america first credit union. they're a proud sponsor of
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we'll be right back. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist.
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bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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welcome back. parking fees are coming to the strip and remembering liberace. it's been 29 years since we lost in the icon. >> norm clarke is here. are you are you doing? >> good. >> last night's celebration of life in honor of celine dion's husband. >> one of the most extraordinary events i've been toening along the lives memorial. they held it in celine's venue, and had a large crowd, and it was just fantastic. 12 speakers. celine closed the show, as usual, she closes -- you could have heard a pin drop when she was up there. i was one of the speakers,
9:41 am
>> were you blown away that you were asked? did you know it was coming. >> i had no idea it was coming but i used to talk to him a lot, and -- he knew i was a sports writer in my other life so the conversation always turned back to sports, and what he and his son, rene charles, had done. everything from going to the masters and rene charles shoot neglect 70s at 13, and went to fenway, and rene charles tract tracked down a foul ball, and some kid start evidence hollering can we have the ball? he gives them the ball. how cool is that. >> that's amazing. >> i know there's a shot for us to see this. >> yes. highly recommend it. it's one of the most entertaining things.
9:42 am
a long time. it would be rene celebration of really worth the time. >> crazy to see her talk, too. at first people were thinking she didn't want to speak. and then she did take the stage. >> when i got over there i went over there at 12:30 for my mic check, and she was ahead of me, and i listened to much of her speech, and i knew it would be ff man, doting father. they had some hilarious stories about him. >> we're in the middle of parking-gate in vegas. there's a gate, you can't go in until you pay to park. you talked to a strip property owners about this.
9:43 am
island, and he -- i asked him about that, ande h said tt he fees, if one gets away with, they all get away with it. >> sure. he talked about tt. boed t stadium that he -- he's got his own business in mind here but he wasn't sure the stadium will work without an nfl team. >> it would certainly help. >> definitely. and he is an advocate of the lbcba, what they're doing at riviera. he loves what is going to happen at the at the north end of the strip. >> no question. how about liberace, 29 years ago.
9:44 am
palm springs. on one of his last shows, with oprah, she was parading around in one of his finest furs and he told this story that was so hilarious that he was in new york city, and donald trump called him up and said i want you to come up' and i want to talk to you about something. so i think trump wanted to talk him into maybe appearing at one of his casinos, and he went up -- trump took him upstairs in the trump towers to a fur 'er. they got up there. he said, liberace you have to buy this one. he said this one is -- you have to have this one. and i think he suggested he was going to get it. and so suddenly they're walking out and liberace says i thought we were getting a coat, and trump says, i can get one
9:45 am
and, true, he can. i'm -- >> imagine what he can do for america. >> we're always keeping tabs on you. i know conversations with norm coming soon. that going to be fun. >> yes, april 3rd, 90th 90th birthday which are -- we are this close to a sellout. >> no kidding. that's great. >> unbelievable. he has so many fans. still funny as heck. >> watch your language. it's great to have you here. >> if you have questions or tips for norm, visit vegas morning and read his column. >> you can go to
9:46 am
we'll be back. welcome back. we're just days away from the big game between the bronco and the panthers and that means sometime to start party planning.
9:47 am
ultimate tailgate here's some ideas. >> ready? >> calling all football fans and foodies. we huetteled -- huetteled -- huddled to show the ultimate tailgate. serving up food, fun, and ideas. >> my wife, my kids, we love to throw a big party for the game day, and i had a couple recipes. i went to jc penney with them. they brought in a chef and they hall have a gourmet take on my recipes. >> my world famous chicken lollipop. everybody needs a chicken lollipop. we're doing my rip on a cheese steak. carm mellizeedon unions and green dragon soup. it might be cold out but doesn't mean you can't grill inside with
9:48 am
>> they're your one-stop shop for all the items you need. >> even an online sports fan shop with gear for just every team. >> my wife and my daughters are not that involved in the game but a they are very much involved in the preparation and the throwing of the party, the food, the good times. >> o'connell says he is a big meat guy. >> i personally am a big meat guy, especially on the big sunday when the big game is happening. but we do have to remember, we do have vegan frans and gluten free friends. take it slow. work your way up. >> for more idea go to jc or the facebook page. let the games begin.
9:49 am
we are having our own big-game pot luck tomorrow at the station, and i have not figured out what i'm going to bring but wonderful snackerike going to snackers and buy some wings. no one will know. the life is beautiful music and art festival returns to downtown vegas september 23rd through the 25th. no headliners have been annoyance yet but last year stevie wonder, and kendrick lamar hit the stage. >> a limited release of presale ticketed will be available at 10:00. reserve your spot today. >> now, today on the view, the doctor is in. dr. phil joins the ladies today. >> today at 2:00, debra norville shows us the intimate side of politics. and laugh it up with come immediate afternoon vince morris.
9:50 am
the ring to the stage, wwwe hall of famer nick foley is live with us. >> we're very excited. they've been rocking excalibur five years long. we'll celebrate friday at night.
9:51 am
>> buy. >> announcer: "the view" is live right now. banking on hillary. clinton under fire for her giant wall street payday. and science cracks the code for resting bitch face. do any of the ladies think they suffer from it? then, dr. phil's getting real at the "hot topics" table. plus, the filmmakers behind the oscar nominated movie critics are calling mesmerizing and electric. it all starts now on "the view" with whoopi, michelle collins,
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