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tv   America This Morning  KTNV  February 5, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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family contract that they designed together >> we don't have cell phones in our bedrooms at night, not at the dining room table and also when we're in the car. >> reporter: but it isn't always easy. >> i wish i had unlimited access but i recognize and understand that the rules are there for legitimate reasons. >> it's still a struggle at times, but now it feels like we're a group doing this together. >> it's just something else to think about that we were worried about like violent cartoons growing up in our generation. now there's so much more with social media you've got to focus on. >> that's why you're the parent and i'm not. it's so tough. coming up behind "playboy's" bold move. >> the sexy magazine covering up. but will it prove to be risky for the iconic publication? you're watching "world news
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>> announcer: "tt2w`t3n`!d$ bt@qh14 tt2w`t3n`!d$ "a@qx=p tt2w`t3n`!d$ bm@qs6\ tt4w`t3n`!d$" dztq 4@( tt4w`t3n`!d$" entq ddh tt4w`t3n`!d$" gzt& ]c0 tt4w`t3n`!d$" hnt& mm\ tt4w`t3n`!d$" iztq '$$ tt4w`t3n`!d$" jntq 5td tt4w`t3n`!d$" lzt& -98 >> sexy music. >> yeah, talk about scoring. it is one. most iconic publications in history, and now "playboy" is taking a huge chance by getting rid of the thing that made them legendary. >> no more nudies. is that what people call it, nudies? >> i guess. skin? abc's nick watt is giving us a
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and we're "up all nightline." >> reporter: "playboy" is the most famous nudie mag on our planet. hidden in grandpa's closet and cousin billy's high school locker, on newstands around our globe. >> the rabbit head logo is among the three most recognized logos in the world. >> reporter: along with nike swoosh and apple's apple, but "playboy" is with this weekend's revolutionary relaunch, it's a nudie mag. >> the buck stops in my office if it fails. >> reporter: no more. how can that work? what will that look like? well, here's the cover girl. >> have your parents seen this? >> no, but my dad as the first one to be like you better [ expletive ] do "playboy" because he really wanted me to be in it. >> what? why? >> because he -- it's historical. >> reporter: more from her in just a minute. but first -- >> hef's on board with this? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: okay. this 62-year-old magazine is still owned by the now
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>> he is a man at his leisure. >> reporter: so, why go nonnude? >> we relaunched our website in the august of 2014 as a safer, non-nude experience, and it exploded. >> traffic skyrocketed. >> reporter: and bigger than business, there's philosophy. >> being a brand that challenges the norms has always been a part of "playboy" and being that nudity doesn't challenge the norms anymore, it doesn't make much sense to stick with that. >> i think the girl next door doesn't exist anymore. she's doing selfies and taking pictures down her shirt. >> reporter: pamela nailed it. this is what a non-nude "playboy" shoot looks like in 2016. sarah mcdaniel, instagram star. famous for flawed beauty. those different colored eyes and this is her cover. >> the first person to even be on "playboy" was marilyn monroe, so to me it's a huge honor.
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mean to you? >> "playboy" to me means freedom for women, like feminism and expressing yourself and no holding back. >> reporter: it doesn't mean nudie ladies in a magazine? >> i guess it did but now the revamp and everything now, i feel like it's a completely different thing and it's more about the women rather than just like, you know, baring it all. >> reporter: the idea is you can now read "playboy" on a train, leigh it on your coffee table, without blushing. > i would say that was probably one of the hardest parts of the whole process is finding out where the line was and then walking up to it. because we need to be -- we still have to be who we are. we have to be "playboy" with that edge, the sexiness. and how sexy can we get? it's a question we ask each other every day. i can't wait for people to see this. >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline" in beverly hills, california. >> i'm glad you and "playboy" have the same philosophy. >> which is? >> how sexy can i get? >> is that right? i guess now we'll actually have to read it for the articles. no more "playboy" nudes and no more scramble tv.
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all right. in case the super bowl isn't enough entertainment for you this weekend, there's always the >> let's check out what's hitting the box office this weekend, shall we? starting with "pride and prejudice and zombies." yeah, you heard that correctly. jane usa austen's classic novel with a slight twist. this film sees elizabeth bennett and mr. darcy uniting in the name of love and in the slaying
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though he were dead yet shall he live. >> you're quite rude. >> and jesus cried out with a loud voice. >> no, don't. don't. >> not surprisingly, this is not looking like a classic. alan of the village voice says, it fails from "a" to "z." it's neither good nor a good zombie flick. >> lindsay barr of the "associated press" says it might have ever been better suited to a television adaptation. >> that's a little bit rough. turning to "hail, caesar!" directed by the coen brothers features an "a" list catch that includes george clooney, jonah hill, scarlett johanssen. and josh brolin who plays eddie mannix, a man whose job is to solve problems at a major hollywood studio. already dealing with an angry
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worse by his prima donna star >> now, you listen to me, buster. nick skank and this studio have been good to you and to everyone else who works here. if i ever hear you bad mouthing mr. skank again, it will be the last thing you say before i have you tossed in jail for colluding >> i would never do that. >> shut up! >> oh, boy, critics hailing "hail, caesar!" with andrew pulver of "the guardian," saying it is a lot of fun and beautifully crafted. michael norden of city pages says they may not make them like they used to, but at least they still make them like this. >> wow. i guess they like it. >> all hail "hail, caesar!" >> absolutely. we'll check it out after the super bowl. better things this weekend. >> you're going to wait? >> yeah. >> you're a big super bowl fan. >> the halftime show at least. >> super bowl is so meat. >> shall we go long?
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quickly, quickly!and kidnapper. :53-:59 deborah roberts: do you think he had any idea that it was tammy meyers in that car? khatelyn krisztian: no. i-- i full heartedly, in my soul, believe he had no idea. only on action news.. we're hearing from a friend of erich nowsch. i'll have more of that in just a minute. good morning las vegas! the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with greg bennett... ((ad-lib)) the front that brought clouds yesterday morning has moved on and high pressure has reestablished itself across the southwest! sunny skies and mild winds will be a common occurrence throughout the next 5 to 7 days. high temperatures today will range between 55 and 60 degrees
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67 degrees! by monday into the
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