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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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(mayor bill de blasio/ (d) new york) "the fact is this is a very, very sad incident. we've lost a life. but if you go out there on the street as i did and see what and the person who died was sitting in a parked car. new details about the plane nearly blown out of the sky in africa. investigators say they have found explosive residue on the plane! and now, investigators are looking into if isis and al-shebab are to blame! the explosion happened just after takeoff. two passengers were hurt, and one person is still missing. investigators think that person may have been sucked out of the plane. still the big qusetion remains of how the device got on board. sot: steve ganyard 16:11:30 it was probably just get on the airplane. in a place where there's no real government it's awfully easy to get a bomb on board the airplane. we also learned that 70 of the 74 on board were originally booked on a turkish air flight... but that flight was cancelled.
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right now, police are looking for a killer. we just learned the identity of the victim... which may lead metro police to the gunman and why he was killed. the clark county coroner identifies the victim as 45-year-old john vounas junior. he was shot to death near fremont and charleston. police say he bled to death, as he was on the phone with 911. a north las vegas man is in jail...accused of raping and kidnapping an arizona teenager. now, another family is coming forward...saying their daughter is also a victim of jimmy carter kim. it's a story you'll only see on 13 action news... the family is staying anonymous, but they say their daughter was taken prisoner and raped for a month in a home near ann and camino al norte. they say she met kim through social media. 181022 "he's utilized social media to hurt people and 181028 for every jim kim there's 1000 others behind him" police say jimmy carter kim had a lot of different accounts to find
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he used instagram... facebook... snapchat... and kik. right now, kim is facing more than 80 felony charges. he's due back in court next month. a man is gunned down in a parking lot in broad daylight, right now, the killer is nowhere to be found. 13 action news cameras captured the heart-wrenching moment, as his loved ones arrived. (sot)(graphic - transcribed) "i can't do it! i can't do it!" (butted with) (sot)(graphic - transcribed) "we could've seen him, he was not dead when he first got shot, i kept watching the news i didn't know it was him!" the deadly shooting happened yesterday near rainbow and westcliff. a nearby business owners says his employee heard a loud screech. a car door opened. then the victim fell out onto detectives are now looking through surveillance video and talking to witnesses hoping to track down the person responsible. we've seen how the video ends... an upset driver pulled out a gun on a motorcycle rider.. but now, we're seeing what happened before that! here you see the bikers riding
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then the red truck pulls up, and the driver starts yelling out his window. the man on the bike says he heard him say he had a gun in his truck. and now, that driver is speaking out, defending himself! :00-:04 "i wasn't taking any chances. he knocked on my window, and i was ready for him. no charges have been filed against the driver or the biker, but henderson police are still looking into the incident. time now is x:xx-- let's get to weather-- it's shaping up to be a warm and beautiful weekend! let's get over to 13 weather first meteorologist greg bennett. the front that brought clouds yesterday morning has moved on and high pressure has reestablished itself across the southwest! sunny skies and mild winds will be a common occurrence throughout the next 5 to 7 days. high temperatures today will range between 55 and 60 degrees with the weekend yielding 61 to 67 degrees! it's what everyone is talking about right now.
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the game might be in san francisco this year - but we are still in one of the best places to be for all the action. 13 action news reporter yasmeen hassan is live at the sports book in sunset station with more on what we can expect. even though the game is in san fran - vegas is where people want to be. can you imagine if we actually hosted a game one year? game or no game though - this place is going to be packed! only a handful of cities have sports books - but let's be honest ours is the best. the most popular bet every year
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panthers or broncos. but say your team is already out - you can still get in on the action with prop bets. chuck esposito sunset station 14:23:58 16 if you can't be at the big game live there's no better place to be than vegas. the game is on all the screens. it's a great atmosphere. the economic impact not only in racing sports but throughout the industry. hotel rooms and food and beverage entertainment everything we have to offer. it's a win win for u if you haven't decided where to go to watch the big game, 13 action news if you haven't decided where to
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action news has you covered! just go to we have a list of all the hotels, bars and restaurants, along with their game day festivities. and if you are planning on having a few drinks superbowl sunday, metro will have d-u-i checkpoints set up all over the valley. they start at 6 sunday night, and go until one monday morning. some breaking sports news-- the nc-double a has imposed a post- season ban on the university of louisville's men's basketball team. the ban applies to the nc-double a tournament and the atlantic coast conference tournament. you may remember the team is under investigation for a sex scandal. an escort came forward last year, claiming a former staffer paid her and dancers to have sex with both players and recruits. the university's president said
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found some violations did occur. uber is becoming a popular option for people to get around many cities when they don't want to drive. but up next, what should have been a harmless ride for one woman, turned into a near kidnapping! she's speaking out exclusively now to abc news. and a driver runs down a bus shelter, killing a man. coming up, a woman who tried to save the man speaks out. spring temperatures are looking to spring up! i am tracking the warmth and when you can expect it coming up in weather.
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metro police are asking for your help finding some suspects accused in multiple home invasions! officers say they first robbed a home near desert inn and hollywood, and then a home near vegas valley and nellis. we don't have pictures of the suspects. but police describe them as black males, between 18-and-30 years old. a garbage truck catches on fire. it happened early this morning
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crews say the cardboard recycling vehicle caught fire, while crews were doing their rounds. the passenger and driver noticed the flames and were able to get out in time. no word yet on what what sparked the fire. a deadly crash under investigation right now-- one man is dead... after a driver crosed into on- coming traffic and drove straight into the bus shelter. rancho. 13 action news spoke to a woman... who performed c-p-r to try to save the man. belinda dorton "it's your first instinct. it doesn't matter who or what, you just want to help. (butted to) "if i hadn't tried - i would have felt bad you know what if? what if i had tried and he came back?" the victim was a 68 year old man. the female driver was not hurt in the accident. she is cooperating with police. no word if she'll face any charges. now to a frightening moment for a young actress -- harley quinn smith -- the daughter of
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she was nearly abducted by two men...posing as uber drivers. now she's speaking out exclusively to abc news. here's abc's matt gutman with that interview. < when actress harley quinn smith... daughter of director and actor kevin smith? ordered an uber earlier this week? she was expecting a ride, not a near abduction by two men posing as drivers sot pop - harley quinn smith it was very, very exclusively to g-m-a overnight about her experience right outside an l-a starbucks? ? sot - harley quinn smith the second i started talking to them i realized they weren't uber drivers they printed the uber symbol up and put it on the front of their car [gfx] smith first sharing her story in this viral instagram post - writing "protect yourself and never ever get in a car without checking that it's the correct car first!" her father of mallrats fame - arguably more rattled than his daughter tweeting?. " be alert! two white men in (a) beige jeep posed as @uber
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into getting in their car?" sotpop - harley quinn smith my parents were terrified - more upset than myself [gfx] the l-a-p-d commending smith's actions saying she "?did the ri her instincts and not getting into assault two young women at texas christian university? [gfx] uber telling abc news its "?core technology elements... picking them up, as well as the name of the driver, his or her sot - harley quinn smith i yesterday morning has moved on and high pressure has reestablished itself across the southwest! sunny skies and mild winds will be a common occurrence throughout the next 5 to 7 days. high temperatures today will range between 55 and 60 degrees with the weekend yielding 61 to 67 degrees! by monday into the next work week grab the shorts,
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flip-flops! mainly sunny skies and light winds continue with high temperatures expected to range between 68 and 73 degrees! overnight lows are rising as well! upper 30s are expected tonight but low to mid 40s take over until wednesday early morning. by then, morning lows bottom out in the upper 40s and lower 50s . fears about the zika virus are
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as we're just weeks away from the spring break coming up in today's health report, find out how florida's governor is responding, to try
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the florida governor has now expanded the state of emergency to five counties. governor rick scott called on the c-d-c to provide at least a thousand zika antibody test kits. he's especially sounding the alarm...because 20-million tourists are expected to visit florida in the spring break months. sot gov scott (13:47:51) the mosquito that causes zika virus is common in florida. in the u-s, there are more than 50-cases of the mosquito-borne virus. they're in 13 states and washington d-c. and right now, the welcome to
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shining red! it's all in honor of national go red day and the go red for women campaign. the lights officially switched at 10 this morning. this weekend is the biggest weekend in professional football-- but recently, the n-f-l has been on a roller coaster... with major success and scandals. still ahead, n-f-l commissioner roger goodell sits down one-on-one with good morning america on the league. the other big talker is the halftime show... coldplay is speaking out about some details of what they have planned. we'll have that preview, when 13 action news live at midday continues. we'll be right back.
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criticism... and now nfl commissioner roger goodell is speaking out to robin roberts. take a listen 17;50;40;44: rr: i don't know if you had a chance to see the movie concussion.// the portrayal of the nfl and of you, in particular, it doesn't shed a good light on the league.// 17;51;10;00 how do you get past that perception
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league hasn't been at the forefront, that you have not addressed this true issue that people are talking about with cte and concussions? 17;51;23;00 rg: well, robin, with facts.//when you look at what we've done over the last ten years we've had 40 different rule changes that are all designed on making the game safer. that didn't start in the last twelve months that started ten years ago . // we've invested in equipment changes the turf which will help impacts, including head impacts on the turf. rr: if you had a son would you want him to play footballl? // rg: i would not only want him to play football i would certainly encourage him to do it and i would let him do it. goodell also spoke about why the nfl got rid of the tradition of roman numerals this year. he says.. he thought the number would bring more significance to super bowl 50. they will go back to roman numerals next year. besides the actual game, the other big headline on everyone's minds is of course,
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headliners coldplay have told us they're teaming up with beyonce. but now they're also promising some big surprises. here's abc's ryan smith with all the details. < (nats coldplay and beyonce music video hymn for the weekend) coldplay and queen bey - the "hymn for the weekend" collaborators taking center stage on the biggest mystery from the super bowl - who will be the "other global superstars" joining the gents on stage? sot//chris martin, coldplay 15:32:19 - we decided we wanted to make it about togetherness and acceptance // and then we called the right guests sot//billboard deputy editor isabel gonzalez-whitaker - some of their biggest hits feature collaborators, they've got a song with rhianna, with jay-z, with kanye west lead singer chris martin...keeping mum halftime shows of years past ryan smith 15:37:56 - how do you make this more memorable, different than any other super bowl? chris martin 15:38:11 - we've watched all of the other halftime shows and celebrate those and hopefully make a show as memorable as our favorites
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memorable as in last year's katy pery roaring alonside left and right shark ... and surprise guest missy elliot their 12-minutes on stage will be "paradise" (nats - coldplay music video paradise) for good morning america, ryan smith, abc news san francisco > she's the woman who famously tangled with donald trump... fox anchor megan kelly is speaking out about how it felt to become a part of the story and more than a dozen people are without a place to stay... after fires tore through their homes all across the valley. find out what simple house hold object made one family homeless.
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20/20. we have a preview. avery morrison, 4 years old
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got left outside and i was so scared" that's little avery, and her parents say she was left behind at her preschool. and now they're fighting for their money back, but the school won't budge. hello and thanks for joining us on this second half of 13 action news live at midday -- i'm todd quinones. and i'm dayna rosselli. before we get to those headlines, let's turn now to 13 weather first meteorologist greg bennett. what can we expect for this weekend? the front that brought clouds yesterday morning has moved on and high pressure has reestablished itself across the southwest! sunny skies and mild winds will be a common occurrence throughout the next 5 to 7 days. it's been almost a year since local mother tammy meyers was
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front of her home. the case made national headlines, today, we're hearing from a young woman... who says she was dating one of the accused shoooter, erich nowsch's best friends. she says she talked with nowsch...just hours after tammy had been shot. deborah roberts: did he tell you that he had used the gun? khatelyn krisztian: his words were, "i got them." deborah roberts: do you think he had any idea that it was tammy meyers in that car? khatelyn krisztian: no. i-- i full heartedly, in my it's someone that's close to you. you know, you can tell when someone's hiding facts or-- or holding back. and he wasn't. he was there answering
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telling me what had happened. and he had no idea. i had the opportunity to talk with abc's deborah roberts this morning. she clues us into what else we will learn in tongiht's sit down interivews. 00:01:27:20-02:13:17 you will hear some details that you've i mean, just this week you had another incide there in vegas that captivated the country with this motorcyclist and this armed driver. so the questions began to arise in las vegas, as you know, just shortly after the shooting. what really happened? and could tammy meyers, the woman who was gunned down,, have played any part, unwittingly maybe, even in this shooting. we will talk with tammy's husband, her son who was with her in that car ride when the shooting actually happened, and her 15 year old daughter who was riding with her just before this happened, and as you can imagine, still carries a certain amount of guilt about having been out with her mom on the road that night 00:04:02-04:24:22 we lay out a
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also hopefully you will be able to just sort it out yourself, when you hear from katelyn, the friend of the 19 year old suspect, who tells us her version and what she learned from him that night. she talked to him and saw his phone that night. you will hear from her and what she knows. katelyn christian actuakky speaking out for the first time the full 20-20 special includes interviews with tammy meyers' husband, and her children. it airs tonight at 10, right here on 13 action news. a breaking news update now on that deadly crane collapse in new york-- we just learned the person who died was actually a pedestrian. the person inside a car, was a 73-year- old man...who's now in the hospital. the collapse happened in lower manhattan early this morning. meantime, two others are seriously hurt. and one person has minor injuries. now to a story you'll see only
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a mom is fighting with a pre- school because she says they left her four year old daughter alone on the playground. it happened at creative kids learning center in centennial hills. the school is fighting back... saying the toddler was only left outside for a few minutes, and there was another class playing several feet away. the teacher was fired. but avery's mom says that's not enough. she wants her 100-dollar registration fee back! shannon morrison, mother i just want what i feel i deserve i mean if she went six months or something that's totally understandable but she was there for six hours and they didn't even watch her they were negligent with her according to the child care licensing board, the school has no prior history of complaints. they say it's policy not to refund registration fees. a sad update to a shooting -- a man has died after being shot in the head. it happened yesterday near buffalo and flamingo. metro says two men were arguing inside a home, when one of them opened fire. the gunman took off before police got there.
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the run. shocking new developments in the murder of that teen in virginia-- prosecuters say one of the virginia tech students charged in her murder has confessed!! natalie keepers and david eisenhauer are facing murder charges. prosecutors say the two planned to dispose of the body of 13-year-old nicole lovell.. after eisenhauer wanted to cover up his inappropriate relationship with her. when police confronted keepers... they say she tried to warn eisenhauer and then told all about how they killed the middle schooler. and here's the even more chilling part -- they say keepers told them she was quote "excited to be a part of something secretive and special." a hearing for the woman accused in that deadly crash on the strip has been re-secheduled... she was acting too wild to be in the courtroom. lakeisha holloway was put in a holding cell yesterday... after the judge determined it wasn't safe for her to be in the crowded courtroom. still, you could hear her screaming. holloway is set to be back in court on the 18th.
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firefighters-- three homes go up in flames in one day... now, at least 12 people are without a place to stay. chopper 13 bringing you breaking news fast and first...flying over the latest fire. it broke out last night near tropicana and maryland parkway. crews knocked it down fairly quickly, so it didn't spread to other units. but there was some water and smoke damage. five people were displaced by that fire. an unattended candle started this fire near buffalo and alta yesterday. two people and their five dogs were put out by this one. one person was treated for minor smoke inhalation. damage is estimated around 40 thousand dollars. and new video from a 13 action news viewer...showing a home consumed by flames. it happened near pecos and gowan yesterday. the family managed to all make it out unharmed, but they did lose one of their dogs in the fire. today, all the presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail... all fighting before the new hampshire primary. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is closing in on hillary clinton nationally. sanders: secretary clinton does represent the establishment.
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clinton: senator sanders is the only person who would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment and on the republican side, marco rubio is on the second place behind donald trump jk: "do you think donald trump is ready to be president?" rubio: "// i don't think being president is the same as being a real estate developer. and on national security he hasn't shown to date a deep level of depth on those now to a story you'll see first on action news -- fox news anchor megyn kelly is used to asking questions, and covering the big stories. so how did she feel when all of the sudden she was right in the middle of one? she spoke out exclusively to good morning america about her big feud with donald trump. :40-:59 "you know you never want to be the story when
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experience. any regrets at all? think you could have done anything differently? no. i still think it was a great question. i stand by every question i asked him, and he was not the only who had tough questions. he was, however, the only one who complained. kelly says thinks trump will be at the next fox news debate she's moderating on march third. she says she's ready to face him again, and ask some tough questions. former president bill clinton is returning to nevada to help campaign for his wife. he'll be in town tonight. he's speaking at the united brotherhood of carpenters international training center. that's at 7-15 tonight. make sure to r-s-v-p beforehand. pahrump... speaking at manse elementary school. you have to r-s-v-p for that one too. we'll put both those links on our website, at four protesters remain in oregon at that wildlife refuge in oregon. their leader, ammon bundy, is now speaking out again...begging them to go
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and a nurse is going viral, for how he's going above and beyond to help his patients. and here's a live look at wall street-- the dow is down spring temperatures are looking to spring up! i am tracking the warmth and when you can expect it coming up in weather. the man leading the armed
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ammon bundy, released a recorded statement... after being federally charged for taking over the refuge. (ammon bundy, protest leader) "the results of government officials ignoring the people, are acts like the takeover of the malheur refuge. taking over the refuge was not only right, it was the duty of the people to do." 16 protesters total are facing charges. most of them are in jail, but two have been released. meantime, four protestors are still at the refuge.... who say they won't surrender unless authorities promise not
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some people living on the east side of the valley say their living conditions are a nightmare. so they turned to 13 action news for help. when you ask...we investigate. this is actually the second time 13 action news has gone to the canyon point apartments near boulder highway and harmon. now, one of the renters says they're living in fear... because a man who was once arrested for opening fire in his own unit is back! i want people to know, to understand that this place, canyon pointe apartments..if you have relatives, if you have people looking to get into an apartment. this is not the place." 13 action news talked with management... who said each complaint had been taken care of, but they wouldn't comment on the speed of their response. as for the alleged gunman, paperwork has been filed to evict him. so now it's in the court's hands. new developments on that tree that fell on top of a san diego t-v news crew.
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9-1-1 calls. take a listen- mike: my name is mike. it's on maya linda. where the trees fell down. we got hit by a tree. myself and my reporter. we're channel 10 news, we were reporting on the trees falling down, and one of them fell down on us. mike: i'm talking to you right now with a busted leg. and my reporter is on the ground and she's scared. i mean, she's moving and everything. marie: mike, i'm scared. the photographer from our sister station is now out of the hospital... after having surgery. the reporter is more seriously hurt. the front that brought clouds yesterday morning has moved on and high pressure has reestablished itself across the southwest! sunny skies and mild winds will be a common occurrence throughout the next 5 to 7 days. high temperatures today will range between 55 and 60 degrees with the weekend yielding 61 to 67 degrees! by monday into the next work week grab the shorts, t-shirts, and slip on the flip-flops! mainly sunny skies and light winds continue with
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degrees! overnight lows are rising as well! upper 30s are expected tonight but low to mid 40s take over until wednesday early morning. by then, morning lows bottom out in the upper 40s and lower 50s . now let's take a look at today's top stories now
11:37 am
an intern learns a very first day. the young man fell asleep at his desk. first his co-workers snapped a group photo. then they started having some fun with photoshop. the intern laughed it off and even posted the pictures on reddit. panthers fans are calling a highway sign in north carolina "a prophecy" the sign-- which gives mileage to two small towns-- reads denver- 7, newton- 20. panthers fans say its an omen their star quarterback cam newton will emerge victorious in the superbowl. a nurse in texas is going above and beyond to help his young patients dealing with very serious illnesses, whether he's trying to make them smile,
11:38 am
brandon waterhouse uses singing as his secret weapon. yes and im waaay up here!! its crystal clear!! now im in a whole new world with you. (butted with) these kids go through so much.. it just feels so good to put a smile on their face and make them maybe forget: oh. .im still in the hospital the little girl's dad posted the video on facebook. it's been liked and shared thousands of times. waterhouse says as long as it's raising awareness for child cancer, he's fine with his new fame. "for more stories trending right now, head to luke forzano, director of culinary operations at sls las vegas matt minichino, vice president of nightlife & entertainment i wanted to let you know that the viewing party at umami
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out but our speakers will discuss the other awesome festivities happening on super bowl weekend (see release below). they would also like to mention some cool stuff happening at umami burger during march madness. dine-n-dash hosted by chef jos andrs friday, feb. 5 - 5:30 p.m. to kick off the exciting weekend, james beard award-winning chef jos andrs will host the property's first-ever dine-n-dash event on
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5 starting at 5:30 p.m. the culinary tour will feature signature dishes and hand-crafted beverages from all seven acclaimed restaurants on property, a "cocktail theater" by renowned mixologist rob floyd and a live cooking demonstration by andrs with special guest chef curtis stone. additionally, guests who purchase a vip ticket will have access to an exclusive happy hour with jos andrs and curtis stone in bazaar casino, admission to a concert by awolnation in the foundry and a private after-party featuring desserts and drinks
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tickets are now on sale starting at $99 per person and can be purchased at inendash. awolnation at the foundry friday, feb. 5 - 8 p.m. also on friday, feb. 5, sls las vegas and live nation will join forces to unveil vegas' hottest new live music experience exclusively at the foundry. platinum-selling electronic rock band awolnation will ignite the strip with an electrifying debut performance at the venue's highly performance. tickets are now on sale starting at $35 per person and feb. 6 - 10:30 p.m. dary rappers lil wayne, performance featuring a variety of their biggest hits. starting at $30 per person with hello las vegas! this week's and his band will bring the symphonic rockshow to the smith center on friday. the high-energy show will feature the music of pink floyd, the who, queen and led zeppelin. the show, which is nearly sold
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twenty-one piece orchestra and the girls of bella electric sings. if you are a fan of british rock bands, you will want to be at the smith center this weekend. if you are looking for laughs this weekend, we suggest you check out sinbad at the orleans. sinbad got his big break on star search in the nineteen eighties and you'll never guess who he beat -- dennis miller! he didn't win the whole thing, but he hasn't stopped performing since then both on stage and on the little and big screens. sinbad performs friday and saturday at the orleans. the popular downtown arts and cultural festival is finally back after taking three months off. first friday will be slightly smaller this month and some things have moved around, but there will still be plenty of great artists to check out, live entertainment, food trucks, and fun for the kids. the theme for the this month's first friday is back to our future. of course, these are only three of the events on our list of 13 things to do this week in las vegas.
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whole list, head to k-t-n-v dot com and look for the list on the home page. i'm megan telles. see you next week!
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following- it's been nearly a year since local mother tammy meyers was gunned down. and her family is now opening up. they sit down one-on-one with 20- 20. that exclusive interview airs tonight right here on 13 action news, at 10 p-m. a north las vegas man is facing more than 80-felony charges for allegedly raping and kidnapping an arizona teenager. now, another valley family is coming forward...saying their daughter is also a victim of jimmy carter kim. they say their daughter was taken prisoner and raped in a home near ann and camino al norte. they say she met kim through social media. kim is due back in court next month. and just two days to go until the big game. that means big money for our local sportsbooks. they say this weekend is one of year. if you don't have any plans yet for the game, head to for a list of events around town. mainly sunny skies and light winds continue with high temperatures expected to range between 68 and 73 degrees!
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well! upper 30s are expected tonight but low to mid 40s take over until wednesday early morning. by then, morning lows bottom out in the upper 40s and lower 50s . here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup. at 8-- last man standing, 8-30, dr. ken shark tank at 9 20-20 at 10, and then make sure to join us for action news live at 11. and taking a live look at the las vegas strip-- some new additions are coming soon! wynn las vegas is adding a two- story shopping complex. and s-l-s las vegas is opening a 3 story convention center with a pool on top. no word when these will be completed. ahead today, first friday is back! be
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smaller tonight. but there will still be plenty of food, entertainment and art to check out. tonight's theme is "back to our future." first friday runs from 5 until 11 tonight. that's it for us here... the chew is up next... and be sure to watch action news live at 3 p-m with rikki
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until then.. >> announcer: super bowl sunday is coming at you faster than a hail mary pass, so we're giving you everything you need to make the big day a touchdown. michael and mario are going head to head in our fifth annual chili cook-off. which mouth-watering chili will our nfl superstars crown the winner? then, carla's got the perfect decadent game day dessert that'll make you the mvp of the party. plus, it's a special heart-pounding round of football food pyramid, so huddle up, because the fun starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hello and welcome to "the chew."
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