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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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percentage points. >> and he says his win is sending a profound message to the political establishment, the economic establishment and to the media establishment. abc's mary alice parks is in concord, new hampshire, with the sanders campaign. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, reena and kendis. bernie sanders didn't just win here in new hampshire. he won by a landslide. the independent senator from vermont did particularly well with young voters and voters who said they wanted an outsider. he also did well with those who said they were worried about the economy. but you can imagine here last night, there was very little worry. it was a celebration, a giant party. bernie sanders's supporters know that now he leaves new hampshire with quite a lot of momentum into the next few states in nevada and south carolina. he thanked his volunteers, but he also sort of switched his tone. he said that his victory here was sending a profound message
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establishment. he actually said that his victory was serving notice to the establishment, and he said that he was able to win because of huge voter turnout. using what sort of has now become a bernie sanders phrase. he was able to harness enthusiasm and energy, he said, and it is exactly that enthusiasm and energy that he believes will be necessary for democrats to win in november. reena and kendis? >> thank you so much, mary alice. >> quite a big night there in new hampshire for bernie sanders. should point out, just about this time last year, it was the opposite where hillary clinton was polling in the 60s and bernie sanders was down at 19%. so incredible change there. >> it's also a historical moment because bernie sanders is the first non-christian. he's jewish.
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god is, in his own words, he said all of us are connected. all life is connected. that's why we're all tied. he is the first jew and non-christian to win a presidential primary of major political parties. this is a big moment. but it's also amazing we're calling this such a big moment. >> that's a big deal. >> that's a big deal, exactly. >> all right. we'll see how it plays out in the christian south. coming up, full analysis of where the campaigns stand now. and after an evening of ups and downs, the race for the white house now turning a new corner. you're watching "world news
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succeed in november. >> and then he's going to start leading in certain statements around the country. so she's in a real fight now for the nomination. still favored, but she's going to have to fight this out. through march and probably into april. i think this is the perfect storm for donald trump, which is he wins, he exceeds his poll numbers. he wins by double digits. he recovers from a loss and now he has multiple candidates to run against, which is the perfect scenario for him. >> we have to thank the candidates because they really -- we have some very talented people, and to be victorious against some of these people even if it's for one week. but believe me, it's going to be for many weeks, okay? >> he doesn't do well if it's one-on-one. i think he goes into south carolina heavily favored, probably wins and goes into the march 1st states in still a dominant position. the establishment tonight is
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together that is able to stop him? i'm not saying he's not going to fall. right now, donald trump is the dominant candidate in this race. >> a lot of people saying online that the republicans need to follow beyonce's advice and get in formation behind an establishment. >> beyonce formation for the republican party? >> i'm sure there is right about now. yeah, a lot of people are saying they need to consolidate. >> what's interesting, the last primary is d.c. june 14th. are we going to go that long? >> yes, the important d.c. primary. >> interesting. >> all right. coming up, memorable moments. primary. >> interesting. >> all right. coming up, memorable moments.ere do you think you're going? to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. oh, right then i'll swing by in like 4 hours. forget the tacos! one pill lasts 12 hours. i'm good all day. wait! your loss. i was going to wear a sombrero. only mucinex has a bi-layer tablet that starts fast, and keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 full hours.
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for the long haul. >> thank you, new hampshire! >> we love you. we're going to be back a lot. we're not going to forget you. you started it. remember, you started it. >> the most important question in this race is who is prepared to be commander in chief? >> when i'm president of the united states -- >> as president, i will defend this nation. >> we need a president with a steady hand. >> we will go home to new jersey tomorrow morning. we will make a decision on our next step forward. >> we've learned it's not whether you get knocked down that matters. it's whether you get back up! >> there's magic in the air with this campaign. we see this as an opportunity for all of us, and i mean all of us, to restore the spirit of america and to leave no one behind. am i right? that's what we're all fighting for. >> that's why they cannot win this election. that's why we must win this
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election. >> they're throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink. and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon. >> but i heard parts of bernie's speech. he wants to give away our country, folks. he wants to give away. we're not going to let it happen. >> together, we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we're going to fight for every vote in every state. we're going to fight for real solutions that make a real difference in people's lives. >> some important dates, bilt, coming up straight ahead. the nevada caucuses for the will have their primary in south
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then the democrats will have their primary in south carolina on the 27th of this month. so they have a few days to get things together. >> it will be interesting. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on
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facebook to the hospital!! and new overnight.. police get calls about shots being fired, but when they get to the scene everyone involved sometimes leaves you facing serious charges. one couple learned that the hard way during their fun time on the high roller. we'll have your headlines in a minute. first let's check in with 13
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