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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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breaking news... a metro officer is in the breaking news... a metro officer is in the hospital after a violent
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after a violent scuffle with a suspect. it happened at an apartment complex near summerlin and buffalo...around 1 a-m. police say they were responding to a domestic disturbance when they found a teenager in the parkiing lot...naked...screaming and jumping up and down on a vehicle. when they tried to take him into custody.... one of their officers was kicked in the head by the suspect. the officer was taken to umc trauma--where he may have a concussion. the suspect was also taken to the hospital-- police suspect he may have been on something. he will be arrested after he is released 13 action news reporter parker collins will have more in the next hout and new overnight.. we learned about a shooting near twain and maryland parkway. officers say around 9 last night they got calls about a group of people fighting and
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when they got to the scene everyone was gone, except the victim. he was taken to the hospital. he is expected to survive. right now police do not have a suspect description, but they are still investigating. you may have heard of the "mile high club"... now there's a growing trend to join the high roller club. chloe scordianos and philip panzica are facing felony charges of committing sex acts in public. high roller security caught the pair "enjoying each other" in one of the pods in the middle of the day on friday. the pods are see-through... and security says other passengers not only saw the couple, but started recording them. high roller employees told police things like this are happening more often, and they're worried it's going to give the attraction a bad reputation. a former music teacher is behind bars this morning, accused of having inappropriate physical contact with two students. the incident between william crawford and the 12 year old girls allegedly happened at somerset academy in 20-12. but neither case was reported until 20-14.
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warrant for crawford's arrest two weeks ago, and took him into custody on monday. police located the white van believed to be involved in the hit and run crash that killed a two year old girl... but authorities are still looking for the driver. north las vegas police say they're thankful to the community for reporting vehicles matching the description. no word from police on where the white van was found. sunday night evelyn green was hit near lake mead and pecos while riding a scooter with her brother. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. some witnesses have said the kids weren't being watched, but a woman who lives right where this happened says that's not true. "they were monitored. they were all together. they were walking as a family. the neighbor told us speeding on their street is a problem. the votes are tallied and donald trump and bernie sanders are waking up with their first big wins of the election. there were some surprises in the granit state. ohio governor john kasich came in second... leaving a tight race for third place between ted cruz, jeb
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the florida senator admitted his poor debate performance affected his poll numbers. po-185tu i did not ... i did not do well on saturday night so listen to this. that will never happen again. (butted with) it's not about me. it's not about this campaign... it is about this election." today, governor chris christie is not on the campaign trail, but back in his home state new jersey. many are wondering if his poor performance in new hampshire will be the end of the road for him. exactly what happens. so we're going to go home to new jersey to wait. (butted with) we should know what the vote count is and that's going to allow us to make a decision about how we move from here in this race." christie finished in 6th place. the candidates now have their eyes on south carolina. a bank robbery leads to a traffic nightmare... after the suspect crashes on the 215. chopper 13 caught the dramatic scene on the highway near you can see the backup it
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metro says it started with a bank getting robbed near russell and valley view. the suspect took off. he was arrested after the crash. back to the high roller--if you are near the observation wheel today don't worry--there's no emergency. but fire and rescue training is happening there today. the drills are part of regularly scheduled training and safety inspections. they should wrap up before the observation wheel opens at 11-30. up next... a murder over unpaid rent. a witness is talking only to 13 action news. and before your morning need to see this guy. he's suspected of cleaning out a gym locker and could be looking for his next victims.
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jessica told us about at the top of the show... we just learned that a family pet did not survive. it happened on linn lane near two people were able to escape in time... but the family dog did not.
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a man says a fight over rent turned deadly... police are still trying to track down the killer. officers were called out to the home near d-i and mcleod yesterday afternoon. friends identify the victim as mike guinn. they say it started when a woman who used to live there, but stopped paying rent.. came back to get her stuff. at some point, a man with her opened fire. "me and my wife ran over there, tried to hold towels on his wound but he was shot right, right in the chest." (butted with) (sot) "his wife started out on the street, saying call they know who the man and woman are. now they just have to track them down. we're learning how that inmate california was able to stay under the radar for so long. police arrested this man and woman with steven wright at a hotel in boulder city on monday. a clerical error led to wright
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the couple is accused of harboring and aiding the prisnoer. investigators haven't revealed their relationship with wright. they bailed out of jail yesterday. a man becomes his own detective, after his car and wallet are stolen while he's at the gym. albert rodriguez noticed his wallet and car keys gone from his locker after his saturday night workout. he went outside, and his s-u-v was gone. he got surveillance video from planet fitness, and he believes this man seen going inside in regular clothes... is the culprit. "doesn't work out. not in gym clothes. doesn't have a bag." as albert was cancelling his 13 credit cards he saw the thief had already purchased a knife, bolt cutters, and some other things from home depot. he thinks he's getting ready to steal again! henderson police found his credit cards and his i-d, but his car and the thief are still missing. time now is x:xx --- the militia in oregon refuses to leave. so the bundy brothers may not
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soon. we have an update from the standoff . also ahead, are you getting a raw deal every time you take a taxi? a new report says you're being overcharged...but the taxi industry wants to set the
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range between 72 and 77 degrees! this patter will continue for thursday and friday but by saturday, high pressure looks to shift south and east allowing for some clouds to develop, winds to pick up slightly and temperatures to fall a tad. a weak frontal system will force its way into the valley this weekend but due to our persistent dryness to the atmosphere and stability in the mid and upper levels, only a few clouds will form over head making the weekend mostly sunny instead of just sunny. temperatures slip back to the upper 60s and lower 70s with a light breeze 10-20 mph on sunday (valentine's day). next week, sunny skies are back and the climb into the low and mid 70s
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sunny skies, dry air and mild winds will be common with high temperatures expected to range between 72 and 77 degrees! this patter will continue for thursday and friday but by saturday, high pressure looks to shift south and east allowing for some clouds to develop, winds to pick up slightly and temperatures to fall a tad. a weak frontal system will force its way into the valley this weekend but due to our persistent dryness to the atmosphere and stability in the mid and upper levels, only a few clouds will form over head making the weekend mostly sunny instead of just sunny. temperatures slip back to the upper 60s and lower 70s with a light breeze 10-20 mph on sunday (valentine's day). next week, sunny skies are back and the climb into the low and
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shooting(chooper)-vo a father son argument ends with gunfire... and one of them being taken
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metro says around 5-30 yesterday they were called out and harmon. chopper 13 was first over the scene. the father was shot 3 times. he was rushed to the hospital, but he is expected to recover. the son is now in custody. a day at the shooting range turns into a terrifying experience, when a man tries to kill himself. it happened at the "las vegas gun range" near blue diamond and decatur yesterday morning. police say the bullet just grazed the man's head. he's expected to survive. no one else was hurt. the woman who says she was beaten by a former metro officer is now suing him, his partner and the police department for 225 thousand dollars. richard scavone is facing federal excessive force and obstruction charges for what happened during the arrest last year. scavone was fired by metro in september. the four remaining protesters at that wildlife refuge in oregon say they have no plans of leaving. the occupiers have been posting videos on their youtube page with their new demands for police. they want all charges against them dropped, and ammon bundy
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from jail. they say the electricity to the compound has been shut off, and the fbi confiscated their phones. (david fry, oregon wildlife refuge occupier) "they took away all of our smartphones and gave us this flip phone that doesn't even have a speaker." the group says they are using generators now for power. governor sandoval is taking action... on the intense battle that's been going on between solar customers and the public utilities commission. he's asking an energy task force to look into the solar rate changes made by the p-u-c late last year. the public utilities commission implements policies, but they can't creat them. the goal of the task force would be to make policy reccommendations for lawmakers before the legislative session. taxi companies are challenging the report accusing them of overcharching. a state audit into the taxicab authority found unecessary charges like over priced credit card fees.. o customers paying an extra 47 million dollars. 14:14:47 jason awad, lucky cab owner "they made it look like the industry is bilking the public. this is absolutely false."
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the passengers think that this three dollars is part of the driver's tip, when actually he's wants what he calls an independent review into the industry to clear things up. this morning.. we're getting to hear from a woman who was at that walmart when it was evacuated because of a bomb threat.. and she's painting a clearer picture of just how chaotic this really was. nicole barbon, forced to leave walmart 02-09-16 skype interview 00:10:02-00:10:11 "all i was thinking was am i going to have to shield my son. boulder highway was evacuated tuesday night, after a threatening message was found in a bathroom. metro came and checked it out, but nothing was found. good morning las vegas... time now is x:xx --- passengers on board the cruise from hell will be back on dry
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we'll tell you what went wrong on the high seas. and we follow up on that 2-car crash that snarled yesterday's morning commute...and brought out the jaws of life. the driver involved was terrified and she's talking only to 13 action news. tonight..
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the cruise was headed to the bahamas when it hit hurricane force winds, and 30 foot waves. this cell phone video shows furniture flying, and shattered glass. passengers say they didn't know if they'd make it out alive. shara sot "it's most probably the scariest i had in my life" the captain says the storm did not seem as severe when they were heading into it, and then it just exploded on them. the ship should be back in new jersey tonight. if you see a giant heart in the
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don't be surprised, but you
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starting at 8 this morning, officers from metro and nhp will be out on boulder highway in front of the east side cannery making sure drivers are stopping for pedestrians crossing the street. they'll also be looking for jaywalkers. only on 13 action news, the driver involved in a nasty two car crash is talking. sv 6ptu 95/charleston ax maria cruz, driver img0549 00:22-00:28 "i don't know i feel so scared. i feel like i'm going to die." chopper 13 first and fast over the wreck all morning long yesterday as it snarled the morning commute. a truck and an suv collided near the 95 and charleston. the driver of the suv told us she had a green light, when the truck tried to turn onto the freeway in front of her. firefighters used the jaws of life to rescue the two people inside the truck.
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face any charges. here's a live look at the thomas and mack where tonight you can cheer on the running rebels! unlv's men's basketball team is facing off against san jose state. tip off is at 7 o'clock. kanye west is no stranger to controversy... and this morning he's causing quite the uproar on twitter. it's topping our look at today's stories now trending... late last night the rapper tweeted out "bill cosby innocent!" he didn't elaborate, but quickly he was flooded with angry responses cosby has been accused of sex assault by more than 50 women over the years. the actor has repeatedly maintained he is innocent. frozen fever won't be dying down anytime soon! the hit disney movie is now heading to broadway. the musical is slated to make its big stage debut in spring 20-18. no word yet on who could be bringing the famous roles of elsa, anna and friends to life! and take a look at this little
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charlie the red kangaroo is a therapy animal at a veterans home in salt lake city. the red kangaroo is only about a year old. the bad news is... once he's fullgrown he won't be able to stay at the veteran's home. next month the red cross will honor charlie for his service. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, coming@up at -5-... a valley man says his home is sinking--and no one is willing to do anything about it! we'll tell you what happened when 13 action news stepped in.
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becoming the one dr. alex shows you how to be desirable plus get up and get groovin' with franky perez a live performance... wednesday at 2 on valley view live. today on valley view live - now. breaking officer recovering after a bad injury. we're live at the scene with the latest on his recovery...and the crazy story of how it all happened. good morning las vegas! let's get right to breaking news...
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at the scene of a fire with more. yasmeen? two people are left homeless this morning after a fire breaks out just hours ago. this happened near carey and sloan. it looks like the shed int he back caught fire and then spread to the house. the house isn't a total loss but the two people who live there need to find somewhere else to stay for now. one dog died in the fire. no word on what caused it. yasmeen hassan...13an now let's get over to 13 weather first meteorologist
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