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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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occupation. that's the latest from the breaking news center. a small auto repair shop is out thousands of dollars after somebody stole a trailer full of equipment from the front of the business. 13-action news reporter marissa kynaston talked with the store owner today. he tells us..... why this isnt just affecting the shops budget... but... also the mechanics jobs. sot oscar maribal, owner, oasis express lube we feel violated. it was a violation, like wow that just happened. oscar maribal says someone stole equipment-- from right in front of his shop. he says this trailer is normally locked up-- outside oasis express lube-- that was-- until this happened. sot maribal they cut the lock, we had a lock on it, they cut the lock off then they drove right off the parking lot here in the front and that's where we had the best shot on the camera maribal says his auto repair shop is small-- sot maribal for a small business like myself it's tough and that trailer was what they used to tow their customers-- but now-- theyre forced to hire outside companies. sot maribal now we're having to
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of our way and pay a tow truck to bring the vehicles in and get towed to the shop so they sot maribal for somebody to take your property like that, it affects you, it affects you in every way you know? marissa tag the owner says theyre really hoping somebody might recognize the car-- and know the plate number. he says you can message him directly on facebook-- i'll an update now on some breaking news we're following right now. metro has busted a marijuana grow house near pecos and hacienda in the southeast part of the valley. police also seized a lot of potentially dangerous equipment. no word yet on arrests or how much pot was confiscated. this is one of a number of our 13 action news reporters are working on right now. 16:26:18-16:26:39 need to cover back end with vo i'm parker collins near summerlin overnight police were called to this complex... expecting to find some kind of
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the found a naked teenager jumping on a car... the kid kicked a metro officer so hard on the head the officer had to go to the hospital. the suspect was eventually taken into custody. whip: i'm yasmeen hassan near haulapai and desert inn where a father and daughter were shot early this morning. officers say they got the call right before 5 am that someone kicked in the door and then started firing. right after the shooting the suspects took off they tossed a handgun in a nearby park and they are still on the loose right now. a 13 action news update on a
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died this past weekend at red rock canyon. he's been identified as 47- year old ravi day-al from las vegas. died.. but it's believed it was a medical episode.. and not a fall. a valley house goes up in flames.... and... a good samaritan helps pull.... an elderly woman to safety! the fire happened... near washington and valley view.
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and... saw an older woman.... sitting in the backyard. tim szymanksi, las vegas fire and rescue 16:10:58:20 so he turned around, stopped his car, got out, him and another gentleman went and lifted her over the fence and got her out of the backyard and out of the smoke, it was very thick black smoke 16:11:10:23 the woman was rushed to u-m-c to be treated.... for smoke inhalation. crews say... she was the only person.... inside at the time. the woman told firefighters she burned some linens.... the night before, so investigators are trying to figure out..... if those sheets re-ignited. damage is estimated.... at -1- hundred -20-thousand dollars. a developing story... tonight in the fight between..... solar customers and the public utilities commission. now... governor brian sandoval is getting involved!!! he's requesting an "energy task force" be made.. to look into the solar rate changes made.... by the p- u-c.... late last year. the task force's goal..... would be to make policy recommendations for lawmakers.... before the legislative session. new on 13-action news..
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a local website seems to be benefitting from an incident we told you about last night- a couple thrown in jail for "inappropriate relations" inside the high roller. 13-action news anchor jessica janner explains the connection.. and parents might want to use a little disgression. "[laughter] it's pretty brave [laughter]" "good for them i guess for having the guts to do that!! [laughs]" "i can't believe they would do somehting like that on there." "that's awful" whether you think it's funny or gross... news of these two people arrested for having sex on the high roller... is spreading like wildfire across social media... especially since the affiar was in broad daylight, caught on cell phone, on a family friendly attraction. "oh my god, i wouldn't want to have to answer those questions if it were my kids." believe it or not, there's a website online with 11 tips in case you want a romp in the pod. now the local website - vegas vital dot com - has doubled
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but the founder scott roeben, says he wrote the article a year ago. "a lot of people are already having this kind of hanky panky" standup: and if you think the website is toungue and cheek..and shy.... look at this. number 7 stay seated, 8 stay seated guys dont let those views distract you, and #9 even says bring moist towelettes... not exactly pg" "clean up after yourselves, it's gross." "what do you think about a website like that? no thanks" "some have said that it may have encouraged the behavior that made the news... but i dont take responsibility for any of it." "there's a website on how to get away with it would you ever look at that? absolutely. [laughter]" "what happens here stays here but sometimes what happens here ends up in the clark county detencion facility." [butt with] "you're accordingly. you're not -- it's not a pod of invisibilty you're still sort of in public.
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jessica janner 13 action news a major pot bust.. in arizona the arizona border strike force unit's..... "operation sidewinder".... is a huge success. the -4- day operation.... resulted in -40- arrests. authorities also seized.... over -37- hundred pounds of marijuana.... -2- firearms.... including an assault rifle... and... -3- stolen vehicles. the department of justice has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri. the suit claims a pattern of unconstitutional practice. 24-hours earlier.. ferguson's city council voted to improve its police and court practices.. especially when it involves the treatment of minorities. ferguson has been under federal scrunity since the shooting death of michael brown back in november 2014. a big shakeup in the race to the white house!!! republican presidential candidates chris christie and carly fiorina ended their campaigns today.... the remaining candidates look ahead to south carolina. fresh off his big win.... in the granite state.. vermont senator bernie sanders
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with the ladies of "the view"... sen. bernie sanders.. the message that we're bringing forth, that this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness, and we're not seeing that fairness right now." meantime.... hillary clinton is vowing to march on.... despite a -22- point loss.... last night.. on the republican side... john kasich swooped.... into the second place. the ohio governor may now be considered.... to be the top so called.... "establishment candidate"... sot/kasich: "i absolutely do believe that i cannot only unify the party but i also believe i can bring back that blue collar democrat that was for reagan." senator ted cruz... florida governor.... jeb bush... and... senator marco ruibio ended up in what was essentially.... a - 3- way tie.... for the third spot. nevada state democrats say presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders will hold a town hall meeting on february 18th.. two days before the democratic caucus. the candidates are expected to
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nevada and the latino community. no word yet on a time or location.. but we'll pass it along as soon as we get that information. a driving force behind the southern nevada sports hall of fame has passed away! family members say... rich abajian... the general manager of findlay toyota.... and... a huge supporter of u-n-l-v athletics died.... last night of an apparent heart attack. abajian.... was inducted into the southern nevada sports hall of fame.... in -2- thousand -8-. rich abajian was 62 years old. up next in in tonight's financial focus.. find out how much money you can expect to save this year because of falling gas prices. the hits just keep on coming..... for troubled automaker volkswagen. on the heels of their emissions scandal... there's another recall to tell you about tonight.... coming up.
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in tonight's financial focus.. the markets were mixed today..
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getiing word now from the fbi.. that agents moved in minutes ago.. after one of the four occupiers rode an atv outside of the barricades set up by the militia..
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tried to approach. so far.. no shots have been fired. four militia members have refused to leave ammon bundy and other leaders were arrested 3 weeks ago.. . and robert lavoy.. finicium was shot and killed. they could face federal charges of conspiracy.. in the 40 day long occupation. that's the latest from the breaking news center. in tonight's financial focus.. the markets were mixed today.. but the dow and sp500 are now in one of their longest losing streaks in months. dow down 100 nasdaq up 15 sp500 down 3-tenths of a point. the big local gaming stocks were mixed. mgm resorts had the best session today.. up more than 3-and a half percent. plunging oil prices might be killing your 401-k right now.. but it's helping a lot of american families right now. according to the energy information administration.. the average price of gas for the year is expected to be $1.98 a gallon. that's the lowest average since 2009.. and works out to a 320-dollar
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average american houshold. triple-a says the current national average for gas is 1-72 a gallon. federal regulators are giving google a green light to develop a driverless car.. without a steering wheel.. accelerator or brakes. regulators had long insisted driverless cars still need a driver. states can still pass laws that require driverless vehicles to have control pedals and a wheel. for years.. google has argued its self- driving cars are safer than cars driven by humans. the technology is still years from the showroom. that's tonight's 'financial focus.' let's go to bryan scofield and 'weather first.' . high pressure will continue to dominate the weather over the west coast with generally clear skies for southern nevada and
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above average. highs for the next several days will be in the 74-75 range with overnight lows around 47. very little change is expected through friday before a very weak low pressure area gains enough energy to gently nudge our high just east. that will pull temperatures down by a few degrees, but we should stay at or above 70 through the weekend just in time for another strong high to replace it from the west. winds will stay increase over sunday into monday as the replacement high builds in. wind advisories are possible for the colorado river valley and lake mead. in las vegas initial model forcing shows gusts to 20 or so possible, but not much more than that. winds die down into monday and tuesday as the high settles directly overhead which will allow highs to push back into
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a consumer alert tonight...
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more problems tonight.... for volkswagen. v-w is recalling -6- hundred and -80- thousand vehicles in u.s... over airbag problems!! the recall affects models... built between -2- thousand -6-... and -2- thousand -14-. the announcement comes... a day after mercedes-benz... issued a vehicle recall... for possibly defective takata airbags. a las vegas man has been indicted.... for running a counterfeit contact lens operation. according to the indictment... dmitriy melnik allegedly imported..... thousands of colored contact lenses..... from "the people's republic of china" and south korea.... that he knew.... were counterfeit. contact lenses.... even decorative ones.....are medical devices..... that must receive..... f- d-a authorization.... to enter the united states. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13: 8-the middle 8:30-the goldbergs 9-modern family 9:30-black-ish 10-american crime then on action news.. live at 11.. 50:53 darcy stand-up: we've
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you in tonight's dirty dining--from chinese food to coffee. listen closely... how about a little sewage with your starbucks? you heard me right: sewage and starbucks. in fact, there's so much wrong in that health report i don't even know where to begin. we've got a lot to talk about tonight. join me. 13 action news is live at 11. quite an honor..... for a brother-sister duo on the las vegas strip. how two strip headliners are being immortalized in wax! and.. no cause for alarm here. we'll tell you why fire crews were climbing around on the high roller this morning. stay with us.
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there are two donny and maries here. famous brother and sister duo..... donny and marie osmond unveiled.... ther madame tussaud's wax figures! the unveiling took place on the stage..... inside the donny and marie showroom.... at "the flamingo".... during their first performance this year. the figures will be on display.... inside madame tussauds las vegas.... located at "the venetian". marie thought her image looked so realistic... she says.... it was like having.... a sister. pause for animation chopper 13.. fast and first over the high roller this morning as fire
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simulated rescues. that includes scaling the tallest observation wheel in the world. they'll be back for another round of drills tomorrow. bryan scofield will be back after a short break with an update on tonight's forecast. you're watching 13 action news. weather over the west coast with generally clear skies for southern nevada and temperatures a solid 10-15 above average.
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the next several days will be in the 74-75 range with overnight lows around 47. very little change is expected through friday before a very weak low pressure area gains enough energy to gently nudge our high just east. tonight.... for action news.. live at 11.
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"inside edition" is next. have a great evening.. bc-nv--dem 2016-sanders-nevada,85 bernie
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