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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  February 11, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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we just learned the refuge will be closed for several weeks, that's according to the f-b-i. investigators also say they felt today was the right time to move in. and their leader, cliven bundy, is now behind bars and facing 6- criminal charges. their surrender played out over a live-streamed phone call. take a listen- sot -- (audio) // "it looks like they got guns pointed at us... i don't know. "are they being gentle?" "yeah." and our state assemblywoman michele fiore even stepped in, pleading for them to give up. sot -- michele fiore, (r) nevada assemblywoman // "we don't need our weapons right now... they cannot fire upon you with the world watching." the militia moved into the refuge.. .demanding the federal government turn over public lands... to local control. last month, the standoff's leaders were arrested during a traffic stop. and spokesman lavoy finicum was shot and killed following a police chase. investigators say he reached for a gun. all four protesters are set to appear in court tomorrow. also in police custody, infamous nevada rancher cliven bundy. he's facing 6 criminal
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government standoff 2- years ago. the bundy family is furious... as three of their loved ones are now behind bars. 13 action news reporter michael burns joins us live now from the bundy ranch... after speaking with cliven bundy's daughter-in-law. that's right rikki - after the interview concluded - cliven's daughter asked that we continue our coverage of the story outside of the ranch in respect of this emotional time. since the stand-off began early last month - ammon and ryan bundy have been arrested after joining the occupiers. the bundys are ranchers who have also challenged authorities about the right to graze certain land. we're cliven was on his way to visit his sons - but he was arrested before he could get to them - on charges stemming from a similar standoff with federal authorities here in nevada in twenty fourteen. those charges include assault on a federal law enforcement officers and conspiracy to
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u.s. briana bundy says the claims are bogus. "he was going to portland to see his sons that are being held in prison and he was arrested. so obviously, if you show any sort of face anywhere, they show any sort of face anywhere, they will find a reason to arrest you." briana bundy cliven bundy's daughter-in-law 12 secs briana says that most people believe the end of the stand-off will bring a little peace to this whole ordeal. but she says it only intensifies the situation. coming up at 5 - how the bundy's are moving forward with more fire than ever. reporting live - michael burton - 13 action news. an action news update on a domestic violence case. a woman has now been arrested and is facing murder charges! here's the mugshot we just got into our newsroom of 54-year-old catherine brewington. metro initially just detained her in connection to last night's shooting at a home near lone mountain and 2-15, but after an investigation, booked her into cc-dc.
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fight with her boyfriend...and shot him neighbors say they weren't aware of the couple having any problems. new information on two people gunned down in their summerlin home. a relative posted an update on their conditions this morning. janeen hinden says her daughter and fiance are in critical.. but stable condition. hinden's daughter was shot near a main artery.. her fiance.. steven.. was shot 8 times.. during a home invasion yesterday at their home near hualapai and desert inn. police found two guns, but have not arrested any suspects yet. and no one's been arrested yet for a stabbing in north las vegas. it happened last night near carey and lamb. a man was stabbed in the leg. police say he should be fine. right now.. they don't have a motive for the attack. right now police are looking for burglars who've broken into more than 75-businesses since november, a one-thousand dollar reward is offered for any information leading to an arrest. take a look at these surveillance images. investigators say in each case.. the suspects either break through the front doors..
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the crimes take place usually between midnight and 4 in the morning. if you recognize them, call police.. and get that cash reward. our reward for living in southern nevada? incredible.. great weather! let's check in with 13 weather first chief meteorologist bryan scofield.' get ready for more sunshine and 70s as high pressure remains over las vegas. skies will have a couple high level wispy clouds but that'll be about it. otherwise skies will be clear and temperatures wonderfully mild for this time of year. overnight low temperatures will be in the mid 40s once again with clear skies overhead for the 6th night in a row. new developments on a plan to give parents public money to put kids in private school.
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collins has the latest on a court fight over the education savings account program. < it was an awful lot of back in forth today in court... not a lot of decision... take vo today was all about the the state says they're ready to lay out their case in front of a judge right now. attorneys with the aclu say they need more time to gather evidence and make their case. take sot amy rose, aclu nv 17:45:56-17:46:03 "that's what we're fighting for-- is to stop this unconstitutional use of taxpayer dollars going to private, religious institutions." lawrence vandyke, nv attorney general's office 17:48:11-17:48:17 "most of this should be just decided as a matter of law.
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this case. we've got all the facts that we need." a hearing to decide on parker collins 13 action news. > ahead today, democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head-to-head in wisconsin. here's a live look at the stage in milwaukee-- both candidates are focusing on increasing their support among african americans. a recent nbc-wall street journal- marist poll found sanders has only 17- percent support among african americans in south carolina ... compared with 74-percent support for clinton. tonight's debate in milwaukee is hosted by p-b-s at 6 tonight. we'll have much more on the campaign trail coming up at 3-30. a somber anniversary today-- it's been one year since legendary unlv basketball coach jerry tarkanian passed away. take a look at this memorial set up on campus for "tark the shark." you can see people put his famous towels and flowers on the statue. the hall of fame coach led the team to a 1990 nc-aa basketball
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tarkanian battled several health issues before his death. he was 84 years old. a local business is losing money, and it could cost their employees their jobs... that's because they say their trailer they use everyday was stolen! now they're asking for your help not only getting back their trailer, not only getting back their trailer, but also finding the thief! and twitter is helping to end the number of victims of cyber bullying. details ahead on their new program. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow fell 255-points, closing at 15,660.
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take a look. a highway patrol trooper was walking to an accident, when all of a s-u-v rolls and runs straight into him! we're not showing you the moment of impact. but miraculously, the trooper is alive. he's still recovering from his injuries. the s-u-v driver was not cited. authorities say he lost control because of icy roads. right now.. someone's got a trailer stolen
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and the owner is asking for your help to get it back! take a look.. caught on surveillance video, you see a white jeep driving off with that trailer..... which the company uses to tow customers' vehicles to the shop. the owner says they're now out thousands of dollars. if you see that jeep, call police. a storage facility is on high alert... after they caught customers sleeping in their units! find out where this all was happening, and how the business is cracking down! plus, a lesson in the language of love from the people .. who write it for a living. hear the tips on filling out your valentine's day cards from two senior writers at hallmark! a good samaritan helps police
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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"leg up" on a fleeing suspect. take a look. you can see that bystander stick out his leg, tripping the man. police in the united kingdom are now looking for that bystander to thank him! that suspect was a wanted drug
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breaking news-- the oakland raiders are holding a press conference right now. it's all about the future of their team in oakland, and the 20-16 football season. let's take a listen-- adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield
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get ready for more sunshine and 70s as high pressure remains over las vegas. skies will have a couple high level wispy clouds but that'll be about it. otherwise skies will be clear and temperatures wonderfully mild for this time of year. overnight low temperatures will be in the mid 40s once again with clear skies overhead for the 6th night in a row. temperatures will dip slightly through the weekend as a weak low pressure system moves through southern idaho and northern nevada bringing some slightly cooler air through the higher levels of the atmosphere.
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2-4 cooler than this past week but that'll still keep las vegas in the low 70s. another massive area of high pressure shoves in behind that to kick temperatures back up into the low and middle 70s. farther out in the forecast period a stronger system is forecast for wednesday of next week with temperatures kicked slightly warmer just before it moves in and slightly cooler just behind it. no rain or really cold weather is expected for the next 7 days. more than 50 people are dead after a prison riot in northern mexico. prison officials say it began as a fight between two rival groups.
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12-others hurt, with at least 5 in critical condition. two areas in the prison are also damaged, after inmates reportedly set fires. a storage facility is ramping up their security and threatening customers... because they say some customers are living in their units! the manager at mini storage on swensen and twain says he started getting suspicious a few weeks ago. then surveillance footage proved it all. here you see a man squeezing through a tear in the fence in the middle of the night. a woman does the same thing. the manager then went to police, and now he's issued 23-cease and desist letters. a marijuana grow house in the southeast is cleaned out. officers busted it last night near pecos and hacienda. we're told they also seized a lot of potentially dangerous equipment. no word yet on how much marijuana was confiscated, or if anyone was arrested. now to some consumer news from contact 13-- good news is in the air. travelers are paying less to fly these days. the transportation department says domestic airfares have
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the average price is now about 372-dollars. so what's behind the cheap prices? expansion of low-cost airlines and decreasing jet fuel costs. another week, another tweek to twitter. the social media giant is now taking a stand against cyber bullying! it created the twitter trust and safety council that'll help create policies to cut down on online abuse. twitter released a statement, saying in part they're trying to help users have a safe space while also have a free space to express themselves. just last week, twitter shut down more than 120-thousand accounts for promoting or supporting terrorist attacks. no word on when any new policies will be rolled out. valentine's day is just 3-days away. we all pick up card for our loved ones, but if you need a little advice on what to write in that card, here are some expert tips from some hallmark writers! there's always that blank space after the card's message ends, and where yours needs to begin. so here's what two senior writers suggest-- melvina young 20:20- "the important thing is to say it in
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so that you don't end up sounding corny or trite." (butted with) andrew blackburn 9:40- "the best piece of advice i think i could give is stay true to yourself and what you want to say." also make sure to include a special name, memory or experience that's only between the two of you. a fun fact -- the valentine's you'll see on the shelves were written a year or more ago. so now, the writers are working on next year's cards. we're just hours away from the season premiere of "scandal." but before then, what the stars are revealing about this season. they sit down one-on-one with good morning america. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate. stay with us.
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and america ate it up. true story. we're making every burger better, like the new double jack. history never tasted so good. followed every plot twist about olivia, fitz, jake, mellie and the entire cast. good morning america talks to the entire cast, but first here's abc's lara spencer with a recap of last season before
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< nats: it's handled ((music nats)) no one handles a scandal - olivia: don't tell me you can't do this. - quite like olivia pope. olivia (drinking out of wine bottle): i need to work! tonight, the gladiators are back in business - jake: how does a guy facing a murder charge even get bail? / quinn: by being rich and white. and things are getting president fitz narrowly survived an impeachment trial... fitz: i have done nothing wrong! his ex wife mellie became an overnight political sensation... mellie filibustering (about to faint): cocaine use leads to risky sexuality ((nats - disgrunted politicians)) i said quiet ((hammer nats)) olivia's dad came back to the fold... eli pope: i may be the bad guy but the worst guys are out there and for a brief moment, it looked like the white house may even have a new first lady... but she found out that even the best fairy tales don't always olivia: it doesn't matter. i know. we would tell you but then we'd have to "handle" you - so (olivia grabbing popcorn then wine glass) so grab your
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(to fitz): sit down! eli pope (yelling while being choked): do it! ((nats - jake laughs)) ((music sting)) > the 13 stars of "scandal" spoke america's lara spencer. they were mostly tight-lipped about the upcoming season, but they did reveal some secrets! including the changes of having a new gladiator in the office! 5:39 - 5:52 katie lowes "i think you'll see a lot going what responsibilities we give him, what we don't give him and how he fits into the fold." that new gladiator is former "all my children actor" cornelius smith junior. and we got some hints, there will be some changes to character huck...played by guillermo diaz. 4:47 - 4:55 "huck is trying to be that more normal guy. you know he's trying to be that guy. he's trying really hard." you can watch the season premiere right here on 13 action news, tonight
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a lot more news coming up on action news live at 3-30... including the mystery has been solved... on what caused metro police's 9-1-1 system to go out for hours earlier this month. when you hear just how simple it was... you will be shocked. he made headlines for doing what many wouldn't think to do-- he was arrested for his explicit ride on the high roller. now he's opening up about why he did it. it's an interview you'll only hear on 13 action news. have you downloaded the all new 13 action news app yet? it fe, video on demand with blazing fast radar. get the all new 13 action news app free in the app store and in google play. right now on action news live
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street
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and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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the democratic presidential candidates take the stage again tonight for a debate in wisconsin.. as the republican contenders hit the campaign trail in south carolina. plus it's the justice department versus the city of ferguson, missouri. and the problem? how the city should make changes to ensure its people's civil rights are upheld. but our top story on 13-action sne live at 3:30. the armed militia takeover in oregon is finally over.. with the surrender of the 4 remaining protestors. i'm steve wolford. and i'm rikki cheese.
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a live-streamed phone call... and took place in part because of the help of state assemblywoman michele fiore. all four protesters are set to appear in court tomorrow. their leader.. cliven bundy.. is in police custody facing 6-criminal charges. 13 action news spoke with his daughter-in-law who says their family is devastated that 4 relatives are behind bars. coming up on later this evening on 13- action news.. we'll have more on what the bundy family plans to do next. an update on a story we first reported as it was breaking. a new battle is unfolding in ferguson, missouri. the department of justice is suing the city for civil rights violations.. and wants furgeson to overhaul its troubled police department. voice of: (lynch) "the ferguson police dept's. violations were expansive and deliberate, stopping people without reasonable suspicion, arresting them without cause, and using unreasonable force. these violations were not only egregious they were routine. they were driven at least in part by racial bias." the lawsuit follows a surprise


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