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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  February 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> heart, heart. it's friday. the number one selling music jewel of all time takes the stage this fall. tickets go on sale today. producer micah will get you ready for that and other hot acts coming to the valley. holland oats and touring right now, go to new york, washington, all over the place, and they wrap up here in september in vegas. >> they might as well do the presidential primary. >> thank you for joining us today. happy valentine's day weekend. i'm dao dao vu. lights, am a, action. if you love movies, why boulder city is the place to be this weekend. >> i don't blame the people in
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this early because they're so good. they're celebrating three years. it would be hard-pressed to find a better performance on the strip. they're going to be onour stage for a classic. first up, a sweet treat that will make her heart melt. dunkin' donuts is getting you set for valentine's day with their heart shaped donuts and other delicious goodes. >> here with more is amy atkins of dunkin' donuts. along with little sprinkles. how are you? >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> love is in the air at dunkin' donuts. >> it is. >> it usually is for me whenever i walk in. it's really like you're going full blown heart. >> we have two returning favorites in the categories, so a brownie batter included in the donut filling and cokie dough included. >> that's perfect for the people that lick the spoon when making
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right there. >> right we have a new fudge donut for the perfect chocolate love on valentine's day, so it has have a nail that and chocolate on top and a fudge swirl on the inside. and these are great treats, a great specialty donut. i brought you a -- not only do we have the best coffee but we have the best espresso, as well. it's milk on the bottom and two shots of espresso on the top. so kind of -- it's kind of espresso on steroids, and we are featuring it with -- for your valentine's day caramel, so that's our feature. >> looks pretty, too. >> then you do this. and you mix it altogether. >> yes. >> she is a mixologist it right now. they're doing really well. >> they are, yeah. our espresso is great, and this one is caramel. we have tons of flavors.
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with ice coffee, regular coffee is all the flavor swirls that you can get in this. >> the swirls some of them are sugar free, aren't they? >> they are, yes. >> this is delicious. i always go for the iced vanilla hazelnut coffee. >> everybody has their special flavor, right? >> and do you the rewards card. >> that's right. so perks is our loyalty program. and you know, just like any loyalty program we give you discounts, you get points for free come ofy, free sandwiches, all kinds of stuff. you can go to dunkin' or head to any store in las vegas and download the app and start earning your rewards. it's a great program. >> if you're going to be there already, swipe that cards and get points, and there are deals going on even if you don't have going on. >> therer a. these donuts we have a chicken
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for breakfast. >> with the donuts is it through the weekend, and after that it's gone? >> the valentine's day, we might be able to get them a few days after but they might sell out. if i i were you i would get them right now. >> it seems like the hearts -- there is a lot of artwork that goes into this. finisher, and they have their own creative style. so it's really up to the individual store on how they want to feature their donuts. we give them tips and tricks, but each of them as you can see is an artist in their own glory. >> bittersweet because you end up -- this is your artwork you get to display, but then they eat it and digest it. >> how many locations do you have right now? >> there is currently 18 dunkin' donuts in las vegas. >> awesome. these cups, take a look at this.
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this is how lovely you're getting right now. you ready everybody? boom, heart in the cup. >> oh, how adorable. >> always has different cups that are available in like -- >> our retail lines, we stepped that up. these are just featured for valentine's day, so when you get your donuts, you can get a cup and help not only love in the cup but on the bottom there's a heart i was showing you earlier. >> and you have all kinds of breakfast sandwiches, as well. >> we have right now featuring the chicken sausage sandwich, so depends on what you like. there is a whole variety of breakfast sandwiches, bacon, sausages. >> what time do you serve breakfast? >> most of the stores open at 5:00 a.m. >> all day long? >> always have breakfast. >> you have hash browns, by the way. fabulous. >> i was in dunkin' donuts when they released their egg and
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you have blown up how many sandwiches you offer, not just breakfast but lunch, as well. >> we've always had breakfast thing. we're the specialists and we love it. we love being here in las vegas. >> i think sprinkles had a lot of coffee this morning. >> i know. >> i think somebody ate his legs, but it's okay. it's great having you. thank you so much. well done. get that loving feeling at dunkin' donuts. check out their new offering, like the heart shaped donuts, fudge cruise saints and check it out at dunkin' donuts locations near you. you can follow them on twitter at dunkin' donuts lv. still to to come on the blend reserve your seats for some of the biggest names in music. details on the hottest ticket coming to town. the hit show on the strip celebrating three years with us.
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that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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music legends together for one magical night. johnny, jerry lee and arm and now goodness gracious, the musical celebrates three years of wowing crowds. >> here with more martin kaye who plays jerry lee lewis and cash. good morning and welcome. >> thanks for having us. >> yes. this is elvis. scott is chris. >> welcome to all of you. >> we only have so many microphones. >> can you tell us the story, the plot for feel who have not gotten the chance to see the show yet? >> jerry lee lewis was an unknown piano player. they turned up and turned into the jam session which we dramatize on stage and gives people a fly on the wall kind of
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>> what makes -- three years on the strip is an eturnity. that's an incredible accomplishment. why do you think people keep coming back for more? >> you're talking about four of the greatest rock n' roll icons of our time, and before some of our time. it's incredible. >> i thought you were talking about yourself. music. people attach themselves to that, that we are actually playing the instruments live. it's not a band behind, it's everything you see. people love that. and we get young and old. it's amazing the repeats that we get, people that we've seen -- we've been in vegas 30 years. >> you get people on their feet. it's good music, a great story line. and you guys are great actors, too. and that's the fun part of it to watch. and you are playing johnny cash. do people tell you you looked like johnny cash growing up? >> no, not at all. i take that as a compliment. he wasn't --
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music? >> his music is timeless, and i think, you know, it always -- was from. he never forgot where he was from, small town boy from way. it always sounds likethe earth and nature and, i don't know, just his upbringing. >> this would have been his 84th birthday. >> that's right, february 26th february 26th. >> if he was pretty, we would not have gotten -- >> i look good for 84, right? >> there is a hash tag going on right now. >> yes. >> what's that? >> with it being 2016, it is a 67th anniversary of million dollar quartet. this is -- >> yes. so we are doing a two for one offer, 60 bucks for two tickets from now to the end of june. >> on thursday only? >> yes.
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anniversary. janney' 84 eighth birthday. >> how do we get tickets? >> you can go to the box office, go to -- everywhere you find -- >> we got the number on the screen. >> you have two shows a night? >> no, usually one show a night. our schedule -- you can find it online. >> we got that offer in but say it one more time. >> 5:30 shows on thursdays, it's 60 bucks for two tickets. >> which is a steal. >> to tend of june. >> i promise you, if you've not disappointed. it is unbelievable. you're about to perform, celebrating your birthday. >> amen. perform? >> we're going to do -- >> i love it. >> take it away, guys.
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[ music ] >> that is awesome. gentlemen, great having you. thank you so much. pleasure. unbriefible. catch them rock the stage. they have a special offer, two tickets for $60 on thursday for the 5:30 p.m. show. enter the code 2460 at the time of purchase. they perform every day but saturday. for times and tickets head to the website or call the number listed. still to come on "the
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of the biggest artists coming to the valley. >> like and follow us. you can find our links at
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valentine's day is right around the corner and the perfect time to show the one you love how much you care. >> producer micah shows us it not only works for valentine's day but all year long. micah. >> the trip to the caribbean is one way to maintain a happy relationship. and here with the perks couples with loves whether for valentine's day or any time of the year is carrie barrett, chief romance officer for couples resorts. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> thank you for joining us days before valentine's day. and we're focusing on things that make couples happy. an exotic trip could do that, right? >> oh, absolutely. >> with the happy couples what are some ways that we can get
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>> you know, i think it really starts with being appreciative, waking up every morning and looking at the other person and really, you know, understanding like listen, i'm appreciative of this relationship, appreciative of you. you can send them little loving text messages or leave a love note in their lunchbox or on their car, being able to do that. also, be affectionate. everyone loves to be touched and to be held and hugs and kisses go a long way with happy couples. also, being selfless. so this day and age it's so easy to be self centered. and we got our cell phones and about our own pair a dime, and moving yourself out of that and focusing on your relationship and on your partner.
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doing ado chore that they normally do. happy couples spend time, you know, face-to-face, talking to one another, not necessarily texting one another from upstairs and downstairs, hey, dinner is ready, you know. it's sending that time and being intentional about how you communicate. also, a shared activity is another great way that couples can really reconnect. whether it's getting up early together and going to the gym together for a morning workout, or snuggling on the couch after work and sharing a favorite tv series or the -- you know, sharing things together and do's those activities together is a great way to keep the relationship alive. and finally, you know, happy couples are dreamers. they dream about their next vacation. they dream about, you know, anniversary plans, how they're going to celebrate, they're dreaming about starting a family, or if they're grandparents they're dreaming
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for their legacy and what that is going to look like for their family. >> a nice little trip could do justice, is that correct? >> absolutely. travel is the ultimate adventure h. the ultimate shared experience, and a great way for couples to reconnect. >> what do you recommend? >> couples resorts. we're located in gentleman jamaica. the people are just fantastic. they are genuine, warm, they're all about hospitality, and at couples we're a family owned chain of hotels, so each one of our properties is very unique. it's very distinguished. very specific to them. and it's in our name. we're all about couples. we focus on that romantic relationship and really being
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encourage them to energize their relationship. >> i love how you want to do away with the technology. once you're on a relaxing time, really rekindle the love. absolutely. it's all about it. i mean, those people who just can't get away or who want to check in on their kids at home, but it is all about that, you know. leave everything in the room, you know, go out, have an adventure, create memories with your love. >> all right. thanks for taking time out this morning and joining us. >> absolutely. happy valentine's day weekend, and talk to you soon. >> happy valentine's day. and every day is valentine's day at couples resorts. they have all inclusive experiences. you'll love for more information just head to, it's right there on your screen. dao and shawn i don't know about you but when i hear all
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>> and leave the kids behind. thank you so much, mike today. still in need of something sweet for valentine's day? all week long we featured ideas from our sponsor ethel m chocolates. today the like love forever box. >> this is beautiful. each is an assortment of traditional favorites and specialties, make fresh for premium quality. you can design your own box. pick yours up in stores. the like box, the middle picture here, you'll see contains 14 pieces. the love box contains 28 pieces. and the forever box contains 46 pieces because it takes forever to eat it. melt your honey's heart with a sweetheart bundle which contains all three. since 1981 ethel m chocolates brought chocolate to nevada and beyond. they have multiple occasions in southern nevada. their website or phone number both right there.
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honey to roman row death romantic room at ethel m chocolates. you can reserve your spot by e-mailing the address on your screen. >> not too late to catch original short movies today and tomorrow. viewings begin each day at noon. tickets are only $9, and each program contains between four and eight short films. it's capped off by a gala happening tomorrow night at 9:00. for a full schedule of short films and events head to the
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we'll be right back. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen.
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where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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welcome back. are you looking to list your property? our next guests are highly qualified to meet your needs to so you can get started today. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> you help people manage their properties. >> correct. >> can you tell us about that? >> sure. absolutely. there is a lot of reasons a person would need a property manager and wouldn't want to do it necessarily themselves. the average homeowner doesn't have access to the types of resources we do as professionals. for example, when we go to screen a tenant, perform a background check, our level is
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the average homeowner can't do that. on top of that, our discounted pricing for repairs and maintenance is comparable to someone say shopping at costco because of the numbers of properties we manage our clients have the advantage of discounted pricing. reliable vendors. if you call out of the yellow pages you would pay a lot more. >> the handyman. >> unfortunately, yes. >> we were talking just before we came on air and i -- i said i don't want to be a landlord. this is where you can help people like me if i still have that property, you would be a great property manager to take care of that stuff. >> definitely. there is a couple reasons that we can actually safe you money. >> a lot of people think they're going to spend a lot of money on property management. not only do we save them money we actually make them more moany than if they rented the property themselves. our marketing reaches more people, which raises the demand for the property, leases it out
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return. much higher than if somebody rents the property themselves. >> the other part is people don't want to take the time out to show their property. >> time savings alone, i don't know about you but when i have free time i like to spend it with my friend or family. >> or alone. >> you don't want to get a call from a tenant at night saying the house is flooded. >> can you do that? >> some of the horror stories we get from clients that were self managing property, the house is being destroyed, most people know there is a huge squatter problem. we have the metro contacts on speed dial. the average person wouldn't know what to do in that situation. >> is this a good time to be investing in the last vying as real estest market? >> absolutely. interest rates are super low right now. >> our investors are seeing double digit returns. we know your money is not making a return sitting in the bank, and i don't know if you guys have been following the stock
9:31 am
>> have you noticed? just in time for me to -- >> i think it's a good time to buy real estate. >> and people think they can't afford it, but you're actually very reasonable. your prices. >> definitely. we charge 7% a month which is very competitive in today's market. you know, couples think when you're choosing a property manager you want to make sure that person is licensed, that they're experienced. i recommend not interviewing anyone with less than, say, five years in the industry. property management is tough, has a lot of moving parts, and not something that can be lumped into your general real estate duties. he want to make sure that person is not just buying and selling for clients and then just managing your property, you know, fitting it in on the side. this is what we do. we're experts at it. >> and what's good is a lot of people -- there are so many resources on line right now where somebody can look up a property manager. it's important for somebody to meet their property manager, make sure there is a level of trust and comfort.
9:32 am
most valuable things you own. and you got to make sure -- we're your eyes and ears. >> let's put it in vegas terms. say we had the investment property. >> our current clients we offer reduced commissions. on top of that for our buyers we have inside access to cash producing renting properties that are already occupied. >> so if somebody wants to get roperty. >> they can get one already generating an income that we don't even put on the open market. it's kind of like you got to be on the inside. >> so it would be buy this place with the renter in it? >> and collect the check next month. >> that's fantastic. >> you can help people unload their property if that's what they want to do. >> yes, and at discounted or reduced commsion. r access to reduced fees that they -- that
9:33 am
no business is too big or small.y just have one single family home looking for help that's what we're here to do. 7% a month is very competitive in today's market. and if you're a homeowner looking to save time and make more money on your investment we would love to work with them. >> where are your offices located. >> on horizon ridge between eastern and green alley parkway. but we service the entire valley, so we have properties in the military base. >> i have a lot of friends that rent properties and the key is to find somebody reliable for a handyman that shows up when they say they're going to come back. that's another relationship, too, because if the tenant doesn't like the person, you know, you got to have a lot of trust. >> the most important thing is having the property manager there looking out for all parties and making sure that everything gets done. >> and that they answer their phone. >> the phone number is right there. people can call and make an
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to buy a property or if they have a property they are sick of going to and helping. you can help them. >> give us a call, stop by. >> we can and love to help them. >> where are you located? >> on horizon ridge, 2421 west horizon ridge, suite 110 in between green valley parkway and eastern. >> great having you. >> let the professionals at black and cherry real estate group help you get started with your property. right now they're offering specials including 7% property management and discounted listing fees. >> thereof fess is located in henderson on west horizon ridge parkway. between eastern and green valley. if you like to make an appointment and learn more their website and phone number is there on the screen. you can find them on facebook and twitter. still to come, grab the boots. 13 things to do.
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough."
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back to "the morning blend," find relief for pain. our next guest can help pin port
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here with more is dr. devin lelah. >> always good to be here. >> let's talk about this. >> folks are sometimes afraid to go to a chiropractor. new today is gentle. gets results for other things, maybe a failed -- >> we have a video that shows how you're able to pinpoint the location of pain. explain what we're looking at. >> what we're looking at is the nerves run down the middle, come out the side. so a pinch nerve from misalignment can feel like ache, pain, burning, numbness, tingling, weakness. the new today adjustment gets pressure off the nerves. whatever part of the body that nerve runs to can work better. if you have a person muched never in the top of the neck that can cause headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo, also sinus, allergies.
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if you pinch never in the middle of the neck that will be more thyroid, metabolism. weight gain, weight loss. also shoulders, arms, hands, today carpal tunnel. we're going along, the nerves in the upper back, heart and lungs. high blood pressure, breathing problems, snoring, sleep apnea, and, of course, burning pain in the middle of the back. i don't claim to cure any condition but when i fix misalignedment, the body fixes other things. nucca chiropractors lower neck. i was on good morning america, so must be true. stomach problems, indigestion, go to the pain year as, immune function, small intestine, constipation, sometimes combination of both.
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checks the nerves in the lower part of the back. that's going to be bladder problems, frequent you're i urination. pms, irregular, painful cycles, hot flashes all the other joys. and down into the hips, knees, burning in the feet. we do a two-day work up that finds out if we can help. the nucca adjustment is a gentle treatment to get pressure off the nerves. brainstem, that's parkinsons, fatigue, and fibromyalgia. what i do can help your body heal itself from things you have been told to live withal. >> and i think a lot of people expect it's chronic pain therefore i must always live with it and i think people think when it comes to care like this, if it doesn't hurt it's not working.
9:40 am
might see in a day. what are you going to do, wait until it's time for surgery? third guy, chronic pain. had a lot of shots, surgery, begin to lose hope. there is always hope. fourth person, we don't talkabout what hurts. we talk about if anything doesn't hurt, they circle everything on the form, so just makes sense that everything could be coming from the most important center of your body, the brainstem. we get pressure off that. you can start to solve pain, numbness, burning, tingling from head to toe. >> the biggest pain comes from the spouse that calls you. >> your problem, everybody else around you. so yes you can learn to live with it. they then get to learn to live with you. >> and that's why they call you. >> i fix your pain in the neck. >> also a marriage counselor. you use low level laser therapy. how does this work? >> this is a fda cleared procedure that helps speed up
9:41 am
we're going to align the spine. the laser can go into a knee, a bad shoulder, a bad ankle, an arthritic wrist and get that to heal up faster. if you have degeneration, you don't get to grow that disk back but more circulation not only helps relief pain and suffering, but it can help slow down that degenerative process. we're just getting rid of interference. our two-day work up finds out if we can help. >> how do we get the work up? >> day one, consultation. thorough exam, set of x-rays. day two we sit down with your and your family. if i can't help i'm going to get you to the right doctor. that's my main job. if i can help, we're real upfront. i'll help you figure out how long it's going to take, what it's going to cost, what your coverage is.
9:42 am
up, 180 bucks. we'll limit a special offer to the first 20 callers. we'll do the whole work up for 37 bucks. i got to pay the staff. as doctors we'll donate our time, but appointments are limited. >> absolutely. great having you. >> always great to be here. >> dr. devin luzod has an awesome special. it includes the discounted fee of $37 for consult, exam and x-rays. for more information call the number or visit the website on your screen. dao. thank you, shawn. time for this week's what's for dinner brought to you by m & m soul food cafe. are you trying to decide what to eat tonight? well if you're a fan of soul food consider the following dish. this is the yummy meatloaf seasoned in their secret mississippi down home seasoning. it's served with a variety of side dishes like the ones
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macaroni and cheese, and corn bread. for dessert, try lip smacking selections like sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, or selection of cakes. wash it down with some of their popular sweet tea or lemonade. a 11 time best of las vegas award winner. they have two locations, one on valley view and charleston, and the new one on las vegas boulevard across from the stratosphere. they're open for breakfast so you can start your day with tasty mississippi home cooking. up next on the blend, country music superstars are heading back to the desert. find out who in this week's 13 things to do. on you can find so many great stories on what makes the valley a special place to live. just click on the positively lv tab under sections, from special reports to deals at restaurants and more. check out the website for your
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we'll be right back. such a great song. playing all these love songs today. >> there was room on the left, she murdered it. i wanted to say that. >> welcome back, everyone. valentine's day isn't the only thing taking over vegas but world class country music. >> a fresh look at 13 things to do this week. >> 13 things to do this week is sponsored by the south point. >> good to see you las vegas. we're going country this week for our list of 13 things to do in las vegas. now, if you would like to scoot out of town for the night, head down to see trace adkins. the trademark baritone powered countless hits to the top of the list.
9:48 am
season of donald trump celebrity apprentice. he performs saturday night. closer to home collin ray madrid. he has been nominated ten times for male vocalist of the year. the arkansas native is known for more than 40 top chart hits. last but certainly not least, rascal flatts kicks off their mini residency on wednesday. the ward winning trio performs nine shows right here in las vegas. rascal flatts is promising a brand-new show that no one has ever seen before. they also said the show will be packed with as many of their hits as possible. this will be their second residency at the hard rock. these are only three of the events on our list of 13 things to do this week in las vegas. if you would like to see the whole list head to and page.
9:49 am
a list of ways to celebrate valentine's day which we know is sunday, we have a list for that, too, on our home page. i'm megan telles and i'll see you next week. >> the girls know it's sunday. the guys are like oh, i have to make a reservation. for more information, including upcoming events south point is the website. back with us with more is producer micah. good morning. >> good morning, guys. if you love music we got something for just about everybody. we'll start with holland oats, the rock n' roll hall of famers bring their summer tour to mgm. they go on sale at 10:00 this morning. get yours at the mgm grand box
9:50 am
listed. award winning singer saturday, april 23rd, just a few months from now. special guests will include a duo that will be part of the show. all added shows are for 2016. and include dates in may through august and also in december. i went to her premier. it was awesome. you never know who may show up. even pitbull were there when i went. tickets start at 59 bucks and go to j-lo for yours. you can visit the planet hollywood box office. a lot of concerts go on sale at 10:00 this morning. this is just some of them. for now guys, back over to you. ing thank you, micah.
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with the ladies on the view. diane sawyer discusses her recent convenient with the mother of one the columbine shooters. the ladies will be feeling the love when chris harrison stops by, today at 10:00 right after us. he's been on our show before, "valley view live!," and he is so nice, so sweet. >> he might be handing out roses today. today at 2:00 on "valley view live!" val valentine's day do's and don't. how to keep your relationship uncomplicated. >> that's going to be a blast. monday on the blend, delicious food for the soul. >> we're inside springs preserves annual black history month festival with a taste of what you can experience. that and more is monday at nine. >> million dollar quartet gave us a rocking performance earlier in the show. next week marks three years for them, and right now they have a
9:55 am
$60 on thursdays show at 5:30 p.m. all you have to do is enter the code 2460 at the same -- at the time of the purchase. here is their performance from this morning.
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>> announcer: "the view" is live right now. did hillary give bernie a reality check last night? >> madam secretary, that's a low blow. >> who scored at the debate and why clinton says obama has her back. plus, chris harrison has a sneak peek at how "the bachelor" brings the love on valentine's day. then, the mother of columbine high school shooter dylan klebold breaks her silence to abc news anchor diane sawyer after 17 years. >> announcer: it all starts now on "the view" with whoopi, michelle collins, joy behar, candace cameron bure, raven-symone, and paula faris.
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