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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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stabbed during a barricade. an updated on nicky's condition democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton hit the campaign trail here in the valley today, trying to sway voters with a specific message good evening and welcome to action news, live at six. i'm yasmeen hassan. we are just one week away from nevada's democratic caucuses! that means the heat is on. candidates are making their final push to win supporters! hillary clinton made an appearance in henderson today - at a labor rally! 13 action news reporter michael burton joins us with a look inside. yasmeen - if you look back at hillary's run for president in two- thousand-eight- it appears that she has a strong support base in this state. the nevada caucuses ended with clinton winning the popular vote while barack obama won more delegates. but, with clinton barely beating vermont senator bernie sanders in the iowa caucuses and losing to him by 22-points in new hampshire - the outcome of saturday's race is unpredictable.
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will take on every barrier to progress. i"m the only candidate who has a record of taking on those barriers. i'm the only candidate who will stand with you in every fight. no matter how hard it is or how long it takes." in a sea of color - labor unions united with cheer - as hillary clinton's campaign endorses stronger labor laws. "it was unions who fought for good wages, safe working conditions, and benefits that built the american middle class and we're going to to do it again." clinton's rallying cry centered around reviving nevad's middle-class, especially after the great recession of 2008. "i am absolutely committed to making sure that we never have the mess that we had in 2008 again. this state was especially hard it." she reminded the audience that the last time a clinton was president - the average american income went up 17 percent. "we're going to have new jobs
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manufacturing and clean renewabel energy. we're going to put people to work across american again and we're going to see incomes going up just like we did in the 90s." and it wasn't long before clinton mentioned her opponents - calling them bad actors. "we have work to do to stop bad things from happening and bad actors making our lives hard." but hillary could not let the crowd go without reminding them that supporting hillary means supporting universal healthcare. "this has been one of the causes of my life. before we had obamacare it was called hillary care." revealing that congress has voted 60 times to repeal the affordable healthcare act. "the republicans want to take us back to where the insurance companies call all the shots, where they can say to a don't understand. we don't insure burning houses." clinton isn't the only candidate campaigning in nevada today.
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than 500 people. i'm michael burton - 13 action news. and as michael said - bernie sanders is in reno today - but he'll be in the valley tomorrow! he will be hosting a rally at bonanza high school. doors open at 10:30 a.m. the event is free and open to the public, but it is strongly encouraged that you r-s-v-p. sanders is expected to talk about a wide range of topics including immigration reform and collegetuition. a develone person is dead after a homicide on the valley's northwest side. metro says reports of a shooting came in around 11 thirty last night, near lake mead and rancho. when officers got there, they found one person who was shot to death. homicide is now investigating. right now, the search is on for two suspects after a home invasion on west atlantic street in henderson. according to police, one man inside the home was shot. he was taken to sunrise hospital and is in critical condition. 3 kids were also home at the time.
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injured. authorities say it does not appear to be a random home invasion. police are looking for a man an. the man is described as having shaved. las vegas fire and rescue crews responded to two separate fires last night. investigators say both happened inside vacant buildings. the first fire happened at a home near rainbow and alexander. the second one was inside a vacant apartment building downtown - near mesquite andstewart. people were seen taking off right after the fires started. officials say it looks like squatters were living there. no one was injured in either fire. nevada department of corrections tells us an inmate has died. this is mark clewis. he was serving a life sentence at lovelock correctional center for grand larceny. the 65-year-old died at reno hospital last night. an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death. a 13 action news update now on a metro k-9 officer.
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recovering from surgery after being stabbed several times during a police standoff. this happened yesterday morning. metro says k-9's are important to the deparetment's success and an injury like this could be career ending. they're still unsure when or if nicky will return to work. a live look outside across the valley right now. it was an absolutely beautiful day today, great for getting ors. but will these temperatures stick around for valentines day? leteck in with 13 weather first meteorologist karla huelga. karla. the valentine's day forecast continues on track with highs in the mid 70s, mainly sunny skies and breezy winds. the breezes will continue into president's day, along with highs in the mid 70s and mainly sunny skies. afternoon highs will reach the mid and even upper 70s on tuesday and wednesday. however, windy conditions are expected wednesday afternoon
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system that will push through the area. most of the energy associated with this system will pass to our north, but we will still have a very slight chance for rain on wednesday evening into thursday morning. the winds will stay in the windy category on thursday and high temps will drop back down to the low and mid 70s for thursday through saturday. the winds will taper down to ey by friday and then calm to start next weekend. sad news tonight as one of the most influential -- and controversial -- justices on the supreme court has died. antonin scalia was widely considered the washington. . associate justice antonin scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes at a resort in west texas. he reportedly died in his sleep on the trip. scalia was the longest-serving justice on the current united
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nominated by president ronald reagan in 1986 -- sot antonin scalia 1986 -- he was confirmed unanimously by the senate -- and became the first italian-american member of the court. scalia quickly became an anchor of judicial conservatism -- fiercely at odds with what conservatives call judicial activism. audio sot voice of terry moran abc news scalia -- nicknamed "nino" --was widely known for his high intellect, his elegant writing, and his caustic wit. chief justice john roberts issued a statement calling his late colleague "an extraordinary individual and jurist, admired and treasured by his e
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washington.: shocking surveillance video going viral. a woman pulling off a series of brazen and violent jewelry heists. what we're now learning about an alleged training for the crime. and, parents listen up. an alarming report tonight about the ssynthetic turf your children may be playing on. why federal authorities are now saying their health could be
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in south carolina. earlier this week donalds
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he would run a positive campaign. this is what former florida governor jeb bush had to say about that during a campaign stop at a diner in greenville. (jeb bush/ (r) presidential candidate) "he says a lot of things that turn out being not very accurate, including there are a lot of children that watch these debates, a lot of people go to his rallies. a president should never talk the way he does. a president should never denigrate people the way he does. i hope that he's turned a new leaf. that would be wonderful." south carolina voters head to ght... a string of jewelry robberies caught on camera. we can see a woman carring out a string of pretty gutsy heists across the south. now we're learning she was allegedly recruited and trained. abcs eva pilgrim has the story. the infamous alleged jewerly store robber seen on security cameras across the south? now the face of a crime spree? nat pop montage - anchor intros??? [gfx] , in newly released court
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say 24-year-old abigal kemp was just part of a four-person team behind the string of violentnd to an armed robbery." brothers larry and michael gilmore appearing in federal court on friday, charged with "conspiracy to interfere with commerce by threats of violence"? officials accusing the pair? along with lewis jones iii? of finding, recruiting, and training kemp. [gfx] the fbi alleges the gilmore brothers' atlanta tint shop served as kemp's robbery training school where the three men taught her to "manipulate a handgun", "zip tie" workers, choose "what merchandise to steal", and speak in "code words." according to agents, the group "routinely practiced" until they thought kemp had the plan down sot - brad garrett 22;23;30;15 if you watch her behavior inside the store it's very deliberate about what she does the information is he following kemp's family and former co-workers, stunned when she was named by officials as the woman seen wielding a gun in surveillance images.
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i tyou do thesethings, you've made the bed you've got to lay in." authorities say the four split pairs? kemp a d brothers would serve as lookouts. [gfx] the documents alleging cell phone pings purobbery locations during the crimes? and call records allegedly show jones talking to the brothers before and after each robbery. sot - brad garrett 22;27;17;32 each store you rob the police tend to gather a little bit more information - cell phone activity, photographs, informant info, etc lead to your capture at some point now for the latest developments on the arcitic blast hitting st. nearly 100 million people are bracing for hazardous wind chills. the coldest are expected in the new york city area. s could get as high as 40 miles- per-hour. that could drive temperatures below 2 degrees for the first time in 100 years. stay indoors and avoid exposing themselves to frostbite and
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drop temperatures to negatie 25 degrees. wx chat wx chat the university of california is working to build a seismic network to mainly sunny skies and breezy winds. the breezes will continue into president's day, along with highs in the mid 70s and mainly
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afternoon highs will reach ttuesday and wednesday. however, windy conditions are expected wednesday afternoon and evening, ahead of a storm system that will push through the area. most of the energy associated with this system will pass to our north, but we will still have a very slight chance for rain on wednesday evening into thursday morning. the winds will stay in the windy category on thursday and high temps will drop back down to the low and mid 70s for thursday through saturday. the winds will taper down to breezy by friday and then calm
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the university of california is working to build a seismic network to track earthquakes -
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"my-shake" is a free app for android phones. the app uses sensors inside the phone to map earthquakes near it provides information about recent earthquakes and significant historical earthquakes. the ultimate goal is to build a worldwide seismic network and use the data to reduce the effects of earthquakes. time now... for the latest consumer news... from contact 13. get ready for bigger and better cell coverage. the next generation is on its a-t-and-t says it will be ready to start field testing on its five-g network before the end of the year. verizon made a similar
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five-g stands for "fifth generation." it's not clear exactly how much of a boost it will give your current upload or download speeds. a tech support operation is settling charges they mis-led customers. according to the f-t-c the group participated in a scam that allegedly cheated thousands of people out of millions of dollars. the f-t-c says they used high-pressure sales tactics to convince people their computers required tech support products. congress is permanently banning taxes on internet access. iit's called "the permanent internet tax freedom act". according to the cable industry, keeping internet access free from state and local taxes will help keep the cost to connect down for customers. contact 13 is ready to help you with a consumer problem. just call one of our volunteers any weekday between 11am and 1pm at 368-2255. now, an alarming story for millions of parents and their
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several federal agencies are examining the safety of synthetic athletic fields. some are saying they could compromise the health of our children. abc's marci gonzalez has the story. - a major step... towards answering a crucial question for athletes across the country: could the fields they play a hazard to their health? e-s-p-n's e:60 series addressing the growing concern last november sot kelly bendixen//women's goalkeeper coach at the university of puget sound i wanna make sure it's a safe thing for my kids, // i wanna know the truth. tell me is it good or is it bad for us? three federal agencies - are now looking into whether a popular artificial turf - called 'crumb rubber' could contain dangerous carcinogens.. several lawmakers- raising the issue- worried about the effect of the turf made from ground-up used tires.. and athletes say during a game- those little black pellets are unavoidable. sot - they get in our sores.
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they're everywhere. we eat 'em." // (gfx) crumb rubber infill is used at more than 10-thousand athletic facilities nationwide. from school playgrounds to public parks? even stadiums - including this one- where the women's world cup was played. sot - abby wambach// u.s. health concerns//what's in those little rubber pellets? i don't know.//i think it's irresponsible" concerns like those- prompting this high- school in washington to make a costly, last minute decision to switch to a different type of sot - , "because nobody is sure what or how serious it is." (gfx) the epa, c-d-c and the consumer product safety commission now doing just that- investigating "some of the government's best and brightest scientists are working to identify what is in recycled tire crumb.. and if it is harmful" coming up, we'll take you around the valley for some stories that are truly positively las vegas. including a world record set by a group of leprechauns. why today's gathering was more than just about having a good
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this year's saint baldrick's lepre- con, was such a huge hit, it set a world record for the largest gathering of leprechauns. more than 14-hundred people got togethor to raise money for childhood cancer research. the previous record was set in ireland in 2012. to kick-off the event, 9
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her head. her sister is currently fighting brain cancer. there was also a 5-k run-walk, a kids' activity corner and musical performances. proceeds help support childhood cancer research. football season isn't quite over yet, at least not here the valley. the "buddy bowl" took place today at the henderson international school. the community-based flag football tournmanet includes both physically challenged and able-bodied participants. proceeds help military personnel and their families. the buddy bowl provides members of the u.s. armed forces and the local civilian community an opportunity to interact and compete for a worthy cause. coming up, we will have another look at your forecast. 're watching 13 action news, where you ask.
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at 9 -- how to get away with murder at 10 -- 20/20 at 11 -- action news thank you for joining us... we'll be back for 13 action news live at 11. welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. the longest-serving justice on the nation's high court, a towering figure, known for his
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constitution. the court and the conservative movement suffering a huge loss. team coverage tonight. plus, the extreme freeze. and a deadly whiteout. a sudden snow squall triggers a massive accident, shutting down a major interstate. >> just sounded like two bombs went off. >> more than 40 people rushed to the hospital. and, carolina clash. republicans gearing up for a big debate. trump versus cruz. >> it's going to get nastier and nastier and nastier. >> find out where he gets his money. >> and so much on the line for rubio, kasich and bush. and good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and let's get right to that breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. he passed away in his sleep while on a hunting trip in texas. justice scalia was the longest-serving justice on the high court. an imposing conservative force, win or lose.


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