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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am PST

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>> he influenced a generation of and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> flags across america lowered to half-staff in his honor. this morning, the focus on his legacy. supreme court is a culmination of a dream, of course. >> scalia served three decades on the court. a fiery, pivotal figure, admired by colleagues, widely respected. with friends on both sides of the ideological divide. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff, we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. [ laughter ] >> this morning, the battle already brewing over the chance to tilt the balance of the nation's highest court. president obama ready to nominate a replacement, the senate's majority leader saying -- not so fast. and the republican candidates also weighing in overnight at a raucous debate. >> i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide.
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delay. >> our team coverage as we remember this giant of the court. and good morning, everybody. americans are waking up to a huge story this morning. the passing of justice scalia. he's being remembered for his brilliant legal mind and fiery style on the bench. and abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos joins us on this day. he'll anchor a special edition of "this week" later this morning. >> this is such big news, dan. justice scalia, such a towering figure. the longest-serving member of the court. one of the court's most powerful pens. a pillar of the conservative movement. his death puts the supreme court right at the center of this election. sends the stakes through the roof. the court divided right down the middle. if the democrats or president obama choose the replacement,
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conservative court. it affects just about every big issue. >> it affects all levels of government. rare situation. george, it's great to have you here in studio. as we look at the man and his three-decade legacy, you're looking at a live picture outside the supreme court. where flags are flying at half staff, as they are in the rest of the country. our team coverage begins with jim avila in shafter, texas. hi, jim. >> reporter: good morning, paula. justice scalia had two passions in life. the law, and hunting. this weekend, he came out to west texas to shoot some quail. but he never made it to the range. this morning, the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arriving in el paso. officials telling abc news the 79-year-old legal icon died saturday in his sleep from apparent natural causes. >> antonin "nino" scalia was a larger than life presence on the bench.
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with an energetic style. incisive wit. and colorful opinions. >> reporter: he was on a hunting trip at cibolo creek ranch in west texas. an avid hunter, he even persuaded fellow justice elena kagan to shoot skeet. law enforcement sources saying he left dinner early and went to his room, feeling ill. when he didn't arrive to breakfast saturday morning, a person associated with the ranch went to check on him. he was found in his room, unresponsive. the catholic diocese of el paso administering his last rites at the ranch. a hearse then carrying his body towards el paso. condolences pouring in from former presidents, current candidates, and government officials. house speaker paul ryan saying, i learned so much from this man. i knew him. i respected him. i looked up to him. we all did. at this point, no autopsy has been performed.
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paso. in fact, the justice of the peace declared him dead over the phone and then came out to the ranch to say there was no foul play involved and turned the body over to federal marshals. the fbi is also investigating. george? >> okay, jim. thank you. justice scalia's opinions are legendary. sharp, elegant, funny, and sarcastic. he was a hero to conservatives. inspired a generation of legal thought. abc's terry moran has covered his tenure for so long. he joins us from mexico city. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. the supreme court had never seen anything like antonin scalia. he was the court's first italian-american. he was also a high-voltage intellectual. who developed a great theory about the constitution and the law and the proper role of
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and he did all of it laughing. it's hard to imagine that great courtroom at the supreme court without him. solemnly swear. >> i, antonin scalia, do solemnly swear. scalia was an american original. a towering icon of conservative a man who loved his life in the law. >> i like figuring out the right answer to legal questions, believe it or not. >> reporter: nino scalia, as he three decades on the supreme court. and in those years, he became a pivotal figure. a justice who did more than hand down rulings. he wanted to change the law itself and the court. through his spirited and forceful advocacy of what he called textualism. his strict interpretation of the constitution. he was unafraid to take a stand and seemingly incapable of backing down. famously lashing out at critics of his finding in the 2000 bush versus gore election dispute.
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whatever for bush versus gore. we did the right thing, so -- so there. get over it, it's so old by now. >> reporter: it was that brashness which cemented the court's first italian-american justice in the public's mind. a vivid writer, his opinions became famous for their caustic, take no prisoners style. he called the majority's reasoning in a 2013 defense of marriage act case legalistic argle-bargle. and slammed the court's decision on the affordable care act as jiggery-pokery. >> how can the government -- federal government establish a state exchange? that is gobbledygook. >> reporter: in cases big and small, his wit lashed out in legal arguments. he loved to get a laugh. >> okay, you can't refuse your money or your life. but your life or your wife's? i could refuse that one. >> reporter: but his quick tongue landed him in trouble at times. in 2015, scalia's comments about affirmative action drew protests. >> you know, when you take more,
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competent blacks admitted to lesser schools, turns out to be less. >> reporter: but his friends and his colleagues say behind the combative mind and fiery words was a warm man and a close friend. forging an unlikely bond with liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg. fellow new yorkers candid about their friendship, despite fiercely opposing political views. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff. we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. [ laughter ] she is -- >> reporter: antonin scalia grew up in queens, new york. attending xavier high school in manhattan before georgetown and harvard law school, where he met his wife maureen. >> maureen is an extraordinary woman. and without whom i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: his wife and the family they built together, as much a part of his life and legacy as the court and country he served. that seat on the supreme court, something he always cherished. many times dodging questions about stepping down, saying there was only one thing that
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>> i will certainly retire at the time where i perceive that i am not as good as i used to be. that i've -- i've lost a step. >> reporter: for many, he never did. love him or loathe him, and americans did both, he was the kind of man to inspire those kinds of emotions in americans. he was certainly one of the most consequential court justices in american history. >> and terry, when you go back through his opinions, where is the most sweeping victory? the most searing defeat? >> reporter: you know, probably his biggest victory was on the second amendment. finding it was an individual
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states, localities, and citizens have rights. his biggest defeat, without question, abortion. he desperately wanted to overturn roe versus wade. and he was never able to. >> okay, terry moran, thanks very much. the battle now over who comes next. it's monumental. president obama says he'll nominate a successor. the senate says they won't let it happen. but the balance of power in the court is at stake. jon karl joins us. the battle lines drawn immediately. >> reporter: even before immediately, if that's possible, george. because ted cruz put out a statement that said the next president should be the one that replaces scalia even before the supreme court officially confirmed that scalia was dead. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell put out a statement saying much the same thing, less than an hour after the court made the statement. these battle lines were drawn immediately. and in the debate last night, with the republican presidential candidates, all six of them agreed, saying that there is no way that barack obama should be allowed to name the replacement for justice scalia. but president obama has made it
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move forward. and make a nomination anyway. first and foremost, judge sri srinivasan. he's someone the republicans like quite a bit. he's a former supreme court clerk to justice sandra day o'connor. he actually serve nd in the administration of president george w. bush. in his current post on the d.c. court of appeals, he was confirmed 97-0. not a single republican vote against him. george? >> this debate has just begun. >> it has. let's bring in abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams. dan, good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot of names being floated as potential nominees by the president. these are people that have been confirmed by the united states senate. your argument is that this is different. >> right, there's a short list. a lot of them are court of appeals judges who have gone through this process. they've gone to the senate. they've been confirmed.
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second. this person or that person was confirmed with relatively little opposition. the rules are different. everything has changed now. two reasons. number one, the presidential campaign. number two, you're talking about justice scalia. justice scalia's memory for conservatives is so important that this time, anything that happened in the past is not particularly relevant to what is going to happen now. point being, it's going to be nearly impossible for president obama to get through the senate almost anyone who has been on his short list. >> how does the court function with only eight justices? can they actually move forward on a lot of the cases in front of them, including cases involving unions and abortion? >> yeah, and there are 4 to 4 decisions sometimes. the court has been very often divided 5-4.
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what does that mean practically? the lower court opinion gets effectively confirmed. so whatever the lower court decided previously stands. but, the supreme court then is not setting any precedent. meaning you can't cite that opinion in the future to say, aha, but the supreme court previously ruled x, y, or z. it remains effectively a local decision confirmed without a definitive opinion from the supreme court. which has the possibility of creating quite a mess for the court system. >> is there a precedent for the court having to muddle through down one justice? >> yeah. justices do recuse themselves in certain cases. they say, for example, if they're relatively new to the court. i was involved in that case as a solicitor general or some other way. so i can't be involved. the court then does sometimes have 4 to 4 rulings. it's rare. the idea that you're talking a year, 18 months, of 4-4
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completely unprecedented. >> thank you, dan. >> he served for 30 years on the supreme court. some are calling him the most influential justice in recent memory. so for more on his legal legacy, we want to bring in veteran washington observer, cokie roberts, who joins us in pawleys island, south carolina. thank you for joining us this morning. >> hi, paula. good to be with you. >> first and foremost, how do you think justice scalia would want to be remembered? i know he had a legacy of being a constitutional purist. >> i think that is exactly how he would like to be remembered. as someone who cared desperately about the constitution and followed it to the letter by his lights. and did it with great intellect and some humor and sometimes, scathingly. and, in ways that really could take down the lawyers in the case or his colleagues on the court. remarkably, given all that, he was incredibly well liked. >> all right, cokie. thank you.
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debate last night. thank you for joining us early this morning. >> paula and cokie, thank you both. and speaking of the debate, that scalia news played a prominent role in the republican presidential debate overnight. this debate quickly got nasty. >> right after the moment of silence for justice scalia. incredibly feisty. i don't think i have heard the word liar used so much in a single debate. let's go to tom llamas for more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. that came from donald trump. on the defense all night. some of his biggest battles yet exploding on the debate stage. it shows how you important south carolina's primary is. and also how many of the gop candidates want to put an end to the trump campaign. that wild gop debate started peaceful and respectful. the passing of antonin scalia fresh on the minds of the six remaining candidates. all agreeing that president obama shouldn't be the one to
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a liberal justice. >> we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> reporter: then the real fight started. >> jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely so -- [ crowd booing ] >> reporter: donald trump booed loudly by the crowd during an epic clash with jeb bush about the bush family legacy. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. and i'm proud of what he did. and he's had the gall to go after -- >> the world trade center came down -- >> reporter: and in a rare move, marco rubio coming to jeb's defense. >> the world trade center came down because bill clinton didn't kill osama bin laden when he had the chance to kill him. >> reporter: trump also tangling with ted cruz, accusing him of running robocalls telling voters the front-runner wouldn't be on the ballot in south carolina.
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>> you're the single biggest liar. you're probably worse than jeb bush. you are the single biggest liar. this guy lied. let me tell you. he lied about ben carson when he took votes away from ben carson in iowa. and he just continues. >> reporter: dr. ben carson, refusing to join in on the exchanges. >> is that really what you want? what we just saw? i don't think so. >> reporter: and john kasich predicting who will ultimately gain from these brutal attacks. >> i think we're fixing to lose the election to hillary clinton if we don't stop this. >> reporter: now, south carolina's republican primary is next saturday. this next week may be the most important for jeb bush. he's looking to revive his campaign. he'll get help from president george w. bush tomorrow on the trail. he'll likely face an onslaught from trump. who all week, not only does he not forget, he also does not forgive. a telling moment yesterday, george. jeb bush and donald trump didn't shake hands yesterday. >> they went at it so fiercely
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for the first time in a debate, getting it not just from jeb bush but from all sides. >> senator ted cruz, marco rubio. he was a man on an island last night. a lot of conservative writers think last night many of the candidates were trying to take trump out. >> tom llamas, thanks very much. audience, too. the gloves came off and for more on the debate, we want to bring in abc news analyst matt dowd for his take. matt, first of all, as we just there was a whole lot of name-calling. are the attacks helping the candidates? or are they doing irreparable damage to the gop brand? >> you know, paula, demolition derby is entertaining to watch. but after the derby is over, every car is damaged. i think republicans are fast approaching a time of how personal and how visceral and how much name-calling there is that this is not going to do anybody any good in the course of this. they all may survive. but over time, it's not going to be a benefit going into a general election. >> and matt, south carolina has
7:18 am
nominee. last time was the exception. newt gingrich won south carolina, but didn't get the nomination. trump taking a chance last night by going after the bush family in south carolina. which is, you know, that family is loved in that state. >> well, as you know, george w. bush won the state after losing badly in new hampshire in 2000. that was basically his comeback. it put him back on the path to win the general election. they're well-loved there. what would be interesting to me. donald trump attacked george w. bush last night. he attacked lindsey graham, a u.s. senator from south carolina. he got booed by the audience. if donald trump wins south carolina after all that, i think it's very difficult to stop him. if he's able to win south carolina in the midst of all that. >> right. but this is a guy who has shown over and over again that the normal rules of politics don't apply to him. that said, is there anybody you think came out well last night? jeb bush? marco rubio? kasich? >> well, i think, to me, i had two sort of folks that i thought were winners in the course of it.
7:19 am
he sort of tried to stay out of the fight. tried to stay above it all. and i think he's gotten a lift from his second place finish in new hampshire. i thought he did well. i thought marco rubio, after his last awful debate performance, where he got attacked by chris christie, i thought he came back and did well. i thought jeb did fine. if i were picking two people i thought won, it would be john kasich and marco rubio. >> thank you, matt. we want to remind you george "this week" with guests marco rubio and john kasich. and on the democratic side, the big winner in the new hampshire primary, bernie sanders. great to have you in studio. >> everybody wanted to come on donald trump is going to join us. ted cruz is going to join us. this issue is so huge. all the candidates want to weigh in. >> it's an interesting time. george, thank you. go get ready for the show. have a great one. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> sure. we want to turn now to the
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america. and indra petersons is on the story from a frigid central park. good morning to you. >> good morning. you know, since i cover weather a lot, i like to think i'm tougher than you guys. but when it's this cold, it's game over. outright dangerous. right now, central park, you can see. currently 0 degrees. the actual low. we haven't not that cold since 1994. binghamton, the actual temperature, 18 below. ties for the second all-time coldest ever. so you're talking about very cold temperatures out here. let's look at how many of you are affected. the mid-atlantic to the northeast. these temperatures are bitter cold. once you add in that wind chill we're talking 20 below in new city.
7:21 am
here's a look at your weathe >> the takeaway? stay indoors today. by tomorrow, things should quickly recover. paula? dan? >> all right, indra. stay warm. coming up on "gma"-- bus on fire. the middle schoolers sent rushing for the exits when they saw these flames. what happened next? >> a scary situation. on a happier note, the nba's all-star game tips off tonight. we'll hear from steph curry about whether he thinks he's the best player in the game. guess what his answer was? >> i'm going to guess he didn't stay neutral on that one. and if you want something to warm your heart this cold valentine's day -- we have the best rom com rentals for you and your sweetheart.
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welcome back to "gma." and we are covering a huge story on this sunday morning. tributes pouring in right now for the supreme court justice antonin scalia.
7:29 am
he was a staunch conservative. the longest serving justice on the current supreme court. his abrupt death setting off an immediate political battle about the future of the court and the country. >> and the news of scalia's passing provided a rare moment of agreement during saturday's gop debate. nearly all six candidates insisting president obama step aside and allow his successor president to make a replacement. has every right to nominate a the president says he'll nominate scalia's replacement in due time. which will set off a heated contentious few months. we're focused on the scalia news this morning. but -- >> but we're also tracking the other stories and headlines. for that, as always, we turn to ron claiborne.
7:30 am
good morning. paula, dan, sara. good morning, everyone. we begin south of the border in mexico, where pope francis is set to perform sunday mass in one of the most dangerous cities. the pope's visit to ecatepec comes a day after an estimated 1 million people gathered in mexico city to greet him. he's urging the mexican bishops to step up in the fight against the drug trade. and do more to help the poor. here in the u.s., interstate 78 is reopened in pennsylvania. after a deadly 50-car pileup on saturday. three people were killed. 46 others injured on that highway 75 miles north of philadelphia. a snow squall moved through at the time. it's believed to have been a factor in that. in washington state, a bus packed with teenagers on a ski trip burst into flames. the middle school kids were headed to mt. baker when the fire erupted. everyone escaped without injury. before that bus was consumed by flames. local troopers say an oil leak may have sparked the blaze. take a look at this video
7:31 am
a cliff comes crashing down into the sea after a strong 5.7 magnitude earthquake. the epicenter of the quake saturday was near the city of christchurch, which was devastated in 2011 by an earthquake that killed nearly 200 people there. the rock group eagles of death metal will take their tour to paris this week for the first full concert there since the deadly terror attack last fall. on saturday, the group kicked off their rescheduled tour in stockholm, sweden. they were playing at the bataclan theater when terrorists stormed in, killing dozens. they'll play in paris at another venue on tuesday. and finally, brutal temperatures, biting winds. for some, that sounds like the perfect conditions for an undie run. runners in washington, d.c., ditching the coats. all the cold weather gear. check that out. well, nearly nothing. this year's cupid's undie run. some runners admitted they could barely feel their legs. others said they put hand warmers in other strategic places. make up your own mind what that means.
7:32 am
>> their shoes, for example. the run raises money for the children's tumor foundation. at game time. at run time, temperatures, imagine this, were in the teens. running in your underwear in temperatures in the teens. >> that's why the hand warmers in strategic places. it's still not as cold as where indra is. >> she's tough. >> but she's also not wearing a bikini. or a speedo. >> what is she not wearing? >> where are you going with this? >> she may have strategic hand warmers. >> we have -- i'm grateful for the layers i have on. the danger is real out here. you're talking about wind chills here in central park, 20 below. how towards boston as low as 40 below possible this morning. there is another threat looming out there. let's get right to it. we have the threat for another storm already developing into the midwest. we're talking about 2 to 4 inches of snow. another system in the south.
7:33 am
through commute time tomorrow. snow, ice, rain, and flooding. anywhere from the south, crawling up the entire eastern seaboard. you'll get a wintry mix, icing, heavy amounts of snow. and back on the backside, once it starts to warm up, the threat for flooding. plenty of snow and then plenty of rain. at least the temperatures are going up. a little piece of good news. >> that weather was brought to you by macy's. and when i said earlier i thought i was a little bit tougher than you. that's a lie. i think i'm a lot tougher. just so you know. >> that is not true. >> i think you're definitely tougher than paula. i do want to apologize for -- >> says mr. tough guy right here. >> for the guy who will be on the couch today in a sweat suit onesie for the remainder of the
7:34 am
>> i don't need the visual. >> you don't need the visual? really? i didn't think it was that bad. >> i do. i love that visual. >> i love it. >> it's a zip-up. anyway, coming up here on "gma," we'll go inside the glitz and glamour surrounding the nba all-star weekend. the bold statement that the ever-modest steph curry made to our jesse palmer.
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i approve this message, and i ask for you to caucus for me. thank you. you can't stop me no the nba's top ballers are in toro you can't stop me no the nba's top ballers are in toronto for tonight's all-star game. there are ballers and shot callers there, paula. >> oh, whoa! >> do you know what that reference is? >> of course i do. >> because you're both. a baller and a shot caller. speaking of which, future hall of famer kobe bryant. >> what are you laughing about? >> i'm going to agree, vigorously. >> kobe makes his record 19th and final all-star appearance before his retirement at the end of the season. jesse palmer tells us steph curry is taking center stage. >> reporter: from the court to the carpet. basketball's juggernauts of the west backing up superstar steph curry as they charge into battle against lebron james and a dream team from the east in the 2016
7:39 am
the action kicking off friday with junior nba day. as curry and kevin durant took on some pint-sized players. other athletes paying it forward for nba cares. >> i'm happy to be representing the international players. >> reporter: while celebrities like anthony anderson, nick cannon, jason sudeikis, and kevin hart laced up for the all-star celeb game. >> do you smell that? it's called ben gay. it's all over my body. i lathered in it. >> reporter: facing off against canadian stars and their coach, drake. >> i'm coming in with an attitude of a champion. why? because i am champion. >> reporter: athletes playing hard, too. shaq hanging out at the bounce vip lounge at the maxim party. but tonight is the main event. i sat down with curry ahead of the game. there's one thing he's confident about. you think you're the best player in the nba? >> i think that -- yes. by the way, that's my mentality, my focus, my motivation when i go out there. i don't ever try to get -- rank
7:40 am
guys. anything like that. it's just my mindset when i'm out there, anything i want to do, you have to have the confidence that you can go out and execute, play well. be the best in the league. >> reporter: for "good morning america," jesse palmer, abc news, toronto. >> steph curry with the shot. i -- i agree with him. i think he is the best player. even a little bitter than l.b.j. >> in his defense, he said yes, but -- >> but that's his mentality. >> you have to own that to play to that level. that's different than saying -- >> that was the approach that you used at volleyball? >> yes, every time i hit the court, i was like, yes, i'm the best one out there. because it helps me play better. >> dan is the best meditator. he gets fierce when he meditates. don't miss jesse's full exclusive one on one with steph curry. it's going to be tomorrow right here on "good morning america." next saturday night, watch two of the nba's best. the golden state warriors and l.a. clippers go head to head right here on abc.
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welcome back, ev welcome back, everybody. for the presidents' day weekend, we're focusing on teaching your children about the commander in chief. here to help is brad saft of brad, thank you, and welcome to the show. first of all, why is it important to teach our kids about the process of electing a president? >> choosing a president is perhaps the most fundamental part of our american democracy. and there's really no better
7:45 am
adults. >> my kid has told me, i'm going to cry if you vote for a particular candidate. she already calls bernie sanders benny sanders. how do you help your children pick a candidate? >> for one thing, ignore what the media focuses on. gaffes, sound bites. polls. focus on things like character, core values. the core issues for each candidate. >> besides bribery, which i probably have to implement with my children, how do you make the process fun and engaging? >> for one thing, you have to take your kids to vote with you. the memory of voting can last a lifetime for your child. our research shows that animated video is the best way to get kids engaged. we made a video about the process. we think it's so important that we're giving it away for every child in america for free at our website -- >> you said that one time that you went, the first time you were able to vote, one of those monumental times in your life. you remember it clearly.
7:46 am
studio. a reminder to parents. this is a great discussion to have with your children. sara, i want to throw things over to you. though i heard a loud crash from your side of the room. is everything okay? >> let me show you what happened. dan can't keep his mike on. he's so excited for valentine's day right now. >> what i'm excited about is -- they covered the whole desk in chocolates. i'm kind of freaking out. >> the cool part about "pop" today is it's not only valentine's day. we're focusing on love of all kinds. even if you're single. because we know a lot of people are single on valentine's day. we've all been there. we're talking love in general. >> also, i'm going to perform surgery on this conjoined chocolate-covered strawberry. we'll be back.ry. we'll be back. my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help.
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i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors,
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don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change your mind. sorry. flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided
7:50 am
nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. time for "pop news." hainesy, what you got? >> i got a lot. it's all about amore. one of my favorite topics.
7:51 am
>> yes. it makes sense it applies to your tastes on the tube. netflix took a look at the impact a streaming service plays in a relationship. in the dating phase, 58% of people have added tv shows to their dating profiles to attract a potential love interest. i think it's very important. >> it's imperative. >> i can feel out a person based on what they watch on tv. in the getting serious stage, 25% have found someone more attractive based on the shows they watch. in the committed stage, 51% say sharing their password is a sign of a serious relationship. but 17% want a ring on it before divulging that information. you should never share passwords anyway. i do think what you watch on tv -- like, max and i fell in love over watching "breaking bad." >> reall >> that was how our relationship played out. it sounds weird. >> i knew you and i were compatible when i found out we
7:52 am
>> we like comedies. >> it's interesting that meth played such an important part of your relationship. >> meth and violence. >> um, el pollo loco. >> ron and i bonded over our shared love of c-span. >> that's so nerdy. >> yeah. >> that's the point. >> yes. >> that's why it never worked out with either of you. so you're telling me there's a chance. if staying home is your perfect idea of a valentine's date, here's a list of some all-time romantic comedy favorites. a big fat opa to "my big fat greek wedding." written by and starring nia vardalos. the long-awaited sequel set for next month. and another sequel i can't wait for is "bridget jones' diary." because now she's having a baby. are you -- >> that's the third one, right? >> yes. i've watched them over and over. >> yeah? >> yeah.
7:53 am
being released in september. also making the list -- "pretty woman." "cinderella story." i would add to that, any nicholas sparks movie. i was home the other day. i watched "dear john." "the notebook." i started texting my husband. he's like, are you okay? i said, i'm watching romantic comedies. come home now. >> the worst day ever. >> he said, i wish i was there. >> did he say that? >> i think it was just lip service. >> i know the day is going to go poorly if my wife goes, baby, i want to watch "the notebook." >> that is love. >> you can en a lot of points that way. it's a bold move. anyone at home. if you offer to watch "the notebook" with a woman, done and done. >> we're yours. >> forever. >> c-span. >> stop it. you don't watch c-span. if you haven't gotten your sweetie a gift, it's to the rescue. example? ron? i know we don't always see eye to eye. but to show you how i really feel, look at this video i made
7:54 am
i got you babe i got you babe >> oh, sara. so nice. >> and that's how you dance, with a headband and a lot of hair. >> i like the pearls. >> you knew about that? >> i mean. look at that. i have bangs. and if sonny and cher are not your style, there's a lot of others to choose from. that's how dan and i envision love playing out. kind of woodstock style. >> we kind of averaged out between us. oh. i just spilled my ice cream. we have to get to ice cream. this is my favorite part. finally, for all you singles, dairy queen is thinking of you. they created a treat called the singles blizzard. soft serve ice cream. fudge, peanut butter cups, salted caramel truffles. the company says be single and proud this valentine's day, which i love. >> yes. >> goodies all the way around for all of you. happy valentine's day.
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i love you person hurt in an overnight shooting. we're getting new information, just into our newsroom moments ago. plus, the nation remembering the legacy of supreme court justice antonin scalia. and now--republicans and democrats going at it over who will replace him.
7:59 am
in nevada. first it was clinton, now its bernie sanders turn. the vermont senator making an appearance in the las vegas valley today. good morning las vegas! i'm ... the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) breaking overnight... one person is recovering at the hospital after a shooting. metro telling us it happened


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