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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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features in the world. >> the le dome villa is one of the most unique properties in the hollywood hills. what really makes this property so unique is the old world architecture that went into building this house. really reminiscent of the old european royalty. but on the other hand, the interior has been totally updated. so we have the appeal of european royalty on the exterior. we really appeal to the young celebrity rock royalty on the interior. >> find out what makes le dome villa a great place to entertain, whether it's an intimate gathering or a hollywood blowout. >> the house is definitely an entertainer's paradise. from the grand foyer when you first come into the property to the two-story theater with a balcony and the pool and grounds. >> and be amazed by an enormous master suite that occupies the entire top floor of the home
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elegance and intimacy. view all this and more right now on "beautiful homes and great estates."d=m >> "beautiful homes and great estates." le dome villa is a landmark of southern california design. built in 1996, the 8,200 care sfoot home contains five bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths, three garages, and a host of high-end amenities. situated on a gated lot in the affluent los angeles area known as the hollywood hills, the property is an oasis of tranquility above the bustling city of angels. >> this estate is located in the hollywood hills. this is a celebrity enclave
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sunset strip and just minutes away from beverly hills. this part of the hollywood hills is known as nichols canyon. and part of the allure of nichols canyon are the canyon views, city views, the privacy, but still having close proximity to the city. >> the striking architecture of le dome villa makes an immediate impression with its impeccable embellishments. recently remodeled to the highest international design standards, signature features like the wraparound al fresco terraces and the four-story bell tower make it apparent that this is not the average california mansion. >> the home is really reminiscent of old world italian royalty. the architect for the property was prominent italian architect luigi famocini.
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italian castle. what really sets this home apart is the dramatic four-story italian bell tower. >> though the grandiose exteriors of the home exude a european quality, they were built with a contemporary lifestyle in mind. >> the exterior of the home is true old european architecture. all the construction is stone from the outside, and then you have authentic spanish roof tiles. >> the grounds of le dome villa extend to 3/4 of an acre, which is unheard of in this exclusive hollywood hills locale. the verdant park-like setting is awash in dynamic garden features and outdoor living spaces. >> the home is very private. it's fully gated. it's set in the canyon. and it's surrounded by lush greenery. >> the multitiered property affords panoramic canyon views while retaining an atmosphere of seclusion and serenity within
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borders. >> as you enter the iron gates of the property you'll be stepping down the steps into the front courtyard. the front courtyard is distinguished by privacy and architectural arches. >> high-quality craftsmanship is found in every aspect of the front courtyard, from the stone roman columns to the exquisite french doors, in the creation of this magnificent feature. the tone has undoubtedly been set for this opulent italian villa with its variety of classic trappings and interior design. but nothing can prepare one for the true architectural wonders found within le dome villa. >> as you're opening the front door, one of the first things that you'll notice beyond the
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french doors with the dramatic canyon view. a center point of the entry rotunda are the archways. the archways are signaled by large columns that will lead to you all different wings of the property. this estate is known as the le dome villa. and the reason it received its name is really because of the grand dome entry, which is a replica of the roman pentiarc. the rotunda which is circumstancela which adds to the drama is finished off with imported venetian murano chandeliers. a house like this always has secrets. and one of those secrets is the hidden staircase. it's a hidden spiral staircase. with the touch of a button the wall disappears and you can slip through behind the wall. >> just oft grand rotunda entry is the formal living room, an expansive salon that includes an
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seating area. >> the living room is really an intimate space. it features hardwood floors and dramatic french doors surround the entire room. finishing off the intimate living room with the high ceilings, which are wood-beamed. the two chandelier wall sconces that are accenting the archway are actually secret. the two french doors off the living room open up to the stone terrace. it surrounds the entire top floor of the property and has dramatic views of all the italian gardens. >> continuing the home's open air theme is the gourmet chef's kitchen. >> this is truly one of the most fabulous kitchens in all of los angeles. as we enter this oversize kitchen the first thing you'll notice is the dramatic center island. all the countertops are carel
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swarovski crystal. one special feature of this kitchen is the pizza oven. the only pizza oven i know in a private residence. the kitchen is surrounded by french doors, and they also open up to a dramatic terrace. one of the features of this terrace are the limestone arches. and then also the custom drapery. >> for more of the most beautiful homes and great estates check out coming up next, take a tour of le dome villa's two-story theater. state-of-the-art workout room and an unbelievable top floor master suite that boasts a balcony with views looking out over the property's public
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s:% "beautiful homes and great estates." le dome villa is a marvelous hollywood hills mansion with a design inspired by an italian castle. the dramatic european architecture found outside matches brilliantly with the latest luxuries afforded in the interior spaces. >> just off one of the archways from the main rotunda will bring you to the main staircase of the house. and as we go downstairs the first room we'll encounter is the dramatic theater room. what really sets off this media
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theater, the two-story high ceilings, and the balustrade loggia. the media room and theater is all state of the art. everything is motorized in the room. it's a wonderful place for entertaining and for gathering as well. just off the media room we have a row of french doors which will lead you out to a stone terrace with oversized stone arches. and then beyond the stone arches you'll see the fourth-story bell tower, which is actually the highest structure in the hollywood hills. >> while the bell tower is another prime example of old world architecture, more modern amenities await in the south wing. >> the oversized french door
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of the house. to your right are one of the guest bedrooms, and to your left is a state-of-the-art gymnasium. the full south wall of the gymnasium is a wall of glass that's set off with stone archways and then obviously the natural vegetation beyond. >> this combination of old and new continues in the lavish guest suite. >> one of the unique features of the estate is that every bedroom has its own wing. so every bedroom offers complete privacy. the guest bedroom on the south wing of the house follows that female of grand scale. we have 15-foot-high ceilings, hardwood floors, oversized french doors, and the french doors all open to a private
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as we enter the west wing of the property, we enter another guest bedroom with en suite bathroom. this features oversized ceilings and french doors surround the bedroom. these french doors offer dramatic views of the italian garden and the city lights beyond. some more custom features found in the en suite bath is the imported sink which features an invisible drain and imported tiles. >> for more of the most beautiful homes and great estates, check out coming up next, relax in an elegant master suite that consumes the entire top floor of the home. then discover the wonderful pictures found throughout the dome villa's sprawling canyon grounds.
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le dome villa is a hollywood hills masterpiece, designed with old world panache and modern conveniences. the property offers accommodations on a truly grand scale and features amazing structural elements not found in any other private residence on earth. >> and one of the features is the three-story stairwell. at the top of the stairwell leading to the master suite is a custom swarovski crystal chandelier. as we walk up to the upper level of the home, what you'll notice is that the entire upper floor of the home is the master suite and sanctuary. the first impression is old hollywood glamour. it's a huge master suite. as you enter the master suite, one of the first things that you'll notice is the dramatic fireplace.
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french windows, custom draperies throughout, and polished imported tile floors. the bedroom really offers intimacy and sanctuary. >> french doors open up the master suite to one of the home's glorious terraces, providing the ultimate in indoor/outdoor living. >> the master suite offers one of the best views on the property. it has full southern exposure, which obviously offers the best sunlight, but the best views as well. you have canyon views, views of the gardens below, and city lights beyond. just behind the master suite is the full-sized walk-in closet, featuring all custom cabinetry. >> the master suite's master bath ensures all the opulence
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experience. designer materials and flawless design coalesce to produce a space that is peaceful, glamorous, and practical. >> the en suite bath is truly its own sanctuary. as you enter the en suite bath the main focal point that you'll bath surrounded by the river rock stone below and the custom swarovski crystal above. you'll also notice the opulent imported tile work throughout the bath that covers the entire floor and wall areas and actually makes the sinks look seamless along the walls. the glass shower is really a spa in itself. with multiple shower heads and beautiful views. one of the walls is curved and fully lined with dramatic drapery sheer, which is really reminiscent of that old hollywood glamour. the master bath is really the
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it's just drama everywhere you look. >> le dome villa has one more undeniable attribute. its own private park. much more than a simple back yard, the grounds of the home encompass a multitude of unique components including a wealth of indigenous plants within its beautiful landscape. >> the estate is set in a private park which is approximately 3/4 of an acre italian gardens. in the gardens you'll find architectural archways, a koi pond, a custom infinity swimming pool and spa, and terrace rose garden. running through the middle of the property is a natural stream, and then surrounding that natural stream is lush vegetation, food orchards, and meandering pathways.
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actually overlook the italian garden. and beyond that the city lights below. some of the unique features of the italian gardens of the property are also the private sanctuaries throughout. the koi pond is surrounded by architectural archways. and then there is a roman grotto. everywhere throughout the park surrounding you'll find terraces, streams, fruit orchards, rose gardens. it's just a sanctuary in the city. >> every aspect of this breathtaking residence speaks to its high standard of quality. the fabulous old world architecture. the ultra modern amenities. the tranquil ambience. and the private park setting elevate le dome villa as a truly special place to live. >> from the edge of the property you'll notice the estate truly looks like an italian castle in
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