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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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ocean. i'll hang out over here. >> exactly. also across the south on land, authorities have ever been tracking the movements of a multistate jewel thief. >> we're learning the details about the woman behind a string of robberies making off with $48 million of jewelry across five states. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: the infamous jewelry store robber seen on cameras across the south now the face of a crime spree. >> wanted for six robberies. >> the fbi arrested the woman. >> reporter: in newly released court documents, investigators say 24-year-old abigail kemp was just part of a four-person team behind the string of armed robberies. >> we need you to respond to an armed robbery. >> brothers larry and michael gilmore charged with con piracy threats of violence. officials accusing the pair finding, recruiting and training kemp. the fbi alleges the gilmore brothers ten shops served as kemp's robbery training school where the men taught her to
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what merchandise to steal and speak in code words. according to agents the group routinely practiced till they thought kemp had the plan down. >> if you watch her behavior inside the store, it's very deliberate about what she does. >> kemp's family and former co-workers stunned when she was named by officials as the woman seen wielding a gun in surveillance images. >> i hate it for her. i hate it for her family. but you know, you do these things you make your bed, you got to lay in it. >> reporter: authorities say the four split into pairs, kemp and jones would go to the stores and the brothers would serve as lookouts. the brothers alleging cell phone pings put the brothers near each of the robbery locations during each of the crimes. and call records show her talking to the brothers before and after each robbery. >> each store that you rob, the police tend to gather more information, cell phone activity, photographs, informant
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>> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> the 4 could face up to 20 years in jail. >> we should point out that kemp and lewis have pleaded not guilty to the charges involved in this. the last robbery was june 4th or january 4th, i should say in north carolina. authorities aren't sure how they might have all been connected. coming up, turning up the heat on an american air conditioning company. >> the outrage over carrier closing a plant in indianapolis and moving 1,400 jobs to mexico.
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now." together we can solve hunger.
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well, as the presidential candidates scramble for the middle class vote, a well-known brand has done something that the candidates have ever been railing about for months. >> carrier air-conditioners says it's moving well paying jobs from the u.s. to cheaper labor
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here's abc's ron claiborne. >> i want to be clear, this is strictly a business decision. >> reporter: for the factory workers at this air conditioning plant in indiana, the announcement exploded like a bombshell as a manager tells them 1,400 jobs, their jobs, will be lost to mexico. >> it became clear that the best way to stay competitive and protect the business for long-term is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, mexico. >> reporter: that video shot by one of the workers and posted on facebook. many of the workers stunned and angry. >> i'm just trying to support my family. you know, i'm just trying to survive. >> reporter: their positions joining the manufacturing exodus from the u.s. to mexico over the past 20 years, an estimated 1 million jobs moving south of the border. american carrier says the
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spread out over three years. >> where are all those jobs 1,400 people that pay them a >> a handful of air-conditioner boycott carrier products and a local government says it will retrain the displaced workers. ron claiborne, abc news, new >> this is going to have a lasting impact in the presidential race. should point out that a lot of people are blaming hillary clinton's husband, the former president for nafta, and saying that's going to be a tough thing for her to overcome in the midwest. >> interesting. we'll have to see what happens. and coming up, hang ten in california. music introducing new k-y touch gel cr me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified.
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it's a relatively new holiday. i knew that. while much of the country is in a deep freeze this presidents day, you'd never know it if you ventured out west. >> that's good news for one of the world's most prestigious and dangerous surfing competition. it's abc's sara haines. >> reporter: watch as pro surfer greg long gets the ride of his life as he drops in on then 35-foot wave. >> whoa. >> an absolute massive drop. greg long stomping it right after the horn. >> reporter: taking on the death defying drop down a ferocious mountain of water all for a shot of winning the titans of mavericks surf competition, known as one of the most
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this year's conditions for the tournament were violent and treacherous as the 24 surfers hit the swells. take a look at the sheer power of those waves taking down surfer after surfer. >> took three waves on the head. i was choking on water. >> reporter: veteran mavericks surfer kenny collins forced to pull out after this brutal run. >> ken collins going down. >> and i felt the whole ocean land on me and it hit me in the head really hard. >> reporter: as the day went on, the waves kept growing ultimately hitting faces more than 40 feet, nic lamb outlasting his fellow big wave junkies, getting hammered in the surf time. >> going down in the most treacherous of places. >> reporter: securing the big win by carving his way down this massive wave. the daredevil run earning him $125,000 and bragging rights as this year's titan of mavericks champion. >> oh, man, i'm over the moon. you know what? i have so many people to thank. >> reporter: sara haines, abc news, new york. >> it looks like they had a great time. >> who do you have in your fantasy league to win it all? >> you know what? you know me and my fantasy league. oh, you, kendis gibson. >> wow. >> look at that.
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>> way look cut. >> how did they get that photo? >> took it from our facebook page. >> from our facebook page, of course it was. >> some pectoral muscles. >> yours or mine?
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hour.and the police have to be called out after a teen is beat up and robbed at gunpoint. town(split-screen)-hl we're just days away from our democratic caucus... bernie sanders and hillary clinton hoping to have some new supporters in las vegas this morning, after spending their whole weekend here! and the death of a supreme court justice has taken over the race for the white house. will the president announce a nominee?
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minute, but first greg-- we've got a major warm up in our still the main weather patterns we will be dealing with through today, tuesday and most of wednesday, mainly sunny skies will be common along with high temperatures ranging between 74 to 79 degrees! winds will be mild; mainly hovering valley areas. by wednesday night, a new disturbance out of the pacific northwest will drop south and head east. clouds build through wednesday along with a steady increase in wind speeds. by thursday, cloudy skies will should see snow or a rain/ice mix. any accumulation should be between a trace and 2 inches. our main concern will be the valley and even stronger towards the colorado river valley and high elevations. by friday into the weekend, winds calm, sunny skies return and high temperatures hover in the lower 70s. just breaking this morning... 5 people are now in police custody just breaking this morning... 5 people are now in police


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