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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  February 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> the founder of monday's jar 10000 for local charities here in thelley. he's been doing ituple of years. so thank you so much to him for doing that. and rock of ages just moved over to the rio. so we all have to go and check that out, just down the street. happy presidents day to you. kids are super happy today because they don't have school. many folks have today off as well. traffic was very light coming in. so nice. wasn't it? >> i was glad the kids weren't in school because i didn't get stopped behind the two school buses i normally do. >> traffic nice and light. so easy to get in. thank you for joining us today. i'm dao vu. >> i'm shawn tempesta. valentine's day was yesterday. what did you and your honey do? >> i actually went and married a couple of couples yesterday over at aria. this is kevin and erin. they're from california. they brought a huge party with
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i might have seen you. such. great view. awesome. always top notch. >> yes. did you know yesterday the marriage bureau office issued more than 1200 licenses on valentine's day because people want it stamped on that day. you have a year to use your marriage license. but they went in because also people took advantage of the three-day holiday weekend. more people arulprefill out online. coming upoda singing in the rain to support phil harm
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>> plus, making sure all new seniors get nutritious meals. free meals available. first up, this is black history month. and on saturday, the springs preserve is celebrating the contributions of african-americans and honoring their culture at the annual festival music, food and dance. >> here with the taste of what's to come, festival coordinator damon hodge, along with the owner, ben hearon, jr. good morning to both of you and welcome. >> thank you for having us. >> can you tell us about the festival coming up? >> we are very excited. it's our 7th annual black history month festival. we're honoring the contributions of african-americans of southern nevada history. we couldn't do this without our sponsors. >> you've been at this for seven years. and over seven years it's grown to be something huge. >> grown very huge. we expected almost 3,000 people this year. we have a great entertainment line-up with singers, dancers, performers.
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be performing and at that mara walker, who is a back up singer for gladys knight. >> you also support a lot of businesses. can you tell us about that? >> we have food vendors this year. we'll satisfy everyone's palate. mario's west side market, ben from so delicious. divine cafe. funnel cakes. >> let's talk about soul delicious. i hear your soul will be begging for more. >> yes, sir. the seasoning is the main function of our business. it brings all of our flavors out to the public. it's low in sodium, no sugar, no msg. we tried to perfect healthy eating, get away from some of the higher sodium content seasonings. we do a blackened seasoning, all purpose rub and a vegetable seasoning. we've been doing springs
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we've been enjoying ourselves, like you said, with mario's west side market, with funnel cake and cafe and all of them. so it's a very, very happy experience. we love to be out there doing it, making sure everybody loves our seasoning. everybody loves the food. everybody is having a bunch of fun. i believe it's going to be a lot of people out there this time. >> how did you come up with your business idea? >> well, 12 years ago we started soul delicious and we came together about the seasonings and we put it together. my mother and father had high blood pressure and diabetes ask we decided to make a more healthier seasoning so that they can enjoy it. >> without sacrificing taste. >> it's super important. the one thing that brings out the flavor the best is seasoning. but a lot of the prepackaged seasoning is 95% salt. >> yes. >> so to be able to -- >> we're 4% sodium. >> wow.
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so people with diabetes, people with high blood pressure, they really enjoy our seasonings. it's been at morrie's -- mario's west side market for 9 1/2 years. it's in smart and final, the grocery stores locally here in vegas. we've been doing every event to try to promote it. i'm at mario's every day so you can come out and see me and enjoy the seasoning. i have my gift packs out there, my preseasonned flour and gluten free. we have different items to be healthy ask to make sure that you eat healthy, 'cause that's what i promote, me and my wife, my wife is the master blender. she blends all the seasonings. been doing it for five years. so basically that's what we promote. we promote healthy eating so that you can enjoy life better. >> you're promoting at the festival. we have to buy tickets? >> admission is $5. but the great thing is those seven and under get in free. >> there is so much
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you have great food there, you have to burn it off. you start dancing. >> we've got a d.j. to play line music, the popular ones to get people up and dancing. we have kids activities. we have mechanized animals that kids can drive around in a safe environment. it will be really fun. >> are you honoring anyone in particular? >> yes. we're honoring a former state senator joseph neil. african-american to be elected to the state senate. life. we're really happy to celebrate his contributions in southern nevada history. >> what are the hours of the festival? >> 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. this >> excellent. >> what will you serve up? >> we'll be doing a variety of all of our seasonings. we'll do a blackened chicken breast. we'll do a -- we're doing our floured, preseasonned floured chicken. everything i'm doing up there today is going to be breasts. >> can you put it on if we were to buy this on a flank steak, on chicken?
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>> any meat? >> yes. the blackened seasoning can go on your blackened catfish, blackened chicken breast, blackened salmon. my wife puts it on everything. that's her favorite seasoning. i think she puts her foot in that. all purpose rub. you have it in the middle. that one you can put on barbecue, hamburgers, steaks, everything you want to put on. it's a lemon pepper base in it. the blackened has a cajun base in it. the vegetable seasoning, we can't even talk about that. that's like vegetables everywhere. if you put it on a baked potato, with a little butter. >> making me hungry. >> and vegetable seasoning, all of it's low in sodium. no sugar. so you don't have to worry about it. it's all flavor. and then you could put that on there and it will work fine for you. >> we have to go. but thank you. can i call you and just hear you talk? >> yes, you can. >> your voice is smooth. i love it. thank you. >> thank you. >> so and so.
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>> i love it. don't miss out on the springs preserve black history month festival this saturday from 10 'til 5. admission is $5 for adults and free for kids 17 and under. and you can get yours by stopping in on the day of the event. head to the web site or call the number listed. still to come, it's a social spot for seniors. where people over 60 can meet and mingle. >> a and a whole lot more as the blend rolls on they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees.
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because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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losing hair, looking for back? regrow back your own natural effects. it's possible according to our next guest. here with more is lindsey kay. how are you? >> good. >> what exactly is laser hair therapy? >> laser hair therapy is where we use low level laser and we are applying this laser energy directly to the hair follicle. it stimulates the growth stage. so we're increasing circulation and blood flow back to the scalp and this is going to stimulate that growtwth stage for patients. >> and that's how that works? >> yes. we're row growing back your own natural hair with a noninvasive, no side effect, no pain way.
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follicles? >> so with this, what we're looking for with this type of treatment is for somebody that still has active hair follicles. a lot of the time when there is no visible hair there in the area that we're looking at, there is still an active hair follicle. so what you do is you come into the clinic for an evaluation, stays about 30 minutes. we'll check your hair follicle activity with a pro scope magnifying camera. we'll be able to tell you yes or this treatment and we'll be able to tell you if you still are active hair follicles. if you do, we're still able to regrow back that hair in that area where you still have the active hair follicle. >> just because you might not have hair, doesn't mean there is no hope. 'cause a lot of people take a far gone. patients. about 65% of our patient base is actually female patients, which tend to lose their hair a little bit later on in life because they're producing more
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they'll take a look and they're wearing wigs or using extensions, which can be further damaging to the hair. they're thinking that there is no hope for them when really if you came in to the clinic and we can take a look at you, we'll be able to determine yes, we can still help you and maybe we won't be ail to because not everybody still has active hair follicles. but like i said, you come into the clinic and we'll be able to tell you on the spot if you do. >> you'll let people know treatment. >> yes. >> how quickly can we see these results? >> so the laser starts to take effect in about four to six weeks. and typically our patients are seeing a positive cosmetic months. however, the earlier on you catch the hair loss, the faster it. >> and earlier you mentioned males and females. generally it's females coming in? >> majority of females are coming in. so we can treat either one. age is not a factor. so males tend to lose their hair earlier on in life, in their
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and females, middle aged females tend to lose it later on in live. it doesn't matter. as long as you have the active hair follicles we can treat you. and the really nice part about this program is we have the convenience factor. just because -- a lot of people can't make it into the clinic. if they are coming in for a clinic treatment program, they're coming once a week for 20 minute laser session. but some people can't commit to that and we have portable devices now available, including the most popular is laser cap where you can use it at home. it's rechargeable. you wear it three times a week for 30 minutes. it's nice and convenient. you don't have to come into the clinic and you don't have to take time out of your busy lifestyle to actually regrow your hair back. >> basically you can get a treatment at home just watching tv and letting that cap do the work for you? >> exactly. that's going to be our most today. >> do you feel anything? >> you don't. so depend, there is no side effects involved with this. it is pain free.
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it's a noninvasive laser. >> and you have a "morning blend" special as well. what is that? >> so we're going to offer you that important evaluation to tell you if you're going to be a good candidate absolutely free. you can come in, if you give us a call today, we'll do a free evaluation. we'll do a free consultation with you and we'll do that free first clinical laser session, just so you can see what laser hair therapy is like and kind of test drive it. >> do you have people come in in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s? >> we have people of all ages coming in. all ages, because unfortunately, it's not always a natural professionals. but when it's causing hair loss, it could be a medication that you were taking. could be stress that was causing it. so we see people of all ages in the clinic. >> and again, you mentioned just because you don't have hair maybe on the surface. >> correct. >> and you're perhaps bald, doesn't mean you can't get help >> give us a call. we can do the evaluation for you to see if you would be a good
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>> lindsey, thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. >> laser med solutions offers a evaluation, in addition to a free first clinical laser session for anyone who calls and books a consult. it's today only. for more on the latest technology to control hair loss and stimulate new growth, check out the web site on your screen or call the number listed. in our sleep tip of the day sponsored by best mattress, if you were lucky enough to enjoy a three-day weekend for presidents day, you might have taken the time to sleep in or maybe you're know i am. did you know improving your sleep habits can actually be an health? in recent studies they've shown that a loss of sleep is associated with our very own hand held digital devices. bedside. two main effects, they affect our sleeping patterns include electronic devices.
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the light from the device suppresses melatonin, which makes it harder to fall asleep and delays the sleep pattern. the second problem is that often people are using these devices in bed. i'm guilty as charged. that creates a learned association between the bed being a place of study, work or socializing, rather than sleep. go figure. if you're an electronic device addict, try this tip out and share your results on the facebook page for best mattress. the address is on your screen. the sleep tip of the day is sponsored by best mattress. they have locations valley wide and also in mesquite and saint george as well. for one near you, head to a phone number is also listed. twitter? like or follow us.
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we'll one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in
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we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. i want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton,
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>> welcome back to the blend. fall in love with your car at the time all over zen. zerorez can help you take your carpet from tragic to tremendous and make a healthier home in the process. if you haven't had your carpet clined in 12 months, now is the perfect time to do it. now with the green technology is brad mckee. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we'll explain the story of this carpet in just a little bit. yesterday is valentine's day.
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chances are a lot of particlate is as well. >> we want you to love your carpet. it helps you love a little easier. we're going to show you something cool. in the traditional sense of carpet cleaning, we use soaps can stuff to break down dirt. >> soap equals clean. >> exactly. it works great. the problem is soap gets left behind. >> soap equals tough to get out? >> exactly. and it becomes a dirt magnet. we're going to demonstrate how we've kind of side stepped that process and it's going to blow you away. >> explain how you side step this process. you think soap. this is what all together carpet cleaning places use. they put soap in the carpet. and you see these trouble spots over and over. >> and it drives customers crazy. it's to the point where i'm going to replace my carpet. >> the carpet must be bad. >> yeah. so what we've done is we don't use any soaps, detergents. we go in and we take water, we pass it through an electrolysis
9:22 am
so it's more alkaline like soap is. it cuttles grease and grime. after we clean it, it will be soft and fluffy and not sticky and crunchy. it's safe and nontoxic. safe for kids and pets. you literally can drink this water. i think we've demonstrated that before. >> not the tastiest, but it didn't kill me. i'm still standing. >> you're still here. it's really quite a unique process. >> zerorez, you have a guarantee. you know people will love it. they will love you so much. they'll send you flowers. >> because we love it. we love it so much that they're gonna love it. yeah. >> we're going to have ben come in. ben gets shy on us. but he can clean a carpet like nobody's business. this is a rug that you actually pulled -- generally you bring in like a piece of scrap carpet. this is a real world -- this scenario.
9:23 am
out of a customer's house. so this is just naturally soiled over time. you can see as he's going over this, just what we're pulling out of the carpet. we're going to make this livable for you again. >> let's just talk about livable. i know we're looking at the carpet here. can we just look at the canister for a second? this is horrific. this looks like the worst chocolate milk that's ever been made ever. this is what's coming out of the carpet. >> which is crazy. not to gross you out, but we're pulling germs, bacteria, virus, all this junk that's built up if there, we're pulling that out. >> when you're dog is kind of rubbing his butt in your carpet. that's in your carpet. we're using that empowered water, rinsing it out. all that stuff behind is clean. >> you can absolutely see it. you're touching it to show it doesn't have that sticky, sort of crunchy residue that gets stuck when it's normal soap. >> exactly.
9:24 am
customers, that's what they say. like you know what? i love that it's not sticky and crunchy. there is no, like, chemical smell left over in the house. so boom, you get that. >> i almost want to dirt it up. >> we'll clean it again. that's the power of zerorez. on top of that, our water that we loan with is -- by the time it comes out of the truck, gets to the wand, it's about 180 to 200 degrees. had helps you cut through this grime. >> you should make tea for them afterwards. the whole deal. you have a micro seal technology. what is this? >> micro sole, i wanted to demonstrate it today. but what it is is it's a premium protectant. it will last on your carpet, rug, if you have fine fabrics and stuff, it will last for seven to eight years. and that way you don't have to reprotect it. it protects against u.v. light damage. >> like it won't fade your
9:25 am
won't fade them or sometimes fine fabric like on couches or rug, the sunlight comes through and will damage those things and break down. so it protects depends that. it's the most bullet proof protectant on the market. you can literally dump wine on it and get it out. >> wow. >> you can almost throw anything at it. there is a few things, like there is nothing ever perfect. but there is a few things it can't do, but it does a lot more than anything else out there. so it's really cool. micro seal. >> if people want to take advantage, we have a special. >> oh, yes. this is a great deal. twenty-nine dollars per room. there is some minimums that apply with that. you also get the pretreat and sanitize and also get 100 square feet of tile cleaned for free. >> you clean tiles? >> we clean tile as well. on to have of that, because it's still valentine's day, so if you're a little late on getting a present, we have $100 gift card that you can take to their store and use it on some jewelry. >> if you didn't get your wife something for valentine's day
9:26 am
floor, it might as well be clean. >> it will clean our carpets and get her the jewelry. >> you'll be out of the dog house. very nice. you also background check all of your technicians, including your own brother. >> that's right. we background check. we're bonded and insured. these guys are seriously. like our crew, we run 12 trucks in las vegas. our crew is amazing. they go out of their way. we train them to make ready fans out of all of our customers. they literally go out of their way and they say, thanks for that. >> no question. i've seen before on the next door app, which is like that social networking for your neighborhood, whenever anybody asks about carpet cleaning, it's always glory that comings up. >> we're just building it one day at a time. >> pleasure. >> thank you so much. >> take advantage, of the love your carpet special.
9:27 am
pretreat and they'll sanitize your room. they'll add a gift card. minimums apply. call the number or visit zerorezlas to learn more. reviews. i promise you i've had them in my house before and they have to clean up some popsiecal stains. las vegas philharmonic will host their gala on friday at 6:30 at the smith center. the theme is singing in the rain. the evening will begin with hors d'oeuvreses, cocktails and a silent auction. patricia ward kelly, wife of the late gene kelly, will be there. she'll present an i want look at the life of her husband that starred in films. and for ticket and more information, call the number or visit the web site on your
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stay with there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america
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and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for you to caucus for me. thank you. welcome back to the "morning blend." it's no secret getting old can be tough. and many would give up just about anything to maintain their youth. >> so what's led to the negative feelings and is it one generation more than the other? producer micah has more. >> getting older?
9:31 am
in fact, a new poll survey actually found more than half of americans would be willing to say adios to the mart phone and internet if they could stop the aging process. here to explain more about the changes is bill humphries, alongside him is julie. she's a stroke survivor who is here to encourage you to find a doctor who up to speed on the latest treatments. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> bill, we mentioned some of these things that people would be willing to give up to stop the aging process. so what are these main concerns people have with getting older? >> so we did a harris poll of 1,000 americans and this was about three months ago leading up to the launch of the upper land specificity indications for our product. we really wanted to understand attitudes and facts as americans were feeling.
9:32 am
were tending to be positive about adequate healthcare and receiving that healthcare and also maintaining independence. when millenials were negative. as you pointed out, more than 50% of those polled actually were willing to give up the internet, their smart phone and actually even sex for one year if they could stop the aging process all together. so this is really on the top of people's minds. the other thing we found out is that the biggest fear that people had was pain. >> with that, i'm a millenial, so i can agree. a lot of my friends are afraid of hitting that upper ages. i'm about to turn 30 myself. there you go. >> yes. and the goal of this, as you mentioned, was thinking about pain. a poststroke, think of a patient that can't move their left arm and their left hand is clenched closed. their quality of life is completely changed. and it's like a shooting pain through your arm and your
9:33 am
pony tail, so open a bottle of water, to drive your car, to open your car door, daily activities really changes. so part of getting this out there is to really encourage patients who may be suffering in silence to get out there and talk to their physicians 'cause there are treatments available and right now 1.8 million americans are diagnosed each year with adult spasticity. we really want them to take the initiative to talk to their healthcare providers. >> julie, you were diagnosed stroke? >> yes. i was, about six years after my stroke, i was diagnosed with >> can you kind of describe the symptoms you faced with it? >> yes. it was terribly uncomfortable, painful feeling of burning and stabbing and stinging, as if you had opened the top of my arm and poured hot coffee or ice water
9:34 am
it was incredibly painful. >> within your diagnosis journey, you were able to find help. correct? >> yes, i was eventually, after six years of searching, i found help. >> and basically for those in that same scenario, it's basically saying there is hope. what medical advances are in hopes that we can see these in the future? >> well, you have currently neuro toxins that are available to help, so that would relax the muscles. eventually hopefully allow the patient to open their hand and resume some of their day-to-day activities. so that's a real big focus. i think people need to tune in to the national stroke association who we're partnering with to get the message out and really understand what the opportunities are. >> we appreciate you guys taking the time out this morning and joining us this morning and bringing more awareness of this just to get it out there. so julie, thank you for sharing that. >> thank you so much.
9:35 am
you don't have to be concerned about aging. stay healthy and maintain independence by seeing a doctor that can help you live life to the fullest. for more details on how, visit the web site on your screen. we'll also have this on our web site with julie's story. back over to you. >> thank you so much, micah. have you downloaded the new channel 13 action news app yet? >> that's right. it's simple and easy to use. it has live streaming, video on demand, photos and that blazing fast weather radar. you can get that 13 action news app free in the app store and in google play. >> still to come on the blend, celebrate the songs of elton john where vegas headliners are coming together after dark for charity. >> next, making sure all seniors have a proper meal. how you can make it happen after
9:36 am
you're flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
9:38 am
did you know many seniors live on low or fixed income taxes and sometimes they could use a helping hand. thanks to one group, hot meals and lunches are able to insure they get a nutritious meal. >> that's right. here with more on the lutheran social services in nevada's senior meal program is board president reverend dr. marta poling-goldenne, as well as client nutrition service manager kim fiore. it's great having you both. how are you? >> thank you so much for inviting us on. >> explain lutheran social
9:39 am
what is it that you do? >> lsfn is a christian nonprofit organization that's been providing social services to las vegas area residents for over 20 years. we have a variety of programs available that support people who are struggling with low income issues, seniors. we really try to prevent homelessness by the variety of programs we have. so for instance, we have a program that allows people to apply for a birth certificate or a state i.d. that's really critical when you're going to be employed in the state of nevada. you have to be able to prove who you are. you are who you say you ha tassistance programs. of course, the senior meal program that kim wants to tell you a little bit more about. >> let's talk about this meal program for seniors, who otherwise may go hungry or not get enough food. >> yes. the senior meal program is designed to provide a hot, nutritious lunches, as well as a
9:40 am
seniors 60 and older. and their spouses, along with people with disabilities who live with seniors. $5 donation.wo different locations. the first one is at reformation 6th street. they serve from 2:30 to 3:30 monday through friday. and our second location, which we're excited about 'cause it's our newest location that started in october, is holy spirit cheyenne. they serve from noon to 1:00 o'clock on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. >> excellent. what kind of meals are being served? >> well, the meals are provided by the culinary academy of las vegas. they prepare and deliver the meals to the sites where our volunteers serve each person at their table. line. the meals are a variety of different meals are provided and
9:41 am
guidelines for seniors, which means that they have a minimum of at least three ounces of protein, three servings of vegetables and fruits, two servings of grains or starches, low fat milk and occasional a ice dessert. >> you mentioned it's only $5? if people can't afford the $5, will they be turned away? >> no. the $5 are for nonseens under 60. but 60 and older or spouses or the people with disabilities that are over 60, they don't have to pay at all. it's free to them regardless of their income status. >> so incredibly important and this benefits seniors in a great way. >> it's really important for people to get out of their house and especially for those who are living alone. it becomes a very isolating experience, very lonely. a program like this allows people to get out to meet other people, to socialize, to stay in conversation and also to have a nutritious meal.
9:42 am
to go to this thing? >> absolutely not. no. we are a christian organization. but we serve anyone in need and we don't expect you to be affiliated with a particular cock gays or religion. we're open to serve -- congregation or religion. there is a huge need for volunteers. this doesn't happen without your volunteers. >> absolutely, we have volunteers at the sites where we serve the meals. but also the organization itself, lutheran social services, has a number of volunteers who help regularly in our food pantry, in our nutrition kitchen or in our offices. and one of the great things about volunteering is that most of the time we go to do it, to volunteer, to help other people, to serve other people. what you typically find is that as you go serve others, you are blessed and you are changed and it makes your heart feel better. so i really encourage folks to get out and to be a volunteer for our organization or any other organization. >> teach your kids some valuable lessons at the same time. >> absolutely.
9:43 am
a donation, can they go online and do that? >> absolutely. go to our web site and you'll see the prompts from the web site address that will lead to you make a donation. >> excellent. great thing you're doing and a pleasure having you here today. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for the opportunity to talk. >> lutheran social services in nevada senior meal program offers meals during the week at both the reformation lutheran church and at holy spirit lutheran church. it's free for seniors 60 and older older and their spouses or care givers, as well as disabled people who live in senior housing. small donations are accepted. but not required. under 60, $5 donation is all it takes. for more information, including times you can visit the web site or call the number on your screen. you can also find them on facebook and twitter. >> on, you can find so many great stories on what makes the valley a special place to live. >> go to, under sections, you'll find special reports, deals at restaurants.
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nevada count mart is branching out t. has a dot vegas domain. returns.
9:47 am
nevada count mart, with dusty trevino and tyson mackay, both of dot vegas, incorporated. >> good morning. >> let's talk about this. nevada coin mart obviously, your technology. so much so that you have these >> absolutely. nevada coin mart is the industry leader. a little over a year and a half ago i was asked by tyson and dusty here to go into the founder program of dot vegas to buy more premium names. nevada coin mart noble owns that, but gold dot vegas. bullion dot vegas and others. the best part is they're easily searchable. so when clients are searching on the internet, it's a really good way to have key word relevant domain names at a less expensive value than dot com and signifying the fact you are from las vegas.
9:48 am
founding member? you're all about the local? >> absolutely. we're about the logos. that's with the extension is now you can be part of the las vegas community online just like in a physical location now. again, you can brand yourself around one of the most iconic cities in the world online. so it's a great opportunity. >> it's not only a great opportunity for the web domain, which are getting something like if you tried to get, you have to get a time machine 22 years ago, at least, to be able to get something like that. this is a great way for you to get top of the search results as well, right? >> yeah. absolutely. it's a way to really brand yourself. as far as -- it's a great way to get up there on the top of the search engines. google. when you search, you search for the generic.
9:49 am
so if you had cars or cars dot vegas, you'll get up there. >> there is still domain names to buy, right? you didn't buy them all, right? >> no, there is still a lot great names still in the database. there's a lot of great names you can get. >> you can actually go to go daddy right now and we'll be right on the front page for everyone to view. >> it's pretty reasonable. >> absolutely. go daddy right now is having a sale. 24.99. or you could go to, put in the promo code morning blend and we'll give you a special price. >> very nice. >> don't you dare try to find that before i do. nevada coin mart, explain what people can find. >> nevada coin mart is the industry leader. all other buyers are second rate to what it is that i do. i'm the only place in las vegas that's a free-standing store, as you can see right here.
9:50 am
top of my building and think that i'm a free-standing store or whatever. i have two, 55-inch monitors on the inside of the store so you can see exactly what it is. somebody is not hiding behind 27-inch monitor. for me, it's about being the industry leader in everything that i do. and so when you come into nevada coin mart, i am the only place that will buy any type of jewelry. i'm not just a gold buyer trying to figure out costume jewelry. i've been selling it for the last 15 years. and so if you want an expert to evaluate your jewelry, you bring it into nevada coin mart. i buy gold, silver, and costume jewelry. there is no one in las vegas that has the experience and the expertise. i am a jia graduate gemologist. i just don't put that i'm a gia specialist or something like this. when you want an expert, you come and see me. nevada coin mart. i'm there seven days a week, 365 days a year.
9:51 am
>> you have top notch equipment? >> absolutely. i have a $9,000 gia microscope. i have a $30,000 x-ray spectrometer. when you come into nevada coin mart, i have six privacy windows, four privacy booths, and one privacy room in one place. i was just written up for a third time by the chinese newspaper. it is for real. i am the largest gold buyer in las vegas. the refiner came to me over the weekend and explained that to me. there is nobody in las vegas that buys more gold than nevada coin mart. i am neil sackmary and i am only at nevada coin mart. don't be fooled by imposters. >> special offers, use the "morning blend" code and there a special offer at nevada coin mart. >> when you come in and you sell $200 or more, orgeat $50 glazer gift certificate. we're giving them away like crazy. i just order more last night. so when you come in, you're
9:52 am
value. i 100% support dot vegas, they're very, very good to me, very good to nevada coin mart. i urge every single business in las vegas to get their domain name on top of which go get key word relevant domains to what it is that they do. just like i have gold dot vegas, i have nevada coin mart dot vegas. >> again, your hours? >> open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., 365 days a year. you can see the new pictures of the store. i had the whole building repainted. when you come in, you're going to see beautiful in store. you're going to get treated like a great person. i have bottled water for you when you come in. on staff security that's armed. >> awesome. great having you. thank you so much. >> you want the real deal, some see neil. >> thanks. >> lots of professionals at nevada coin mart. appraise coins, collectibles could be worth far more than
9:53 am
you can visit them or call them. they have a dot vegas domain as well. meantime, remember to check out on our web site. you'll find past interviews, facebook and twitter links and
9:54 am
we'll be right back. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor,
9:55 am
a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
9:56 am
0b__ol@` >> vague gas night to give back at monday's dark. top performers from around vegas come together for an unforgettable concert to raise money for charity. >> that's right. tonight's event raises money for ronald mcdonald house in southern nevada. the theme is not the lion king. it's elton john collection. the word is that there will be a special guest performances by a leading strip headliner to close the show. who could it be? doors open show starts at 9:30 inside vinyl at hard rock. for more information, check out monday's >> always a great time. today on the view, actor fred savage on his role in "the grinder," plus raven has a food fight with mario cantono. a special design your view room
9:57 am
that is today at 10 right after us. >> fred savage, i've always been very jealous of him because he got to make out with winnie. then vintage vegas with a twist. frankie shintay. plus check into the cosmos with mystic mona. >> tuesday on the blend, prying support to those affected by fire. the campaign that raises money for local families in need. >> plus, where happy hour is making one charity even happier. we have the dish on that and so much more tuesday at 9. we'll see you then. >> happy presidents day. captioning provided by
9:58 am
www one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. all of us have a responsibility, to ourselves, to our children, to each other. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. our children's future is shaped both by the values of their parents and the policies of their nation.
9:59 am
fill the lives of our children with possibility and hope, open up the doors so that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, families and our country, and i'm not stopping now. (crowd cheers) i'm hillary clinton, and i have always approved this message. >> announcer: "the view" starts right now. valentine's day is so yesterday. so the ladies are telling you when they knew it was time to dump someone. and candace needs a major dressing room revamp. so we've got easy, inexpensive ways to transform her space. plus, fred savage looks back at gettin' down with candace
10:00 am
and later -- >> today is the final tiebreaker of the "food fight." and raven-symone is going down. >> announcer: it all starts now on "the view," with whoopi, michelle collins, joy behar, candace cameron bure, raven-symone and paula faris. now, let's get things started. [ cheers and applause ] hello, hello, hello. and welcome to "the view," welcome to "the view."


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