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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 18, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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close. but these branches block so much snow. one utep down there you sink another six feet at least. a safety video put out by the northwest avalanche institute shows just how paralyzing it can be. a staggering 90% of skiers who fall in tree wells fail to get themselves out without help. accounting for 20% of all ski fatalities. in this dramatic video posted on live leak in 2012, a snowboarder is buried while his friend's camera rolls. once he's partially dug out, you can see how helpless and contorted he was, legs and one arm stuck above him like cement. >> it can be really scary. because if you hit the tree, you can knock a lot of the snow that's on the tree off and that can pile on top of you as well. >> reporter: if you do fall in, experts say you should try to keep a hand in front of your face to clear a place to breathe. hug the treat if possible and use it as leverage to push yourself out. and finally and most
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buddy and keep each other in sight. that's what saved ethan. >> my throat hurts right now. i was trying so hard to get snow away from my face, but it just kept coming down. >> you might hear of somebody that was in a well. but it doesn't touch home until you have someone that, you know, well, like a loved one fall in. >> reporter: neal karlinksky, abc news, snoqualmie pass, washington. >> i've got a long list of ski dangers i like to recite. but that i never even thought of. >> i love all that fresh powder. that's what i was thinking. coming up, mail carriers are no stranger to danger. >> traditionally it's the occasional nasty dog. but in a new jersey community, it was wild turkeys. that's next. was wild turkeys.
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>> announcer wait, oh, yes, wait a minute wait oh yes wait just a minute mr. postman >> postal carriers are lauded for their adherence to their unofficial motto. >> yes, neither snow, nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these carriers from their swift completion of their appointed rounds. >> but it doesn't say anything about wild turkeys. >> some people hear roosters. around here we wake up to gobble, gobble.
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turkeys rule in this picturesque cul-de-sac in hillsdale. if you shoo them they leave, right? >> no, they don't run. >> reporter: which is why we were here in the first place. >> i think that's ridiculous. it's silly. >> reporter: helen is talking about what happened after wild turkeys -- yes, we found them -- surrounded a letter carrier's truck on tuesday. he was so upset, couldn't get out and called his boss for help. the postmaster dialed 911. >> police. >> reporter: this is the actual call. >> you're not going to believe this, but i got a carrier being attacked by wild turkeys. won't let him deliver the mail. >> reporter: on he wasn't actually being attacked, rather, surrounded. word is that mail carrier was a substitute. and while folks here got a really good laugh about this, they do admit the birds can be intimidating. >> i don't want to -- >> reporter: judge. don't judge. >> i don't want to judge anybody, especially if you're
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we see them every day. >> reporter: helen watches from her window. >> summer we don't see them. they're out there swimming. >> reporter: to be clear, this isn't a 100% positive i.d. the gang we just spotted may not be the same one that stopped the mail carrier in his tracks. my gut tells me it is. >> my truck is in the driveway. they always peck at it. they don't peck at the metal part, just the tires they don't like. >> reporter: something tells me that mail carrier will proceed with caution next time he's here. in hillsdale -- >> we've got loads of deer here also. >> reporter: we'll get to them next week. kimberly richardson, eyewitness news. >> that's a cute story. >> it is very cute. i love, we have loads of deer here as well. but they can be scary, those wild turkeys. >> they can, but you have a way of dealing with them. >> yeah, with a little gravy. >> dinner is served. >> you do. >> a little wild turkey with a bottle of wild turkey. >> that's your favorite
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we are we are family i've got all my sisters and me >> that's great we broke out the scissor sisters. >> you like that? as any parent will tell you, it's difficult -- >> send me shade for the sister scissors joke. >> okay. it's difficult enough to raise kids inside an intact family, let alone doing it through the upheaval of divorce and remarriage. >> and celebrity trainers heidi and chris powell are showing other families how to make the best out of tricky situations like theirs. here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: on their hit show, "extreme weight loss," celebrity trainers heidi and chris powell inspire contestants to dig deep
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>> come on. there you go. >> reporter: now the couple married for 5 1/2 years are inspiring people in a new way. >> with three people that are willing to put the kids first and our egos last, we've come up with this incredible dynamic that has resulted in four wonderfully happy kids, and, consequently, three happy adults. >> reporter: heidi posting this family portrait on instagram of her ex-husband cuddling with their two older kids and the two younger ones she shares with chris, along with the #lovemyblendedfamily. the picture generating lots of positive buzz with comments like truly amazing example how to rock a blended family. >> early on, derek and i spent time alone so we could talk to each other about parenting plans, et cetera, and who i could be for his children. it was so important for me to acknowledge and recognize that he is their father. he will always be their father. it's not my job to step in and try to be their dad.
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>> reporter: the powells joining the growing ranks of blended families, from tom brady and gisele, hanging with his ex, bridget moynahan to will and jada pinkett smith and his ex. >> you want your children to have a safe haven whether they are with one parent or the other. and their health, their well-being and their self-esteem stay intact as much as possible at all times. >> reporter: although heidi admits it hasn't always been smooth sailing, they're all committed to making it work. >> i'm not telling everyone they need to be best friends. i do think so much positive can come when you're just kind to somebody else. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> it's a good example. >> it is. they really need to be better looking though. >> that's a good-looking family. that's the news for this half hour.
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facebook at wnnfans.comin 4 months! right now..the winds are picking up and the rain could be here to stay. 13 weather first meteorologist greg bennett is tracking your crazy forecast. good morning las vegas! let's get over to dayna with breaking news.... breaking overnight a house goes up in flames and this is the second time this house has caught on fire. this happened near lamb and stewart just before 11 p-m last night. when almost 30 fire fighters arrived the house was fully on put out the fire and forutnately no one was injured. the first time this house caught on fire was in november. one person was killed...three critically injured and two people found tied up and burned inside. we'll have a full report coming
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also breaking overnight overnight...a gas leak near tropicana and boulder highway. this happened just after midnight. you can see the intersection shut down there through the night.. it looks like it's back open now...let's get over to jessica with a look at traffic front will continue to pass through this morning and into the afternoon. scattered showers are expected for the


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