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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  February 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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it's time for barbecue perfection. and no one knows it better than dickey's, the restaurant continues to bring its signature >> absolutely. here with more, founder of dickey's barbecue pit, i've >> praise god. i thank you. my children thank you for that. >> hello. >> we love to be here. dickey's is great. we love the valley and it loves us. we have three stores here and boulevard. we're going to build five more. we've got one in summerlin and one on rainbow. we're going to build the next one in another area. we'll build in checkedderson. great areas. here. i love las vegas. know -- >> you can keep talking. >> you're in the entertainment options here is -- a perfect example. you have a young people like you two.
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morning and i'm seeing that dionne from "run around sue," he's here this weekend. i'm a geezer. i'd love to go see him. that's what's great about las vegas. let me tell you what i want to talk. everything at dickey's is smoked. we rub it with our secret formula rub. that's where we got the secret. we rub it inside and out and then we smoke it, 200 degrees for 12 to 14 hours overnight. and everything. four hours. it's cooked overnight. that's why it's so tender. masseuse. >> a long time. i learned this from some of the no. this is a great piece of meat. your briskets are cheaper and tough, unless they're cooked for hours and hours.
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it makes it turn dark. we smoke it 14 hours. every dickey's cooks all their meats in the stores. not shipped in. cook right out here on rainbow or las vegas boulevard. here is what it looks like after it's been cooked. this was a tough piece of meat when it went in there. now look at it. no chewing allowed at dickey's. let me give you a taste. you put this in your mouth, move it around and swallow it. if you can't do that, we've done something wrong. >> here we go. >> you'll love this. got a lot of our customers love the crust when they do the meat itself. that's where all the dry rub is. in addition to all that, through the end of february, we have our pulled pork sliders, one dollar a piece. you might get a plate. get one or two of these to eat there or take home. if you have friends, which i don't have any, get some of these sliders, take four or five of them home or ten if you have friends coming over. we also have a secret thing
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dollar apiece. but they absorb adult beverages very quickly. if that's an issue. >> how much are they? >> a dollar, 'til february 29. try them. you'll love them. they're a little add-on for us. i want to say thank you to all of our customers. and then also at dickey's, this is our sausage. we invented this recipe. made for us. it's beef and pork. very lean. it's not got a bunch of fat. so it's great. then my son comes along some years ago and says, we're going to take that and plus it up more. we've added years ago, that. >> i want you to try this. this is really good. if it's not too hot for you. me, i can't eat this unless i have acan of schlitz or something. >> really? >> you can tell i haven't had in a long time. >> been a while.
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>> yeah. this is available on amazon or any dickey's. our cookbook. in its fourth printing. it tells -- if you read this live -- they're inside and cook this inside, just like there is a way to cook it at dickey's over wood. indirect heat and the other. it's great. that's what you want to do. we have a lot of our customers want to cook. buli we used to have a home, we sold it. they won't let me have a smoker there. >> you're dangerous with that. >> exactly. we have eight great meats in all of our stores, 12 great sides. not just coleslaw. >> this is coleslaw. same recipe we've had for a long time. it's cabbage, a little of our special dressing and very good for you. what i like to do with that is i
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put it on there and eat the sandwich. it. a good crunch that way. our stores here all got free ice cream for all the kids. and kids eat free on sunday. if you don't have kids, go out and rent some. bring them into one of our stores on sunday. let us feed them for you. you can't beat that. >> you do catering? >> oh, yeah. if you have a catering of any type, a graduation, birthday party or divorce party, whatever you're having -- >> we have them here in vegas. >> maybe a coming out party. my cousin freddy when he came out of state prison, we had a coming out party for him. let us cater it. we'll do a great job. >> one thing i got to say, you don't have these wimpy cardboard cups. these are like bomb proof. >> every dickey's in the valley,
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now, more coming. cups. even if you're not getting a drink, get a free yellow cup. you'll love it. come back, get one. of course, it's like everything else, made in america. >> that's good. >> it's our barbecue sauce. you can bile that at dickey's. or get it free if you get a sandwich there. our sauce is the same recipe after many, many years. it's great. you'll love it. it's a great barbecue addition. these drinks, when you get a drink, you get 32-ounce. you can't beat that. you take them home. people have a collection of these. when i grew up in the wrong side of the tracks, all of our -- i realized they all said cool whip on them. >> i used to drink out of smuckers. >> what's wrong with that? >> i know. we had a matching set of cool whip bowls. >> mr. dickey, we must go.
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>> gosh, i hadn't been on tv before ever. >> you couldn't tell. >> thank you so much. it's a pleasure. >> thank you. >> thank you. dickey's is offering a couple of specials. they have pulled pork slides available for one dollar through the rest of the month. plus if you stop in today, they're giving a free signature big yellow cup that you can see right in dickey's hand. >> that's right. they have three locations here in the valley with five more on the way. my goodness. to find the closest one near you, visit the web site or call the number on your screen. i bellied up many times and it's awesome. frankly, mr. dickey, you're welcome here any time. all i had to do was eat. >> we love your station. >> thank you so much. >> still to come, 13 things to do, where to hear some great music. >> i love this. stay with us. more on the blend when we get for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out
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and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ]
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all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. do you want to lose weight to make a change to become healthy? our next guest says she can help you lose up to seven pounds a week without hunger, cravings or exercise. >> it's called the pacific total weight loss system. here with more is chiropractic doctor. for those who don't know, we've
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lost over 80 pounds six years ago. you went from a size 20. >> to an 8. >> look at this. it's incredible. this is your before picture. you say there is a reason why you were where you were and you unlocked why. >> yeah. and i did it for myself. i didn't actually do it because i was looking to profit from it. it was because i was tired of being a doctor and not representing being a doctor. i'm tired of losing weight only to gain it back again. that seems to be the big problem with most of my clients. they can lose it, but can't keep it off. it was these five metabolic factors in the way. the one that i'm talking about today is the inflammatory one, inflammation in the system. >> what is it about inflammation weight? >> well, what's interesting about the inflammation is actually created by the fat cells. so the problem is the more weight you carry, the more fat you carry, the more inflammation comes into the system. what we didn't know before and that we know now is that inflammation causes a couple of
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it causes us to store body fat. it causes us not to be able to burn body fat and can't recognize when we're full. if i'm talking to one of the viewers and let's say it's something that has these kind of problems, i work out. but i can't lose weight. no matter how hard i work out or how long, i'm not losing weight. or i can't seem to control myself around all the foods i know i shouldn't have. house, i'll go out and search for them. if i eattthem, i eat too much, be. those are classic signs that you probably have an inflammation problem. >> what are the causes of inflammation? what gets us in the situation in the first place? >> sadly, it's our american diet that gets us into the problem. so all of the sugar, all of the sugar substitutes, all of the processed foods. >> sodium? >> sodium not so much. >> really? >> no. yeah. that's another one that's coming out. sodium does cause problems, but problems. it's really the sugar and the fast acting carbs. then when you go out and try to work out to fix it, the exercise
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inflammation. >> no. >> yeah. how about that? you got somebody that i'm going to exercise more 'cause i don't lose enough. i'm going to exercise more to lose weight and the exercise increases the inflammation. so it actually makes the problem worse. >> wow. >> what should someone do? >> the biggest thing that we try do is identify if someone has inflammation. not everybody has it. but we find that often people have it. so the first step is to come in and talk with me and do the evaluation with me. so that not only can i identify is the inflammation something you have, but do you have any of the other factors that i have. and then if you do, i customize a program to help you, to remove that inflammation from the system and then your body will finally be able to lose the weight. >> you talk about stuff like this and many other things on your pod cast. >> i do. yeah. so a lot of times people can't get to me directly or they need to get more information about me to find out how legit is this program. sounds too good to be true. if they go to, there is pod casts i release on
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can do before you even come into my office to see if you can fix the problem on your own. >> we mentioned earlier that you can help people lose up to seven pounds a week? >> seven pounds a week. in fact, i've had a couple lately that one gal the first seven days she lost 15 pounds. another one in ten days lost 21 pounds and eight inches. >> wow. >> yeah. so if you go to my web site, look at the youtube link, you'll see their testimonials. it's amazing. when we identify the problem, the weight comes off. >> that's incredible. you have a special for viewers that want to take advantage. >> i do. if somebody wants to come and see me normally, it's $50. if they mention they found me on the morning motorcycle, we reduce that to $19 fee. just to see if i can help you. >> fantastic. again, you'll go through a thorough evaluation with someone just to determine what it might be? >> yeah. we don't identified just the inflammation aspect, but other things. we really comprise a total program for the client so that they can lose weight faster and keep it off, which is most important. >> i think it's important to hear.
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though the weight is their fault. they must be living too much of a sedentary lifestyle. for some people that's it. >> right. but for most it's not. it's the program that's failing them. if it doesn't correct these metabolic factors, the key signal is you start gaining the weight when you're finished with the program. if that's happened to you, it's not you. it's the program. >> people get so upset or lose hope. >> horrible. >> it's a vicious cycle. >> yes. >> they think, well, i'm working this hard and nothing happened. i might as well enjoy myself. so they were just working hard the wrong way or didn't find the proper things that were causing the problem. that's my job is to go in there and find out what's really going on with you so that you can work hard, but on the stuff that's actually happening. >> to learn more, where do we go? >> off that web site you'll have links to all of our social media. you'll have links to the podcast, all kinds of information to get you started on how to find me. >> awesome. >> great having you. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it.
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dr. nash on the "morning blend," the standard evaluation fee is only $19. it's normally 50. >> dr. nash's office located on west pacific avenue in henderson. if you want more information, give her office a call or visit the web site on your screen. are you on facebook or twitter? like or follow us. >>
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we'll be back. i've watched as the house across the street has sat empty for over six years. i've watched good friends have their homes foreclosed on. people are still really suffering, and they're looking for somebody that is going to create bold change. wall street gave bad advice and bad loans over and over again, and nothing happened. people are so excited about bernie sanders because they know that he's not beholden to wall street. we need someone like bernie sanders that's going to fight for the middle class. we have to fix things now. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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it's oscar season and no award show is complete without a viewing party full of delicious appetizers. chef miosal simon of the chew -- michael simon of the chew knows how to join the perfect pairings to bring it all together. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you have hosted many events. ha is the key to throwing a great party? >> i think the key is throwing a party that allows you to enjoy the party as much as your guests. and that's why i'm in love with the cheese board, especially for an oscar style party, 'cause it's rich. it presents beautifully. you can get really something for everybody there. and then you can enjoy the party as much as the people at it. >> when you do a cheese board,
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party for ten people, how do you know how much cheese to put out? >> here is the beautiful thing about cheese. it holds great. it's better to have too much than not enough because the worst thing that could happen is you're making grilled cheeses for yourself in the morning. so it's a no lose situation. i think if you think about it for ten people, if you think a couple ounces per person, that's a really safe way to go. >> what do you like to pair up with the cheese board? any side meats? >> yeah. what i do is i try to get like three or four distinctive kind of flavors of cheese so there is something for everybody. like i'm using the danish blue and an aged havarti and double cream white. i have this great partnership with costello cheese. then i like to pair things that are salty, sweet and acidic with it. i've got a little texture. aged meats work great. different types of meats,
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beautiful with cheeses. i do marinated olives. maybe dried fruits, some cranberries or cherries or apricots, all really wonderful pairings. it's all about kind of creating different flavors within the board so that way your guest cans get different tastes throughout the board. >> do you have any special recipes you would like to recommend? >> yeah. i have a bunch of beautiful recipes at costello you can really customize it, make it your own party. today i did simple marinaded olives with a little bit of lemon and orange zest, extra virgin olive oil, fresh thyme, chili flake. a little pop of acidity from the citrus and then a touch of heat from the chili flakes. it's a nice balance thing. >> that looks so delicious.
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i'll use that the next day. since we're talking -- >> me, too. >> since we're talking about the movies, do you have any predictions for best movie? are you a movie guy? >> i am a movie guy. being in the restaurant pis, your life is kind of always surrounded with a lot of activity. so sundays is always almost always a day liz and i take off and we'll hit a movie very often. just to kind of sit and chill and relax. i like "martian" for best film. i'd like to see leonardo dicaprio finally get an oscar this year. you know, and because of my age and generation, i'm cheering for sylvester stallone to get a best supporting this year for "creed." >> that would be cool. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> again, for more information on these perfect ideas for your oscars party, head to the web site on your screen. you can also find these recipes on our web site.
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oscars. coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. on sunday, february 28. and of course, you can check out chef michael symon on the chew every weekday at noon right here on channel 13 as well. thank you so much. i love today's show. it's all about the food. it's time for this week's what's for dinner brought to you by m and m soul food cafe. if you're a soul food fan, head to their cafe. dinner tip, award winning chicken and waffles platter is fantastic. this traditional mississippi ditch combines their crispy battered waffles. it's a must try combination. and you can't forget about dessert. they have so many lip smacking selections, like sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, banana pudding. a wide variety of cakes as well and you can wash down your dinner with some of their popular sweet tea or lemonade. they are an 11-time best of las vegas award winner. they have two locations.
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charleston and the other one brand-new in las vegas boulevard across center stratosphere. they're also open for breakfast. so you can start your day off right with tasty mississippi home cooking. now more from micah. >> thanks. here is a look at what's going around the valley in your community spotlight. spotlight senior services hosts their fifth annual straight from the heart fund-raiser this afternoon. it's at pacifica living center at 3 p.m cocktails, ravel raffle. it benefits those who escort veterans to the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c the galleria at sunset is celebrating 20 years and they want you to celebrate with them. the anniversary kickoff party is tomorrow from 1 until 3. there is live music, face painting, a balloon artist. sweet treats and more. the first 200 guests will get a
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also on saturday, red rebels. we'll get that w. the game is at 7. unlv fans are encouraged to bring used stuffed toys to the game to donate to the toy drive. it's to raise awareness that a stroke can happen at any age. you may recall last april the late great host jerry tarkanian 's grandson suffered a stroke at only five years old. the little guy has recovered. the toys will be collected from entrance. after the break.
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we'll be right hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
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[ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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right now they're one of canada's greatest export. the tenors have sold out concert across the world for years. lately they've been on the road promoting their latest album. they'll be here in the valley tomorrow night. >> they're so dreamy. they are all with us this morning. clifton, frazier, victor and regio. welcome. where was your last gig? >> mesa, phoenix, last night. great show. sold out. from response.
9:29 am
we have a show tomorrow night at the smith center here in vegas. so we wanted to stop and say hello and just catch up on old times. >> they have their tour bus parked in the front. you're taking like 16 spots. >> he needs it for his make-up and hair. >> that's just the make-up trailer. you've been on tour since september. you got a lot of good things going on. you covered queen's hits with lindsey sterling, who i've had a chance to meet. phenomenal violinist. tell me about this video. it's so freaking dramatic. it's awesome. >> thank you. >> well, we're a work in progress. it was a pleasure working with lindsey because she's an amazing talent, great entertainer. wow, yeah. >> he's a real vampire contact. >> it was fun. we were in prague doing some
9:30 am
to do the video if prague at a castle. >> it's like 700 years old and it was haunted and there were bats. >> wow. >> the senors in a different light. >> reliving our rock'n'roll days. >> do you travel all over the world and perform for the queen? >> that's correct. >> is there someone that you have not worked with that you would like to? >> we haven't worked with you, but we are. >> listen to go a song, anything from queen, my goodness. how do you decide which songs you're going to tackle beyond your original music? >> a lot of times we ask our fans what they want to hear in terms of cover tunes. we write our own music, we arrange, as victor was saying. and we want to have a great time live. so obviously we can't bring lindsey on stage with us every night 'cause she's doing her own tours. we rearrange it. vic plays the classical piano thing and i do the electrical guitar. i do the violin parts on the guitar.
9:31 am
that the music that we're singing strikes a cord with our audience. it's all about making moments with meaning and a lot of people come to our shows, they laugh, they cry. they have a really great time and leave inspired. >> can you turn a david bowie song into an op rattic performances? >> no problem. >> wow! >> that was just this morning. >> just yawning. >> it's called under one sky. it's mix. you have original music. how do you tackle original music and what kind of tone do you take with it? >> we really were happy to have so much original music on this record. we had great support from our album. our record label. they've been champions of ours and we always select songs that people are going to recognize,
9:32 am
hallelujah, we did -- >> she's been dying for to us play it. >> we did "you are so beautiful," the song joe cocker made famous. we want something to connect with the audience, in a nostalgic type of way. then to have that support from the people around us, to be writing our own music. we just got nominated for what is a canadian grammy called a juneau. >> you know about curling. >> when you guys are on the road, who are the sloppiest one of you? the messiest? >> probably our bass player. he's still out there. >> it's tight quarters in there. we have eight guys on the bus. >> you all dress very, very well. but do you think amongst you there is one that stands out more? >> we sleep in this. >> wow. very nice. >> get up in the morning, do
9:33 am
>> who is the most fashionable? >> we all have our own -- >> we all have our own flair. like we all wear fashion slightly different, which is nice in a group because we don't >> individual. >> that's the unique thing about this group is we have four very different artists, very different voices and we sing all styles of genre. classical, rock, and others. we turn songs into dance tracks and folk redo. all styles of music. in that, we like to focus in on what's individual about each member of the group and how to watch that grow. we have frazier on piano and bass and victor on piano and rammy on electric guitar and classic and myself playing in stories and mixing it up to bring that audience into an experience that's not a traditional tenor experience, but more of like your band. we write, we play, we sing.
9:34 am
that's why people leave so refreshed. >> we have 30 seconds left. two things. i know you want to do mention a nonprofit. >> yeah. we work with the horatio algier association. they giveless scholarships. $110 million to 26,000 students over the last ten years. it's an amazing thing. we're really proud of it. and we have time for a little acappella? >> please. hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
9:35 am
hallelujah >> oh, my goodness. you made my day. >> dao is melting. >> i am. the incredible voices. thank you so much. they will be at the smith center tomorrow night at 7:30. tickets start at $24 and can be purchased at the smithcenter pope com or call the number listed. >> to learn more, there is a
9:36 am
they're on facebook and t flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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tt0w!t.*(=! %4@-,2( tt0w!t.*(=! el@-&5d tt0w!t.*(=! ed@- 7 tt0w!t.*(=% )8h-@i\ tt0w!t.*(=% kzh-]& tt0w!t.*(=% n-h-(o, tt0w!t.*(=% 0ph-6(4 tt0w!t.*(=% s"h-&zt tt0w!t.*(=% ueh-%8$ tt0w!t.*(=% 7hh-9:p blend." you're looking for a new ride. if you are, the question that comes up is should you lease or finance a new car? hyundai henderson super store are making sure you understand what's better for you while ride. here with more is the details for everything you need to know, car loss. how are you? >> very well. >> henderson hyundai, i want to make this announcement. for 2015, we are the number one hyundai volume dealership in the state of nevada. this is a great deal for us. it was a big deal. there is a lot of competition, lot of good competition. but for us to get the number one spot in nevada for volume for hyundai, it was a great award for us. >> absolutely. >> we love it. >> the brand is on fire right now.
9:39 am
we have customers coming in trading in their ten-year loyalty to this brand, great products. they're coming to us, trading in their bmw's, mercedes, whatever it may be. it's a wonderful thing. people love the hyundai product. >> absolutely. tell us of the difference between leasing a car versus buying and financing a car, what are the benefits of leasing a new car? >> the benefits are like myself, i like all the gadgets. i like the roof, navigation, the blue hands free talk. i love all that. start my car up with my little watch phone. >> what? >> yes. that's right. it's a great thing. it's a wonderful thing. >> that is awesome. >> it is. people want all those features. if go to purchase it, you can't. sometimes they can't afford it. when you're lease ago vehicle, you can do it with zero money down. your payment will be half of what it should be. on a purchase, it could be 500, it could be 400. on a lease, it could be $150, $200 a month. they are phenomenal.
9:40 am
years, four years, 10,000 miles, up to 15,000 miles a year. obviously with hyundai's great warranty, you never have to worry about anything with your vehicle. you are covered the whole time. >> let's talk about some of the promotions that you have for leasing right now. >> the promotion is on our hyundai elan. the great ones are on the alain tradition. ninety-nine dollars a month for a lease. our 2016 hyundai sonata, entry level, 159 a month. >> that's great. >> it's a great thing. great inside our elantra is considered a mid-size vehicle. it's a small car, but it's so large inside, you can fit your whole family and your friends in there. >> i want to make sure that we point out, you said entry level. but entry level today is not like when it was 20 years ago. you didn't get the tires. >> no.
9:41 am
power windows, power locks, alloy wheels, all the good stuff. hands free talking, that's entry level. >> that's all the options you used to pay fortifiers ago. >> that's right. they're not going to charge you for all those options. >> that's awesome. shed some light on this. you had a biggest loser weight loss competition going on, right? >> that's right. our general manager, charlie, wanted to bring it up for the staff only. us being the car business, we eat very unhealthy. >> yes. >> doritos, cheeseburgers, you name it, it's horrible. >> radio industry as well. i know that is true. >> we're trying to promote good eating, good health. so he says let's have a biggest loser competition for our staff. couple of days later, with an overwhelming response, 80% of our staff signed up for it. so we decided to go public with it. >> keep people accountable. >> that's right. we want to reenergize the people for the new year. everyone has these new year
9:42 am
we want to give them some motivation. come to our -- >> they're getting sexier and sexier over there. >> oh, wow. >> at the end of the month, come in, weigh in again. our winner will be announced, and given a $1,000 cash reward. >> that's awesome. >> for the one with the most >> man. you're looking quite dapper. >> thank you very much. i signed up. don't let the shirt and the jacket fool you. there is a lot hiding underneath. >> i guess the male spanx right here. i have the underarmor on. it sucks you right in. that's fine. you won't need it much longer. >> that's right. >> hours? >> we're open at 7:30 in the morning and close at 9:00 p.m. or until our last guest leaves. >> monday through saturday? >> monday through saturday. in henderson. >> cool.
9:43 am
wheel of a hyundai, i mean, my goodness, the brand has done, especially in the last ten years. wow. really wowing people. >> phenomenal. i mentioned earlier, people are trading in their ten-year loyalty brand. they come into hyundai and see a big difference. i want to go back to where we got the award for highest volume. it's because we treat all of our guests the proper way. we want to make sure everybody is happy. whether you buy today or tomorrow, we want to make sure they have all the information they need to make a well-informed decision. that helped us be number one in the state of nevada. for 16, looking pretty good. >> the staff is looking pretty good, too. >> we try. >> thanks so much. >> pleasure. >> check out the lease promotions going on on. the dealership is located on north boulder highway. if you want more information, head to the web site or call the number listed. they're also on facebook and twitter. i can probably use a weight loss challenge.
9:44 am
>> can you hire me? >> i'll hire you. >> up next on the "morning blend," get ready for some fun-filled music this weekend in vegas. 13 things to do around the corner. on, great stories on what makes the valley such a great place. go to the web site and click on sections, you'll find that positively lv link.
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check it there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts
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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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welcome back. better than ever. >> a concert for just about every genre of music lover. we look at 13 things to do. >> 13 things to do this week is sponsored by the south point. >> hello, las vegas. this week's 13 things to do right here in las vegas will please all the music lovers in the valley. listen up. a new show at the plaza. they have been performing in vegas show rooms for 16 years sing songs by everyone, from dean martin to michael jackson, even to bruno mars. they perform select fridays and saturdays through may. the williamburg salsa orchestra isn't like any other salsa group. the 11-piece groups adds a latin
9:48 am
"keep the car running," "wolf like me," and" i turn my camera on by phone." they will take the stage at the brooklyn bowl on saturday night. and the very popular local alternative rock band rusty maples is wrapping up a mini residency at the bunk house saloon in downtown las vegas. every thursday night the band performs along with other local bands. the line-up for next thursday includes same sex mary, dark black, hidden levels and ryan party. the music starts at 9:00 p.m. and it is only $5 to get in. it isn't all about music, though. this week's 13 things, we also have information about black history month festivals and a free exhibition by the roller girls, plus a bicycle ride down las vegas boulevard. there is a lot happening like always. if you want to see the full list, head to until next week, i'm megan telles. >> a pleasure as always. thank you. 13 things to do this week
9:49 am
for more information, go to southpointcasino pope com. yesterday the vino was pouring. it was national drink wine day. we asked if you prefer white or red and you talked back with us. producer zach is back with us with some of what you had to say. hi, zachary. >> hi. >> hey. i think a lot more people are going to be celebrating it come this weekend 'cause they were trying to be a bit responsible, don't you think? >> people do have jobs. >> they do have jobs. >> just like we do. we're going to start with our viewer. michelle. she says she likes wine, white wine, but does love a good pinot noir. megan telles was talk being that yesterday. randy, our next viewer, is a committed chardonnay drinker. his favorite is la creme. he says you can find it lately around 16 bucks. not bad. jenny says merlot all of the way. can drink it with just about anything. you don't have to worry about pairing everything because pairing is serious. pairing wine, we've had people
9:50 am
times talking about how to pair wines specifically and it's really a science. >> i can't do it for the life of me. i did go to hard rock one time and i'm not a wine guy at all. but they paired it so perfectly well, i would have no idea how to do it on my own. >> i just went there for the steaks. >> that's me, too. eat well also put together a list of the five most popular wines and i kind of have them here for us to look at. there seems to be more white than red. topping the list is pio grigio, followed say satisfy onblank. any of your favorites on there. >> you were pronouncing savignon correctly. >> what do you drink? >> anything sweet. my parents if they're watching are probably freaking out, oh, he's drinking. >> you don't drink at all. >> not really.
9:51 am
a tiny little bottle of jack daniels. >> we're going to try to save your job. and we have to go. >> thank you. >> thanks, zach. up next, more fun on the blend, including a look at one of the hottest new bands in vegas.
9:52 am
you'll find recipes, hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america
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all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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>> our friends at channel 13 action news invite you to download their 13 action news app. >> that's right. it's very fast, simple, easy to use. has incredible weather radar that will keep you safe the next time a storm is brewing. get the app free in the app store and in google play. >> today on the view, actress eva longoria joins the ladies topics. plus a rapper, killer, mike responds to the outrage over comments he made about hillary clinton. that is today at 10 right after us. >> today at 2 on valley view live, would you like to work for the kardashians? the studio. plus the hottest fashion trend that you must know about. >> and that nanny has dated someone famous, too. you're going to hear all about that on valley view live. monday on the blend, walk with the heart of a child. how you can support kids by joining together. >> valley unites for this
9:55 am
we'll have the details on that coming up monday at 9. >> earlier, the tenors gave us a sneak peek of their performances on saturday. i do believe i got serenaded. that was my all-time favorite. >> i was crazy. >> plus, new group, naked elephant hit our stage with a phenomenal new song. here is a look back as we leave you today. we'll see you monday. >> have a great monday. hallelujah hallelujah
9:56 am
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one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born.
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has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton, and i have always approved this message. they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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>> announcer: "the view" is live right now. the pope and trump's holy war. how the pontiff has the donald's back against the wall. then, the red-hot eva longoria's firing up the "hot topics" table. and a "view" exclusive. for the first time on live tv, michael render, aka rapper "killer mike," responds to the outrage over his hillary dis. >> announcer: it all starts now on "the view," with whoopi, michelle collins, joy behar, candace cameron bure, raven-symone, and paula faris.
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[ cheers and applause ] hello. hello. and welcome to "the view." [ cheers and applause ] wow -- what kind of medication is this crowd on? somebody has been spiking their little apple juices. so, okay, so, cnn analyst, legal analyst sunny hostin is with us today. sunny, welcome. [ cheers and applause ] so, all right, let's get right into donald. the donald. >> okay. >> the donald. >> the donald says that he's a christian, right? >> yes. >> they all say that except for


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