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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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no matter what no matter what the price" cruz did change it up a bit-- listing the first thing hell do once in office...while taking stabs at president obama. "the first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president" cruz was met with cheers until he touched on public land... see as this group of protestors calls out the texas senator for his plans to sell lands back to the states. "the cruz supporters had some choice words for us" but the only words ted cruz had for these protestors-- "the great thing about the first even allows bernie sanders supporters to come to our events" cheers now cruz is headed to elko then reno tonight-- where he'll try to gather more support before tomorrow's caucus. live lesley marin 13 action
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donald trump will be hosting a rally at the south point hotel & casino in about two hours. trump is hoping to carry the momentum from saturday's win in south carolina and hold off ted cruz and marco rubio in tomorrow's caucuses. his rally is set to kick off at 7 p-m. we'll be streaming his speech live on right now.. it's windy outside. if you stepped outside at all today... you probably got blasted by a few healthy gusts of wind. this is some video earlier from desert breeze park. let's go to 13 weather first chief meteorologist bryan scofield in the weather center to find out when we can expect
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bryan. a system moving across the northern great basin will continue to bring breezy to windy conditions across the area tonight and tomorrow. expect peak gusts to about 40 mph this afternoon. accused killer.... javier righetti appeared in court today.... after pleading guilty to the brutal rape and murder of -15- year old... alyssa otremba. today... the state and the defense.... worked on finalizing the questionnaire.... they'll use to select....
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the state only objected to two of those questions... one about the death penalty... and.... if jurors would feel obligated to automatically sentence him.... to death. and... the other about..... life in prison... if they believed.... he really would spend his life behind bars. the jury panel will appear in court.... on wednesday. an update now..... to a story we first brought you.... as it was breaking.... on k-t-n-v dot com! officials at "the d las vegas" are speaking out... after a body was found inside one of the laundry chutes.... early yesterday morning. 13 action news reporter.... marissa kynaston joins us from outside... "the d".... with what hotel officials are saying.... about the death. marissa... it was the staff that found the body sunday morning-- they say the womas body was found at the bottom of a laundry chute. they found it just before three in the morning. police are still investigating how the body got there. the hotel is 34 stories high-- and the tallest hotel in ns fremont street. hotel and casino officials released a statement-- they
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by the unfortunate incident that took place at the d las vegas. but they said they couldnt comment any further. the death has not yet been ruled a homicide-- police are investigating it as a suspicious death-- until the coroner can find out more information. live in downtown-- mk-- 13an. police are looking for a man and woman right now who robbed a store near sunset and pecos on the east side of the valley. these are surveillance photos of the hold-up last month. police say the man pretended to be an undercover metro officer before pulling a gun on employees. the suspects took off in a light colored hyundai sonata. a new medical marijuana dispensary is open for business. congresswoman dina titus was among those on hand for today's ribbon cutting ceremony at the apothecarium. she says this dispensary is different from the others around the valley and neighbors shouldn't be worried about the type of crowd it will attract. 21:38:28 15 "polling shows that a majority of people absolutely support medical marijuana and
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initiative passed. i think they're going to be supportive and when they see the kind of facilities that are created here they'll realize it's not a threat to their neighborhood but an asset." the apothecarium is located near sahara and buffalo. it's co-owned by a former police officer who says he received a chronic pain diagnosis that can be treated by medical marijuana. we're learning new details in the shooting death of a 12-year-old boy and the arrest of his father. up next.. the shocking new twist on why the gun should never have been in the house in the first plus... the michigan uber driver.... who shot and killed -6- people over the weekend appears in court.... and now... we're hearing from one of his passengers! "i half heartedly joked at him and said "you're not the shooter are you?" and a valley woman who relies on insulin to treat her diabetes suddenly finds a mistake by hotel employees ruined all of her medication... and now she wants reimbursement. when you ask... we investigate.
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passengers on a megabus alongwhen it caught fire.. then exploded. you can see the charred shell of the bus after the fire.. but miraculously.. none of the 40 people on board was injured. this is the third megabus fire in four years.. including one last year in upstate new york and one in 2012 in georgia. investigators are now checking its data recorder to help determine the cause of the
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a valley man makes his first court appearance today.. more than a week after his son died in an apparent suicide. new at 5.. police are now releasing details of what happened in the moments leading up to the 12 year-old's death. 13 action news reporter mahsa saeidi explains why the father is facing charges. police believe the gun the 12 year-old used ... belonged to his dad! they say it was not in a safe! and the place! family members shared these pictures of 12 year-old sincere manual! detectives say the child was found in his bedroom....with a his head. sincere's siblings -- just 10, 6, and 2 years old -- were just feet away ... in a different room when they heard a quote 'pow' ... after that bullet went through the wall! relatives told 13 action news how the father -- olin manuel-- ran upstairs ... broke down the door ... tried to revive his son . according to the arrest report, manuel and his girlfriend denied there was a gun in the house.
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it while visiting his mom at a native american reservation site. sincere is remembered as a loving quiet child who loved football. bail was set at 25 thousand dollars for his dad. in the newsroom, mahsa saeidi, 13 action news. the uber driver..... accused in a deadly shooting spree in michigan.... went before a judge today!!! jason dalton appeared.... via video conference. he's charged with murder among -6- people and injured two others. police say.... the -45- year old.... opened fire in the parking lot of a residential complex.... saturday evening. he then.... allegedly killed a father and son at a car dealership..... and several others outside.... a nearby restaurant. perhaps most shocking of all... investigators say.... dalton continued picking up passengers.... between shootings. sot - anonymous passenger "i half heartedly joked at him and said "you're not the shooter are you?" and he said "no" and i said "are you sure?" and he said "no, i'm just really tired." police believe....
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victims... ive is still.... a mystery. if convicted.... he faces.... life in prison. still to come... a valley woman is fighting for her health.... when a hotel accidentally ruined all of her medication!!! 44 i have no medicine. i can't eat, i can't do nothing 51 now - it's a race against the clock to get this woman the help she needs. when "you ask... we investigate". and.. two teenage boys are caught on camera destroying dozens of cars.. racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. plus... here's what we're working on right now.... for action news.... live at six: ccsd's looking to phase a boulder city tradition.. now the school's fighting back. a system moving across the northern great basin will continue to bring breezy to windy conditions across the area tonight and tomorrow. expect peak gusts to about 40
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0 cars and causing hundreds of thousands dollars. take a look at the survellance video.. as the boys bust out windshields and tail lights on dozens of cars. some of the cars are classics.. with original details that can't be replaced. (scott cass/east tennessee auto outlet) "this is a 1962 impala super sport that they busted all the windows out and beat around on it." (butted to) (scott cass/east tennessee auto outlet) "i mean they were really just animals." the teenagers have since been
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vandalism charges. a local woman says... she is fighting for her health..... after a hotel made a mistake.... costing several thousand dollars!!!! it's a story.... you asked us.... to investigate. contact -13- investigative reporter.... stephanie zepelin is looking into what happened.... and... how? valerie lewis was between apartments and decided to stay here to be closer to work. it all started out great, until she needed to take her insulin. when she check in, valerie said they offered to store her insulin in the staff fridge, because there wasn't one in the rooms but when she had them go back and get it for her the next day, they had put all nine boxes in the freezer, not the refrigerator....which is a big no-no when it comes to insulin. 19.39.34 i said, 'do you all realize you have ruined all of my insulin 42 what am i supposed to do here? 44 i have no medicine. i can't eat, i can't do nothing 51
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her the 366 dollars she paid for her room, but just one box of the insulin costs her 500 to 800 dollars. i spoke to the manager here, the same one valerie dealt with. i'll tell you what she said and what they're doing for valerie, on action news live at six. live at sunset and eastern, soc we looked into this story.... after a viewer e-mailed us... if you have a story..... you'd like us to look into... just send us an e-mail.... to and... be sure to include.... your phone number. at least 20 people are dead after powerful tropical cyclone hammered the island of fiji over the weekend. this is a look at some of the damage. homes were levelled and thousands are without power.. water.. or communication. the cyclone hit the island saturday with winds up to 185 miles-per-hour. adlib let's go to chief
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and 'weather first.' a system moving across the northern great basin will continue to bring breezy to windy conditions across the area tonight and tomorrow. expect peak gusts to about 40 mph this afternoon. the gusts will taper down a bit tonight and overnight before picking back up tomorrow morning. peak gusts tomorrow will reach about 35 mph and will start to taper down by the afternoon. the system will also bring a cooling for tomorrow to average temperatures with highs in the mid 60s expected. by wednesday, calmer wind and warmer temps return to the forecast. highs in the upper 60s are expected wednesday, then mid and upper 70s thursday through
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clear to mostly clear skies are in the forecast through saturday, then a bit more cloud cover will push in sunday. time now...
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the centers for disease control and prevention... made a mistake. earlier this month... they released analysis... of lumber liquidator's laminate flooring stating.. cancer risk from the formaldehyde... was low. now... the c-d-c says... it's actually higher.... than first calculated... with a cancer risk... of between - 6- and -30- cases... for every -1- hundred thousand people. starbucks is overhauling... its rewards program. members used to get a star... for every visit. so.... a lot of customers... were asking baristas... to ring up items separately... slowing down service... at the checkout. so now... the new program... is based on... how much a customer spends. and... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action"
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with a consumer problem. just call one of our volunteers... any weekday.... between -11-a-m and -1-p-m... at 702-368-2255. we'll be right back.... with a final check on your forecast.... from bryan. but first.. here's a look at what we're working on new at six. metro's mistakes and who's paying for them. now.. valley taxpayers are getting huge bill for thousands of dollars. we'll be right back. a system moving across the northern great basin will continue to bring breezy to windy conditions across the area tonight and tomorrow.
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get started with prism essential tv plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $75 a month for a year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. investigation. we just got a mug shot from metro of a 17 year old suspected killer. take a look at devin alvague. he's sittting in jail right now.. and will be certified as an adult.. facing one count of murder with a deadly weapon. police have been looking for him since february 9th..
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a home on kennewick drive near vegas valley drive and south mojave. that's the latest from the breakiong news center. a system moving across the northern great basin will continue to bring breezy to windy conditions across the area tonight and tomorrow. expect peak gusts to about 40 mph this afternoon. before we go... here's a look at what's coming up later.... on abc.... in primetime... at -8-... it's "the bachelor".... followed by "castle" at -10- then we will see you tonight... for action news... 6.. because we're giving away money. tune-in and watch for the keyword.. then log-on to before 7pm. then tomorrow night at 6.. we'll announce our winner and give you another keyword for wednesday night's giveaway. so don't forget.. watch 13 action news live at 6
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that's our news for now... but... stay with us.... for abc's world news tonight....up next. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a great evening. darcy 10 pack stand-up intro:
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breaking news tonight in the race for the white house. the major resignation. also, donald trump. is he now unstoppable? rubio and cruz, battling to be the alternative. but with both of them in, does it help trump? >> you're going to say, "please, please, mr. president. we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning." >> and tonight, has hillary clinton turned a corner? inside the seven hours of terror.
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court. six dead. and you will hear from the passengers who got into his uber car before and after the shootings. what he said to them. the storm system tonight, in the south, possible tornadoes, hail and about to move right up the east coast. major snow right behind it. the consumer alert tonight. the cdc now pointing to a popular home improvement item, saying there are possible cancer risks. the alarming new numbers. and forever young. she's 106, and she's teaching the president and the first lady how to dance. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin with fast-moving developments in the race for the white house. tonight, we've learned of a key resignation on the republican side, amid the bigger question at this point, can anyone catch up to donald trump? trump winning big in south carolina, after a major win in new hampshire. and no republican who has won


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