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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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u-m-c.... to be checked out. new tonight.. the family of a 26-year old woman.. found dead in a laundry chute at "the d" is speaking to 13 action news tonight. kalli medina-brown's body was discoverd..... by hotel staff... early yesterday morning. -13- action news reporter.... gina lazara is live in front of "the d"..... with what the family is saying.... about this suspicious death! gina? steve and tricia - kalli's family has just as many questions as we do. how did she get inside the laundry chute -- and how did she die? tony fratis was more than a just grandpa to kalli medina-brown. he pretty much raised her. "im sorry we're not gonna see what she could have been.....cries" and to make matters worse -- the number of questions surrounding his beloved kalli's death are astronomical. "we're pretty much in the dark. as are hundreds of friends and family members here and throughout the western united states." police say the 26-year old was found dead at the bottom of the laundry chute inside the d hotel. "i wasn't there but i just can't help but believe that it was an accident." it's being
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scene. but the cause and manner of her death are still unknown. "everybody goes to vegas to have fun. there's no way it was suicide. there's no way in the world." her grandpa tells 13 action news - kalli was in town with 27th birthday. "we've all consumed too much so that's a strong possibility. could they have gotten in an argument? sure. would that have caused her to jump down a chute? no." fratis says detectives told kalli's mother -- video from inside the d shows kalli's husband walking one way....while kalli walked the other direction....right into the maid's closet. he's not sure why they would have separated. but he's sure of one thing. "weslee is not a violent person. im not saying life is perfect. im not trying to paint that picture. im just saying he's not a violent person." kalli's grandpa also told me -- no one in their family has been able to get ahold of the
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they believe he is still in las vegas cooperating with the investigation. reporting live gina lazara 13 action news. right now.. a nasty winter storm is brewing.. and threatening millions of americans tonight. here's a live look at our satellite images. you can see the system over several states on the east coast. forecasters say the storm could deliver heavy rain and snow.. as well as severe weather and tornadoes in the south. we'll continue to watch that storm as it developes.. and pass along any updates from back east. here in southern nevada.. no extreme weather.. but we have had a lot of wind through the day. this is a live look outside right now. so have we seen the worst of to find out what we can expect this week. . a system moving across the northern great basin will continue to bring breezy to windy conditions across the area tonight and tomorrow. expect peak gusts to about 40 mph this afternoon.
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about 35 mph and will start to taper down by the afternoon. the system will also bring a warmer temps return to the next weekend. clear to mostly clear skies are in the forecast through saturday, then a bit more cloud cover will push in sunday. an update now..... to a story.... we first brought you.... as it was breaking. a teenager is behind bars.... accused of shooting and killing a man.... of -17- year old.... devin alvague....
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police say... alvague got into the argument... with the victim.... when things escalated. he's now facing.... one count of murder. new at 11: our first look..... at the victims gunned down near the strip.... friday. the mother of one of the women says.... the two were best friends... in town.... for a graduation party. tonight... police say this man... omar talley... is facing murder! 13 action news reporter.... mahsa saeidi is live ... near harmon and the boulevard..... with new details released by police tonight. mahsa? tricia - police say there was a fight between talley and a man the girls were with! it happened at the parking garage here! security tried to hold talley back! but police say he got away! chased the victim's down! and opened fire! "melissa had no children, jenny had two children" (butted with) "i don't even know how to express the saddness that our family is going through right now." the two 27 year-old's were fatally shot in the chest.
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was fiercely loyal.... jennifer chicas had two small children of her own! the man they were with ... a relative ... was critically injured but survived. the arrest report details how... omar talley pointed a gun at the victim's in their car! how they sped away.. how talley fired multiple shots! chicas was found bleeding on the pavement. mendoza in the car. police say talley told them he was drunk and high that night. he only saw a fight at the parking garage and he did not anyone. detectives are still looking for a gray toyota camry connected to the case. reporting live, mahsa saeidi, 13 action news. right now.. police are looking for a man and woman who robbed a store near sunset and pecos on the east side of the valley. these are surveillance photos of the hold-up last month. police say the man pretended to be an undercover metro officer before pulling a gun on employees.
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light colored hyundai sonata. we're only hours away from the caucuses.. and the top 3 candidates candidates spent the day in a final push for support. 13 action news with brian callahan is live at the southpoint with today's highlights from donald trump.. ted cruz and marco rubio. bryan. trump's campaign says they packed about 8,000 supporters into the arena. trump taking advantage of his front runner status even attacking ted cruz at several points during a speech. "these are the most dishonest people i've ever dealt with." it was clear to see who donald trump considers his biggest competition as the republican front runner twice attacked ted cruz during his 45 minute speech. "this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever met." trump getting loud cheers from the crowd is he talked about
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wall at the mexican border and charging higher import taxes to encourage companies to manufacture in america. 8:04 - "every time you send that unit into the united states you are going to pay a 35 percent tax." trump made those statements hours after a cruz campaigned in southern nevada. sticking largely to his strengths. "the first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president" meanwhile rubio who finished second in the south carolina primary spent the day in northern nevada. he said he hops the departure of je. bush from the race will lead to gains in tomorrow's caucuses. "we need to make america the best place in the world to start a new business. that is why we are going to change the tax code. that is why we are going to roll back regulations. 9 so...
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work.... tomorrow? there is no same day registration... so if you did not register republican.... by february -13-th.... you can't participate. the caucuses will start.... between -5- and seven p-m. you'll then cast your ballot.... using a piece of paper. the entire process is supposed to take about -30- to -60- minutes. precincts will then.... write the number of votes.... on a piece of paper.... take a picture... and... send a picture.... to the party chair. stay with 13 action news for continuing coverage.... of the republican caucus. we'll bring you team coverage.... through the day tomorrow. you can also follow the results.. as they unfold.. at k-t-n-v dot com.... and... on our k-t-n-v mobile app. on the democratic side.. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are set to square off again saturday in the south carolina primary. clinton is riding on some new
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nevada over the weekend.. but sanders isn't backing down. clinton won 76% of the african american vote in nevada. she hopes to use that support to her advantage in south carolina.. where more than half of democratic voters are african american. she's also launched a new ad featuring one of the most-recognized voices in america.. actor morgan freeman. freeman: she says their names. trayvon martin.. hrc: trayvon martin, shot to death. freeman: dontre hamilton hrc: unarmed freeman: sandra bland hrc: did nothing wrong freeman: and makes their motehrs fight for justic her own. sanders is turning to another prominent african-american actor.. danny glover. and today in boston.. sanders attacked clinton as a political opportunist. sot - bernie sanders: "the people of the united states need to know the difference between hastily adopted campaign rhetoric and the real record and the long held ideas of the candidates. when asked directly if he still has a path to win the
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nomination.. sanders responded simply: yes. several people in boulder city are not happy with the clark county school district.. which is looking at getting rid of the annual 5th-grade civil war reenactment. a district spokesperson said it could be eliminated because of a changing state curriculum.. and because it may take too much planning. the re-enactment is a 30-year old tradition that supporters say is a cultural institution in boulder city. 13:23:57 billy rotroff, boulder city "it is a rite of passage. everyone who goes through the school district will actually see the older kids going through it, and it's something everyone anticipates." there will be a community input meeting on the issue at 3pm tomorrow at martha p. king elementary school. to the latest on a story... we're following closely. a valley man.... made his first court appearance today.... more than a week.... after his son died.... in an apparent suicide. police say.... the gun.... that -12- year old....
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to his dad.... olin manuel. detectives say.... the child was found in his bedroom....with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. olin is a convicted felon... and... shouldn't have had a gun.... in the first place. bail was set.... at -25- thousand dollars. a step toward getting a jury seated.... in the case against accused killer.... javier righetti..... after he pleaded guilty.... to the rape and murder of -15- year old.... alyssa otremba. today... the state and the defense worked on finalizing the questionnaire they'll use.... to select the jury panel. the state only objected to two questions. the jury panel will appear... in court... on wednesday. righetti will not be in the courtroom.... for that. new information now on a night of terror in kalamazoo, michigan. an uber driver is being charged with killing 6 people during a shooting spree on saturday. jason dalton was in court today to hear the charges. tonight.. police believe he was picking-up passengers during his killing spree. according to investigators.. the attacks took place at three separate locations. sot - matt mellen, passenger "we were kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding
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came to a stop, i jumped out the car and ran away." tonight.. uber says it receieved complaints about dalton driving erraticly on saturday night. the ride-sharing service says dalton cleared a background check and was approved to be a driver late last month. by ambulance worker new tonight-- a pennsylvania ambulance worker accused of assaulting a woman he was supposed to be taking care of. the woman says she was sexually assaulted by a paramedic who was taking her to doctor's appointments police say because of a mental disability, the woman was vulnerable when the man gave her his number and offered to take her to get ice cream. it was then police say the assault happened.. the man has since been arrested. he fought for our freedom.. now the v.a. is denying his. tonight.. contact 13 chief investigator darcy spears has the story of a dying veteran whose simple wish for mobility was rejected by the embattled government agency that's supposed to help those
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v.a. doctors diagnosed vietnam veteran david smith's cancer when he was already in the end stages. 5:28 darcy: they told you you had how long, david? david: they said six months. and i've used one month already. the cancer is riddling his body. and he believes he knows what caused it. 3:17 david: we were over in the gulf of tonkin. 3:32 david: and this huge tanker was flying from the coast of vietnam over the water spraying orange substance. 3:39 it turned out it was agent orange. despite everything he's been through, david says he wouldn't change a thing. 10:28 david: i think we have (pauses and gets emotional) the greatest country in the world. and i would do it again. i would do it again. making it all the more difficult to understand why the v.a. would deny him his freedom in the form of an electric wheelchair. 13:55 david (very emotional)
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know that i will die earlier than the five months. the v.a. approved him for home hospice, but told the dying vet he'd have to cancel that care to get an electric wheelchair. he did that, but then the v.a. denied his request... 7:57 david: the va double-crossed me... leaving him with no hospice, no wheelchair and no faith. we asked him to give us a message to deliver to the v.a. 10:53 (emotional) please stop lying to the vets. and that's all. (deep breaths) darcy stand-up: after talking with david about his situation, i immediately picked up the phone to ask the va what the heck was going on? less than 48 hours later, david had his wheels. /nat sequence chair being delivered/ 27:37 nats delivery guy getting out of van and closing door 27:44 nats pulling ramp down from van 27:57 nats chair coming down ramp 28:15 nats chair on v.a. public affairs chief chuck ramey. 30:24 darcy: here you've got a veteran, two tours of duty in vietnam, gave of himself and served the country and came to
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denied his own freedom to get out of his own house. chuck: yeah. and that is quite sad that that did happen. ramey calls it a misstep, saying the person at the v.a. who denied david's request misinterpreted policy and was unaware of resources like the v.a. wheelchair loan program. 31:00 chuck: we're gonna go back and look at this and see what we can do to make sure that if this comes up and happens again that we're taking care of our people and our patients accordingly. o david's home... 33:07 chuck : hello, mr. smith? to help deliver the chair in person. 37:03 david to chuck : and i would like to thank the hospital for thinking that i was worth getting the wheelchair. an eternal optimist against all odds. believing his new wheels just might give him wings. 41:38 david: and i'm pretty sure that next year this time, you might be doing another interview on me as to, well, how come you're still here? in the meantime, david surrounds himself with angels.
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helping david exit room and get seated in chair/ a fighter then (show pic in uniform) who will fight to the end. 2:27 natsot: this is like heaven now. i can go out, go up the street, come back and get my sunshine. 2:38 natsot: this feels so good. wow. darcy spears, 13 action news. now... to a consumer alert.... from contact 13. facebook quizzes seem to pop up.... every time you log in!!! but... before you click to find out.... what celebrity you look most like.... you might want to read the fine print. computer experts say... hackers could be using those quizzes.... to steal your information. a big red flag... if the quiz asks you..... to authenticate your information.... through facebook. new developments out of fiji tonight.. where the death toll has climbed to 29.. after the island was pounded by cyclone winston. a government spokesman says the south pacific island nation has been basically flattened.. saying there are very few
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homes have been leveled.. key services have been cut off.. and remote areas are now isolated. authorities say it could take days to get emergency supplies to the victims. a system moving across the northern great basin will continue to bring breezy to windy conditions across the area tonight and tomorrow. expect peak gusts to about 40 mph this afternoon. the gusts will taper down a bit tonight and overnight before picking back up tomorrow morning. peak gusts tomorrow will reach about 35 mph and will start to taper down by the afternoon. the system will also bring a cooling for tomorrow to average temperatures with highs in the mid 60s expected. by wednesday, calmer wind and warmer temps return to the next weekend. clear to mostly clear skies are in the forecast through saturday, then a bit more cloud cover will push in sunday. before you go tonight bryan..
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lift tickets.. equipment rental and coaching at lee canyon. tonight's lucky winner is lori fortner if you'd like a shot at winning... enter at k-t-n-v -dot- com. lee canyon.... just moments away in the spring mountains.... is a proud sponsor of action news.... and... is providing the prizes.... for this promotion. gone are the days of free shipping.. major changes are coming... to the way you shop online. what you'll now have to shell out.... to have amazon cover.... your shipping fees! and.. a high school student.. tossed in a trash can by a classmate who posts it on social media. hear why those who know the boy say he couldn't even defend
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non-prime shoppers. right now... if you spend enough money on the web retailer.... you get free shipping. but amazon just raised the minimum amount.... so now... you'll have to shell out -49- dollars... before an order ships for free. that's a -40- percent increase... from the previous minimum of -35- dollars. outrage tonight after a partically paralyzed boy is tossed in a trash can at a high school in chula vista, california. friends say the boy can't move the right side of his body. they say he was changing for phys-ed when another boy picked him up and dumped him in a garbage can. then.. according to witnesses.. the bully called his friends over to laugh.. recorded it all.. then posted it on snapchat. chula vista police are now talking with the reported bully.. and plan to speak with the vicitm as well. still ahead on action news live a 11.. one of your favorite places to eat can now be your next employment opportunity. plus... a new medical marijuana dispensary has opened its doors.. what sets it apart from others?
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a look at who's hiring in las
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fair in a couple weeks so write down the dates. marth 4th and 5th from 10am to 6pm at the hampton inn at flamingo and grand canyon. a new medical marijuana dispensary is open for business. congresswoman dina titus was among those on hand..... for today's ribbon cutting ceremony.... at "the apothecarium". she says.... this dispensary is different from the others.... around the valley... and... neighbors shouldn't be worried..... about the type of crowd it will attract. 21:38:28 i think they're going to be supportive and when they see the kind of facilities that are created here they'll realize it's not a threat to their neighborhood but an asset." "the apothecarium" is located near sahara and buffalo. it's co-owned by a former treated.... by medical marijuana. we'll be right back.... with a final look... at your wake-up weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show..
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a system moving across the northern great basin will continue to bring breezy to windy conditions across the area tonight and tomorrow.
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peak gusts to about 40 mph this afternoon. the gusts will taper down a bit tonight and overnight before picking back up tomorrow morning. finally.. nothing will wake you up like a face full of fresh snow. the toronto zoo posted this adorable video of giant panda da mao (mow).... last week. according to the zoo... he woke up.... to see the snow and got excited. you see panda emerge out of his cave... tumble down... the snowy hill. he liked it so much... he climbed up half-way.... and did it again. that does it.... for this edition of 13 action news.... live at 11..
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for "jimmy kimmel live".... coming up next. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and from all of us at channel
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with cleto and the cletones. and now, nice and easy, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i hope you had a good weekend. i tell you something, i had a weird thing happen to me last night. i was on the phone, which is weird for me to start. i don't talk on the phone much. pacing around the kitchen. when i'm on the phone i pace like a rat in some kind of a habit trail.


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