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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  February 23, 2016 3:00pm-3:28pm PST

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captioni guantanamo bay cuba. sot - rubio this makes no sense dictatorship. (cheers) nats in las vegas last night, frontrunner donald trump going after ted cruz... sot-trump- this guy is sick there is something wrong with this guy. ...and even a protester in the crowd? sot - trump i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. ted cruz, today trying to recover from a campaign shakeup and
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trump. sot - ted cruz it's easy to say you want to make america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. but the question is do you understand the principles that made america great in the first place the democrats, now focusing on south carolina where more half of democratic voters are expected to be african-american - voters the candidates are courting clinton launching a new ad featuring actor morgan freeman. freeman: she says their names. trayvon martin.. hrc: trayvon martin, shot to death. bernie sanders enlisting the help of actor danny glover nats danny,danny and releasing a new radio ad today featuring the endorsement of and releasing a new radio ad today featuring the endorsement of director spike lee for iowa -- ted cruz won there. the gop voters start their caucusing here at 5 p-m. . lauren lyster abc news, las vegas. > breaking news on the republican
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learned that pre- registration for the caucus is at 37- thousand. that exceeds the number of people who participated in 20-12. ahead today, there are watch parties happening tonight for four of the fives candidates. for donald trump supporters, there's one over at treasure island, for ted cruz, it's at the embassy suites convention center near paradise adnd twain. marco rubio supporters are meeting up at dom demarco's pizzeria on west charleston near hualapai, and ben carson supporters will be at the ymca near alta and valley view. we posted the information on our website at stay with 13 action news for continuing coverage of today's republican caucus. we'll have crews at all the rallies and caucus sites, keeping track of who wins today. keeping track of who wins today. some breaking political news-- we've learned more information on the health of late supreme court justice antonin scalia. prosecutors just revealed a doctor's letter, which says scalia suffered from obesity, artery disease and
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construction site! this happened in melbourne, australia. the fire grew to 10-stories! but, thankfully crews were able to put it out fairly quickly. no one was hurt. investigators think it all happened because of an electrical fire that started in the crane's motor. president obama wants to shut down guantamo bay, and he outlined his plan today. if and when it's closed, the proposal calls for most of the detainees to be transferred out of the country. and then moving those deemed too dangerous for travel to a detention facility in the u-s. mister obama says the prison is used as a recruiting tool by terrorists and it's too expensive to maintain. guantanamo harms our partnerships with allies in other countries, whose cooperation we need against terrorism. (butted with) keeping this facility open is contrary to our values it undermines our standing in the eh world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. congress has opposed previous plans to shut gitmo down.
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tech toys around these days. but abroad, they're not just being used for fun. they're being using to help save lives. and 13 action news has team coverage on the winds today! the gusts are finally starting to die now! 13 weather first meteorologist carlo falco will join us in just minutes. he's tracking the conditions out at sunset park
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rushes franticaltt0w!ti"hz! %4@-4=l tt0w!ti"hz! el@->: tt0w!ti"hz! ed@-88d tt0w!ti"hz% )8h-xf8 tt0w!ti"hz% kzh-e)d tt0w!ti"hz% n-h-0@h tt0w!ti"hz% 0ph-.'p tt0w!ti"hz% s"h->u0 tt0w!ti"hz% ueh-=7@ tt0w!ti"hz% 7hh-!54 his daughter, who was on the verge of getting hypothermia. she fell into a snow hole in the california sierra mountains! you can see her father using a snow pole to try to pull her out. samantha sot: "at first i thought it was just like an indent but i fell in and i felt one of my legs hanging." (butted with) samantha sot: "i was scared and calling out for help// my feet were freezing that's the girl who fell...10-year- old girl was samantha white.
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team were nearby and able to help pull her out! authorities say a bridge underneath had collapsed and created an opening smaller than a manhole. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' a wind advisory is in effect through 4pm on tuesday as high pressure continues to push in from the west. winds through the afternoon will be gusty at times, with peak gusts reaching about 35mph in the las vegas valley and nearer to 50mph down the colorado river valley. temperatures will be chilly compared to the last couple nights, but nearer to average than we've been in the past several days. highs tomorrow will be back around 70 with many areas hanging in the upper 60s as the winds die off. high clouds will pass overhead throughout the day wednesday with the clear sunny skies
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temperatures climbing back into the 70s. temperatures continue their climb and highs in the mid and upper 70s are expected for the weekend with lows around 50. now let's get a check of the conditions right now with 13 weather falco. he's joining us live from sunset park. now to some breaking weather news-- the governor of alabama
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now to some breaking weather news-- the governor of alabama has just declared a state of emergency! that's because of the severe weather moving through the state.
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mississippi. take a look at what it's like near new orleans. you can see the dark clouds. the national weather service confirms a tornado already ripped through the area. local media is reporting a water tower was torn down. heavy flooding is expected in the southeast part of the country, as the storm continues to move east. in just a few hours, republicans here in nevada have their say about who they want to be president. it's the last caucus for the while the other four contenders are hoping to make their voices hear. the now's andy choi has details on some changes to the process this time around. < pkg full= 6.05.46 "you know the formal organization of the republican party in the state of nevada is shall we say skeletal, okay?" unlv political science professor ted jelen says that skeletal staff is what prompted significant delays in nevada's gop caucus back in 2012, where a shortage of volunteers and delays in counting ballots kept the final tally numbers at bay. and voters four years ago
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disorganized, it was a mess." "it was disorganized." "i just would've liked to see if more organized." 6.6.24 "just trying to make sure they have enough people i think the main thing to get people processed." 6.18.47 "but candidates are preparing for the worst. ted cruz's campaign is asking supporters to put their phones are video mode, and have it ready in case anything suspicious pops up at the caucus." "the first duty is tot get the results right, not to get them out quickly." that was the priority back in 2012. four years later, nevada republicans hope to deliver that accuracy in a timely manner. 6.11.31 "i mean caucuses are messy. because nobody really we don't have a lot of institutional memory." > that was andy choi reporting-- time now for some consumer alerts from contact 13-- as many as 90-million more takata airbags may have to be recalled. but today, scientists are
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air bags explode. takata has been recalling airbags because of defective inflators that could rupture and seriously injure or kill someone. so far, 9 deaths have been linked to the faulty airbags. in november, takata was slapped with a 200-million dollar penalty for the faulty airbags. drones have been used to get beautiful aerial images and deliver packages, but now, they're being used to fighting illegal hunting! in south africa, park rangers are using them to track poachers going after rhinos. the project is called "air shepherd." drones with infared cameras patrol from he air, and send back images to a mobile command center. if a poacher is spotted, then the rangers take the field. south africa is home to over 80- percent of the world's rhino population. but they're facing extinction in the wild because of their highly coveted horns. it's world spay day! to celebrate, the animal foundation offered more than 500-free spay or neuter appointments. if you weren't able to get in today, don't worry.
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if you're interested, we've got all the details on our website. he's known as the "most interesting man in the world".... the man you see seen in the dos equis ads. still ahead-- he's now going after his talent agency. find out what they're fighting over next. you're watching 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate.
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we all know "the mohe's the face of dos equis. but now, he might be the most "deadbeat man" in the world...that's according to his talent agency. they've entered a bitter legal battle. abc's nick watt details the feud in court. < upsound: "he can speak french and russian. he is the most interesting man in the world." but the man who's played him for 10 years, jonathan goldsmith: now knee- deep in the most interesting? legal battle. upsound: "i prefer dos equis" "apparently goldsmith's preference for dos equis intoxicated him into believing that he could ignore preference for dos equis intoxicated him into believing that he could
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complaint filed by his manager since 2002, who's claiming the beer?" ... or, apparently always pay that manager. he stopped in november 2014. upsound: "his two cents is worth $37 and change." the suit declaring: "there is nothing interesting about being a deadbeat..." refers to goldsmith as "the least honorable man in the entertainment business". upsound: "the last time he flirted with danger, danger got clingy." goldsmith just counter-sued his now ex-manager. sot - william j. briggs, ii / jonathan goldsmith's attorney: "he had absolutely nothing to do with it // in 2006, my client's wife was working at the company // she was the one that put together that deal // and details and dollars involved, his now ex-manager is jeopardizing this gig. calls him: "a failed 'c' list actor? now a failed personal manager." upsound: "stay thirsty, my friends." sot - william j. briggs, ii / jonathan goldsmith's attorney: "as one of the most interesting men in the world: he is a fighter."
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watt, abc news, los angeles. > a lot more news coming up on action news live at 3-30... including new details about a michigan uber driver charged in that shooting rampage. what investigators are revealing about his background, plus what his friends are saying about him! also...high winds are whipping up again today, but your allergies will soon get a relief. 13 action news has team coverage on the winds! 13 action news live at 6 tonight and each weeknight for your chance to win $250. we'll show a keyword, then you log on to ktnv dot com before 7 p-m to enter. enter. tomorrow night we'll announce a tonight for your chance to win $250. our top story on 13 action news
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the battle for nevada. the 5 remaining republican presidential candidates are fighting to win the "first in the west" caucus today. i'm steve wolford. and i'm rikki cheese. it gets underway in about an hour and a half. right now, the polls have donald trump leading the pack by double digits! and he's going after his biggest competitor -- texas senator ted cruz. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and
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and then he holds up the bible again and he lies." and cruz is equally going after the billionaire. here's what he had to say at a rally in fernley. (ted cruz) "i frankly don't care what position donald decides to support today or tomorrow or the next day. they change every day." and marco rubio is confident he'll upset the current polls. the florida senator was campaigning at the silverton casino. 13 action news reporter yasmeen hassan caught up with him. < ((we are down to the final stretch and according to pretty much every poll we've seen, donald trump is in the lead and he's in the lead by far but florida senator marco rubio says he's still in this.)) 22:00:21 06 marco rubio ((we are the only candidate in this race that can unify the party and grow it and win this election in november and we have to win in november.)) nevada is a key state for all


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