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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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broke into this elderly woman's home behind me. the woman was able to call 911 before they pushed her down and put a gun to her head she said she feared for her life. the police responded quickly and able to take the three suspects into custody. bryan: a live look outside across the valley, conditions a lot calmer right now than they were 24 hours ago. less check in with chief meteorologist bryan schofield. bryan: we had wind advisories early. they were allowed to expire a little early. the the winds collapsed across the valley even though we did see gusts around 30 miles-per-hour across the valley today. you can see the camera isn't moving around too much. yesterday it was rocking and rolling and even this morning, too. we will pick up a bit of a breeze.
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calm, but there's still an element of wind. we are talking 12-mile per hour sustained winds appear mccarron airport, 14 for north las vegas. those are sustained winds and gusts that are not impressive. what's impressive seeing the big cool down, areas reporting with 50s and not 60s. with a bit of wond and 50-degree temperatures you might need an extra layer or light jacket or sweater if you are going out later on tonight. either way we are talking about temperatures improving because high pressure is building on in. the storm is long gone and other areas affected greatly by that storm. to the north everything looks pleasant. for tonight anticipate temperature staying on the cool side, but a warmup on the way. tricia: va secretary bob mcdonald faced tough questions on capitol hill about the state
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it's happening on the nation's capitol as a result of the four-month investigation detailing vendors being put at riv and ethical misconduct involving va leadership. mark has the latest from washington. reporter: nepotism, lack of cleanliness and mismanagement, retaliation. reporter: senators from the veteran affairs commission took turns talking to bob mcdonald they are concerned about the the cincinnati va. >> we immediately sent the office of medical infection to cincinnati. we have a preliminary report from them. reporter: the secretary didn't share the russell with the committee, but did say the insiders who spoke out are safe. >> anybody woo retaliate against
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reporter: whistle blowers say barbara intentionally cut services veterans depend on like bill who needed back surgery but the va told him... . >> we don't like have a neursurgeon at the hospital anymore. reporter: rod brown announced a new commitment from the secretary. >> i am hopeful in a short period of time that... [indiscernible] reporter: after the hearings, we followed up about the va's investigation. >> we take these allegations very seriously. that's why ewe are digging into them. >> deputy gibson said yesterday in a reporter's call after a few days on the ground my investigators quote-unquote saw something, which led you to want to call in the ig. what is it? >> that's not appropriate for me to tell you what that is. reporter: now it's a waiting game leaving whistle blowers on edge and veterans continuing to
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steve: president obama has sent congress a new plan to close the u.s. prison in guantanamo bay cuba. he wants to transfer dainties in foreign countries and find a new u.s. prison to hold others. he wants to close a chapter of american history once and for all. >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. steve: congress opposed previous plans to shut down the prison. tricia: action news update tonight five people are dead after a shooting and fire at a home. this happened in phoenix this morning. police say the suspect shot four of his family members including a six-year-old girl. the shooter is also dead, but we don't like know if he was killed
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self inflicted gunshot wound. investigators are looking into what set off the deadly gunfire. steve: new information on the uber driver charged in a deadly shooting spree. he's accused of killing six people and wounding two others. he's admitted to the shootings. according to local media dalton once worked as a insurance company and as a father. >> it seemed like he was having a good time as opposed to somebody that went on a shooting rampage to totally different people. steve: uber says till saturday it never received negative reports about dalton. tricia: 11 groups and members of
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latter day saints are detailed. leaders are being charged with food stamp fraud and money laundering. they diverted funds from utah's nutrition assistance program for inappropriate use. steve: university of tennessee 16 head coaches same forward to defend their school against sexual abuse allegations. six woman are suing the university saying it created a hostile environment for women while protecting male athletes. one of the dayses accuses denver broncos peyton manning assaulting a trainer in 2006. tricia: you may remember the story british airlines plane that caught fire. it's being prepped to enter the skies again. no exact date is set for when the plane will be back in
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steve: big changes for starbucks customers and cheap tickets to celebrate. tricia: the fight between the u.s. and apple intensifies, but protesters are taking to the streets. >> this is 13 action news live at sucks 30:00 with tricia kean and steve wolford, rikki cheese
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meteorologist bryan chamber of commerce. information at tricia: crowds have been packing poling locations across the valley. this video shows the heavy turnout. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin is at one of the polling locations. reporter: we are here at arbor view high school where one of the caucus is taking place. some of these people have been waiting for a long time to make their voices heard in the silver state. a lot of people are excited about the turnout and long lines
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>> organization is great, but the line is really long. that's good because we are getting out people to vote. reporter: are you voting? >> my mom is. reporter: you never participated in that democratic process like this before? >> no, it's awesome. >> it's a great turnout. i am glad to see so many people are taking part of this. we are a week away from super tuesday and tonight the silver state making their voices heard in the republican caucus. stefteff, 13 action news. steve: in tonight's financial focus the markets gave back a lot of yesterday's gains when oil prices began to tumble again today. dow down 189 and nasdaq lost 66 and s&p down. all the gaming stocks were down except wind-river resorts. to celebrate they are offering
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$29 one way starting today. frontier also announced new flights to colorado springs, phoenix, denver and washington dulles. it's one of the fastest growing carriers flying in and out mccarron. starbucks is changing its customer loyalty program. it will give rewards on how much you spent instead of number of visits. it will be two stars per every dollar spent. free rewards will be rewarded after accumulating 125 stars. bryan: let's take a look at the wind speeds tonight. we are seeing some element of wind for tonight, maybe if you are going out and about, you might need a light layer there. the forecast keeps the numbers down. through wednesday we are not anticipating strong wind at all
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the temperatures will get warmer. if the upper 70s and lower 80s we already experienced in february, temperature will warmup. middle 60s is considered normal. just think about it year ago this date look at what we were dealing with, the low was 38, high 49 degrees. valley snow, we are talking about upper elevations necessarily, maybe upper 3,000 feet or so, but certainly other areas saw very low snow, here we are talking about 70s and near 80-degree temperatures. 56 degrees henderson, ten degrees cooler than this time yesterday. definitely a cool down with the low that came into the picture. it made a big difference how it felt and in the wind. the temperatures are falling fast. it looks relative clear right now. what could change? nothing because high pressure is
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the 70s. the 60s are just for a day or two and that's it. so looking at big changes on the way. look at the overnight lows. anytime we start seeing 30s around the region, which we should be in winter, we haven't seen them for so long, it seems like an anomaly. afternoon highs still very pleasant across the valley and beyond, 70s down through laughlin and upper 60s through boulder city and upper 60s through mesquite. we have changes on the way. for the next few days if you can handle the 60s, we got one more day of that. that's practically 70 degrees. middle 70s thursday, friday and saturday upper 70s. overnight lows come up ickly we will be seeing 50s again. it looks like middle to the end of next week we will see another
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like middle 70s at least through tuesday. tricia: that's great. it's like spring is here. bryan: not even winter time. tricia: thousands of apple supporters are holding rallies in 40 cities across the country with a message for the fbi, don't like break our phone. the protest is called fight for the future. demonstrators say they are angry about a federal court order that requires apple to unlock an encrypted iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> this goes far beyond this single case or single phone. they are asking apple to do something that would put million's of people's safety and security at river. tricia: the fbi says it only wants any possible evidence from the phone used by sied peruke. we are following the candidates as they make their way tonight for the republican
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bryan callahan has a look at how donald trump spent his day. reporter: trump's campaign is setting up for what they are calling a celebration. earlier today trump rallied an event in sparks. he again went on the take a against ted cruz who is the only other cabbed to win a republican primary so far calling him a liar. while he didn't attack the third candidate marco rubio he made it clear he will if the time comes. >> marco rubio is a nice young man, right? no, he hasn't hit me. no, he has not hit me. i am treating him nicely. when he hits me, oh, is he going to be hit. actually, i can't wait. reporter: it's set to open up to the public at 8:00 tonight.
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this a celebration. steve: the nevada republican caucus has been going on now for about a couple of hours. in that time a lot of people have lined up to take part. 13 action news reporter mahsa saeidi is at durango high school right now. she's joining us live for a look at how the turnout has been. we saw the line wrapped all the way around the building. that's right. the long was very long. a very heated debate going on at this table. they are talking about immigration, what should happen to millions of undocumented immigrants in this country. this has been a confusing process, a lot of people sitting down, a lot of tables are empty and people cast their votes on ballots before they sat down. it appears a lot more trump supporters, perhaps they are
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we are hearing people that support all of the three main candidates. one woman told me she's supporting rubio because he's the most knowledgeable sheaves about fighting terrorism. we will have another life report at nine with who won this district. reporting live mahsa saeidi, 13 action news. steve: thank you. coming up next at 8:00 it's at 8:30. at nine join us from a special caucus night edition of 13 action news. we will have the latest return and hopefully have a pretty good picture of what's going on tonight at the gop caucus.
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heartache over the past month celine dion is returning to the stage. steve: a touching tribute to her
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we will be right back. >> action news live at 6:30 continues. tricia: las vegas strop headliners celine dion is returning to the strip tonight. she took a few weeks off following the death of her husband and brother. tonight's tribute for her late husband. that show starts at 7:30.
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forecast in just a moment. tricia: we have breaking news on the republican caucuses, the rnc committee says some caucus sites in nevada are running low on ballots and they are replenishing their supply. the chairman telling abc news they will support trump if he wins the nomination coming off wins.
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breaking news center. steve: another look at our next seven, worth a couple more looks. bryan: overnight lows starting to push back up again. tomorrow and the next few nights things warmup, overnight lows nice and getting nicer yet. that's the way you want to start a weekend? tricia: yeah. bryan: stay in the valley, it will be great here. steve: it might be warm here, don't like forget it's still ski season. this is a chance to win a pair of lift tickets, equipment rent and coaching. enter each day on or our facebook page and mobile app and watch live news at 11 to see if you win. tricia: that's 13 action news for now, we hope to see you later on tonight for a special edition of action news live at 9:00.
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"dancing with the stars" erin andrews. >> she breaks down in court. >> an "inside edition" in the. could what happened to -- investigates. could happened to erin happen to you. >> how creepy to have a guy get a room in connection to yours. >> she is alive. >> the 14-year-old girl shot by the accused uber driver. >> they were ready to harvest her organs. she wasn't deed. >> she is alive fighting for her life. >> this country needs somebody that is a deal maker. >> game of trump? who is behind the hilarious spoof. >> i don't think they like me very much. >> then the american war hero from this famous photo. they even immortalized him into a statue. >> brutally attacked outside of this mcdonald's on a washington, d.c. sidewalk. >> my giant leg. she tried to keep it a secret,


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