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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  February 26, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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14th street and odgen, but ended at a siegel suites. neighbors tell 13 action news they heard as many as 15 gunshots, and they say a black s-u-v leaving the scene. no arrests have been made. breaking news on that double shooting in glendale, arizona..that ended the lives of two teen girls. police are now recommending charges against the student who gave the gun to that shooter. officers say those girls died in a murder-suicide. one girl shot her girlfriend, and then took her own life. both victims' families say they don't want to prosecute that student. updates now on a couple of breaking news: it took a while.. but a man who was threatening to jump from a parking structure at the 'd' hotel in downtown las vegas.. finally came down without incident. metro crisis negotiators were on the scene talking with him for 9- hours. and.. a man and toddler are recovering after being hit by a car near charleston and lamb. metro believes the driver was drunk and speeding when he hit the father and 18- month old girl.
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crosswalk.. but should be okay. the driver stayed at the scene. right now, the search is on for a group of people who broke into several cars all on the same street! the crimes were recorded on surveillance video. this happened wednesday night near blue diamond and fort apache. you see someone run up to a black suv. they can't get in... so they run away. behind them, a white suv drives still behind. then he runs out from the other side of this truck. the car owners are hoping someone will recognize the group or their suv. the community plans to meet next week to discuss ways to increase security in the neighborhood. a woman barely makes it out of her burning home alive, while trying to save her pets. but sadly one of them didn't make it. you can see just how big the fire was at the home near windmill and maryland. the family says two of their dogs ran out, but the other hid in fear. and only on 13 action news, you'll see this cell phone footage showing firefighters trying to save the pet. they pumped on the dog's chest for several minutes, but the dog didn't make it.
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what caused the fire is being 23-year old man.. shot and killed earlier this week. they say christopher downie was a wonderful young man who didn't deserve to die. 16:16:34:25 he was a good guy. he was calm. every time i needed help he helped me. butt to chris was a good guy. we just want justice. downie was shot and killed in his car tuesday night near desert inn and polaris after being confronted by two men. metro investigators are still looking for those suspects and a motive. some big developments today in the race for the white house. former presidential candidate and new jersey governor chris christie says he's now endorsing his one-time rival.. donald trump. christie: there's no question that this is the person who will go to washington dc and be able to absolutely turn the place around. we don't need any more washington insiders the billionaire was playing defense today over his decision not to release his tax returns.
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mitt romney raised the issue earlier this week.. and marco rubio used it during last night's debate in a blistering attack on trump. the democrats have their sights set on south carolina for tomorrow's presidential primary. polls have hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders right now by almost 30- points. bernie sanders right now by almost 30- points. and we could soon learn more about who will be filling that empty about who will be filling that empty seat in the supreme court. president obama is set to meet with senators mitch mcconnell, harry reid, chuck grassley and patrick leahy tuesday. they're looking to fill the seat left behind by late justice antonin scalia, who died earlier this month. republican presidential candidate ted cruz is being compared to an unlikely person. here's a clue. we'll explain the chilling comparison next, and the surprising number of americans who believe it! and.. it's hollywood's time to shine this weekend. but will sunday's oscars still resonate with performers of color? good morning las vegas anchor dayna roselli finds out in a special one-on-one interview. tonight...partly cloudy.
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side of thevalley... just two days to until hollywood's biggest night! we're talking about the oscars!
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we're talking about the oscars! there's a lot of build-up and excitement, but also a lot of controversy leading up to the show. a lot of fans will be watching host chris rock.. and how he handles questions surrounding diversity in the show. good morning las vegas anchor dayna spoke with our abc entertainment correspondent in l-a about the controversy. "
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this time who could be hosting the oscars. chris rock is so so great at this sort of social commentary #oscarssowhite, actually it's the second year in a row. hollywoods has it coming, they know they have it coming, the coming. i'm sure they said to him, you do not need to hold back and believe me, he is not holding back. an oscars producer says chris rock threw out his original monologue and has done a complete re-write. be sure to stay with 13 action news for complete oscar coverage leading up to sunday's ceremony. a suprising survey about republican presidential candidate ted cruz. for some reason.. some americans think he's a wanted criminal. it's one of three trending headlines we are following today. left-leaning polling firm "public policy polling" asked florida republicans if cruz is the zodiac killer. if you didn't know, the zodiac killer is serial killer from
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never caught. it found 10-percent of voters say they're certain he's that killer. 38-percent say they're not sure. and the remaining 62-percent say he's not the killer. a picture of this young boy in afghanistan first went viral when he was pictured wearing his own homemade lionel messi jersey.. made from a plastic bag. now.. he's the proud owner of the real deal. the soccer superstar and the united nations children's fund gave the 5-year-old his own autographed jersey and ball. his father says it was it was one of the happiest moments of his son's life. and a wild police in central, california, and police were chasing after this -- a unicorn! now we all know unicorns don't exist, so the
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juliette. she was dressed up as the mythical creature, when she got valley...48 to 52 on the east side. winds generally light becoming west up to 10 mph after midnight. .saturday...sunny. highs 75 to 78 on the west side of the valley...77 to 81 on the east side. winds generally light. .saturday night...partly cloudy. lows 49 to 54. north wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday...mostly sunny. highs 72 to 76 on the west side of the valley...75 to 79 on the east side. northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday night...partly cloudy. lows around 54. .monday through thursday...mostly clear. highs 73 to 76. lows 50 to 53.
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breaking news- metro is asking for your help finding two
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breaking news- metro is asking for your help finding two suspects! they say on december 28th, officers responded to a shooting and robbery at a business near rancho and craig. police say two men robbed an employee at gunpoint.. fired shots at the victim.. and then took off. if you recognize them or know anything about the robbery.. call crimestoppers or metro police right away. a new website is live to help you avoid all the construction around the valley. it's called "seeing orange" the site has a map with every construction project...done by the city, n-dot or the county. you can see the start and finish date, and exactly what they're doing. and those lines at the dmv could soon be getting shorter! the d-m-v launched new "dmv in a box" kiosks at the location on charleston and campbell. at the kiosks, you can renew
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get a duplicate license or i-d, and print off other documents. the kiosks also accept cash. ahead today, p-t's brewing company is opening its doors! from 6 p-m until midnight, you can sample complimentary appetizers and beer....along with 4 and 5 dollar beer specials. it'll also be open 24-7 for regular business hours... the brewery is located at 31-01 north tenaya way.. a stunning confession by seaworld. the c-e-o admits to sending workers into peta.. undercover.. pretending to be animal rights activists! sea world says it was done to maintain the safety and security of its park visitors. peta has been critical of seaworld for many years.. and now calls the seaworld actions "despicable." kayna: did paul mccomb ever try to get the other protestors to act out violently during the protest? ellen: there was one protest that he came to where he wanted to crach through the gates and go into seaworld. seaworld admitted to one worker involved. that person was placed on
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still an employee. it's not known exactly how many took part. you heard the expression.. seeing the glass half full.. so what about a keg? up next in today's health report.. we'll take you inside the very first beer spa in the u-s. and remember, you can watch 13 action news anytime.. anywhere. we're streaming our newscasts at, so you can stay informed on any computer .. smartphone.. or tablet. we'll be right back.
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las vegas usually has one of the higher rates of the flu.. but you don't have to wait to abc news's dr. timothy johnson explains. < the flu shot? one of our best defenses against an illness that sickens millions of americans each year. and the flu can kill thousands. this week, promising signs?
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the influenza vaccine is a good match for the disease. those preliminary findings at a meeting of the advisory committee on immunization practices? suggesting the shot cuts the risk of having to go to the doctor because of the flu by 60 percent. (so it's the risk of having it be a bad case is 60% lower, or the risk of getting the flu is 60 lower? unclear) that's reassuring, since before every flu season health officials must predict which flu strains will be predominant? in order to advise vaccine makers. that doesn't always pan out. think of last flu season, where the vaccine was only 19 percent effective. with flu activity only now popping up in some parts of the country ? it will still be some time before this effectiveness can be confirmed. but that doesn't mean you have to wait to protect yourself and your family. if you haven't gotten your flu shot - now is the time. with this medical minute. i'm dr. timothy johnson.
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sandwich chain subway says it's adding antibiotic-free chicken to its menu. the company claims it's the first major chain to make the change in all stores. the antibiotic-free rotisserie- style chicken sandwich will be available starting march first. and today, go a little nutty. it's national pistachio day! the little green nut has been cultivated in the middle east since biblical times... but only came to the u-s in the late 19th century. they're a great source of protein and fiber, along with vitamin b-6, copper and manganese. tea is a popular alternative to coffee. but what you might not realize is that cup of tea, may not be as healthy as you think. tea does have several health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and preventing hypertension. some studies now say not all tea is created equally! pesticides in those teas..varying from a few, up to 23-24 pesticides comparing a cup of tea with a
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with coloring and flavoring...that tea is probably a better choice. but if you wanted to check your tea, here's how -- experts say dip the tea in boiling water for 30-seconds to a minute, then pour that water out, and steep it again. breaking health news-- the cdc is recommending pregnant women consider not going to 2016 summer olympic games in rio de janeiro, brazil. right now, 19 pregnant women are being investigated across the country of possibly having the virus. america's first beer spa is open for business. it's in the small town of sisters, oregon.. about 2-hours east of eugene. and if you're wondering.. what is a beer spa.. it's exactly like it sounds. you soak in beer. the man behind the business says it might sound odd.. but soaking in beer is good for you.. and claims it's great for insomnia and relaxation. and.. he says you will not get drunk
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still ahead...a final look at your forecast! and.. before we head to break.. a look at tonight's abc primetime lineup. 8-- last man standing 8:30 -- dr ken 9 -- shark tank 10 -- 20/20 11 -- action news we'll be right back. < hello las vegas! we have another great list this week of thirteen things to do this week in the las vegas valley. head to the bunkhouse saloon on friday night to catch the naked elephant. it is their debut performance at the popular downtown music venue. naked elephant says that their music is influenced by radiohead, young the giant, coldplay and the killers. they will be joined by jessica manola and the union drifters. the 2016 color run will brighten the streets of downtown las vegas on saturday. it is open to people of all ages and abilities. there will be a color throw celebration, great music, dancing and unforgettable photo opportunities.a portion of the
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benefit the three square food bank in las vegas. cameo has been performing since the nineteen seventies and now they are headed to las vegas. the band was considered a trendsetter during the seventies and the eighties and influenced many of the early r and b and hip hop acts. they perform march 2 inside the westgate cabaret. the u.s. air force band of the golden west takes the stage at the henderson pavilion on march third. not only to they play traditional marches, they also perform jazz and pop arrangements, broadway standards and more. tickets are free, but you do need to pick them up in advance. if you want to see the full list, just head to k-t-n-v dot com. i'm megan telles. see you next week! >
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stories we're following-- northbound and southbound shadowcrest is closed! that's because a woman was hit by a car at shadowcrest and warm springs. the crash happened around 3-10. metro says the woman was rushed
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for her life! no word on the whereabouts of the driver. and breaking news from kansas-- a woman has been charged with transferring an assault rifle and hangun, to the shooter, cedric ford. yesterday's shooting ended the lives of 4 people, including the gunman. mostly sunny. highs 72 to 76 on the west side of the valley...75 to 79 on the east side. northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday night...partly cloudy. lows around 54. .monday through thursday...mostly clear. highs 73 to 76. lows 50 to 53. and that does it for 13 action news live at 3:30. judge judy is up next. we'll be back in 60 minutes for 13 action news live at 5. thanks for watching.
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spons >> judge judy: he would give you some cash out of the checks that he'd cash for you, plus he was
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>> yes, your honor. >> announcer: money and drugs are a bad combination. >> judge judy: so you did it for one day? >> yes, your honor. >> judge judy: is that right? >> no. >> judge judy: and how many pills did you get? >> maybe six? >> judge judy: how many pills? >> probably like 100. >> announcer: now, time for a dose of the judge. >> judge judy: you know, you two idiots really have to get your stories straight. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 20-year-old phillip urban is suing his former friend, 20-year-old spencer aiton, for checks he cashed on spencer's behalf that were fraudulent. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 381 on the calendar in the matter of urban vs. aiton. >> judge judy: thank you. in.
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>> judge judy: this is some convoluted fraud involving bad checks, using friends' bank accounts. let me see if i understand it. you know each other for a long time, and your friend came back into town and told you that he got a job in a landscaping company? >> yes, your honor. >> judge judy: but he didn't have a place to cash checks that he got from working. so he, according to you, asked you if you could cash those checks for him. >> yes, your honor. >> judge judy: and you said, "sure. what do i get out of it?" and he said, "well, i'll give you...?" >> $20 to $30 out of each check. >> judge judy: and how much were your checks? >> $100 to $120. >> judge judy: okay, so you were gonna give him $20 to $30 out of >> mm-hmm. >> judge judy: ...and your checks were $100, $120? >> depending on the type of work. sometimes they would be a little more. >> judge judy: well, give me an idea.


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