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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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people come out and take advantage of all of the things that we have to offer." economic experts say another cause for the dip in gaming revenue on the strip is the economic slowdown in china - which has held back several large players from taking trips to las vegas. reporting live downton - michael burton - 13 action news. new at -6- tonight... this dog.. rudy... shocked the valley.... when pictures taken at petland... in henderson showed him.... at a skinny -13- pounds... at three months old. it's a story... we've been following for several weeks... 13 action news reporter.... marissa kynaston joins us now.... with an update on his condition. marissa rudy was taken off the website-- and out of displays-- after people across the valley were concerned about his health. even a local veterinarian said-- he looked extremely underweight-- and unhealthy. now-- rudy is available again.
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they say he continues to gain weight-- and is getting more energy. the skinny photo taken a couple weeks ago-- also prompted an investigation by henderson animal control-- they determined-- he was slightly underweight-- but healthy-- and said they would continue to monitor his condition. he was originally listed at 25-hundred but right now... there is no listed price. live in the studio... mk 13an. now... updates on 3 stories we first reported as breaking news: the nye county sheriff's office is looking for this man- 21-year-old cody barnes. investigators say he triked to murder his girlfriend before taking off. fortunately.. she wasn't hurt. police say barnes is armed and dangerous.. and if you see him.. you should call police right away. metro is looking for these two men.... after we're told they entered a business.... near craig and rancho... robbed the business... and then....
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employee.... while they rank out the door. luckily... the employee wasn't injured. if you recognize these men... you're asked to call metro or crime stoppers. and.. a woman is in critical condition right now after being hit by a car just after 3pm at but we're told the woman was inside a crosswalk when she was hit. an update to a story we reported as breaking news on 13-action news live at 5. two men.. caught on camera.. creeping around a home in the southwest part of the valley. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin is live from metro headquarters with more on the search for those guys. stephanie. metro is hoping the video were about to show you will help them find these guys... it happened between midnight two in the morning last week at a home near town center and canyon run. you can see the two burglars clearly in this video, taking their time looking around the home metro says they're both about 5'10", 150 pounds, in
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and they got away with several valuable items. and metro says the people living in the home were in bed asleep the whole time! if you know anything that could help police, call crime stoppers soc live look outside.. and it doesn't get much better than this. a cool.. clear evening across southern nevada.. but could it get even better this weekend? let's go to 13 weather first chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. tonight...partly cloudy. lows 50 to 53 on the west side of the valley...48 to 52 on the east side. winds generally light becoming west up to 10 mph after midnight. .saturday...sunny. highs 75 to 78 on the west side of the valley...77 to 81 on the east side. winds generally light.
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lows 49 to 54. north wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday...mostly sunny. highs 72 to 76 on the west side of the valley...75 to 79 on the east side. northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday night...partly cloudy. lows around 54. .monday through thursday...mostly clear. highs 73 to 76. lows 50 to 53. a man shot and killed.... just feet away from his home! tonight... police have a better idea of who killed him... but... they still have no one... behind bars. action news anchor..... lesley marin joins us in studio.... with why this tragedy has neigbors on edge. lesley... tricia-- we walked the neigborhood where heriberto diaz was killed... while there is now a memorial for him...many of his neigbors are just too scared to come outside since he was murdered. 13 action news first brought you this story last weekend-- after 60 year old diaz was shot while walking home from work. yesterday-- metro came out saying they believe the suspects are 4 to 5 teenage boys--- who targeted diaz for his cell phone.
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responsible for other robberies in the area. neighbors say they're now choosing to stay stay safe. 231011-231021 "usually when we take our dog for a walk we normally do it morning and not night anymore...and i'm starting to get my mom to pick me up from school" the family will be holding a car wash for raise money for funeral cost. it will be at the kmart on nellis and bonanza-- tomorrow morning. in studio, lesley marin 13 action news. terror in a valley neighborhood.... when a mother's home is blasted.... by gunfire. it happened..... around 2 a-m near owens and lamb.... when someone opened fire..... sending bullets all over the place... before taking off... in a car. homes and cars all down the street were hit..... including one home with a mother and two small children.... inside. 4:28:51-4:28:03"i was scared to call 911 and since i told you it was more than seven gunshots so when they knocked we thought it was someone else but it was the police" amazingly... no one got hurt... police are still looking for
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tonight. a lot of you are turning to social media to talk about some shocking surveillance video we first showed you last night- many concerned their cars could be the next to be targeted. we'll hear from our 13-action news a crime and safety expert about what you can do to keep from being a victim. plus... you may want to think before you let someone come into your apartment... when you're not home... one maintenance man was just supposed to replace.... a lightbulb... but.... what surveillance video caught him actually doing..... is shocking and disgusting. check this out...
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she feels violated and unsafe in her own apartment..... after watching her security cameras and seeing this... a maintenance worker digging around her bed..... lifting things up and even smelling something..... from between the sheets. then... in this second video... the man even tries..... moving around the camera! she says... the man was supposed to be there.... just to change a light... in the kitchen! "i think everyone should have security cameras now," "now i am paranoid, it's not a good feeling." rental advocates say... what this man is doing is clearly.... a violation of privacy. when the woman told the apartment complex's management, they investigated....
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worker. new at six.. more on 'this' surveillance video we showed you last night of some crooks running through a neighborhood trying to break into cars. tonight.. 13 action news reporter yasmeen hassan speaks to crime and safety expert randy sutton about what you can do to protect your property. yasmeen hassan talks to randy sutton. safety when it comes to people breaking into cars. crimes of opportunity. make sure your doors are locked. keep things out of sight do not contront suspects. call police immediately. suspects can get away quickly. time now... for the latest consumer news...
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volkswagen... has -1- month... to come up with a plan! a federal judge is giving v-w... until march -24-th... to present a solution... to repair... or replace... the -6- hundred thousand... so called "clean diesel" cars and... the judge says... he expects whatever plan v-w comes up with.... to take.... no longer... than -6- months. a consumer alert... for parents! "even-flo" is recalling... -56- thousand... -3- in -1-... combination booster seats. it turns out... kids can reach a button... that's used to loosen the seatbelt. "evenflo" is providing... a repair kit... free of charge. after the rain came the floods. check out the damage in vermont from torrential rains this week.. all part of a deadly storm system that ran up the east coast. homes and cars are underwater..
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4-feet in some areas. several roads and highways are but fortunately.. no one here was hurt. tonight...partly cloudy. lows 50 to 53 on the west side of the valley...48 to 52 on the east side. winds generally light becoming west up to 10 mph after midnight. .saturday...sunny. highs 75 to 78 on the west side of the valley...77 to 81 on the east side. winds generally light. .saturday night...partly cloudy. lows 49 to 54. north wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday...mostly sunny. highs 72 to 76 on the west side
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east side. northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday night...partly cloudy. lows around 54. .monday through thursday...mostly clear. highs 73 to 76. lows 50 to 53. (bryan back to desk) becoming west up to 10 mph after midnight. .saturday...sunny. highs 75 to 78 on the west side of the valley...77 to 81 on the east side. winds generally light. .saturday night...partly cloudy. lows 49 to 54. north wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday...mostly sunny. highs 72 to 76 on the west side of the valley...75 to 79 on the east side.
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.sunday night...partly cloudy. lows around 54. .monday through thursday...mostly clear. highs 73 to 76. lows 50 to 53. (bryan back to desk) last night's winner in our $250 giveaway is marvin dawson. the keyword for tonight in the 13 action news $250 giveaway is
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log on to between now and 7pm.. click on contests and follow the instructions to enter.. and we'll announce another winner on monday. good luck. victims and their families demanded justice and sweeping change today from the state guardianship commission.. but it came amid tears.. raised voices and harsh criticism. contact 13 chief investigator darcy spears is here to share the new slogan designed to highlight the alleged corruption. darcy stand-up: isolate. medicate. steal the estate. that's how critics say private,
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the state knows it. and the public wants to know how and when they're going to stop it. 2:01 julie belshe: as a steward of the public it is your responsibility to stop this corruption. it's been a year since contact 13 began exposing corruption, abuse of power and exploitation of our most vulnerable citizens by private guardians and those in the judicial system who are supposed to oversee them. 31:06 rick black: i ask each of you to put yourself in the shoes of a victim or their family. recognize nevada laws are being violated to this day. the attorney general and metro have launched a criminal investigation into private guardian april parks. three new laws were passed to protect the vulnerable. a new guardianship judge was put in place in clark county and the supreme court formed a
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but families say nothing has really changed. 11:04 fran grady: the issue is isolate, medicate and steal the estate. that's what's happening. registered nurse fran grady came to las vegas from san diego just to address the commission at friday's hearing. 11:42 fran grady: my idea is guardianship is ownership of a human being. it should be done away with. supreme court chief justice james hardesty and his panel heard all kinds of suggestions to deal with clark county's overwhelmed and essentially broken guardianship system. but folks are fed up with waiting and want action. 27:54 rick black: at least 12 cognizant people were freed from fraudulent guardianships, but none of their money was returned or even accounted for. justice hardesty asked for case numbers on those guardianships to dig deeper into allegations of corruption as families continued to share their devastation. 22:15 leonard stein: you promised me until death do us part. and i don't know what to tell
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leonard stein told commissioners how his wife was isolated and he was prevented from seeing her after she was put under guardianship. she died three weeks ago after he failed in his battle to free her. the lawyer involved in the guardianship was elyse tyrell--a controversial figure who critics say has no business being a member of the reform commission. 23:20 leonard: elyse tyrell, i don't know why she is here. she destroyed my marriage and our lives. darcy tag: the supreme court's top judge blamed lack of action in part on law enforcement. saying they've been dismissing guardianship complaints as civil matters, when there appear to be clearly criminal acts in some cases. he promised that will change and asked for optimism from the public through what promises to be a long process. darcy spears, 13 action news. a major shakeup at the v-a after some serious allegations of misconduct.
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their bags... but... it's what they're accused of doing that is shaking the veterans system.... to its core. you're watching.... channel 13, action news.... where "you ask, and we investigate".
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national investigation. national investigative correrspondent.... mark greenblatt uncovers... the latest on this scandal. the highest ranking v-a official in ohio, michigan and indiana-- is packing his bags... jack hetrick is out as network director after the v-a headquarters in washington announced it substantiated misconduct allegations against both him, and the cincinnati va's acting chief of staff dr barbara temeck. the v-a suspended her medical privileges, and transferred temeck to another role pending potential further discipline -- where she could even face potential criminal charges. the va announced the moves following preliminary results of an internral probe it launched, in response to a joint investigation by the scripps washington bureau and
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dr. temeck, mark greenblatt from scripps news our reporting revealed widespread problems and allegations from dozens of insiders concerned about care for veterans under temeck's leadership. and we discovered improper prescriptions she wrote. temeck walk up interview hi. dr. temeck - mark greenblatt i'm with scripps news we've been trying to talk to you. ((temeck continues to walk briskly with her umbrella clutched tight- looking away from the camera)) we understand you've written controlled substances for jack hetrick's wife. forward without speakking, and our team discontinued pursuit after she entered the hospital doors)). records we obtained showed in may of 2013, just 8 weeks before temeck landed the cincinnati job, she gave mrs. hetrick another prescription for 100 pills of hydrocodone, an opiod classified as a controlled substance by the d-e-a. the problem? illinois regulators say her controlled substance license expired back in 2011. our reporting got the attention of the chairman of the house committee on veterans affairs... u.s. rep jeff miller (r-fl)
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affairs committee runs = 1:39 - 1:45 rep miller :"was the person allowed to receive the prescriptions? from what i can gather, they were not." on tuesday, senators took turns questioning the v-a's secretary about it all... take quick soundbyte from sherrod brown..... and on wednesday-- even president obama's press secretary weighed in. mr. earnest: " this is a situation that the white house is aware of." . the v-a served notice to remove hetrick from his position. he responded by announcing a sudden retirement. mark live tag mark greenblatt scripps national investigative correspondent runs = 2:08 - 2:18 we spent four months on the ground collecting documents to support allegations from reporting is far from over. mark greenblatt, scripps news washington next on action news.... live at 6:30.. a veteran's heartbreak. in just a matter of minutes.... his best friend was gone! and... there's one thing..... that's going to make tracking him down.... even more difficult. and.. 3 people are dead in another case of workplace violence. tonight..
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case to find out what made the shooter snap.
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stolen.... right from his friend's front yard!!! 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston tells us why the dog's owner doesn't really think it was malicious act. take vo eric fair says it happened fast. he says when he got a bloody nose on a morning run-- he ran inside a friends house to wash up-- but left his dog outside-- tied to a tree in the front yard. when he came back out minutes later-- the dog was gone.
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oclock-- leads about the and thats exactly what erics friend-- kevin-- also believed happened. take sot kevin montgomery somebody just thought maybe he was being abused and took the dog to take care of it, but whoever is watching, if they are watching, know that this is a veterans dog marissa tag kevin says he is offering a reward for anyone who can help bring the dog back. i'll post that info on our website. in summerlin-- mk-- 13an. we all remember this crazy video..... when a british airways plane caught fire.... right in the middle of the runway.... at mc- carran! we just learned the jet is now in california.... where it'll get more repairs done before it can return to it departed.... from mc-carran... around 1-30 today. that fire happened.... last september . all -1- hundred -70- people on


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