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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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oclock-- leads about the and thats exactly what erics friend-- kevin-- also believed happened. take sot kevin montgomery somebody just thought maybe he was being abused and took the dog to take care of it, but whoever is watching, if they are watching, know that this is a veterans dog marissa tag kevin says he is offering a reward for anyone who can help bring the dog back. i'll post that info on our website. in summerlin-- mk-- 13an. we all remember this crazy video..... when a british airways plane caught fire.... right in the middle of the runway.... at mc- carran! we just learned the jet is now in california.... where it'll get more repairs done before it can return to it departed.... from mc-carran... around 1-30 today. that fire happened.... last september . all -1- hundred -70- people on
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slides.... to escape. reps from mc-carrran say... they haven't set an exact date for the plane.... to return to the air. and... speaking of mc-carran airport... some big year-to-year growth..... in the number of travelers flying in and out.... of las vegas. mc-carran says... -3- point -6- million passengers came through the airport.... in january... a -7- point -3- percent increase compared to the same time.... a year ago. it's a strong start to the new as -2- thousand -15- had the third highest passenger in airport history.... with more than... -45- million passengers. here's a look..... at some of the other top local stories.... we're following. parker cover with vo starting at 7:10:02 7:09:56-7:10:17 i'm parker collins on the north east side of the valley overnight gunshots rang out in this neighborhood shattering glass leaving some of it on the ground here, but those bullets also hit homes i spoke with a mother who was terrified to call 911 after this happened with her two young children sleeping inside their house. no one was injured by that shooter is still out there. michael michael burton
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revenue is up nearly 9 percent from this time last year, but down nearly 8 percent on the strip. economic experts say strong local employment numbers are allowing more locals to spend money at downtown casinos. as for ithe dip on the strip - they say it's because last year the super bowl was closer to the end of january. lesley (ad lib toss to bryan) tonight...partly cloudy. lows 50 to 53 on the west side of the valley...48 to 52 on the east side. winds generally light becoming west up to 10 mph after midnight. .saturday...sunny.
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side of the valley...77 to 81 on the east side. winds generally light. .saturday night...partly cloudy. lows 49 to 54. north wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday...mostly sunny. highs 72 to 76 on the west side of the valley...75 to 79 on the east side. northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday night...partly cloudy. lows around 54. .monday through thursday...mostly clear. highs 73 to 76. 215 southbound.. before losing control of a stolen car.. flipping.. and crashing into a light pole. a state trooper says the driver was going more than 100-miles an hour during the pursuit. the driver was rushed to the hospital.
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new developments on that deadly workplace shooting.... that ended the lives of -3- people. we're learning more about the man... who pulled the trigger... police identify him.... as -38- year-old... cedric ford. right now... they think.... the motive appears to be a domestic issue. they say... ford was served a restraining order from his ex-girlfriend.... just -90- minutes before the first gunshots. they say... ford was armed with an assault rifle and a handgun. he opened fire from his car on other drivers.... in two separate locations... and then.... drove to his office. ford was killed in a shootout.... with a sheriff's deputy. (sheriff t. walton/harvey county, ks) "that particular officer is the hero out of all this. understand, there was probably shooting. the only reason that he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter." nearly -1- hundred -50- employees escaped the building... surrounded by ambulances and swat teams. one of ford's friends....
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but listen to his chilling description of ford.... during the shooting. matt jarrell/gunman's friend: he looked happy, (reporter: happy?) yeah, he looked like.. he hopped out almost like a smile on his face just (sound effects) into the building (reporter: that's disturbing) yeah very-- a picture i'm never going to get out of my head for the rest of my life. -14- people are hurt. two are still in the hospital. authorities say... ford has a lengthy criminal past. a shooting and lengthy standoff at a home.... in washington state.... has left -5- people dead.... including the suspect. authorities in mason county say... a man called police this morning..... to say he shot his family and they found -4- people dead. a -12- year-old girl related to the suspect survived the stand-off and was taken to the hospital. it's not clear..... if the child escaped or was freed.... by the gunman. after several hours of negotiations... the suspect reportedly walked outside the home and killed himself.... in front of police.
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donald trump is back on the campaign trail.. a little bruised-up from last night's debate. but he had to be feeling better after a suprise endorsement from former rival.. new jersey governor chris christie. christie: there's no question that this is the person who will go to washington dc and be able to absolutely turn the place around. we don't need any more washington politicians especially some who have only been there for one term and never really shown up for work. the endorsement comes after trump took some blistering attacks last night from marco rubio and ted cruz during their debate in houston. rubio: if he builds the wall the way be built trump towers, he'll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. trump: so cute. such a cute soundbite. today.. they both picked-up where they left off. rubio described trump as a con-man. cruz compared trump today to hillary clinton.. calling him a rich new york liberal. and new at 6:30..
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up.. marco rubio and bernie sanders are fighting hard to stay within striking distance of the frontrunners. 13 action news anchor todd quinones tells us if they're also within striking distance of the truth.. in this week's fact check from 'politifact.' after a strong showing in nevada.. .bernie sanders continues to beat the drum against economic inequality. @ :06 - :20 ((there is something profoundly wrong when the richest 80 people in the world own more wealth than the bottom half of the global population, 3.5 billion people)) it's a message sanders has used before..... and he is not far off according to politifact. sot aaron sharokman/politifact @ :26- :32 ((the one caveat is these are just estimates. so both on the total wealth of the population of the world and also the number of billionaires and how much wealth they have.. close enough to rate his claim as. mostly true next up.. marco rubio's pulling out a stunning statistic about the
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education. rubio claiming "two-thirds of our kids can't read at grade level" rubio uses a national think tank that some education experts disagree with. politifact found there's a difference between the higher think tank standards and actual grade level reading. sot aaron sharokman @ 1:02-:1:12 ((marco rubio has the right figures here. 2/3 of american students aren't reading at a proficient level but that doesn't necessarily equal reading at grade level)) politifact rating rubio's claim about the dire state of reading levels for children at half true all the way until election day in november.. we are teaming up with politifact.. the nation's leading political fact checking group.. holding politicians accountable for the things they say. i'm todd quinones.. we'll see you next week for another politifact.. fact check the entertainment world is gearing up for sunday's big party. the stars. the outfits. the performances. but this year...there could be something tha has people talking. and.. everyone has had a shopping
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to walk out of the store. but the one getting the lowest customer satisfaction score might suprise you- next in financial focus. in tonight's financial focus.. the markets were on a
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through the day.. but never really got too far from the starting line. dow down 57 nasdaq up 8 sp500 down 4 a couple of the big local gaming stocks had a great day. boyd was up almost 8%.. while caesars entertainment finished up by more than 10%. the price of a first class stamp will be dropping soon. in 2014.. the u-s postal service was granted permission to temporarily increase stamp prices.. contingent on a planned price drop this year. that surcharge is slated to end april 10th... so the coast of mailing a one ounce letter will drop from 49 to 47 cents. commercial prices will also
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the list of america's most hated retailers is out... and you may be surprised which company is number one. abercrombie and fitch scored the lowest on the american customer satisfaction index for the retail industry. this is abercrombie's debut on the list. the company scored a 65 on the index.. almost 10 points below the entire sector's overall score. walmart ranked just ahead of abercrombie with a score of 66. walmart has ranked the lowest among department and discount stores for nearly 10 years. that's tonight's 'financial focus.' let's go to bryan scofield and 'weather first.' . tonight...partly cloudy. lows 50 to 53 on the west side of the valley...48 to 52 on the east side. winds generally light becoming west up to 10 mph after midnight. .saturday...sunny. highs 75 to 78 on the west side of the valley...77 to 81 lows 49 to 54. north wind 5 to 10 mph.
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highs 72 to 76 on the west side of the valley...75 to 79 on the east side. northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday night...partly cloudy. lows around 54. .monday through thursday...mostly clear. highs 73 to 76. lows 50 to 53. generally light becoming west up to 10 mph after midnight. .saturday...sunny. highs 75 to 78 on the west side of the valley...77 to 81 on the east side. winds generally light. .saturday night...partly cloudy. lows 49 to 54. north wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday...mostly sunny. highs 72 to 76 on the west side of the valley...75 to 79
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northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. .sunday night...partly cloudy. lows around 54. .monday through highs 73 to 76. lows 50 to 53. the stage is set..... for a big night in hollywood this sunday.....
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the academy awards roll out the red carpet.... and... the oscars are handed out!!! but... will the issues over diversity.... dim the spotlight? andy choi spoke with actors.... hoping to address.... the issue. pkg full= 7.00.58 "[sigh] perspective is built from pain sometimes you know?" under the bright lights of make- believe, actors tow the line between art and reality. 7.00.54 "talk about something else!" for jon shockness, ryan foo, and the black actors guild, the reality is art comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. making this year's academy awards and its perceived lack of diversity... a tough topic to address. 6.51.22 "i think things are very how do i put this" but the group believes diversity starts long before an actor hits the set.
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there aren't too many diverse producers and diverse writers." 6.51.41 "and i think that there's more out there than what is produced" 6.40.13 "from that perspective, you don't really expect to see a lot of whole lot of diverse awards." 6.47.54 "and i think these conversations are important in getting there." and they hope oscars host chris rock can continue that conversation. 6.41.17 "because he's going to be able to take the shots that are fun, but i think still respectfully represent the issue." 6.55.20 [singing] "are we bored of" and so, along the spectrum of performance, these artists believe their voices matter. 6.56.46 [singing] "and all we think we are will one day be" 6.47.40 "we can create change here. we can build something bigger and better than what we've been doing. so let's add more diversity, let's add more content!" 6.42.19 "it reinforces the vigor that we have for the need for people to create their own stuff." 6.54.43 "just because there's aren't enough
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people of color, i think, is a narrow way of looking at it. i think there are bigger issues than just that." 6.57.43 [singing] "til we find our love" the question is who's ready... to listen? 6.57.50 "our love" for the now, i'm andy choi. "the oscars" are set to kick off.... this sunday.... at 4:00... but our coverage begins at -1-... with the road to the gold... followed by the red carpet... starting at 2:00... you can watch it all sunday.... right here.... on abc. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13: 8:00 - last man standing 8:30 - dr. ken 9:00 - shark tank 10:00 - 20/20 then on action news.. live at 11.. in just hours.. thousands will take part in this year's color run. but contact 13 is digging deeper into the danger of the colored powders used.. and why some think they could put your health at risk. plus.. a warning for all parents. the hidden danger inside your child's sippy cup.
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live at 11. you could win a pair of lift tickets.... equipment rental... and coaching.... at lee canyon, just moments away..... from the las vegas valley..... in the spring mountains. enter each day.... at k-t-n-v - dot- com... on our facebook page or on our mobile app, then watch... live at 11.... to see if you win. lee canyon is a proud sponsor of action news.... and... is providing the prizes.... for this promotion. all the orange cones around the valley have people seeing red. but now... all the help you need is a lot closer.... than you think. and... 13 action news is walking you through.... all the construction crazy.
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you avoid all the cthe valley. it's called "seeing orange" it has a map with every construction project.. whether it's being done by the city.. n-dot or the county. you can even see the start and finish dates.. and the kind of work they're doing. and... those lines.... at the d-m-v could soon be at the location.... on charleston and campbell. at the kiosks... you can renew your registration
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get a duplicate license or i-d... and.... print off other documents. the kiosks also... accept cash. bryan has another look at your forecast.... in just a bit. we'll be right back.
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becoming west up to 10 mph after midnight. that's 13 action news for now.. but.. we hope to see you again later tonight.... for action news.. live at 11. thank you for joining us. "inside edition" is next.
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military state of security at the oscars. >> mixed with the glom mouse will be intense security, bomb- sniffing dog, roof top snipers. and outright war. >> you know where donald trump would be right now? trump watches. >> this guy is a joke artist and liar. and who is the woman who wouldn't stop screeching? [ screaming ] plus --
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president of the united states? >> the lost donald trump interview. and he's alive. >> oh, my god. >> the wife who sees her husband for the first time since the workplace shootings. and then legendary pin-up cheryl tiegs, her scathing attack on the plus-sized "sports illustrated" cover girl. >> i don't think it's healthy. plus, this contestant from "the voice," it's curl single digits sue. >> i know what i'm doing. then, the woman who will do anything to look like kim kardashian. even surgery. >> i want all this to go here. now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody and thank you for joining us. all the big stars heading to the oscars this sunday will be forgiven if they feel like they have arrived in a military state when they hit the red carpet. unprecedented security is being put into place.


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