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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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about another hour while csi investigates. reporting live.... an update tonight-- on a man considered armed and dangerous the nye county sheriff's office says-- 21-year-old cody barnes is in custody tonight. authorities say barnes tried to kill his girlfriend yesterday afternoon-- after he saw her with another man. she survived and was able to get away. barnes was arrested in ventura california. the girls mother-- kristy finnegan-- was also arrested in connection to the shooting. metro arrested six teens who they believe stole b-b guns from a walmart earlier today. the teens took off in their car-- but later abandoned it near ft. apache and sunset when officers arrived. the suspects then started running-- but were eventually caught-- and taken into custody. police were concerned about the theft since several realistic-looking bb guns were stolen. a valley woman is trying to
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60-year-old heriberto diaz was shot and killed last saturday-- while walking home from work. the family held a car wash today-- near bonanza and nellis. they're hoping to raise nearly 15- thousand dollars so they can bury heriberto in mexico-- next to his mother. his wife-- maria-- is confident they will reach their goal-- and also believes police will find the people responsible for her husband's death. "from what i can see, they are working hard on it. i can see they're moving around my neighborhood. i see them stopping everybody, you know, in the neighborhood." the family will be holding the car wash again tomorrow-- from 10am to 4pm-- in the parking lot of k-mart on bonanza and nellis. a 13 action news update tonight. a henderson man has been arrested-- in the hit and run death of a woman crossing boulder highway earlier this week. eric leppard turned himself
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car and hitting a woman who was walking outside of a crosswalk. officers said speed was a factor in her death. what used to be a changing speed limit on boulder highway is now consistent throughout -- 45 miles per hour. officials hope this change will improve safety in the area. 002826 erin breen "in our community we seem to have a disregard for speed limits to start with" 18:26:15 sparkle southward "it isn't making no difference in vegas. these people drive like crazy. there's no speed limit to them." lowering the speed limit recently has been the start of a larger effort to make boulder highway less deadly . and metro was called out to the scene of a nasty looking crash-- near desert inn and mojave. the driver of this gray kia optima first crashed into an suv-- then-- hit a 60-year-old man on a bike-- then finally crashing into a light pole. the bicycle rider was taken to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. the driver of the kia stayed on scene-- and is cooperating with authorities.
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highway caught fire this morning. clark county firefighters were able to quickly put it out. the blaze started just before 7-30-- at the location on boulder highway near flamingo. we're told there was heavy smoke-- and two employees were inside at the time-- but they got out safely. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. right now-- a live look outside across the valley. we saw some absolutely beautiful weather today. let's check in with 13 weather first meteorologist-- karla huelga-- good evening karla. quiet weather with above average temperatures will continue to be the theme to the forecast for the next several days. sunday will be a partly cloudy day, with high temps around 80. highs will remain around the 80 degree mark monday and tuesday and skies will be mainly sunny. mainly sunny skies will continue through next saturday. afternoon highs will drop a degree or two wednesday
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temps will top out in the upper 70s. expect breezy winds on thursday and friday as an upper level system passes to our north. the system will drag a bit of a virginia police officer was killed when she responded to a call about a domestic-related shooting. the prince william county police department identified the fallen officer as ashley guindon. she had just been sworn-in to the department-- on friday. two other officers were shot and wounded. authorities say when the officers arrived at the scene-- they found a woman killed in connection to the incident. one person was taken into custody. new information on that horrific workplace shooting in kansas.. new tonight-- the gunman's own video posted on facebook-- showing him firing off an automatic weapon.
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before he took a similar gun-- and shot at his coworkers-- including one-- who thought he was his friend. abc's eva pilgrim with what he had to say. tonight a new arrest in the wake of that deadly workplace rampage. nats - helicopters/sirens/et c. 28-year-old sarah hopkins -- a former live in girlfriend of the alleged gunman cedric ford charged with giving a firearm to a convicted felon. hopkins telling investigators she gave ford her own ak 47 and glock pistol. after their breakup she had taken them back but later "returned both guns? because ford had threatened her." nats - facebook video: cedric shooting ak "bang! bang! bang!" just a month later, ford posting this video to his facebook page, firing an ak-47. nats - bang! bang! bang! ford killed 3 of his co-workers ? and injured 14 more. before being killed by police chief doug schroeder. adam miller was trying to evacuate his coworkers when he came face to face with ford. sot adam miller: "i saw him come around the corner and he
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told him to run, there's a fire. he still looked confused and i told him again and he said i know then shot me." miller who still recovering in the hospital was shot 4 times says he still feels for ford. sot -- adam miller: "i don't know what he was going through. obviously he felt this was the way out. and so, my heart just aches for him." just ninety minutes before the shooting? ford was served at work with a restraining order to stay away from another ex girlfriend who claimed he was "in desperate need of medical and psychological help!" family and friends are saying goodbye this weekend-- to five of the six victims killed in the kalamazoo, michigan shootings. a memorial service for mary lou nye was held in bridgman today. she was one of four people shot and killed at a cracker barrel parking lot last saturday. memorial services for four other victimes are also being held this weekend. former uber driver-- jason dalton-- has been charged with six counts of murder in those
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hillary clinton is celebrating a big win tonight-- overwhelmingly beating bernie sanders in the south carolina democratic primary. at the same time-- insults are flying on the republican side-- as the super tuesday presidential primaries are just around the corner. abc's marci gonzalez is in columbia, south carolina with more. -- tonight- celebrating - a crucial victory- sot - hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate "thank you so much south carolina!" in south carolina- hillary clinton, gaining delegates?and momentum .. sot special report jonathan karl: "a big win here in south carolina. likely means a big win in those southern states on super tuesday. // bernie sanders can continue to win some states, if he doesn't win decisively it will be impossible for him to catch up." bernie sanders - conceding- but insisting his campaign is far from over? sot bernie tonight- "tuesday, over 800 delegates are at stake and we intend to win many, many of them." both democrats now
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beyond? and going after gop front-runner donald trump? sot clinton: "a leading candidate for president spends half of his time insulting people." sot sanders: "we will defeat trump because the american people do not want a president who insults mexicans, muslims." trump- also the target of now relentless attacks from marco rubio? rubio,sot: "con artist // con artist // con artist artists.// the insults thrown right back tonight- by trump? sot trump: "i watched this lightweight rubio, total lightweight, little mouth on him, bing, bing, bing. bing, bing, bing, bing." and his new hard-hitting supporter, chris christie? right by his side on the campaign trail. marci gonzalez standup close: "and the intensity only building with the countdown now on to super tuesday. all of the candidates will be
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campaign stops in several of those key states. marci gonzalez, abc news, columbia, south carolina." people looking to save some cash-- showed up to today's clark county auction. auction goers were able to save big on electronics-- furniture-- and over 200 vehicles. bidding started at just 1-hundred- dollars for vehicles-- with the most popular one's being pickup truck's-- and s-u-v's. you could even bid on police cars. 1:03:23-1:03:29 "i think i'm gonna be reduced to getting one of the former police interceptors. but that's fine, they're good reliable cars. they've been maintained." the items at today's auction were acquired by valley police departments-- local government agencies-- and even from mccarran's lost and found. we've seen it time and time again. e-cigarettes suddenly exploding. what experts are saying about the potential dangers of e-cigarettes. we're less than 24 hours away from the biggest night in hollywood. the oscars taking plenty of heat for their lack of diversity. so how will host chris rock
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more. those popular e-cigarets-- why are some of them exploding-- for no apparent reason? one vaper tells us her first-person account tonight-- the details are disturbing. here's abc's gloria riviera. 911 call: caller: the car is going to explode! the car is going to explode! operator: hold on, where are you? this frantic 9-1-1 call coming in just after an e-cigarette apparently exploded inside this car in naples, florida. 911 call: caller: it's huge!
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operator: is it fully engulfed? caller: yes // it was an e-cigarette, i think she was smoking. authorities say cassandra koziol told police she was smoking a modified e-cigarette when it exploded in her mouth, burning her face and nearly blowing out two teeth. sot cassandra koziol: "i had like char // i pushed a button i felt an impact on my face // i saw like sparks fly off onto the passenger side." the government.. saying million of americans smoke e-cigarettes. so far.. more than two dozen fires and explosions.. reported. at a kentucky gas station this week...josh hamilton's e- cigarette exploded in his pocket...he says causing 2nd degree burns. and in new hampshire.. investigators say another explosion nearly setting a bedroom on fire. experts say.. problems can begin when the device's lithium battery is overcharged. sot dep. chief tim walker, rochester fire department: "80% of all fires involving electronic
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after making an emergency landing on a highway in southern indiana. the pilot was flying the plane with his wife and 13-year-old son on board-- when the plane began to experience mechanical issues. he tried to make it to the closest airport, but then-- had to make an emergency landing near the highway-- choosing the median to avoiding landing on a car. no one on board suffered serious injuries during the landing. right now-- metro needs your help tracking down two burglars! they say these two men ransacked a valley home near town center and canyon run-- all while the homeowners slept upstairs. this happened last week. you can see them rummaging through the stuff. at one point-- they even get a flash light out-- and start snooping around. if you recognize them-- call police. the 2016 color run brightened the streets of downtown las vegas today. the "tropi-color run" is known as the "happiest 5-k on the planet" the race started at eight this morning-- and took off at the corner of las vegas boulevard and bridger-- then finished at
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a portion of the proceeds from the 5- k go to the "three square food bank." adlib let's go to 13 weather first meteorologist karla huelga quiet weather with above average temperatures will continue to be the theme to the forecast for the next several days. sunday will be a partly cloudy day, with high temps around 80. highs will remain around the 80 degree mark monday and tuesday and skies will be mainly sunny. mainly sunny skies will continue through next saturday. afternoon highs will drop a degree or two wednesday through friday, which means temps will top out in the upper 70s. expect breezy winds on thursday and friday as an upper level system passes to our north. the system will drag a bit of cooler air into the area, which
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next saturday. a contact 13 consumer alert
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the number of people caught up in the theft of tax-payer data last year-- is seven times larger than originally thought. last may-- the internal revenue service said-- cyber criminals used a popular tool on their website to steal the tax forms of over 7-hundred-thousand people. starting next week-- the agency will warn affected taxpayers about potential identity theft. they will be offered free credit protection. they'll also get an extra pin number to protect future tax filings. the i-r-s has disabled the online document tool used to steal personal information. all eyes are on hollywood--
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right now for the big show-- but with the boycotts-- and the backlash-- the big question this year-- will the controversy outshine the glamour? abc's nick watt has our sneak preview. will leo win? how great will george look? most importantly, what will chris say? spike lee, jada pinkett smith, will smith: all boycotting because of the total lack of african american acting nominees. but chris rock will be there. hosting. lacey rose, hollywood reporter "his brand of comedy is to absolutely go there." even before the nominations, rock wrote in the hollywood reporter, 'it's a white hollywood reporter. "this year that's what everyone wants to hear, that's what everyone recognizes they have to hear, so he is perfectly suited for this job." last time rock hosted in 2005, he went tonight. so great, it's kind of like the def oscar jam tonight." since this year's all white
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he's canceled all interviews. said nothing. sot: lacey rose. hollywood reporter. "chris has been out there, he's been testing his monologue material on audiences at comedy // i think he's been testing just how far he can go with it." how far? well, the show's producers told our own lara spencer: maybe even rock doesn't know yet. sot: david hill (gma friday) man 1: "he's a perfectionist." man 2: "he'll tweak up until sunday night." tweeting this week, 'see you sunday' '#blackout.' nick watt, abc news, los angeles. -13- action news is your home for the oscars. coverage starts at one p-m-- leading up to the red carpet at four. then-- stick with us for a special edition of - 13-action news at 8 thirty-- .immediately after the show. and for your up-to-the-minute oscars news-- visit our website-- ktnv-dot-com. we have an entire page dedicated to the show! you can also follow us on facebook-- twitter-- and instagram! a big win tonight for the u-n-l-v runnin' rebels men's basketball team.
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regular season-- the rebels were able to hold off the wyoming cowboys-- 79 to 74. the rebels play next at san diego state-- that's next saturday at 7 p.m. a shocking story tonight-- teenagers accused of poisoning their teacher. why they did it. and-- an alleged imposter pretending to be a high school student. the criminal charges he's now
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for years - allegedly pretending to be a high school student - even making the honor roll. now he's behind bars ? and tonight - facing new charges. police say artur samarin, now 23 years old, had sexual relations with a 15 year old girl in 2014?.now charged with statutory sexual assault samarin has not yet responded to those charges ... but earlier admitted from his harrisburg, pennsylvania jail cell ... he did scam the system to stay in the u-s samarin: "i'm here in this prison because i've done a crime. i'm a criminal, unfortunately but it is true." samarin also saying in 2012 he left ukraine, assumed the alias asher potts - and went to john harris high school every day for the last four years - even making the honor roll. ellen winterub/parent sot: "i mean you have beautiful girls in this school that are minors that are underage and you have basically a grown man in here ha know misrepresenting himself." cops say when samarin says he was simply it's a land of opportunity for all of us immigrants." tonight this alleged impostor is behind
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bond. kendis gibson abc news new york. three middle school students in florida are facing felony charges of poisoning-- on allegations they put red pepper flakes into their teacher's soda. the volusia county sheriff's office says-- a 12-year-old girl was upset about being disciplined by her teacher earlier this week. so-- authorities say-- she and 2 other girls bought the pepper flakes the next day. investigators say the teacher began to choke-- and experienced shortness of breath. the girls also face charges of tampering with consumer products. from free pet vaccinations-- to free health screenings. there were a number of great causes around the valley today. including one to help students
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it was a great day for hundreds of local teens looking forward to prom this year. "help of southern nevada"-- along with radio station 98 point five-- put together gown town at town square las vegas. used prom dresses all went on sale today for only 20 bucks. some shoppers even picked up a wedding gown. the county hosted a great event today for your furry friends. the las vegas humane society-- and heaven can wait animal society-- partnered up to offer free vaccinations for all cats and dogs. today's event took place at the whitney recreation center on boulder highway near tropicana.
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1:06:34-1:06:38:28 "the law is all dogs and cats need the rabies vaccinations, need to have a tag or a microchip and need to be spayed or neutered." if you missed today's event-- don't worry-- there will be another one in a few months. mountain view hospital is celebrating 20 years by providing a free health fair to the community. today's event featured free health screenings with nurses and physicians on hand to discuss any questions people had about their health. there was also cake-- and all kids received a free stuffed animal kangaroo. karla has another look at your forecast in just a bit. but right now-- here's a live look outside in the valley. you're watching thirteen action news-- where you ask-- and we
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partly cloudy day, with high temps around 80. highs will remain around the 80 degree mark monday and tuesday and skies will be mainly sunny. that's 13 action news-- live at 11. thanks for watching.
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have a great night.
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