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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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the rival campaigns have turned into attack machines hammering trump for not releasing his tax returns speculating about what he's hiding. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob, making it harder, donald trump just nabbed another big endorsement and he now has the backing of alabama senator jeff sessions. mary bruce, abc news, virginia beach. >> we're going to return to our
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>> announc the awards may be over in hollywood, but here in new york we still have a few to give out of our own. >> absolutely, yes. there are some special performances we'd like to honor on our very own "world news now" nowscars. for our first category, best performance by a background news room worker. and the nominees are, brian, as the guy who sits behind me and does strange things. >> this is brian's first nomination. many consider him to have been snubbed for a previous nowscar worthy performance. also, brian wrote that. >> i did. >> yes, he did. we would nominate, deb, our writer but in keeping with the serious theme, no black nominees. next nominee, jack sheahan. this is jack's third nomination. he has been previously nominated for his role as "bachelor" senior analyst and fantasy and the winner is -- jack
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>> yes! >> jack, come and get your nowscars, aka the golden remote. >> beautiful. >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. i'd like to thank my wife for putting up with my eccentricities, my parents for bringing me into this world and good luck to my sister-in-law erin who is possibly having a boy today. bring on number 11. >> number 11? >> you get 45 seconds. >> oh, okay. i'm getting hooked. sorry. >> grashgts thank you. and, brian, you know, since you lost, you can present the rest of the awards. >> well, gee, guys, thanks. i really appreciate that. >> you're welcome. >> i'm not really prepared. wait, i think i'm okay. let's do this. it's time for the "world news nowcars." first category -- >> not prepared or anything. >> not prepared at all.
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here we go. being a news anchor can be a lot goes into being the face of the broadcast, sometimes you have to do things you otherwise wouldn't. but you also don't. like when it comes to eating meat. it's something our next nominee simply does not do. >> these are so good. i'm eating the vegetarian part. not vegetarian. i can't partake. there's no tofu dog. >> well, since there are no other nominees in this category of best performance by a pescetarian, reena ninan, the nowscar goes to you. >> me? >> yes. this is for you. >> wow! well, i really wasn't prepared for this moment. i wasn't expecting this. i'd like to thank my mom and dad who believed in me. i want to know -- wait, is this a real verizon fios remote because my kids lost this one.
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can i really use it? >> it might be. but we can't say for sure. you are getting the hook. we have one more award. it's a two-for-one combo award for best hair and best wardrobe. the nowscar goes to kendis gibson. look at all those beautiful looks. that's the trendy man bun up there in the left-hand corner. >> wow. >> what's your inspiration? >> i got to tell you, it's all the previous black anchors, bradley, t.j., rob nelson, asher blake, martha stewart. i mean, so many who have blazed thank you. this moment is bigger than just me. >> it is. >> we want to bring in all our we want to bring them all in. we want to say congratulations to the winners. we are a lot more diverse here than the oscars, obviously. so, congratulations to them, everyone who won. everybody, thanks to security for always giving me a call when
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the difference is easy to absorb. well, the statuettes have been handed out. and the lights have faded and hollywood's biggest stars have moved on to a night jam packed with plenty of after-parties. >> and our friends at the red carpet are out in full force at tonight's hottest shindigs. here's some of their coverage. >> chris rock was for sure amazing especially the way he started the show. i was like, what, de just say that? >> get to hang out with everybody. laugh, talk, drink and party. >> it's the top night of hollywood. >> my favorite moment was leonardo dicaprio winning and his speech. >> always like the glamour and glitz and the glory and the agony of defeat is always fun to watch, as well. >> the best thing, winning.
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been lucky enough to win. it makes writing my inheritance quite a bit easier because i have two kids. this is such an amazing piece and it's so timely and so important that we remember what an asset this is to our society and our culture and our democracy. >> charles randolph won an oscar for best adapted screenplay for "spotlight." the film also won. this is probably one of the best nights of your life. >> it is. it's my birthday today. i'm 53 years old and i've wanted this for an while. it's truly one of the best nights in my life. >> we already felt like it achieved so much. >> reporter: you clutched that like you're never going to let it go. >> nobody's getting it. no, it's really -- we're just so grateful to be here. it's been a long haul for us. five years. the film has been embraced around the world. it's so amazing to be here tonight. >> i'm still very, very overwhelmed. i kind of look down and i just
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so it's actually -- first i was like, oeshlgszh, this looks like an oscar. i can't really wrap my head around it. it's just wonderful and i'm so happy to be here with my fellow colleagues and hopefully go out and celebrate tonight. >> everyone who pays great money and a lot of money goes away satisfied and wants to come back next year, but we deliver the goods. >> i ran into harry connick jr. and i turned into a 15-year-old girl and i played with a hair a lot. he couldn't be more charming. >> i got pretty star-struck with daniel day-lewis coming to this party when he won. i sort of lost the ability to speak and my husband thankfully was there and was able to speak on my behalf. >> it's funny to see celebrities get star struck. >> they still do. the parties are still ongoing at this hour. >> we've got folks everywhere. every single after-party. you can imagine. >> there's going to be lots of coverage on "good morning
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from abc news.developing this morning... a man accused of opening fire at his under-age girlfriend. the shocking person who actually told him this was a good idea. and it's all anyone can talk about this morning-- the oscars! who took home hollywood's top prize, and what were the moments everyone's talking about? we'll have your oscar highlights in a minute but first let's get to dayna with some breaking news-- vo 3 cars involved no injuries blocking two lanes accident on russell still on the page high pressure is being tracked
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a weak front gliding just to the north of clark county, a few clouds may build in throughout the day with a mild breeze. and 10 mph. high pressure will take control of the valley once more and mostly sunny skies continue through wednesday along with high temperatures between the upper 70s and lower 80s. wednesday into thursday, another front will interact with the valley. partly cloudy skies take over wednesday late night and hold


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