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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  February 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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i've never heard this song. >> from "skyfall"? i'm pretty sure this is from "skyfall." "spectre." i have heard this song before. it's one of the 007 movies. >> thank you for joining us today. i'm dao vu. >> i'm shawn tempesta. good morning everybody. the oscars were last night. chris rock hosted. right off the bat he addressed the elephant in the room and diversity and controversy. >> what controversy? >> "spotlight" won best picture. leo got his award for bt the big surprise, no oscar for rocky. sylvester stallone got nothing. "bridge of spies" won over rocky. mad max won that i got to see. >> leonardo dicaprio finally won, struck gold. about time. he was basically the susan lucci of the oscars.
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tore this one. it was so obvious that he did this 'cause he liked -- this is the one that's going to get me the oscar. >> did he a great job with that and he practiced the opening scene for two weeks. deserves it. >> he ate bison liver for the movie and he's a vegetarian. >> he well deserves that. >> coming up today on the "morning blend," bow wow wow, your pooch can have >> plus, great deals for this once in every four years day. >> first up, speing of the only film festival in our state that celebrates all things women in film. the nevada women's film takes place this weekend. >> here with the details is the festival's founder, nikki corda, along with brett levner, the festival director. how are you? >> great. great to see you. >> how did this whole thing come about? the women's film festival, how did this begin?
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and i was teaching and i noticed there was female students. and i decided to form a school club to support the students. from there we decided to produce a small film festival. but it really -- we got a lot of excitement. i reached out to my friends and amazing partners and it blew up and became a full fledged film festival. >> you saw a need as you were teaching and then next thing you know, you've started a film festival. tell us about this and how do we go see the film? >> it's this weekend at the springs preserve. we have films from all over the world. we're highlighting locals and students. we have panels. we have some parties going on. it's a great time. >> this is a full blown film festival. this isn't let's just get in front of a screen.
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it starts on friday? >> friday evening. we have a woman film maker of year. robin greenspun.entary. 6:30 p.m. on we're starting, woman film maker of the year. then all day saturday and sunday at the springs preserve. and also nevada state preserve next door. >> all these movies being aired are from here, made in vegas or honors all women? >> all over the world. not just women. we are highlighting mostly women film makers, but also all genders have been welcomed to submit. we're just looking for strong female presence both behind and in front of the camera. >> where do you find these films? >> we get the word out through our students. we have a platform, a wonderful platform called sun freeway.
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so we have local, international. we have men and women submitting films as well. >> is it too late to submit a film? >> yes. >> we're a week out. yes. >> there is going to be no sleep. >> it's a great opportunity. there are so many hungry film makers. all they want is to have their film seen by somebody. this is a great opportunity and a great platform to do that. >> absolutely. bringing attention to nevada as a capital for the arts. not just to support women film, but also an opportunity, since we don't have an art house movie theater in town, which makes me very sad. i hope that changes soon, but all the film festivals here. it's an opportunity to come out to see indy films, documentaries, foreign film that people would never have the chance to otherwise see. >> and you also have something called the semi awards. what is that? that is our closing night festival awards.
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nevada women film maker of the year, as well as best documentary, best short film. so forth. >> best female protagonist, a sustainability award, possibly spirit of the springs preserve award, things like that. that's going to be a fun show. >> awesome. a comedian, emcee comic. >> very cool. you have sponsors that are helping you with this as well because you can't do it without them frankly. >> we have a great group of local organizations, including unlv, nevada state college, csn, william s school of law just came through this morning. we're so thankful to them. the springs preserve, nevada state museum, to name a few. >> awesome. >> it's not too late. if you want to sponsor, give us an e-mail, you can do it for this year or next year. >> that we can squeeze in, but just not the film. >> we'll talk. >> can we get tickets right now?
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we have a link through brown paper tickets. that's probably the easiest way. >> thank you. of years. we look forward to seeing it >> thank you. >> the nevada women's film festival begins friday night and runs through sunday at the springs preserve of the for tickets, visit the web site on your screen. you can buy day tickets or all access pass. twitter. >> still to come on the "morning blend," the dog gone fun you and the park.
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you are watching the "morning >> welcome back to the "morning blend." nevada coin mart, an industry leader for buying and selling gold, silver, bullion and silver and more. they continuously give back to
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upcoming garden party. >> here with more, neil sackmary, along with patricia lindberg and karen wilcox. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. working all the time. but you also make time to give back to the community. why is that so important to you? >> nevada coin mart is the industry leader when it comes to buying of jewelry, any type of costume. but the thing is this, nevada coin mart has partnered with channel 13, nevada coin mart has partnered with ktnv. we sponsored the baseball team for the spring valley team. the community. so unfortunately, there is a lot of businesses that are just in it for themselves and so they make money and they don't give back. at nevada coin mart, when the client comes in and does business with me, the business has to make a profit. but beyond the business making a profit, it's about being able to help and give back and so being able to do business with them is
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it is that i do. karen, you're the president of the club that actually supports a multitude of charities here in >> we do. we have a monthly luncheon for our members and their guests and at each luncheon we have a raffle where 100% of the charity. we like to focus on charities that help women and children and seniors and within the henderson area, which is where we are. >> awesome. >> your group decides who to give funds to or who to support? >> correct. >> how do you decide that? >> we have a charity director that goes out and interviews various organizations and determines their eligibility and club? last year we raised nearly $42,000 for local charities, just from our raffle sales. we're pretty proud of that. >> phenomenal. patricia, you're the special events director for the club. >> yes, i am. >> and you're planning this
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explain what this is. >> the royal garden party is going to be on april 15 at the m resort and casino in henderson. we're just thrilled because we're going to have a lot of special activities. the whole ballroom is going to be transformed into a floral paradise. >> no kidding. >> and it's going to be magnificent and it's going to be a very, very special event for all of us. >> who benefits from this event? >> it will be safe house, which is a great organization. >> very important organization. >> shelter for women and children. >> excellent. very cool. special guests or entertainers going to be there? >> we've got kathleen dunbar coming in and then we have a surprise special guest. >> very nice. >> i would check under your sleeves. this is a great event. how do we get tickets? >> you can go to -- you can see
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at the web site. >> right there on the screen. >> we can get you a ticket or you can mail a check, it's $40 for members. 45 for nonmembers and guests. or you can mail it to the women's club. >> you're helping in supporting the ladies. >> right. the thing is that when i was asked to do this, most people have to second guess and they have to think about it. there is not a second guess. i am here for the community. nevada coin mart is a long-standing business member. i have full transparency. you can go and google. you can go on yelp and on facebook. you can go anywhere you want and you can read about the wonderful reviews about the company. my company is open 365 days a year. 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m i'm the only former bank building in las vegas that actually is a free-standing store that buys gold. i have a $30,000 x-ray
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microscope. i'm a gia graduate gemologist and this is what i went to school for. so for me, about being able to partner and be able to be a sponsor is really about joining of two similar companies that actually have the same vision. we want to help the community and we want to do it the best possible way that we can. >> if i could add, he's the founder sponsor of this event. so we're very, very grateful to nevada coin mart. >> honorary woman. it's open seven days a week, right? >> i am. my wife and i are there 365 days a year, seven days a week. i'm not just a paid sponsor when it comes to my advertising and stuff like that. for me, it's about being there when my clients come in, they know they can always deal with me and when they come in, i have six privacy windows to be able to look at everything andit's really, really important that when you want to do business, you want to do business with the industry
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women's club, it's really, really wonderful charity and that's why my wife and i 100% support them in everything they do. >> are you doing a special with glazers? >> i am. i was up there the other night. i said hi to mrs. g. they are fantastic. i believe in glazer's. they believe in the same philosophy. we've been doing business for seven years and so when it comes to glazer's, if you sell $200 or more, you get a $50 glazer gift certificate. i give a tremendous amount of those away. please come in. help support glazer. help support nevada coin mart and the anthem women's club, which i am doing. >> honorary member. >> yep. >> thank you so much. we look forward to the event. >> thank you. >> nevada coin mart continues to be an industry leader when it comes to buying gold and silver. they do the same for community support, like the sun city anthem women's club. you can visit their location on south jones at flamingo and call or visit the web site on your screen.
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"morning blend," leap day deals. the score from bargains around town in honor of this rare day. >> you can like or follow us on
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we'll be back. when you get one gig internet from centurylink and prism tv and they're both delivered on a super-fast fiber network directly to your home, it's amazing. it is amazing, hink his delivery was a little flat on that one? just -- yeah. um, paul, i think it's a little bit more like, "it's amazing!" oh, wow. oh, mom, that was really good. thank you. wow. [ sighs ] feel like a hollywood insider... okay, i'll work on it.
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from centurylink. welcome back to the "morning blend." pets get sick like their owners. it's important to have a place urgents care. that's why saint rose animal urgents care can give you peace of mind as they get you and your pet back to their healthy self. here with more is shannon
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and dr. joe owens. >> what did you just do? >> say off my sunglasses. >> let's talk about saint rose animal urgents care. i've been there with my pet. you guys took care of him. how is your practice different than the other practices you might see out there? >> saint rose animal urgents care is very different, as you know. it's always for the benefit of the client and the pet. we open from 4:00 p.m. 'til 2 a.m so we focus towards the industry individual who maybe can't get into the veterinarian during the normal business hours of their routine vet. work late, have kids, you have soccer practice, basketball. you can't quite take care of your little fluffy on time. so you can come in any time between 4 and 2 in the morning and we can take care of them for you. but we offer those emergency services as well as routine care. we can do vaccine, dental cleanings, like with did on pesky, ear infections, skin issues, but also it's midnight,
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we come in? we're here for you. >> which is important because all these places close at 5, 6:00 o'clock at night. >> yeah. >> that's no help to me. >> no, not at all. >> i have to take a day off work and it costs more money. medical records. i know it's important when it comes to sharing medical records for adults and for how about for our pups? >> saints rose animal urgent care has a sister hospital, val verdi. if you're a client there, if you went to another emergency facility, they wouldn't know a ut your pet. wouldn't see blood work, what's going on. those clients when they come to saint rose animal urgent care, we share a network system. so we can see every single thing on their pet. vice-versa, if they go to saint rose and they need routine pet and go to val verdi, everything that happened there, they can see as well. so really helps take the
9:20 am
>> that's really simple. dr. joe, you're there late at night. both of them are there late at night. it's pretty incredible. 1:00 a.m., they're still there. >> coffee. >> urgent care, what are the most common occurrence us you see come in? >> i get a broad speck truck. gdv. i had two in the past month. >> everybody knows it from the movie. it was a very, very intense. if we weren't there, i don't know how much longer they had. usually i get ear infections, skin infections. allergy season coming up. i'm telling you right now, probably eight out of ten cases will have some sort of itch or scratch that owners can't get aholdof so vomiting, die real estate is a -- diarrhea is a huge experience. when it comes to my diarrhea, i don't want to have it three days. but it's real and -- not just
9:21 am
cramping associated with it that owners don't understand. by the time i talk to them, how longs that been going on? oh, about a week. a week of diarrhea? put that stuff in per executive. get them in and treated. a lot of stuff is fixable. manageable. get them in. >> dental health is also incredibly important. not only for humans, but for the animals as well. we could brush our teeth. they don't have the capability to do that. how important is it and how done? >> very important. we recommend depends on the type of food and diet. soft canned foot exacerbates that dental disease. the cables help break up some of the tarter. year. we have to put them under anesthesia to take care of the dental procedures you see.
9:22 am
very important. keep it routine versus we miss add couple years. now we have multiple teeth we have to extract because we don't just put a crown on those things. you have to remove those. >> absolutely. that's very important. >> it's amazing. all that disease is out of his mouth. >> i don't want people to think avenues level five. no. extracted. it so happened the tooth on the other side was already gone. >> he can't tell you that. we got to tell you, you got issues. hey mom, hey dad, my mouth is killing me. let us do that for you. >> very smart thing. and thank you again for that. >> you're welcome. dental special you have going on. >> right now we have our 189 dental special, which we're continuing from february, which was dental month. we keep on rolling because it's one of the most important things you can do for your pet is keep their teeth clean.
9:23 am
blood work, i.v. fluid, antibiotic injection, nail trim. and anything additional to that, if there is extraction or they need medications, that goes case by case, depending on the pet. you can't beat it. normally it's 299, 399 in the vegas market. it's a huge discount to take advantage of this march. >> absolutely. no question. again, thank you for being open when you do. frankly, i don't think pesky would have his teeth done today if there wasn't a place ope when i'm not working. >> that's right. >> it's great. great having you as always. >> thank you. >> great seeing you. >> saint rose animal urgent care offers routine medical care and emergency care for your pets as well. they're located on saint rose parkway. for more details on their services, head to the web site or call the number listed. the beautiful thing is, when you bring in your pet, there is a restaurant three steps away. you drop off your pet, eat and come back. every dog can have its day at the 13th annual bark in the
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10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at cornerstone park. 3500 people and animals are expected to attend the event that features a variety of contest, vendors, demonstrations by the henderson place canine unit. several rescue groups will be there. admission is free.
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for more are you upside down on your home? get right side up with the help of our next guest. he can help you short sell your home and buy it back for today's prices. >> attorney jamie sorcher -- jamie cogburn is here now. hi. >> hi to you. >> it seemed like the housing market is improving.
9:27 am
several. >> it's surprising. we have a third that are under water. >> wow. >> so one out of three of us. so one of the three of us, statistically, will be under water. you just had stats that said we're number one in foreclosures again throughout the nation. some people believe it's going to get a little bit worse. it just depends on who you believe. >> so if people are still under water, that means they can't afford to stay in their home? >> well, they can't afford to sell their home. so let's sayhey owe $250,000, but their home is worth $175,000. well, nobody wants to write a check for $75,000. so what we do is negotiate with the banks, the bank is going to eat -- they're going to write off the difference there and you get to walk away. >> they get a boon from the federal government as well to do that? >> they do. that's why they love the buy back program. which means you don't put a sign
9:28 am
it's like a principal reduction. you're selling your house and buying it back and you have up to four years to buy it back at any time. >> what does it cost the homeowner to do this? >> it costs them nothing. so they pay us -- they don't pay us a dime or the nonprofit anything. they come in. we look at their situation. and a buy back may not be the best thing for them. break everything down for them and say, these are your different options. you decide what's best for you. anything. the bank pays us a small fee. lenders are participate not guilty this. this is everybody? is it just certain ones? >> there is only one lender that's not participating, but they don't have very many loans. bank of america, citibank, wells fargo, nation star, greentree, all of those are participating. any major lender is participating. >> excellent. >> so if someone decides they want to do this, when do they have to decide they want to do this? >> it's best to decide earlier than later.
9:29 am
>> that was extended after the first of the year, wasn't it? >> it was extended at the end of last year, which made it if back for 2015 and they went ahead and extended it through 2016. so at least you know now. it's probably not going to get extended again. it was hard to get it extended to cover 2015. so right now normally if you were to short sale and they didn't have the debt forgiveness, you would pay taxes you make 50 grand a year, you get this phantom check for $75,000, and now you're paying tax on $125,000 so right now you can buy your house back, don't pay taxes on the forgiven debts. your payment is lower and you get to your house and start building some equity instead of climbing out of a hole. >> wthese people sometimes. >> exactly. and frankly, if you don't know what you're doing, you're just not going to get very far and
9:30 am
that knows what they're doing. just like i can change the oil to my car, but it will take six hours, or i could take it to jiffy lube and it takes 20 minutes. if you know what you're doing, it will get done quicker. >> where do you see the market going? >> me personally, i think the market is going to go down. i think it's going to go down just a tad bit. >> not significant? >> not significantly. housing prices have gone up, but our wages have not gone up. so it's hard to -- if your wages aren't going up, it's hard to set those values. you'll see more inventory on the market. high end homes, probably a million dollars or more, will continue to go up. you have a lot of people from out of state moving here because of the tax advantages nevada has over california or other states. but the reality is if you're buying a home, i'd still say you're better off buying because interest rates are still slow. historically low. so even if your house went down 5% over the next three years, your rates are still low.
9:31 am
at least your monthly payment is going toward a mortgage. >> do we still have a lot of cash buyers out there? >> you have a lot of cash buyers selling now. the rental market is very soft. so a lot of people that bought three, four homes are like hey, i can't run my properties. it's taking three, four months to rent property. >> you mean to tell me the rental is soft considering how many cash buyers there were? >> correct. >> wow. i'm stunned. >> i know. >> they came in, they bought really low. >> they did. like bloomberg had an article about three weeks ago that said we're going to be the number one market to get out of -- we're going to have the hardest hit >> wow. >> but they keep building. who knows? maybe somebody else knows something i don't. or bloomberg or anybody else. >> how do we get in touch with you? >> go to our web site, you can call us. it's free. we get back to you right away. we set an appointment. there is some information we get from you and we'll tell you all your different options. sometimes we're not the best option for you. but we'll tell you that and get
9:32 am
you want to do something before the end of the year. you don't want to be paying at the end of the year going oh, myish i would have done this three years ago or a year ago. >> do it now that way you don't stress out toward the end of the year. >> it makes it much easier. we talk to people who did a short sale three years ago, now they're buying a house. >> thank you. >> to learn more about the program and jamie's services, go to the web site on your screen or call the number listed. they're located on saint r the blend, it only happens every four years. so enjoy it. producer micah runs down great leap day deals. >> that ask a whole bunch more
9:33 am
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call and switch today. tt2watv# -4 bt@qq
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exercise. how is that possible, you ask? our next guest has the answer. >> that's right. here to show us is chiropractic physician dr. kathleen nash and her client, kristin gargiulo. good morning, how are you? >> very well. >> last time you were on the show you were talking about inflammation and how that can affect weight loss or weight gain in that sense. tell us about your weight loss program and how it came about. >> my weight loss program came about basically out of necessity because i couldn't lose weight myself. so i started gaining weight when i was eight years old and for the next 25 years i tried everything that i could think of to lose it. it would always work. but the problem is as soon as i stopped doing that program, i gained the weight back usually within six months. so i started researching on my own and found that there were five metabolic factors that would cause somebody, even if they lost weight, to gain it back. once i corrected those factors in myself, i lost 80 pounds and we're approaching seven years ago that that happened.
9:36 am
important for most people. they lose weight on programs, but they can't keep it off and don't know why they can't keep it off. that's what our program helps. >> at your highest point, what did you weigh roughly? >> i weighed 230 pounds. i was a size 20 to size 22. trying to be a doctor and tell people to take care of their health and i'm lumbering into the room and having trouble myself, it was very unsettling and very painful for me. >> you realize you needed help, too. >> yes. i realized that whatever is currently out there was not working for me. some people it does work. but i just could not get it to work. so i had to find something on my own. then when i was able to duplicate it in other people, that's when i knew i had something. >> so these are the five metabolic factors. not every person has all five, but one could very well be. >> right. >> let's talk about this. >> there is five different ones. it could be anything from
9:37 am
you could have acidity problems and hormones that are stopping you. the most commercial program also touch on one or two. but if they don't identify all temporarily. >> you went through dr. nash's program. can you tell us your experience? >> sure. i did actually. coming up on that anniversary here pretty soon. i lost 30 pounds in 30 days on the program. congratulations. >> thank you. and after completing the program, i continued to lose weight. so i lost another 15 pounds after that. so 45 total lost. i've had it off all along. it's been amazing. >> we just took a look at the before pictures. it's incredible. you must see that and be like my goodness. you've come such a long way. >> yeah. look at that. wow. >> it's better for you. can you show somebody else's for
9:38 am
and the cool thing about kristen, 95% of us gain it back within a year. kristen is now approaching her three-year anniversary. only one person in 50 is able to do this. and we just consistently see this kind of issue. you fix it and it goes away. >> how do you feel today? >> amazing. the self confidence that it does, but also the energy and sleeping better. it gave me my life back pretty much. >> really incredible. is this a typical result that you see? >> if they do what i tell them, yes. >> if do you what i tell you, yes. because we're really good at identifying what the problems are. so as long as we plug in on our side and we keep up with you and we monitor your progress, all i'm asking to you do is just do what i tell you to do and we see some of the most amazing transformations. if people looked at my web site and go to the links, they can look at some of the transformations for yourself. >> you also do a pod cast? >> i do. it's really important for me, yeah, that people get as much
9:39 am
these problems as possible. so on my web site, we have a weekly pod cast that comes out. so people can get all kinds of free information to find out if what we do is right for them. >> if we want to take advantage of this program and maybe lose weight ourselves, how do we do so? there is a special? >> absolutely. normally when people contact my office, the evaluation is $50. but we're really starting to pick up speed in terms of people coming to see me. but i still want the opportunity to help people. if they mention they saw me on the "morning blend." this week i can do the evaluation for $19. but it is for this week only now because it's just gotten so popular. i can't extete it out further. >> with a is the best way to get ahold of you? >> the best way is they can look directly on the web site at dr. and the phone number is right there. or if they reach out with the number that they see on the "morning blend," that's another good way to get in touch with us. >> absolutely. you must be so thrilled. what's next? you're looking fantastic. you should be a billboard spokesperson. this is great.
9:40 am
she won't sign that damn release. >> right? >> we're talking about bikini season just around the corner. lots of people want to lose weight. so now would be a good time to get started on the program. >> oh, my gosh. yes. because by that point you're getting through the correction part of it and getting back into where we're letting you go into the maintenance part where you get to start living your life under normal circumstances and keeping the weight off. >> this a 30-day program? >> it depend ons what the issue is, yeah. so it could be from 30 to like a 60-day program. >> we mentioned earlier just about not feeling hungry when you're on the plan because the minute people feel hungry, they don't want to do it because it's not working for them. >> you don't have hunger or craveds. that was remarkable to me when i started fixing these issues. i always had cravings, always. and i would be hungry here and there, but sometimes it would get really bad. the cravings go away and the cool thing is, they stay away. if you're not hungry and you're not craved, it's so much easier to correct these issues when you're not dealing with those two things. >> absolutely. >> it's great work that you do and congratulations on
9:41 am
>> thank you so much for being here. >> forget if you mentioned that you saw dr. nash on the "morning blend," the standard evaluation fee is only $19. normally it's 50. >> dr. nash's office is on west pacific in henderson. to learn more about the total weight loss system, you can check out the web site on the screen or give her office a cycle. >> on, you can check out so many stories and find ought out what makes the valley a special to live.
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9:43 am
we'l,( losing hair, looking for something, anything to bring it back? regrow back your own natural hair with no pain and no side effects.
9:44 am
here with more is lindsay kay from laser med solutions. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> great to see you. what exactly is laser hair therapy? >> laser hair therapy is where we use low level laser and we are applying this laser energy directly to the hair follicle. this stimulates the growth stage. so we're increasing circulation and blood flow back to the scalp and this is going to stimulate that growth stage for patients. >> that's how that works? >> yes. we're regrowing back your own natural hair, but in a noninvasive, no side effect, no pain way. >> and how long does it take before someone might see hair follicles? >> so with this, what we're looking for with this type of treatment is for somebody that still has active hair follicles. a lot of the time when there is no visible hair there in the area that we're looking at, there is still an active hair follicle. so what you do is you come into the clinic for an evaluation. takes about 30 minutes.
9:45 am
activity with a pro scope magnifying camera that goes into the hair follicle. we'll be able to tell you yes or no, you're a good candidate for the treatment and we'll be able to tell you if you still have active hair follicles. if you do, we're still able to regrow that hair in the area where you still are the active hair follicle. >> just because you might not have hair doesn't mean there is no hope. >> exactly. 'cause a lot of people take a look and they're like, i'm too far gone or we get a lot of female patients. about 65% of our patient base is actually female patients, which tend to lose their hair a little bit later on in life because they're producing more testosterone in their body. they'll take a look and they're wearing wigs or using extensions, which can be further damaging to the hair. and they're thinking that there is no hope for them when really if you came in to the clinic and we can take a look at you, we'll be able to determine yes, we can still help you. and maybe we won't be able to because not everybody still has active hair follicles. but like i said, you come into the clinic and we'll be able to
9:46 am
>> you'll let people know exactly. >> absolutely. >> how quickly can we see the results? >> so the laser starts to take effect in about four to six weeks. typically our patients are seeing a positive cosmetic change in just the first few months. however, the earlier on you catch the hair loss, the faster you will receive results with it. >> and earlier you mentioned males and females. >> yes. >> females are coming in? >> majority of females are coming in now, yeah. so we can treat males or females. age is definitely not a factor. so males tend to lose their hair earlier on in life in their early 20s. females, middle aged females tend to lose their hair a little later in life. it doesn't matter. we can still treat you, as long as you have the active hair follicles. the really nice part about this program is we have the convenience factor. just because -- a lot of people can't make it into the clinic. if they are coming in for a clinic treatment program, they're coming once a week for 20-minute laser session.
9:47 am
and we have portable devices now available, including the most popular is laser cap where you can use it at home. it's rechargeable. you wear it three times a week for 30 minutes. it's nice and convenient. you don't have to come into the clinic and you don't have to take time out of your busy lifestyle to actually regrow your hair back. >> basically you can get a treatment at home just watching tv and letting that cap do the work for you? >> exactly. that's going to be our most popular device on the market today. >> do you feel anything? >> you don't. there is no side effects involved with this and it is pain free. so even though we say laser, it's a noninvasive laser. >> and you have "morning blend" special as well. what exactly is that? >> so we're going to offer you that important evaluation to tell you if you're going to be a good candidate absolutely free. so you can come in if you give us a call today, we'll do a free evaluation. we'll do a free consultation with you and we'll do that free first clinical laser session. just so you can see what laser
9:48 am
>> do you have people coming in in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s? >> welch people of all ages coming in because, unfortunately, it's not always a natural process when it's causing hair loss. it could be a medication that you were taking. it could be stress that was causing it. so we see people of all ages in the clinic. >> again, you mentioned just because you don't have hair maybe on the surface and you're perhaps bald doesn't mean you can't get help. >> it doesn't mean you don't have active hair follicles. give us a call and we can do that evaluation for you to see if you would be a good candidate for something like this. >> lindsey, thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. >> laser med solutions offers a free consultation and evaluation. in addition to a free first clinical laser session for anyone who calls and books a consult. it's today only. for more on the latest technology to control hair loss and stimulate new growth, check out the web site on your screen
9:49 am
thank you, dao. time for our weekly sleep tip of the day sponsored by best mattress. today is leap day. or as our friends at best mattress call it, sleep day. get it? how will you be spending your extra 24 hours? perhaps catching up on much-needed sleep. one way is to change the environment of your bedroom and adjusting your diet. the best sleep inducing environment for your bedroom is to keep it dark, quiet and the temperature comfortable cool. try to explain that to my wife who likes the heat at 79. and the mayo clinic recommends using room darkening shades, ear plugs, a fan or other devices to create an environment that suits your needs. recent studies have also found that loss of sleep is associated with increased appetite, fatigue and unhealthy dietary choices. that's me. harvard medical school they suggest avoiding coffee, tea, cola and some pain relieverrers for four to six hours before
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links, recipe links. welcome back. it only happens once every four years. today is leap day. >> that's right. in honor of this special day, some places are offering up special incentives. producer micah is the incentive king.
9:53 am
he's here with more, hi. >> hey, guys. >> hello. how are you doing this morning? >> great. >> you're hurt? and i didn't do very well. >> as i age, i kind of fall into that same boat. let's run through some of the lists of how you're going to get hooked up today. we're going to start with a rush. the stratas fear is offering -- stratosphere. i went a couple months ago. they gave me a about pro. it's one of the packages you can do. >> how did you feel? >> awesome. but it goes really fast. you think it's going to keep going, going, going. here is another picture of it. i took the leap from 855 feet above the las vegas strip. hold on as you go down. normally the jump is over 100 bucks. so huge savings here. they're open from 10 until 1 in
9:54 am
for full details, head to the web site right there on your screen. it can't be combined with a nevada local discount, but still a great deal. 50% off today. if you were born on leap day, hard rock cafe is offering you a free entre. for either location. one on the strip and in front of the hard rock hotel. make sure to have your i.d. when you dine in and visit hard deal for more details. and if you love pizza, take a look at that. this restaurant will give you a free piece of pizza. there is ten locations in the las vegas area, including at the premium outlets, mccarron and fashion outlets of las vegas. and hung cree howie's pizza is offering a 29-cent large one-topping pizza today and tomorrow. you'll receive the offer when you purchase a large topping pizza at their menu price. it does not even have to be your birthday for that deal. >> i like that.
9:55 am
odds of being a leap year baby are. >> probably zero. >> i'm going to go on the jump and then i'm going to eat, not the reverse. i'm not going to eat first and then jump. not good. >> the people below would appreciate that. yesterday. so before we wrap things up, i have to point out i, too, have a little award from the oscars from several years ago. >> look at that. >> that was before leonardo dicaprio. >> it's not even for best actor. it's for best person. take a look at that. >> he bought it and gave it to himself! >> that's right. thank you, thank you. >> round of applause. >> and i didn't even have to have a scroll at the bottom thanking everything. >> did you see the speech by leonardo dicaprio? he talked about global warming?
9:56 am
>> it was very political oscars. they got important parts across for the whole evening. i want to mention those are some of the deals happening today. go to for more. >> that 29-cent pizza, you can not beat. that's incredible. watch 13 action news at 6 and each weeknight for your chance to win 250 bucks. here is how it works. they show you a key word. >> then after that you log on to before 7:00 p.m. to enter. if you don't win, be sure to watch still because there will be a new key word announced each weeknight. again, watch 13 action news live at 6 tonight for your chance to win $250. micah, it's okay. you can come back. best person award. >> i took off my mic. >> it's such an hon lore. >> today on the view, check out whoopie at the oscars and an interview with director steven spielberg. plus view your deal with contributor sherry shepherd. that is today at 10 right after us. >> today at 2 on valley view, illusions star is going to be
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plus their fierce, noble and
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it's an honor >> announcer: "the view" is live right now. up all night with oscar. did chris "rock" his hosting gig? did leo deserve the gold? the ladies are casting their votes. and whoopi's live in l.a. with an all access pass to her wild weekend at the oscars. plus, her exclusive one-on-one with legendary steven spielberg. then it's the lux life for less when you view your deal. we've partnered with vendors at up to 79% off the high life with low prices and free shipping. it all starts now on "the view" with whoopi, michelle collins, joy behar, candace cameron-bure,
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now, let's get things started. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, everybody. hello, and welcome to "the view." "gma's" sara haines is back at the table today. [ cheers and applause ] >> she's ready to give birth in like three hours. >> i'm so excited. >> michelle and raven have been training. they're ready. >> i've done my breathing. i'm ready for it. >> you're good. >> before we get into the oscars, what's the deal with your head right now, my dear? >> you don't like this? anyway, here we go. last week we kicked off our new series, the colors of the raven-bow -- get it -- where special guests spin the wheel to determine what color my hair will be. i'm thrilled that


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