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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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near pecos and bonanza parker > a man charged in a deadly drunk driving crash has pleaded guilty. seong lee appeared in court today. police say last march, lee was driving drunk and at more than 115-miles- per-hour...when he crashed into a car, killing two teen girls. the crash happened at boulder highway near russell. prosecutors say they'll seek to send lee to prison for 14-to-40 years. lee is back in court for sentencing april 18th. right now, metro is looking for a gunman who opened fire on someone.. and drove away. it happened last night at lake mead and decatur. metro says the shooter was last seen driving a white suv. the victim was shot twice, but is expected to survive. metro is also looking for a suspect who shot into a car several times. killing a woman and injuring another person. this happened yesterday morning near decatur and hayes. police think the victims and the shooter knew each other. a man shot dead at a casino in downtown reno.
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involved in this morning's siri's casino. a suspect is in custody. he's 38-year-old kiley grayson. officers say grayson was a former cook, who opened fire on his one-time co-worker. investigators say a fight led up to the deadly gunfire, but what it was about remains a mystery at this hour. new developments on a school shooting in ohio, that injured 4-students. police say it all started in the cafeteria! two male students were shot, and another two hurt by flying shrapnel. custody. the school is on lockdown, and the students will be dismissed early. parents of students are searching to answers for the gunfire. (ken garland-parent) "it's sad that anybody got hurt and i'm not sure why, uh, um, a young man would feel compelled to do somethin' like this, but when they do it's--it affects everybody." the victims all going to be ok. investigators say they have an idea what his motive was, but they're not yet releasing that
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right now, hundreds of workers took to the picket lines in reno. they're protesting at the construction site for tesla's gigafactory! they're furious over state tax breaks that workers claim are being used to bring workers from new mexico to work at the site. you'll remember govenor brian sandoval signed legislation that gave 1-point-4 billion dollars in incentives to telsa. tesla says more than 75-percent of workers at the gigafactory are nevada residents. let's get back closer to home-- we had a beautiful weekend, but what's your work week going to look like? let's go to 13 weather first chief meteorologist bryan scofield. quiet and warm weather will continue for the next several days as high pressure remains in control of the forecast. however, chances are on the horizon for the weekend and the start to next week. cleanup is underway following
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this year's show tackled diversity... actor leonardo dicaprio finally got his oscar, plus a big surprise in the best supporting actor category. abc's lauren lyster recaps the biggest moments from the 88th academy awards. < nats: "spotlight" a thoughtful film about a newspaper --investigating sex abuse by boston's catholic priests--took oscar's top prize last night--winning best picture. sot - chris rock: if they
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even get this job. but it was oscar host--chris rock--who really owned the night--addressing the academy's diversity controversy--right out of the gate. nats: film parody: i'm the danish girl. placing black actors in don't worry black astonaut. we will. even calling hollywood "racist." sot - chris rock hollywood is sorority racist. it's like we like you rhonda. but you're not a kappa. after five acting nominations--leonardo dicaprio's losing streak--finally ended. his gritty performance as a wounded frontiersman seeking retribution--winning him gold for "the revenant"--his impassioned acceptance speech--a dire warning-- sot - dicaprio climate change is real. it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. best actress--as predicted--went to room's bree larson. the biggest upset of the
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to "bridge of spies" mark ryance--in a category chock full of hollywood heavy hitters. and "the danish girl's" alicia vikander took home best supporting actress. but the most awarded film of the night--not the sensitive, serious films that dominated the awards--but instead--mad max fury road--with a six win oscar haul. lauren lyster tag: and as the oscar scene winds down behind me -- what moment stuck with viewers? well, on social media moment of an oscar telecast ever -- beating the previous record set when ellen deneneres > the clark county school district has been under fire recently for its been under fire recently for its teacher shortage and low graduation rate. but soon, that could all change. what big changes are coming next school year. more from superintendent pat skorkowsky's annual state of the district next. and tomorrow is super tuesday! we'll show you how all 7 candidates are making their
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and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow fell 123-points, closing at 16,516. and breaking right now-- a live look at broward oakland park, florida! police are on a foot chase right now for two suspects oakland park, fla.
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a foot pursuit right now in oakland park, florida! sheriff's deputies are looking for suspects they say stole cars! it first all started in a vehicle chase, and now it's a foot pursuit. two suspects have been caught. and another two are on the run! just days after the clark county school board extended the superintendents contract-- pat skorkowsky gave his annual state of the district address. it was held at cimmarron high school. the superintendent says the district has several goals going into the 2016 year, include increasing the graduation rate. skorkowsky also says they're actively hiring teachers for next school year. 24-hours to go until super tuesday, and right now, a
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trump and hillary clinton in the lead. so right now, the candidates are criss-crossing the country trying to rally support. tomorrow, voters in a dozen states head to vote. 16-hundred and 10 delegates are at stake. and on the republican side, today the jabs were flying between the candidates. sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "in florida where he's from he couldn't be elected dog catcher" (butted to) rubio: "we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan" on the democratic side, clinton is hoping to maintain her lead over bernie sanders. this yea's election cycle has had many twists and turns. coming up at 3-30, we'll take a look at just how informed americans are about what could be the biggest turning point in the race. plus, and the shovels hit the ground for yet another medical marijuana dispensary in town! more from the ceremony next.
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and zappos is celebrating by giving all its employees the day off! the company is encouraging workers to do something they've always wanted to do... and for some employees that means tying the knot! c-e-o tony hsieh willperform the ceremony this afternoon. if today is your birthday, you can get a free pizza! at pizza hut, just show your i-d, and you'll get a free one-topping personal pizza. we've got a full list of leap day birthday freebies and discounts for today on let's go to 13 weather first chief meteorologist bryan scofield. quiet and warm weather will continue for the next several days as continue for the next several days as high pressure remains in control of the forecast. however, chances are on the horizon for the weekend and the start to next week. in the short term, high temps
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through friday with cloud cover days. by friday we'll get an extra push of clouds as a weak system pushes through the area. on saturday, breezy winds will move in ahead of a storm system that will bring windy conditions, chances for rain and cooler air to the area. highs will drop by a few degrees on saturday to the mid and upper 70s. by sunday we'll be in the windy category, high will drop a few more degrees and chances for rain will come into the forecast sunday evening. chances for rain will continue into monday, along with windy conditions and high temps will drop to the upper 60s. check this out..
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after his plane plunges into some trees. trapped in mid-air for hours, he was able to call 9-1-1. boohoos sot: "the engine started to sputter and he lost control, so he tried to do a u-turn //but he lost control and went into the trees." police say the pilot reported engine trouble just after take-off. he escaped with minor injuries.
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student detained in north korea for two months speaks out for the first time. otto warmbier actually confessed in a videotaped press conference, released from pyongyang. the 21 year old is accused of trying to steal a political sign from his hotel last month. now he's fighting for his freedom. otto frederick warmbier/detained u.s. student please, i've made the worst mistake of my life, but please act to save me. please. think of my family. it's not clear right now, if he was forced to speak during the press conference. the north korean government believes warmbier was encouraged by a secretive university society and the c-i- a. a woman and an inmate are facing charges for trying to smuggle drugs into a prison. this happened last week at the high desert state prison in indian springs. prison officials say 21-year-old keondre ridley was trying to deliver 27-grams of
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ridley is now behind bars, on 25- thousand dollar bail. he's serving 36-to-120-months for robbery and possession of stolen property. an autopsy is being scheduled, after an inmate dies behind bars. that inmate was 48-year-old todd stickney. he died at correctional center in carson city on saturday. prison officials say stickney was jailed back in 2008 and serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole, for sexual assault of a victim under the age of 16. gun sales are on the rise here in the valley, and shops say they're seeing a big spike in sales among women! "a lot of single women out there.. more divorce.. a lot of women are having to protect themselves.. they don't have to depend on a man to protect them so they've taken the initiative to go out there and protect themselves." that instructor says there was a 51- percent spike last year. the store owner says women make up a quarter of their gun
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10-percent in the past 3-ears. the shop says women are also taking shooting classes. the valley is one step closer to having a new medical marijuana dispensary. only this one, will be on tribal land. the paiute tribe held the ground breaking this morning. 13 action news reporter yasmeen hassan was there, and has more on why this place is different. < yas this pile of dirt might not look like much right now but in a few months it's going to be transformed into a 4,000 sq foot facility right near downtown las vegas. the ground breaking today was not just for the dispensary near downtown. the paiute tribute is also building a grow house in north las vegas, on the snow mountain reservation. that way - all the products being sold will be locally grown. this is just the latest step council members are taking to expand to thier network. 2:44:24 20 benny tso pauitetribe chairman ((for too long you know we've been trying out other business ventures, solar, the smoke shops, the goft resort, this is just another one of those business entities we want ot be on top.)) yas as you can see we are talking about very complicated process.
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around 5 milion dollars and it's expected to be completed in about 6 to 9 months. reporter yasmeen hassan 13 > every year, hundreds of lives are lost...when debris comes flying through drivers' windshields. coming up, the tips you need to know that could save your life. you're watching 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate. stay with us. a truck dangled over the edge
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in the battle of the burgers, jack made a "declaration of delicious"... he took a stand for hand-leafed lettuce and fresh-sliced tomatoes. he formed a perfect union between 100% beef, cheese, and mouth... ...with buttery bakery buns for all and america ate it up. true story. we're making every burger better, like the new double jack.
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this is in denver, colorado. police say it appears the driver swerved to try to avoid hitting something in the road and instead went up the wall. the driver somehow got himself out of the vehicle. he has minor injuries and was cited for careless driving. we all face hazards when we're
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from other cars to objects flying off other vehicles. sometimes we only have seconds to protect ourselves. abc's linzie janis has some life- saving tips! < they come out of no where? nats objects - like this mattress - or this tire- flying straight at you?sometimes crashing straight through your windshield? amanda mcdonough was driving with her two month old on a highway near detroit saturday when ice flew off the car in front of her? "and this whole sheet came off and just shattered our windshield" luckily no one was hurt... but tom kotenko - driving on an indiana highway last week - came inches from death? "it's still a little sore" "it's still a little sore" ...when a five pound metal spring came off a semi?sailing through his windshield and knocking him unconscious for a few seconds. (gfx) it happens more often than you think? debris triggering roughly 50 thousand crashes a year ?claiming nearly 450 lives. to prevent accidents - like
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increase your flowing distance. make sure nothing beside you, you can have an escape route. looklive tag - tom, if you don't have that escape route, experts say the best thing to do is drive right through it.. try to avoid slamming on your brakes. > a lot more news coming up on 13 action news live at 3-30... including a rookie police officer shot down on her first day in the line of duty. sot--paul ebert commonwealth's attorney for prince william county -- ebert "it couldn't be in any worse case than this. i always call this an officer's worse nightmare, to go on a routine call and wind up dead. the accused cop killer had his first day in court. plus what new information we're learnig on that officer. a man accused of opening fire at his under-age girlfriend. the shocking person who actually told him this was a good idea. have you downloaded the all new 13 action news app yet? it features live streaming, video
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radar. it's free in the app store and in google play. right now on 13 action news
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3:30.. the presidential candidates are pushing hard ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday
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but how many voters are really paying attention to politics? the answer might suprise you. "i heard the door slam closed next to me, so looked out my peephole" plus, we're hearing for the first time from a convicted stalker in his own words.. being sued by "dancing with the stars" co-host erin andrews. more on the emotional testimony.. next. but 13 action news.. live at 3-30. begins with a neighborhood on edge. police are searching right now for a man at the center of a standoff in the northeast part "he apparently won't come out, and they said he was armed or something. i don't know if he did something, but they were just taking out guns, a lot of guns from the cop cars." it all went down yesterday near wyoming and lamb. police say they don't know if the suspect is armed. a pahrump woman and her daughter's boyfriend are in jail following his arrest for allegedly firing several shots at the girl.
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conspiracy and attempted kidnapping charges. detectives say she encouraged 21 year old cody barns to shoot-out the tires of her daughter's car to keep the girl at home. the daughter and another man left anyway.. but cody followed and reportedly opened fire again. he was arrested in california for attempted murder. finnegan's other daughter says her mother made a poor decision.. but her intentions were good. breaking news-- a foot pursuit underway right now in oakland park, florida! sheriffs deputies are looking for two suspects they say stole at least 2 vehicles! it first started with a vehicle chase, and now it's a foot pursuit. two suspects have been caught. the other two are on the run! also breaking right now-- a house is on fire. this is a live look at everett, washington. no word yet on if there are any victims! firefighters rush out to put a fire at an apartment complex. and in fact, crews have been to this complex twice in just a few months. they say squatters are to


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