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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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us on this super tuesday. as we come on the air live in the west, the single biggest day in the presidential primaries. of course, the stakes are enormous tonight. in all, voters across 12 states weighing in. the polls now closed in nine of those states. and these results just in at this hour. based on exit poll data, donald trump will be the winner in alabama. trump will also be the winner in the northeast, in massachusetts. trump with another victory tonight in tennessee, and in georgia, based on exit polls, and our analysis of the vote so far, donald trump will be the winner. in virginia, with about three-quarters of the vote in, this is where the race stands. abc news not making a projection there yet. now to democrats. hillary clinton will be the winner in alabama. clinton also winning in arkansas tonight, where she was once first lady. exit polls revealing that clinton will be the winner in tennessee. clinton also winning in georgia. the second-most delegates at stake in georgia tonight. and in virginia, clinton earning
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senator bernie sanders has won his home state of vermont. that was expected. we will have more results as we get them. our political team covering it all tonight. and we begin with abc's tom llamas on donald trump's final pitch, trying to seal the deal going into super tuesday. >> reporter: tonight, the biggest moment yet in the the republican race for president, and donald trump, feeling invincible. >> every poll shows i can do practically anything, maybe even anything and nobody's going to leave. >> reporter: in ohio today, trump gushing about his throngs of supporters. >> there is such love in those rooms and those stadiums and those areas that i speak. it's actually easy. there's love. it's like -- it's like a family. it's love. >> reporter: but love, not a word to describe the nasty current running through some trump rallies. in virginia, the billionaire asking one protester if she's mexican. >> are you from mexico? are you from mexico? right smack in the middle of my punch line. >> reporter: a "time" magazine
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the protests, thrown to the ground by a secret service agent. the agent claiming the photographer wasn't following the rules. the agency still investigating. and on the trail, campaign rhetoric hitting a new low. for trump and senator marco rubio, the road to super tuesday winding right through the playground. >> i watched this lightweight rubio, total lightweight. little mouth on him. bing, bing, bing. bing, bing, bing, bing. >> i don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 52'2". have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> he said i had small hands? they're not small, are they? i never heard -- i never heard i've always had people say, donald, you have the most beautiful hands. >> reporter: but the moment that's jolted the republican party?
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the support of former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke. trump, first saying this. >> i didn't even know he endorsed me. david duke endorsed me? okay, all right. i disavow, okay? >> reporter: but then, saying this. >> i don't know -- honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. i'm pretty sure i didn't meet him. and i just don't know anything about him. >> reporter: now, the country's two most powerful republicans saying they've heard enough. delivering an extraordinary rebuke of their party's front-runner. >> let me make it perfectly clear. senate republicans condemn david duke, the kkk and his racism. >> if a person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. >> reporter: on the stump, trump's rivals joining the chorus. senator ted cruz speaking with abc's byron pitts. >> i think anyone should have been willing to immediately denounce the klan, and it was unfortunate that he didn't do so. he's better than that. >> reporter: rubio vowing to
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end. >> i will get in my pickup truck and drive around this country if i have to, before i allow the party of lincoln and reagan to fall into the hands of a con man. >> reporter: the only candidate who doesn't sound rattled? trump himself. brushing all criticism, in an interview with "gma." >> there's nobody that's done so much for equality as i have. you take a look at palm beach, florida, i built the mar-a-lago club. totally open to everybody. a club that, frankly, set a new standard, a new standard in clubs and a new standard in palm beach. >> donald trump on "gma" this morning. tom llamas live in times square tonight. and we saw it there from marco rubio and ted cruz, both trying to take down donald trump. but a string of victories for trump already tonight. >> reporter: that's right, david. clearly those attacks didn't work in at least four states. but trump's rivals aren't going to stop. senator rubio saying donald trump is a con man, and that senator senatorcruz saying he's the
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david? >> tom, thank you. now, to the democrats tonight. hillary clinton with several wins this evening already. a sweep of the deep south. and tonight, perhaps, a new message from mrs. clinton. a signal she's pivoting to donald trump. what she said today about trump and the republicans, as senator barney sanders bernie sanders, who won his home state of vermont, vows to take all this all the way to the convention. abc's cecilia vega. with the candidates' final sprint. >> hi, everybody. >> reporter: hillary clinton making her final push today in the super tuesday battleground of minnesota. >> i'll work really hard for you, okay? >> reporter: shaking every last hand. taking every last selfie. >> you want to get a selfie? >> i would love to get a selfie. >> let's do it. >> reporter: she may be running against bernie sanders, but part of clinton's strategy now? taking on the gop, namely, donald trump. >> i'm just speaking out against bigotry and bullying wherever i hear it, and i hear a lot of it from the republican candidates.
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completely about issues, and they're now running their >> reporter: clinton even slogan. >> what we need to do together is make america whole again. >> reporter: but the man on the on. >> but i haven't even started on great. she was talking about something yesterday, making america whole. whole. no, no. i don't want whole. i want great again. >> reporter: back home in vermont, sanders and his wife, jane, casting their votes today, hoping for some surprise victories tonight and vowing to stay in the fight. >> this is a campaign that's going to the philadelphia convention in july. >> reporter: sanders celebrating his victory in his home state of vermont. >> it is good to be home. >> reporter: confident tonight will be a big win there for his
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>> by the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates. >> and cecilia live in our election headquarters, as well tonight. you've been talking to your sources within the clinton campaign. seemed they were trying to temper expectations, saying there would be some losses tonight, but they have to be pleased with what they are seeing so far. >> reporter: david, they are but they do concede that sanders will win some states tonight. and sanders' team is especially defiant tonight. they have said they will take the campaign all the way to the convention. they say they are going all the way to the end. david? >> all right, cecilia vega, thank you. and, a lot of talk about turnout on this super tuesday. they're expecting a record number of voters to weigh in. nearly 14 million people expected to cast a vote in super tuesday rations. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl standing by at the super tuesday wall. what are the exit polls telling you about the qualities that voters are looking for?
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fascinating. most voters went in, republican voters, saying they wanted values. followed closely by somebody that would bring change to the look at this. the last thing, the very last somebody who can win in november. they were looking for somebody who would rock the system, not somebody who had the best chance and take a look. in terms of whether or not voters were looking for an outsider or insider. republican voters, 50% wanted an outsider. only 14% of democratic voters on this super tuesday are looking for an outsider. on the other hand, looking for somebody who has political experience, not so important for republicans today, just 40%. 82% of democratic voters today said they want somebody with political experience. >> wow. that outsider versus experience is really telling, as we move through this night. you are in front of the map, and you've been telling us to keep an eye on texas, which we have not called yet. >> reporter: yes, texas. is the biggest prize of all. 155 delegates. this is must-win for ted cruz.
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if he does not win there, it is lights out for ted cruz. but it is also extremely important for marco rubio. because, if he falls under 20%, david, he will be completely locked out, no delegates out of texas. by the way, donald trump, predicted he would one texas. >> all right, we'll see. in the meantime, let's get right to paula faris in palm beach, florida, in trump's head if quarters. i know this is not a rally, but behind the scenes, the trump camp has to be happy with what they are seeing so far. >> reporter: they're extremely happy. you mentioned georgia, alabama, tennessee and massachusetts. they tell us, according to their data, they are polling well in independents and first-time voters. trump is here. he spent the earlier part of the day in ohio and kentucky. not super tuesday states. that shows he is so confident. but as you mentioned, this watch party going to be different than all the rest. no supporters here.
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you could literal little hear a pin drop. we're going to be covering it all. >> paula, thank you. next, to abc's linsey davis, in miami tonight. senator marco rubio's hometown, with one more rally there this evening. no surprise that so many of these candidates have pivoted, already to florida, with one of the next major contests after super tuesday. >> reporter: good evening to you, david. you're exactly right. huge support here in his home state. marco rubio is expected to speak in just a few minutes. he is already looking forward to that florida primary, just two weeks away. and, of course, this is a must-win state for him. and, increasingly, we're seeing members of the republican establishment showing support for rubio. want you to look at a picture. rubio with former louisiana governor bobby jindal, former presidential candidate himself. and look at that sign rubio showed off from a supporter. "boyfriend prefers trump, i'm single now." rubio says he can establish himself as the clear choice for those voters who simply don't want to sign on with donald trump.
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>> of course, marco rubio has a lot riding on tonight, as we follow the results as they come in. linsey davis in miami, the applause right there in the room for marco rubio tonight. thank you. let's get to matt gutman, live in florida, in miami. he's at clinton headquarters, where he is expected to speak later tonight. a short time from now, in fact. >> reporter: just a couple of minutes, david. and a very energized crowd she'll be speaking to that has been exploding with applause and cheers each time that her name has been mentioned, projected to win another state. and, you know, this is not a super tuesday state, the primaries here are march 15th and early voting here starts march 5th. so, everybody in this room is looking forward to that, as is the clinton political juggernaut, already trying to seize momentum of tonight's victories. tweeting out, "this is one of the biggest days of the entire campaign. chip in a dollar right now and let's win this primary together." but as the boos that have risen up each time that donald trump has been mentioned on the screens behind me tonight, it's
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opponent here in this room, and for all clinton supporters, is not bernie sanders, it's donald trump, david. >> and clearly, matt, many people in that room expecting she will address trump when she goes on that stage, as she has been in the last 24 hours? >> reporter: absolutely. she's starting to take him head-on. but not mentions him directly by name. just saying that the values that he instills are not her values. david? >> matt gutman in miami tonight at the clinton rally, just moments from now. matt, thank you. next, to the super tuesday storm we're tracking at this hour. really making weather troublesome for voters tonight. these images coming in, possible tornado hitting south of birmingham, alabama. voting halted for a time at several polling places there. also, the damaging hailstorm in oklahoma. this is moving across the south at this hour. couldn't be worse timing. up to the north, in chicago, this plane sliding off the no injuries reported. but we are tracking all of this weather with meteorologist rob marsciano now at the weather
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rob? >> reporter: good evening, david. we do have a severe weather threat. not a huge outbreak, but it's going to impact some states that are having primaries right now. including alabama, northern georgia, parts of tennessee, maybe even virginia. birmingham to atlanta, chattanooga, knoxville, certainly some cities that'll be impacted over the next few hours. here's the front passing over the appalachian mountain chain, with those showers and thunderstorms. snow is from chicago to detroit, upstate new york. but tomorrow morning, the rush from new york to d.c. will be a bit of a mess. david? >> rob, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. erin andrews' tearful testimony, defending herself on the stand. the sports reporter and "dancing with the stars" host, breaking down again. suing over an invasion of privacy. but the defense today with a grueling cross examination, and you'll hear it, next. the kidnapping suspect chased by police. escaping during a standoff with officers. the manhunt under way at this hour. and we'll take you to the scene. and look at this image tonight. a gift from someone coming back after a long journey away from home. astronaut scott kelly, a last look out that window.
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next tonight here, the erin andrews case. the sports reporter and "dancing with the stars" host, facing a grueling cross examination today. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: a second emotional day on the stand for erin andrews. >> do you believe you will ever get over this? >> no. >> reporter: detailing how her life has changed since a stalker posted a naked video of her on the internet. andrews is suing the man who secretly recorded that video, michael david barrett, as well as the owners and managers of this nashville marriott, for $75 million. claiming the hotel made it easy for him to film her as she got out of the shower naked. the hotel maintains barrett is a criminal. who tricked them into gaining access. the hotel's lawyers began their grueling cross examination of andrews. >> you also got an endorsement for reebok. >> yes. >> reporter: arguing the nude
5:47 pm
negative impact on her career. >> you also got an endorsement for diet mountain dew. >> yes. >> you also got an endorsement for florida orange juice? >> yes. >> reporter: andrews says, while her career has done well, her anxiety has not diminished, saying that staying in hotels is still very hard for her. >> i instantly cover the peephole. i look for lights, i look for red lights, i look to see if there's cameras. i check the bed, i check the alarm clock, i check the phone. >> reporter: david, the defense tried to get the judge to dismiss the case today. he ruled that the trial will continue and a jury will ultimately decide. david? >> eva pilgrim with us tonight. thanks, eva. when we come back here, the passenger airline setting a new record for the world's longest nonstop flight. could you handle it? also, ahead, the manhunt at this hour, the kidnapping suspect leading police on a chase, then, escaping in the middle of a standoff. where this is playing out. and the woman trapped outside when a tornado hits.
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to the index of other news tonight. the manhunt under way at this hour in southern california. the suspect leading police on a freeway chase during rush hour, accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend and their two children. a standoff lasting several hours. the suspect stepping out of his vehicle, holding a child there. somehow then escaping on foot as the police opened fire, running up that hill. the mother and the children unharmed. new developments tonight in the legal standoff between apple and the justice department. fbi director james comey on capitol hill today admitting agents made a mistake with the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino killers when they changed the apple i.d. themselves. but comey says they still need apple's help. the fbi contends it checked with
5:52 pm
agencies to see if they could hack into syed farook's phone. they say no one could do it. apple's chief counsel repeating what ceo tim cook told me last week here on "world news tonight." unlocking that iphone would set a dangerous presscedentprecedent. the stunning escape from a tornado. take a look at this. a fedex worker locked out of a louisiana hardware store, the moment a tornado strikes. kira johnson surviving the twister and its 140-mile-per-hour winds by bracing herself right next to a coke machine. the hardware store destroyed. but she was not injured. that is just incredible. and the new record tonight for the world's longest passenger flight. emirates today launching a new nonstop route, dubai to auckland, new zealand, listen to this. almost 9,000 miles. flight time, just a mere 17 hours, 15 minutes. they may not hold the record for long. two other airlines considering routes of more than 9,000 miles. let me know how it goes. when we come back here tonight, the american astronaut coming home today after his year
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card finally tonight here, homeward bound. american astronaut scott kelly returning to earth tonight. spending a year in space, tweeting 1,000 photos, and one last tweet, a gift before he came home. >> and liftoff. the year in space starts now. >> reporter: for 340 days, commander scott kelly living onboard the international space station, tweeting out these images. the space walks, the selfies, earth and the aurora lights. even the first flowers grown in space onboard the station. he was there to study the
5:57 pm
compared to his twin brother, retired astronaut mark kelly, back on earth. along the way, the lighter moments captured. wasabi peas. the carrots. and the game of ping-pong with a ball of water. the handshake when he first arrived with the crew. and now, the hugs, as he left. closing the hatch, a final image looking out the window. and a final tweet, his last sunrise before returning to earth. welcome home. super tuesday results throughout the night. i'm david muir.
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better.. they're inviting trouble right to their front door. "one careless click and they've got you" since medical marijuana became legal in nevada...more and more illegal delivery services are popping up.... ....and it's putting people at risk. foster boone the apothecarium las vegas "nevada has some of the strictest testing policies out there which i think is a great thing. it's all setup for paitent safety and none of these delivery services have to obide by those regulations." yas we looked into it. if you type in marijuana delivery into craigslist you get dozens and dozens and dozens of companies but metro says these illegal companies can use your information against you. "people don't realize that they're giving criminals access to their homes their personal information, their names, their date of birth and they're inviting robbers, burglars and identity theives right into their homes." officers are working to shut these illegal business down... ....but in the meantime, you can still protect yourself. foster boone the apothecarium las vegas "if the delivery person or the patient
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not have a state id issued badge then they are not a legitimate service." yas if you would like to see the extended interview, or the full psa, see exactly what metro is talking about, we have all that on our website yasmeen hassan 13 action news. right now... police are looking for two suspects.... that robbed a bank and took off! it happened.... around 1:30 this afternoon.... a man and woman entered the bank with masks... robbed the bank... then ran out... and.... jumped in a car and took off. if you know anything.... about the robbery... call metro... right away. we're following breaking news right now. chopper 13.. fast and first over the scene of stabbing near fremont and eastern. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is there live with new information. bryan. homicide detectives are now on scene, but we are being told the victim is still alive. she is said to be in extremely critical condition after being stabbed in the chest this afternoon.


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