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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 8, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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today, on "right this minute" -- >> we're starting the week with a bold bike hike using a cutting tool, sparks flying, broad daylight in a shopping center. >> what happens when another motorcyclist chases the thieves and saves the bike. >> this is the happy family. >> his deer to the yard. >> lola, eat that. >> now meet the dude with the deer squad who's come a viral video sensation. >> i did not expect that to happen at all. it just happened overnight, honestly. >> a driver knows he's going to roll -- >> oh -- >> why he didn't know it would be this many times. plus why a bride getting ready is not ready for this.
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romeo the dog. >> the questions of someone else. >> the moment he smells he's hot on the trail. >> squirrel! >> got a helmet cam on a motorcycle rider in essex, england and he spots something. his motorcycle brothers, doing something very wrong. >> call the police! >> what an earth. >> are they stealing that? >> you see the angle grinder going, you see the sparks flying, broad daylight, in a shopping the guy notices, he races down to this guy here, maybe a grab attendant -- >> call the police -- >> he races back to do his best to try and get these guys to stop their theft. >> he is not having any of it. >> but it doesn't end well for roberto. after he turns around and makes another charge, those two guys look like they make a move for him. they've freed the bike. you see that one guy pushing the bike out of the garage with his
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swings come back up behind roberto. down he goes. >> oh. >> it didn't look that bad. but you see that liquid on his jacket there? >> oh. >> they through acid at him. >> what? >> are you kidding me? >> i am not kidding you. other people come along to help him and help the biker. >> i think -- >> the acid didn't do a whole lot of damage to him. but it did burn through his ruck sack. here are some pictures of that. the owner of the bike stolen thanked roberto up and down on his facebook page. put out pictures of what the bike looks like and he hopes to get it back in one frame of the video. you might be able to catch it and look at the guy's face through the clear visor. other than that those thieves were pretty well covered up. >> the sad part is ben did pretty much everything you could do to keep a bike from being stolen. he had this very heavy duty chain on there. he had a lock on there as well.
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stuff. and even though they couldn't start the bike they just pushed it out of it. >> what? what? >> i remember from the cartoons, i was absolutely terrified of these creatures when i was a kid. but he makes it look so fun. >> take a little -- >> he calls it a devi looks lik kind of baby. >> multiplies by kittens divided >> if you think that's cute check out this one. this video, i want you to see feeding time. >> your description is bang on, gayle. it's like a black bear and a rat got busy and this service the result. >> he loves to play -- >> oh, >> he works at the devil's arc a wildlife sanctuary and they're raising money because tasmanian devils are endangered so they want people to donate so they can create a better home for these animals to live in. >> look at that.
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can't handle it. >> this next video also from down under, peter hodges camel for hire. >> there you go. >> this is training down. because you never know when you'll be called in to a birthday, a wedding or a christmas pageant. >> i love- >> you know what oli you echoed what a lot of people commented on this individual crow. it's the lips that really catches them. >> one of those lessons that you get taught is always drive to the conditions. the reason i bring because quite clearly somebody in australia grew up in the outback, it's a road and -- >> oh. >> oh oh oh. >> let's just keep going. this man just rolls and rolls and eventually grinding to a halt. now back it up and you can see he just goes too quick. >> what's he driving? >> a van. >> it's just a sheer drop-off. all you can see is mountain and
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>> you all right? >> funny enough they said they were fine thanks to modern technology scratches and bruises. that is it. we head over to the states now missouri for this next video where the guy we're riding with does i feel nothing wrong. he's having a great day out on the road. music's playing. it's singing along. approaches this intersection it's all green he even takes a lot of time and also oh! >> where did that come from? >> oh! >> and you can monster hit. listen to it again and you hear the constant skid of tires in the background. >> looks like he was hit from the back left. t-boned from the side going through the intersection. >> you can see the guy's already got his seat belt off, climbing over the other side of the car, just trying to get away from the impact. you can see kind of rubbing his leg. clearly got a bit of a ding right there. now the interesting thing about this, jordan one of our researchers was deep on this and
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google map of the area. this was in 2013. you notice there's a big difference where traffic from left to right just flows through and this was a stop sign. we actually found articles, as well, talking about how this was a bit of an accident hot spot, so they put in about a year and a bit ago the traffic light but quite clearly it hasn't solved the problem. >> the big sis is getting married. the bride is zoe, the brother is josh, he is an aircraft h for the royal navy and he's been gone for awhile. she didn't think he was going to be there for her wedding so right now we are following him into the bride's quarters as she's getting ready and full air and makeup time but we have to do it again because once she cease him watch what happens. >> couldn't have come in before i started the eye makeup. >> here's the thing he was on the phone with her and they were talking as she's getting ready
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she asked, hey what are you going to be doing today? and in the room while he's standing right behind her, he says i'm going to hang out with you at your wedding and then watch this. >> she's not letting go. >> no. it is you can tell just how happy she is. you can hear it. the video ends as they're letting go of their embrace. >> now here's another surprise. this one's going to the family's pet but there's a moment in this video where you can tell she sense the presence of someone else that she knows really well in this house. >> did you have a good day? >> squirrels! >> and he starts smelling from one room to the next, is it in this room? no. i think it's in the next room. and suddenly he spots the homecomer. >> hey buddy.
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down, it's just so adorable. dogs are awesome. >> these guys are out in the waters of fiji fishing and they're on a roll. >> it's almost like the fish were being summoned. >> right. >> to show up so they could be caught. >> why this was too good to be true. >> oh! >> oh! holy! >> the boat overturned? >> and tony is an artist, and the brush, the canvas. see what he creates in the sand. >> wow. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day.
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fishing, catching, fish after fish. >> these guys are on a roll. >> that's a big one. >> they're in the waters of fiji and quite frankly look at their smiles. they're in the back of the boat celebrating after every single catch. >> he's got the arms to pull that fish in. >> he's got the arms to hook a bass, too. >> and don't throw me back. >> they're having a ridicuus look at all those fish. they're probably even savoring their dinner that night with the freshly caught fish. >> it's almost like the fish were being summoned to show up. >> right. >> watch what happens here. >> oh! oh! >> holy! about >> did the boat overturn? was it a big wave? what happened? >> freak wave? >> what happened? >> they hit a wave at the exact right place apparently, and yes, their boat capsized, and down
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they lost everything. somehow they were able to find the gopro and that's why they're sharing the video. either way look at their faces at the very end when it looks like they're being rescued and look defeated. >> they got fished out themselves. >> i know. >> a great fishing story. >> and they do have the video to prove their fish were this big. >> now over to the uk, where the rnli responded to this a yacht stuck out there in the very choppy water. >> oh. >> with a broken rudder. which means they're stuck out there. the rnli came to the rescue. they were able to just tie a line to the boat and essentially just pull it over to safety. >> that's the cool thing about the rnli they're all volunteers. they get these calls and go out and save these souls. >> this is noni plant.
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a wide open space. tony is an artist, and his rake is the brush, the beaches his canvas. he's been going out there for years, crafting, painting, drawing, decree theating in the sand. he realizes his art disappears with the tide. but that has not stopped him one bit. kind of looks like he's scratching around in the sand. but once tony takes a bit of a bird's-eye view, watch what this looks like. >> wo >> it's awesome looking. for him to see the entire picture in his head from ground level. it's incredible. >> kids just going running across the middle of it. >> no! >> and for him to have the spatial recognition to make those circles so perfectly. i can't make a straight line. >> it's like he's given -- >> he has been doing this for about 25 years and it's taken him all across the world.
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>> he must be raking it in. >> what you're watching is an advertisement put together for san miguel beer in conjunction with the discovery channel. they hope to do a number of these little commercials. >> see that part's breaking my heart. tide's coming in and look. >> glass half full. it's clearing it off for him so he can do another one tomorrow. >> he has a fresh start every day. >> and you know, this commercial you kind of sit there and savor it, it's a marketing and branding people right now gayle when they heard you say that they're like, yes! yes! >> at the car lot -- >> once again -- >> just so happy because -- >> next "right this minute." >> and still to come it's his birthday. he decided he wanted to spend his birthday with his friends, having a good time out in pennsylvania. but there are no strangers to these extreme jumps. >> is this the same guy that last time he jumped he like broke everything and was
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>> it is, oli. >> plus, themed lunches for back-to-school day. a peek at jessica's creative lunch boxes. >> jessica i'm going to stay it, you're a star. nexium 24hr is now the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for complete protection all day and night
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i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] okay. he pro motional considerations provided by -- el. new gold bond pain & itch relief with lidocaine. max strength lidocaine numbs away pain and itch. gold bond. relief starts now. my rough and bumpy skin makes me feel really self-conscious. [ female announcer ] gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. it reduces bumps 72%. gold bond. it's a magical time of year right now. you may have seen it. parents are walking a bit taller with a bit of a smile on their face because the summer is ending, they're going back to school and we have the queen of how to it right this minute jessica to show us something. >> so there are really cool lunches online so parents can
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from. their first lunch for their children's back-to-school day. this is from it's frozen, you can tell. she you have pretzel sticks, little bit of carrot. >> well played. >> really clever. >> and candy eyes. it's simple. it looks harder than it actually is. >> they were frozen and that one -- >> if you don't want to do a movie theme whatever kind of cookie cutters that you have in the shapes and do a theme based on those cookie cutter shapes you have. this one is sort of like an under the sea kind of theme. you have the starfish and a little squid made out of strawberries. >> is that an eye in >> that's an eye. one eye. and this one was inspired by one crafty theme. >> two for two. what's next? >> then we have another movie themed one. can you guess? >> cb8. >> that's exactly --
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>> that's hilarious. >> this is lunch box dad dotcom. he has tons of cool stuff. he's been featured on all kinds of different shows. so lots of good ideas on this. >> this is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. >> ooh. a candy eye in there. >> jessica, i'm going to say it. you're a star. >> you are a star. >> if you guys want to do cool lunches at home go to "right this minute," click or go to our mobile app. every single detail you need to know there. >> coolest lunches ever. >> chase was having a birthday and decided he wanted to spend his birthday with his friends having a good time out in mount bethel, pennsylvania. doing a little jumping. because their channel is called adrenaline addiction.
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>> is this like the last time he jumped he broke everything, he was coughing up blood? >> it is. i'm sad to say, it happens again. >> what? >> oh, no. >> right from the beginning. here we go. >> why is that brave when the dude already hurt himself before? >> okay, sorry, oh, that's stupid. >> all right, bridge went well let's move on over to one of the quarries nearby. this is a 50 footer. love this running off behind view as well. here's where things go a little south. co [ bleep ] oh. >> poor thing. >> you all right? >> barely. >> doesn't get the launch that he's looking for. belly flops and look at his eyes. >> ow. >> corey was coughing up a little bit of blood and they say blood is coming out of his eyes. >> reckless. he's a reckless one.
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because the rest of this video is awesome. >> time to check out the other quarries. >> because there's a lot of places like a maze of quarries out there. just like you seem a long way from the hospital. >> it's extremely dangerous. and you could get blood coming from your eyes. blah, blah, blah nonsense, nonsense, nonsense, if you have an adrenaline addiction youtube channel the word danger is not in your book. >> my favorite shot of this entire one right here. see that drone? i'm going to get you, drone. >> oh, cool. >> happy birthday, chase. >> be careful. >> it's one big happy family. >> i got candy over here. i got money right there. what's your name? >> but there's one in particular that sticks around, and you're about to find out why.
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every few weeks the cycle seems to change. the hot one 100 layers of whatever you choose to put on your face. this guy here has chosen to put 100 layers of duct tape on his face. he's going to start with four layers of latex to give this tape something to stick to. and then they just start sticking the sticky stuff. well they say the duct tape can pretty much fix everything. so you could make this video work. i don't know. >> looks like he's either a ot lecter. >> he couldn't afford a motor bike helmet, just do that. >> i would not suggest it. maybe head gear if you want to go sparring with somebody. 50 layers is what you're looking at there and then they just keep piling it on until they get to the 100 layer mark. >> this could be your halloween mask this year. >> duct tape mass man. >> now it's time to peel it off. >> it makes it relatively easy to peel off. >> like a face mask. >> he looks so much younger.
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>> this is kelvin and he's got a son, money. money lives outside. it's okay. don't call the authorities. >> no man it's just a regular day out here with my son money. >> what's up, bro? >> just thought you would be out here. >> this is money. and like any good dad -- >> i got some powdered doughnuts. >> no. don't feed that like that. >> money -- >> this guy he goes out, and he feeds the deer doughnuts. the word has gotten out that human food can be had at this place. >> like the whole deer squad out here. i got bambi over here, i got money right there. what's your name? lola. oh, this is the happy old deer family out here man. >> look at all of them. >> i cannot believe how friendly that they've gotten with him. >> 2 million hunter in america on their way to buy these little
2:27 pm
>> i'm sure you have lots of questions for kelvin cold game "right this minute" via skype from pennsylvania. welcome to the show. >> hello, everybody. >> all right. so how did this all get started with money showing up and you handing out doughnuts? >> i just came home one day, and i seen a big old deer in my backyard. i walked up to him, he run away, but he didn't. so i went inside the house, i grabbed some bread, and an apple. so i gave him the apple first. i threw it to him. and after he ate the apple i guess he liked it and he started walking up to me. i got some more food. i started feeding him bread. i guess he wanted some more food so i gave him some club crackers. so i decided we just like ever since then he started coming every day. >> so you gave him a balanced meal. you're not just feeding him doughnuts. >> no more doughnuts man. i didn't have any groceries so i had to give him whatever i had. and that is he would come every
2:28 pm
something nice. [ inaudible ] now he's -- >> going to be an ongoing thing you're actually going go out and buy groceries to feed the deer? >> as long as they keep coming they'll keep eating good. you know, they're wild animals. but you know what i'm saying, they want to eat, they eat. everybody eats. >> everybody eats around here, money. >> thanks for watching the best videos of the day with "right this minute." for more fresh content catch us
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time for on all-new show, "right this minute." the crowd panics as a man is carried away by floodwaters. >> all these people are screaming. somebody help him. but they can't. >> see what let him finally escape the force of nature. >> oh, my gosh. >> the race is on. wish him luck. >> this guy's going to need it. >> the rider who pulls a full throttle gymnastics move. something's trapped in the pool just -- how the squeaky fawn gets the release. and an oldie but a goodie prank. [ indiscernible ] >> why the old broken nose bit gets them every time. >> oh!


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