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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  August 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> today on the "morning blend," the tools for school to help you and your kids transition back to class. plus you'll remember love as chadwick johnson hits our stage live. a dark truth discovered in the neighbor. we go inside the news room before its las vegas premiere as the blend starts right now. [ music ] >> it's friday! we made it. we're taking a live look outside right now at the fremont street experience. music fair coming up this weekend. we'll find out who in just a moment. >> you're hearing music for britney spears. do you want to come over. the fourth song off her new album. she'll release her ninth up with week from today. it's casual friday. wearing the jeans. >> you're wearing the jeans.
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yet. >> it's occasional. all the suits were in dry cleaning. hopefully they get done. >> i like this look. >> thank you. back in the day, i wore jeans every day. i didn't wear jackets, though. i looked like a shlump. i've been adding a little bit. notice no pocket square. very thought out today. >> wow. >> a little bit. welcome to the "morning blend." i'm shawn tempesta. >> i'm j.j. snyder. good morning, everybody. >> feel naked without my pocket square. before we congratulations to steve wynn show stoppers. they celebrated their 500th show last night inside the encore theater. before it closes, it got extended before the end of the year. it was supposed to close next month. it's a testament to an incredible production there. it's very sad that they are going. however, glad they're getting to see it through the end of the year. >> absolutely. it's a great show. >> awesome. >> yes. we have another great thing to
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update on the stray kitten that you brought into the studio. >> remember kitten? look at kitten. steve in sales has adopted kitten. >> yes. >> what's the name? >> newt. >> newt. he named it newt. newt now has a sibling. steve has taken home the kitten. about the i the way, it was found on the corner of valley view. >> in our parking lot. he's lapping milk! >> this is when we brought him into the he was so hungry and so little. we went to snackers, the mini mart next door and got him some milk. >> a true channel 13 employee, that cat. that's with we all do. we go to snackers. >> that's true! >> every day, the pilgrimage to snackers. they have great pizza. i don't think the cat can eat pizza. however the milk is good for him. it was called shawn the cat. >> i tried to make shawn stick. but it didn't. >> sorry. steve doesn't like me that much. a little bit. not a lot.
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the carolina panthers. sew named it newt after cam newton. >> yes. it was also kind of a gender neutral name because we couldn't find out what gender the kitten was. no, it's true. >> it's a boy, right? >> it is a beaumont it was so tiny, this kitten. if anyone out there is listening, if your heart is opening up right now hearing about kitten, there is something you can do also. you may not have found newt or taken newt home, but you can adopt kitten. there are so the nevada spca. >> you were saying -- kathy was saying it yesterday that there are literally 2200 motherless kittens they brought in this year. 2200. so if you head over to the n spca, you can foster, or adopt. if you adopt, it means you fail as foster kitten. but that's good because it means you won. >> it is really a wonderful place to visit. they have the cats set up, they
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bright blue paint and the cats have different rooms. and you can really meet them. i think they open at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. go over. meet the kitties, foster the kitties if you can or take one home. >> the viewers on our facebook page and on ktnv facebook page, their hearts were melting. we had 842 people ask to take the cat. there is only one cat. cloning not necessary. plenty of cats out there. so check out -- >> maybe we should take another foster. >> i think we should have a station animal. mr. creator, our boss, make it happen. >> how about a pony? i want a pony. >> pony would be great. you have two dogs. are they rescues? >> yeah. they're both rescues. one was a foster fail. i was fostering her. and sometimes it's just you get attached the longer they're in your house. the more you get attached. >> we have a two cats and a dog. one of the cats was a foster.
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the other cat, a friend of ours had the cat for many months, loved the cat to death. was allergic to cats. >> oh, no. >> and the meds bill was getting a little out of control. we're like, we'll take the cat. our cats tried to kill each other for a couple of weeks. it was like death match inside our house. eventually now they groom each other and love each other occasionally. but it's okay. >> i'm glad you mentioned that because that's the same thing that happened with my two female dogs. they wanted to kill each oth. it was nine months for them to work it out. yeah. who was kind of in charge and also just letting that new one know that it's okay. you're not living out on the street anymore. you're in a home. you're okay. >> yes. >> but that's what i've noticed about newt, the kitty that you brought in last week is he now has to get use to this parrot. >> yes. >> parrot sibling! >> the parrot has to get used to the cat. it will be very interesting. >> the parrot is 30 years old. not sure he wants the kitten
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here is their parrot. we'll keep you guys up to date on how newt is doing with the parrot. >> absolutely. finally, i have to give a shout out to my dog pesky and zach. last night my wife and i were playing gin. you ever play gin? >> yeah. >> fun game. >> that's old school. you play gin with your wife? >> well, we never really played before, but it's a family tradition every christmas. i'm like let's play gin. we never play gi we played gin. the dog decided to get on marsha's lap and if he has pulled it up, there he is. it's playing gin with us. >> oh! >> there is marsha as well. i'm sure she's thrilled that's on tv. >> i would like to know who won that game. >> pesky. >> yeah. i knew it. >> we want to know about you and whether or not you have adopted a pet. tell us about him. share your pictures or video on
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we may read some comments live on the air. >> and we will. and it will be exciting. right now summer's hottest thriller is premiering next week and when you see who is behind the film, you'll know why we're so excited. >> yes. drop the veil, everybody. frightdome creator and executive producer jason egan is here, along with tony, also an executive producer of the film. gentlemen. >> thank you for having us. >> oh, yeah. thanks for being here. >> watch the preview of "the neighbor." wow. >> did you expect anything less? >> worst neighbor. exactly. i'm not expecting a romantic love story to come from your brain. >> not at all. >> let's talk about "the neighbor." what's it all about? >> i did a haunted house a couple years back with marcus dunston, the writer of most of the soft films. and also the director and writer of the movie the collector and the collection. one day marcus pitched the script to tony and i and he's like, you got to check this out
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he wrote this a couple years back. all the studios want it. we're like it's twit twisted. quite the roller coaster ride. we were able to have an amazing cast. tony and his band did some of the sound track as well. so it was a wild ride and we're excited to do many more films in the future. >> nice. >> it was so much fun. everyone was great. we were talking earlier about bill engvall. he's playing this much darker role. >> when we herod they cast bill engvall for a deep, dark guy, we thought it was very interesting. but he did awesome. he was great. and he had so much fun. he kept showing us text messages that he was sending his family. he was so excited that he was going to either shoot someone, get shot. [ laughter ] >> awesome.
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>> we have a few times. it's all an awesome experience. we had the opportunity to collaborate with marcus on the music side as well. so we're part of the sound track with one of the songs you hear -- there is a few scenes shot in a bar. and our band is actually playing in the background. >> that's awesome. >> yeah. it was cool. >> hour say dip to us for you to be doing what you've been doing with frightdome. you're in las vegas, to both have this happen. i mean, it's amazing. >> it's all about these weird connections come up. frightdome makes so many connections and it has over the past 13 years. film making, it's always something i wanted to do and we'll continue to do it. we're already working on the next one right now. >> awesome. >> but i like film making even better in the light of this because so many people around the world can see this. it's not just limited to vegas.
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>> you can scare the crap out of everybody. >> yeah. [ laughter ] so this is fun. and i was delighted that tony partnered up with me on this. like i said, this is a start of many more in the future and they're going to get more sick and twisted. >> oh, boy. >> oh, boy. there is a premiere coming up. >> yes. >> t somebody that is scared to death of horror? that's me. 'cause i am -- like i genuinely
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[ laughter ] >> it's amazing. we got some footage from last year. oh, it's brilliant. if i can only get permission for the next time. >> you know those hidden cameras, those are my favorite videos. >> you're very sweet. [ laughter ] >> let's rig him up with go pro and everything. it will if viral. >> yeah! >> you don't want to come down, there is a way for people to win tickets? >> there is a we to win tickets frightdome facebook right now. like and share the post and then we're giving away tickets for the premiere as well. then it's like i said, if you want to check out the red carpet, that's open to the public. check that out, meet the cast and crew. meet marcus, tony and myself. and it's going to be fun. the blu-ray and dvd and vod come out september 6, which just so happens to be my birthday. >> can't beat that. >> i'm like, i can't forget the
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getting too old. >> it's gonna be a great time. one of the experiences always have with me is just approachable, down-to-earth everyone was to work with. everyone worked really hard when it was time to work. but as soon as it was time to be done with work, everyone just hung out. we had some beers, dinner. >> that's awesome. >> it was like instant creation of a family in that moment in time. it was spectacular. so i'm looking forward to it. i'd interested in this genre to come on out. it's gonna be great experience can just to watch interaction of these folks. the chemistry that they're able to project on the wide screen was amazing. >> sounds thrilling. >> looking forward to it and i will also bring some tissues. [ laughter ] i'm the yelping girl. >> your wife can hold you. >> she can console me. great having you guys. thank you so much.
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>> appreciate it. the stars of "the neighbor" will be arriving at the palms this thursday night starting at 7. for your chance to win ticket the, head over to their facebook page. up next on the "morning blend," chadwick johnson helps you remember love. a live performances from his show next. >> you're watching the "morning blend." stay with us 'cause we'll be stay with us 'cause we'll be for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types sman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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[ music ] >> with the soulful voice, singer, song writer chadwick johnson knows how to captivate an audience. this weekend he returns to the smith center for the world premiere of his new show "remember love." >> that's right. here with us to talk about that
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chadwick himself and also the guitarist. great having both much you. how are you? >> great. good to be back. >> great to have you back. congratulations on the show. >> thank you. i'm really excited about it. >> what can we expect? >> it's called remember love. it is titled after a song i wrote about alzheimer's. it's very close to my heart. actually proceeds from the show are going to be donated to the brain center, as well as all the >> wow. >> about alzheimer's, give us an idea of the situation that inspired it, 'cause it's a wonderful story. >> yeah. i have had many opportunities to sing in convalescent homes and it was really wild to me the first time i had a connection through music to someone who had completely lost their speech. there was this lady and her family told me she probably hadn't spoken in more than a year. i started singing "what a wonderful world."
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me. she had a tear rolling down her cheek. and it was just a really beautiful moment. i remember thinking at that very moment, this is one of the most important performances i've ever made right here. >> absolutely. no question. it really is interesting how people that have alzheimer's, they're somehow part of that brain, it still connects to music and remembers the music from their past and is able to really still connect with it. incredible. >> it's awesome. >> it's really cool. >> it's the power of t >> yep. >> you're using your talent to create power behind the past. >> i think it's important for us all to realize that it's a growing epidemic and us young people need to raise awareness as much as we can so that there is funding so that we can find a cure. i think it's really important. >> tell bus this new show that you'll be performing this weekend. >> well, as i said, we'll be performing "remember love" in the show. but there is also, we're covering many great songs by
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box 20, melissa etheridge. lot of great tunes. it will be a really fun show. really cool. >> you have a unique way you describe your style because you kind of put a spin on things. >> i like to say i rev up the vibe. >> rev up the vibe. [ laughter ] awesome. that's great. you picked up male vocalist of the year as well. >> yeah, last year in 2015. awards. best male vocal for my song called "sound from another time." >> fantastic. >> also be performing that in the show as well. >> awesome. >> great. >> so you're about to perform for us. we're going to perform the title show of the song. >> "remember love," yes. >> this is the song that has the story of the woman singing along with you. are you ready? >> i'm ready.
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?? ? you're only outside looking in ? ? longing faces, familiar faces ? ? ? ?? ?? ??
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? >> that is fantastic. my goodness. thank you so much.
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do we go? >> the smith center. cabaret jazz room. you can get them there from their box office or on their web site. >> awesome. >> two times on sunday? >> 6:00 p.m. show and an 8:30 p.m. show. two shows. going to be great. >> sunday night or saturday? >> saturday night. tomorrow. tomorrow night. >> i have to tell you, there was more than one teary eye in the studio. there really was. very soulful. >> you killed it in guitar. congratu and we look forward to seeing the show tomorrow. remember love this saturday night, tomorrow. smith center. cabaret jazz. there are two shows, 6 and 8:30. for tickets, head to chadwick's web site or call the number on your screen or the smith center. are you on facebook and twitter? you can like or follow us. >> you can find us at and on facebook. links can be found on our web
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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s welcome back. it's that time again. back to class. >> oh, from lunches to routines, producer micah is standing by with easy ways to get everyone on their a game before the school bell rings. micah. >> thank you so much. yeah, you mentioned it, those days of freedom coming to a close. ho from summer to school an easy one for everyone? joining us to help is lifestyle expert danielle smith. she's a mom who is also the founder of extraordinary good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> of course. because we want to get this started. kids heading back to class soon. so let's start with keeping them energized with lunches and snacks. what are some of your favorites?
9:26 am
favorites i'm excited to share with you. let's start with being a little bit healthy. simply seven snacks are a couple of my favorite. they have seven core standards. one of those, clean ingredients. no preservatives, no artificial colors, and they hrve a ton of variety and they are simply delicious. variety, kale, quinoa, lentil, and you can find them all over the nation. where can you find them? you look at their web site, simply 7 snack order them on amazon. i have a second favorite i'm excited to share with you. just like this one i'm about to share, fruit, you can put this in your lunch box. you can -- or you can have after school. it is a refreshing, refueling, called fruit shoot. and one of the things that i think is so great about this fruit shoot is encouraging families to have their kids spend one hour every single day
9:27 am
fruit shoot is made from real fruit juice concentrate. no high fructose corn syrup and it comes in a variety of different flavors, wild berry grape, orange mango. it can enter into your lunch box and like simply 7 snacks, which come in 1 ounce or three .5-ounce, it's so easy for kids to head to the pantry and grab it. i'm teaching my kids to go for healthy options and be a part of the process. flavors, different flavors for both of your favorites of the something for everybody. >> exactly. >> laundry really starts piling up when the school year begins, especially with sports and clubs and all the other activities that kids do, everybody going outside and playing. any tips for managing this? >> there are a couple of challenges at least in my house. keeping the whites and brights as strong as possible and odor especially with all those sports, my kids play baseball and softball and basketball.
9:28 am
always long trust to do get the tough stains out. especially when i'm thinking about my son's baseball white pants, making them white again. but now they have a new product called all power core. it is the first to combine liquid plus powder in a single dose, which is a powerful clean, plus exceptional whitening and brightening. the second product i want to mention tackles our odor elimination. snuggle. we've always trusted keep our clothes super, super soft. adding the power of odor elimination, both to our wash and to drying with fabric softener and our drier sheets. so with that laundry, making it easier on me and making sure that my clothes are white and bright and no odors. when we think about that ordinary elimination, we're not just masking the odor. we're actually getting rid of it. >> i know we have about a quick minute left. i know you have something to keep kids a little extra motivated. what do you recommend?
9:29 am
my house. you wouldn't imagine that my ten and 12-year-old need to be remind to do brush their teeth, but sometimes they do. this has partnered with one of our favorite movies. ice age collision course and this limited edition toothbrush has blue tooth wireless technology. has an app and that app not only monitors for moms and dads to make sure kids are doing what they're doing, but it also is good for kids to make sure that it's 75% more effective than a >> danielle, thank you for joining us with these ideas. good luck with back to school. >> thank you so much. have a great day. >> you, too. make that transition back to school a smooth one for everyone. for more details, head to the web site right there on your screen. again, we'll also have the tips on our web site. j.j. and shawn, back over to you. >> thank you. still to come on the "morning blend," channel 13 alum, john daley, he's back in town.
9:30 am
>> a community event to tell you about. blue man group las vegas is celebrate ago huge milestone today. it's their 10,000th show. and in honor of it, tickets to the special 4:00 p.m. show are just ten bucks. >> wow. wow! that's deal. proceeds go towards instruments for help southern nevada and shannon west homeless youth center. head to,000.
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welcome back to the blend. did you know that teachers nationwide spend $1.5 billion with a b, a year of their own
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>> no, it's not. so you can help our educators get back to school without shelling out their own cash online. there is a huge contest going on. they need your nominations. >> here to tell us how one lucky las vegas school will benefit is head of brand strategy and secret weapon of, charles ressler. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us all about boxed and how it works. >> so boxed is the online version of a wholesale shopping you get everything essentials in bulk delivered directly to your door with no membership fees. but we do a little more than that. >> stop. they make you pay a big up at the top. you're like 50, 60, 120, you don't have to pay that? >> we don't have membership fees. >> i'm in. >> you can shop from your phone online. delivered to your door. we like to say, please shop naked because no one will ever know. >> i like that. >> here is the other thing, when
9:34 am
have to worry about whether or not it's going to fit in your prius. they're very pretty. >> exactly. >> no membership fees and no lines. >> that's right. >> i don't like the lines. >> yeah. or half a day spent at a big box store. everyone loves fluorescent lighting, but not that much. >> this is a fun picture. tell us about the mobile app. >> so the mobile app, you go to the app store, whether you're a droid or so easy to use. unbelievably easy. and everything ships within -- it will be at your door within two days. >> no kidding. >> yeah. then vegas is even better than that. we ship directly out of vegas. >> that's great! >> you have a shipping facility here? >> we do, yes. you know how much i love las vegas. >> of course. we go way back. we've seen many incarnations. >> yes. >> it's so cool what boxed does. you were telling me about what the ceo does for their employees
9:35 am
really americans in general, for charitable causes. >> they're big on teachers and education. what are you doing right now? >> right now we're running a back to school contest. it will get bigger and bigger every year. for right now weigh partnered with hello fresh. hello fresh is giving seven teach increase seven cities a subscripti they're giving a year supply of school supplies to seven schools. >> not seven teachers? >> a year's supply because of the crazy billion dollars number. we want to do do what we could this year to give back to teachers. in addition to that, we partnered with zeal. zeal will do pamper packages where teachers around the nation will get massage. >> i like that.
9:36 am
clock all weekend long. wewewe wanted to say take some e for yourself. our ceo pays for all of our employees' children's college tuition out of pocket. >> that is what i'm talking about. that's insane. >> yeah. this company really believes in the community around us. we are really dedicated to making your life easier, saving you time, but also promoting a world that's educated and empowered. >> it's great that you're so socially conscious. >> it makes you feel good about your purchase. >> exactly. >> and getting it in two days delivered to your door makes you feel good. >> if i don't have to lug 742 things of toilet paper into my house from a big box store 20 miles away. >> every box comes with a handwritten thank you note. >> from you? >> from whoever packs it.
9:37 am
>> yeah. >> so get back to las vegas, if people want to nominate a school or a teacher here in las vegas, how will they do that? >> to school. we'll ask you three questions about the nominee. and then in the third week of september we're going to announce all our winners. maybe we'll have the winner come on the "morning blend" and talk about what they're going to do with all their pampering and school supplies. >> this isn't just happening in las vegas. >> seven cities. everywhere we have operations, atlanta, dallas, las vegas, san francisco, los angeles, new york, and chicago. >> you remembered them all. >> you are sharp. >> hello fresh is offering all teachers their first hello fresh box free. >> 'cause going to the grocery store and having to get all the different ingredients and all of a sudden, especially if you're like in a family of one or two,
9:38 am
fresh stuff that you only need a couple leaves of it. >> the cilantro. >> yes. >> hello fresh sends you just what you need and it sends you everything and you're done. >> a portion of the proceeds from our sales, so jump on or download the app. we'll go to u.s. scholarship fund that hopefully will be able to do a lot more with next year. >> what are some of the items most >> welch's fruit snacks are up there. water is a huge one for us. >> voss water. huge case for 11.99. >> usually bottle goes for 11.99. >> right. you can not beat the prices at also the user experience is pretty incredible. and like i said, our ceo is pretty magical genie man. orlando from either magical
9:39 am
me. >> to nominate your school here in las vegas, head to there will be loads of winners with some surprises as well. go to their web site for full details and hey, get your wholesale shopping done while you're at it. >> that's pretty fantastic. ic sick of paying the yearly fee. it's awful. >> and my card is always expired when i get up. >> every time! and they only take one type of credit card! i don't have that credit card! >> we take er >> we'll take it. thank you. you can find so many great stories on what makes the valley a special place to live. >> click on the positively lv tab on our web site. check out the web site for your insight into las vegas.
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he's the face of real tv. but before he showed us videos of daring rescues and stunts, he brought you the news right here at 13 action news. john daly is receiving a huge honor tomorrow for his long and distinguished career. >> and i'm beyond excited to welcome john daly back to 13. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> doing great. great to be back with you. >> when you were a news anchor here, you were broadcasting from the park lot next door. >> pretty close, yeah. >> knocked that sucker down and put some space. >> great addition here. and again, i started here about 26 years ago. >> wow. >> so talk about old television. a lot different. >> we have a little throwback video. >> look at this! >> oh, my god, you let children on the air here? >> look at you! >> that's kathy ray. we're still in touch. she's living in rhode island. >> yeah. >> that's fantastic. >> the reason you're in town is nevada broadcasters hall of fame is tomorrow.
9:43 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> how did you feel when you got the call? >> well, i was kind of shocked in some respects. at the same time -- i hadn't been in town for six years and i really hadn't been a news anchor since 1996. but it was an honor. when you see all the other people inducted, you feel honored. >> back when you were anchoring here, you were the managing editor and the lead anchor. what was it like covering vegas at that time? >> well, when i got here in 19, of the golden age. the mirage had just been built, all these other hotels were being imploded. the big ones that we're seeing. it was a great time to be working here. you actually got to chronicle the golden age here. but i can always remember 'cause i came from hartford, connecticut. i remember one of the first stories that happened was a transvestite held up a store with a gun. and i remember saying to myself, you're no longer in hartford anymore.
9:44 am
john ralston, you worked with him way back when, created a political show called "in focus." now he's back here at 13. >> i know. it's great. it's great you have him back. where he started in television was here. he was great just working with me and i think we really helped educate a lot of people of what was going on in politics at the time. >> absolutely. you wrote a book about it. >> i wrote a book about the media. media bias, called "truth, the no bs world," which is the longest title. >> after everything the colon. >> absolutely. >> obviously a lot of people in the world believe there is a media bias. sometimes they perceive media bias where there isn't. sometimes they don't notice it where there is. >> yeah. i get into the different forms of bias, but what i try to do is try to help people to navigate it because we're all biased. and there is going to be individuals and organizations
9:45 am
being biased. but if you understand it and you at least acknowledge t then you can see different sides of it. so you can actually be a better, more informed viewer once you learn these different tricks. they're tricks. >> learn to decipher. >> you mentioned 1996. you made the leap from news to hosting a national show. many people know you from real tv. such an interesting show. really incorporated live video in it in a new way. how do you tnk effect on the world of reality tv? >> well, as far as reality tv now, it's different. i think it had more of an effect on shows like "60 minutes," the news magazine show. because they weren't doing the things that they're doing now. they weren't doing live action caught on tape. they weren't using surveillance video, turning them into stories. i think it changed local tv news. i was three months on real tv and i had friends of mine in the business call and say, i'm
9:46 am
it's all real tv. >> caught on camera. >> yeah. >> really picked up steam after real tv. >> we've been called a pioneer in it. it definitely was a pioneering show. i think even though it's not on the air today, it's really on the air all overt place. >> that show saw great success. you were with it for four years. but that showed continued in syndication. >> for about another four years. >> which is incredible. that's where i first learned about john daly in boston was watching "real tv." i'm li and that anchor is pretty handsome. you have new projects you're working on? >> yeah. i've got a travel food, wine and golf show called "undercover jet setter." i've got a business partner and co-host. she's on the show with me. it's been -- worry on an i.p. tv network. we're ready to sign a deal to be on a million hotel rooms. >> for those who don't know,
9:47 am
net. that's where you're living. very smart. >> yeah. >> since you're a guy who always had your finger on the future, where do you think things are going? >> as far as television goes? >> or i don't know, as far as video on our phones, yes. please tell us. >> i think television wise, i think everything is going to start blending together. i think you're going to start seeing media companies come together. for instance, you have a really strong digital presence here. >> yeah. >> i think you're gonna be you're going to be forming with radio stations 'cause people are getting their information in so many different ways and they can pick it up on their cell phone. so they can get it -- people are binge watching now. so like our show, we've got like 30 shows up there already. and they kind of said to us, somebody may sit down and watch all 30 shows at once. >> the ability to have it there for them to watch if they want to is where the game changed. john, congratulations. >> thank you. >> glad to see you.
9:48 am
well. >> thank you so much. a big congratulations once again to john. tomorrow he'll be honored at being named to the nevada broadcasters association of 2016 hall of fame. in the meantime, keep up with john and all his new projects. head to undercover you can also follow it on facebook and twitter. >> very cool having john back in town. i like it. >> do you have someone who truly makes a difference in the community? you can recognize them with our give back award. >> head to vegasmorningblenco give back and fill out the form. one lucky person will receive $500 from america first credit union. they are the proud sponsors of this reward with the "morning blend."
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13 things to do this week is
9:51 am
we have a very exciting line-up for you this week. so we're gonna get right to it. one of the best bands in the '80s, huey lewis and the news will sing their top hits on friday night. hit songs include heart of rock'n'roll and the power of love. there is an idea. grab a planning and head to the beach friday night for a rocking good time. then on saturday night, the very popular black and white party is happening for the very first time at the aria. it's a major fund-raiser for aids of southern nevada and the party will be spectacular. don't forget to wear black and white. 12 long years, but the original members of the culture club are together again and they're on tour. boy george and the culture club perform sunday night at the palm. this is one show you will not want to miss. if you want to see the full list of 13 things to do this week in las vegas, head over to ktnv pope com. i'm megan telles. i'll see you next week.
9:52 am
brought to you by our friends at south point. for more information, including upcoming events, head to get ready to rock! >> woo! >> to run down some of the concerts, you can be on the lookout for. >> thank you. >> audio hates us. >> sorry, audio. the rock of vegas summer concert series continues. it's free melissa etheridge concert. tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. at the to find out more about it, head to the web site on your screen. >> due to overwhelming demand, rod stewart added new shows to his residency. you can see him play seven shows from march 15, april 1. tickets for those shows go on sale today at noon. not 10:00 a.m. like they usually are. noon. purchase them on the web site or call the number on your screen.
9:53 am
winner. set to celebrate his one man show at the south point tonight inside the grand view lounge. 6 p.m it features anything from kiss, duop and other genres. head to the web site. >> i love duop. >> i love shows like that. that a are a mix. >> everything. >> lounge. i love live performers. >> absolutely. >> one of the best in town. peeking ofiv live performances. we have more coming up from chadwick johnson coming up in a bit. >> am i going to cry again? i was crying earlier. remember to check out on our web site you'll find past segments,
9:54 am
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>> today on the view, blue blood
9:56 am
a sad day. amanda is one of our interns. tell us your story. you're not from vegas. >> no. >> how are you here right now? >> so i actually interned with in washington, d.c. >> yeah. >> and they were gracious enough to give me a $3,000 scholarship for the i chose las vegas. >> there we go. >> it's vegas. >> she's here on a scholarship. >> yes. >> i never got one of those. [ laughter ] >> and i have to say, you've been very helpful, very aware and every morning you come in with super great attitude and you've been really great with our guests. >> absolutely. no question. and may i say the hair is also fabulous. honestly, super professional. it's been really great working with you. >> thank you so much. >> i'm sorry we have to say good-bye. >> no.
9:57 am
>> you're very sweet. coming up monday, illusionist seth grayle will be with us. >> plus, jocelyn and chris hit our stage for a live performances. their new album is out. monday at 9. >> we want to leave you with more from chadwick johnson. >> his show saturday night. shows are 6 and 8:30 p.m have a great weekend, everybody. >> good-bye. >> bye. ?? ?? ??
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>> announcer: "the view" starts right now. trump hits the jackpot in vegas. how his win in nevada could clinch the nomination and why his victory speech left some people speechless. plus tom selleck on being "the view's" very first guest and butting heads with whoopi on "blue bloods." and all show long we have the mother of all surprises, so don't miss a minute of it. it all starts now on "the view" with whoopi, michelle collins, joy behar, candace cameron-bure, raven-symone, and paula faris. now, let's get things started. [ cheers and applause ]


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