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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. state of emergency. hurricane hermine slams florida overnight. the first to hit the state in more than a decade. ginger zee on the scene when it hits. the storm pounds the panhandle with winds topping 80 miles an hour. life-threatening surges, flooding, evacuations and rescues overnight. now, millions on alert along the east coast as the dangerous storm heads north. a weekend washout and travel nightmar breaking right now, global recall. samsung, the world's biggest smartphonemaker sending a major alert after reports dozens of devices burst into flames. quarterback colin kaepernick once again refuses to stand during the national anthem overnight. this time as service members are honored in front of him on military night. now, outrage growing over his protests as more athletes join him across the country. abc news exclusive. dwyane wade one-on-one with george speaking out in his first
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gunned down on the streets of chicago. >> it's kind of one of those moments, you know, for our family that's like this is not real. >> nykea alridge, the mother of four killed as she was pushing her baby in a stroller. >> how do you turn that darkness into light? >> what the nba superstar is doing to end violence in his hometown. >> i really think my purpose for being back in the city is bigger than basketball. >> only on "gma" this morning. and good morning, america. we want to get right to hurricane hermine making landfall hitting florida. the first hurricane there since 2005. >> and take a look at the storm right now and a look at its path. the storm moving north, millions on alert this holiday weekend all the way up to new jersey, where that storm may stall for days. a state of emergency already declared in at least two states
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down the east coast. ginger is starting us off in the panhandle in st. mark's, florida. good morning to you, ginger. >> it was a nightmare of an overnight for so many folks here in florida. we're at st. mark's, flooding was one of the big concerns. receding now, overnight, we were in the eye, near that eye wall, it hit as a category 1. now this thing is a tropical storm moving through georgia eventually south carolina and north carolina along the east coast. >> we got to move. oh. >> reporter: overnight, hurricane hermine lashing the southeast. winds over 80 miles per hour. storm surge reaching up to six feet. it's been a night of tornado warnings, torrential rains, the eye just a couple of miles away. hermine is the first hurricane in more than a decade to rock the sunshine state. seven hours before landfall, the streets of st. mark's literally becoming the river.
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it's a fish in the street. >> please protect property and evacuate immediately. >> reporter: clouds hijacking the sky. seawater creeping onto the land. >> here it comes. >> reporter: rain coming in torrents. >> we have sandbags at the door and we have water over our dock. >> reporter: hundreds like chaplain chris fletcher and his cousin spent the night in shelters. while hurricane hermine damaged homes and buildings along the panhandle -- let's see how the hotel is faring -- right into and up to the door. oh, no, it's starting to get in. >> reporter: this morning, there's a trail of damage. homes shredded. hundreds of thousands without power and entire towns under water, hermine now setting its sights on the rest of the east coast. our rob marciano is in georgia
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>> ginger, the center to our east. there's debris and some damage across the valdosta area. 56 counties under emergency through saturday. the schools are certainly closed today. traffic is starting to move here. these big live oaks they do pretty well in wind. but covered with spanish moss creating debris and other trees coming down. we have power out at our hotel. emergency crews out with their sirens blaring. pre-positioned to fan out when the winds die down. georgia and certainly across tallahassee where those tall trees have been been coming down. ginger, back to you. >> this storm is going to cook up the east coast. show you the threats, too. the tornado threat still in place for georgia and north carolina right along the coast
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i want to time this out. saturday back out to the atlantic ocean. sunday, it sits there, meander for the labor day weekend. it could be kicking back high surf, rip currents and certainly some coastal flooding and beach erosion as far north as central new jersey right along the beach. this thing will be with us for a while, george and amy. >> ginger, you use that word meander. you guys are saying that the storm might stall off new jersey? >> meander, linger, this thing is going to stay with us at least through the holiday and certainly some of the computer models take it midweek or even beyond. >> thanks very much. that could mean all kinds of trouble for holiday weekend travel affecting flights up and down the east coast. airlines making arrangements for millions of people and abc's linzie janis is at the airport in charleston, south carolina,
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heading now, good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, george, the travel misery is just beginning. almost 16 million americans are planning to fly this holiday weekend and the airlines are warning there will be major delays and cancellations. if your airport is affected by hermine, all the main carriers will allow you to change those flights for no charge for free, some of them even allowing you to cancel your plans for a full refund. george. >> and, linzie, which airports are being affected most? >> reporter: they are already seeing delays and cancellations at airports across florida. we're talking tampa, orlando, jacksonville, those are continuing up the east coast. savannah, hilton head, charleston, there's already been a ground stop in charlotte thursday due to early rain bands from this storm. the ripple effect will likely be felt throughout the country and we should see major disruptions at new york-area airports if
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track this weekend. george. >> okay, linzie thanks very much. >> so many people impacted. of course, we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. now to the race for the white house and donald trump in a twitter feud with mexico's president over who is going to pay for a border wall as melania fights her own battle over recent headlines. abc's cecilia vega has all the latest. good morning to you. >> amy, good morning to you. donald trump has had a number of very public twitter feuds since launching his campaign. cher, bette midler, elizabeth warren, and now you can add the president of mexico to that list. less than 24 hours after they shook hands and made nice, this morning donald trump and mexico's president are locked in an all-out war, a twitter war. trump tweeting, mexico will pay for the wall. mexico's enrique pena nieto firing back, i repeat what i told you personally, mr. trump, mexico would never pay for a wall. after that fiery immigration speech --
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>> reporter: trump now trying to strike a different tone. >> we will treat everyone with dignity, respect and compassion. >> reporter: asked overnight if he would deport undocumented immigrants who have not committed serious crimes -- >> we're going to sit back, we're going to assess the situation before we do anything further, i want to see how it shapes up when we have strong, you know, i use the word impenetrable, borders. >> reporter: but this morning, it is melania trump who is the billionaire's wife filed a $150 million defamation suit against "the daily mail" and a maryland blogger for stories that accused her of having a racy past. her lawyers saying, their many lies include, among others, that mrs. trump supposedly was an escort in the 1990s before she met her husband.
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to mrs. trump. those stories retracted and "the daily mail" saying in a statement it did not state or suggest that these allegations are true and regrets any such misinterpretation. and now, a big staffing change for donald trump. he's bringing on david bossie as a deputy campaign manager. he is a veteran conservative operative who spent decades investigating the clintons. the clinton campaign as you can imagine is not holding back. they say, quote, donald trump has put the most extreme elements of the right-wing fringe in the driver's seat of his campaign. george. let's talk about this with matt dowd. right now, you have to give donald trump credit for, he does dominate the headlines every day, with immigration back and forth. we've seen the meeting with the president of mexico and we've seen the tweet war with the president of mexico and seen the speeches. unbalance where does this end up? >> it was amazing to watch where he showed up as bruce banner in mexico and the hulk in arizona in this.
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at all with latino outreach but i think this is all about, and even his staff hirings are all about reinforcing his base, the 40% or 41% he already has, and i think his hope in this election, george, if that turnout is down and that he has enough, 50, 55 million voters if they show up and are enthusiastic he's able to squeak out a win without having to -- >> in part because of the unfavorables for hillary clinton are so high as well and the drip, drip, drip c going to continue. more e-mails out on the clinton foundation. you're probably going to see the fbi release their documents as well, julian assange says he is holding on to something that will come out in october, how big a threat to the clinton campaign? >> i think this is a real problem for hillary clinton but -- and combined with the fact she has disappeared basically off the campaign trail. she hasn't held a press conference in nine months. almost as if you have to put her face on a milk carton to find
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she has to start confronting the press and have press conferences over the next few weeks in the lead-up -- >> start to own the agenda. >> and basically turn this around again and turn it back on donald trump. if it becomes about her, she loses this race. >> so you're saying she can't wait for the debates? >> she can't for the debates. i think she needs to do a press conference before that to get a lot of it out in so it doesn't dominate in the aftermath of the debate. now to that headline about smartphones. samsung announcing a global recall of its galaxy note 7, after dozens of their phones burst into flames and abc's rebecca jarvis is here with all the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is big and surprising news. the hugely popular hotly anticipated phone went on sale just a few weeks ago and now samsung is pulling every galaxy note 7 off store shelves and replacing every device that's been sold. samsung, the world's biggest smartphonemaker, recalling its new galaxy note 7 smartphone after reports that 35 devices caught fire while charging.
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problem. samsung has already shipped 2.5 million of the devices since they went on sale. and for anyone who owns a galaxy note 7, the company will replace it in about two weeks. samsung just came off its most profitable quarter in more than two years, thanks to sales of the galaxy 7 phones. it was expected to keep momentum going with sales of the note 7 narrowing its gap with apple in the u.s. and samsung says the batteries with the issue are made by different suppliers which they declined to name but this is just bad timing, considering that apple's new iphone will likely be revealed next week. george. >> sure is bad timing. okay, rebecca, thanks very much. we're going to move on to that protest by colin kaepernick. 49ers quarterback knelt instead of standing at last night's game. he was not alone. abc's kayna whitworth was there and joins us now from san diego. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, george, good
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one of colin kaepernick's teammates joined him in taking a knee and also, a seattle seahawks player also didn't stand for their anthem but this morning kaepernick says he's willing to make real change and plans on donating a million dollars to charities that he's been working with to help end racial inequality. ? the land of the free ? >> reporter: overnight, san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick refusing to stand during the national anthem again. ? home of the brave ? >> reporter: this time, he took a knee right behind hundreds of service members being honored on military appreciation night. as the crowd and players stand, you can see kaepernick kneeling on the sideline. teammate eric reid joining him. >> -- are not going to stand. >> and he's receiving heavy boos here. >> reporter: the crowd booing every time he took a senate. -- snap. >> he's entitled to his opinion. we fought for that but i think he's a jerk. >> reporter: now, the quarterback sparking new controversy for wearing these
7:14 am
pigs. those scandalous socks drawing criticism from law enforcement officials from across the country. police in vermont tweeting, wealthy, privileged person's free speech dehumanizes an entire group of human beings. sound familiar, kaepernick? the socks that were worn, did those not seem negative? >> no, that was, once again, we have cops that are murdering people. we have cops in the sfpd that are blatantly issues need to be addressed. >> reporter: players from other teams like jeremy lane from seattle are joining kaepernick in his seated stand begging the question, how far will this go? >> at this point i think it will continue to be taking a knee as far as how long this goes, i'm not sure. >> reporter: i asked kaepernick if he plans on taking out these
7:15 am
on their invite for him to visit the academy and he said, yes, adding that he's concerned about racism within the department saying that some bad cops are giving all cops a bad name. amy. >> all right, kayna, thank you. well, now to that case sparking outrage across the country, brock turner, the former stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault, released from jail today after serving three months of a six-month sentence. abc's matt gutman is in san jose, california, with all the latest on that. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, amy. just minutes walking out of this jail after a 90-day sentence going through this gauntlet of reporters, but answering no questions. he was convicted in june of sexually assaulted a young woman who was passed out drunk at a university party. now, normally that felony can carry a sentence of up to 14
7:16 am
he got three months. he was handed a pile of hate mail that was building up over the past couple of months. when he goes back to ohio, he now has to register as a sex offender for life. we are told that officials in ohio are already preparing to send out postcards to all his neighbors alerting them that a sex offender is moving in. george. >> no revoking that. okay, matt, thanks very much. now to that massive explosion at cape na spacex rocket blew up on the launchpad, major setback for private air travel, you see it right there, and for facebook. ab'c david kerley is tracking it from washington. good morning. >> reporter: this morning, elon musk has a problem. the question is, how big is that problem? how long will it keep his rockets grounded after this spectacular failure? the test looked normal, then suddenly the loaded spacex rocket explodes sending shock waves miles from cape canaveral. and watch this.
7:17 am
sent into space saturday, falling in flames and exploding. it was this israeli satellite that was to be launched which facebook planned to use for its first venture into space. in africa ceo mark zuckerberg expressed his disappointment in spacex's failure. the satellite was expected to offer internet connection to a large part of the african continent. this was the second big failure for spacex. a year ago june, one of its falcon 9 rockets blew up with a nasa payload. while ceo elon musk has landed his reusable rocket on a drone ship he now faces another serious setback. the private space company, which has visions of flying to mars, was scheduled to take supplies to the space station in november. former astronaut mark kelly serves on spacex's crew safety panel. it's the second setback for spacex. >> it's a difficult business to be in. you know, flying payloads into space at 25 times the speed of
7:18 am
do, and no matter how hard we work at this there are accidents and there are going to be accidents in the future. >> reporter: spacex already had a backlog of flights. this will only make it longer and as i mentioned it complicates the efforts to resupply the space station. nasa believes it can get supplies there, george, other ways over the coming months. >> let's hope so. david kerley, thanks very much. now, let's go back to ginger in st. mark's, florida. ginger. >> hey there, george. flooding with this. 4 to 6 inches of rain possible right along the coast there.
7:19 am
and coming up that abc news exclusive. dwyane wade opening up about the tragic death of his cousin. a mom gunned down as she signed her children up for school. >> it was shocking. it was shocking to hear not only she was murdered but
7:20 am
>> and wade weighs in on donald trump's tweet and what he says needs to change to stop the violence on america's streets. and jetblue under fire this morning. how did a 5-year-old boy end up on the wrong flight and how did a different child get his passport? all next. duke, people love bush's baked beans at a cookout, right? they sure do, jay. so why stop there? why not have them at a cook-in? ? ? [ jay ] imagine sitting down to our secret family recipe not just at a cookout, but with any meal. ? ? so, who's in? so, who wants to share? whether you're cooking out or cooking in, enjoy bush's baked beans. look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in.
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< > arsonist started a fire at a church in north las vegas... this happened just after midnight near lake mead and 5th african methodist episcopal church were out surveying the damage overnight. thankfully, it doesn't appear to be extensive. and the church plans to continue their services as scheduled... u-n-l-v was dominant in t first football game of the season... they absolutely dismantled jackson state last night... the final score.... 63 to 13. u-n-l-v's next game is at u-c-l-a --- next saturday. join us for good morning las vegas tomorrow beginning at 430am... for the latest weather, traffic and breaking news... we'll have more local news headlines coming up in one half
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welcome back to "gma." you are looking at that major flooding overnight. hurricane hermine hitting florida. the first hurricane to make landfall in that state in more than a decade and now the storm is set to travel up the east coast. millions on alert all the way up to new jersey for the holiday weekend. >> it is coming up the coast. also right now, donald trump preparing to receive his second fbi briefing today right here in new york. this comes after saying he doesn't trust the intelligence community. and the dallas police chief is announcing his retirement. david brown has been a member of the dallas police force for 33 years. he will retire in october. and as we head into labor day weekend we have our final party in the park. it's the final one of the season and guess who's here, the one and only jason derulo to help us celebrate. that is all coming up in just a
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>> people lining up all night long. but first to my exclusive interview with dwyane wade, one we're ago, wade's cousin was killed in cross-fire in the streets of chicago. it's been the deadliest month in chicago in two decades and wade spoke about how that community can come together and his family's personal tragedy. let me start out by expressing our condolences for your loss. i th to believe your cousin, nykea aldridge, walking down the street pushing her baby in a stroller, signing up her kids for school and she gets shot. it must have been shocking. >> yeah, and just hearing it again, it's tough. it was, i think, for our family, it was very tough, you know, so, just the headlines alone, you know, mother walking down a street, registering her kids in school, a mother of four, you know, gets murdered. it's tough to deal with. >> yeah, she was doing all the
7:32 am
those moments, you know, for our family that it's like, this is not real. my cousin nykea -- i always say she was like the quiet one. she would be there, she would be about her kids, she would be about her family, but never know she's in a room and it was shocking. it was shocking to hear not only that she was murdered but it was shocking to hear the way and how. her mother, my auntie, my is tore up. >> your family is so devastated by all this and on that weekend alone in the city of chicago, ten more people killed, 57 shot. >> yeah. >> i mean, the town you're going back to is having a hard time. >> we come off during the town hall meeting -- >> on espn the night before -- >> it's important for all of us to help each other, to go back
7:33 am
this started, how did this start and let's see how we can change it there. we're using our voice, our platform to shed the light on the city of chicago and then hours later one of my family members is killed. for me it was tough. i want my family to grieve in private as much as possible, right, but as well, because of my name is attached to it, it becomes this national story. a lot of things i seen wasn't even her name. >> dwyane wade's cousin. >> that hurt me to be the name and that they talked about. you know, instead of talking about a mother of four, that ki dark place for a few hours. >> the question is, how do you turn that darkness into light and how do you use this platform? >> because of my name being associated with it, you know, the light, the light that shined on to the city and now it's become a national conversation. >> it's such a complicated problem in chicago. you got gangs, you got guns. you have this distrust between the community and the police. how do you deal with that?
7:34 am
killed by one of the brothers that just got out of prison not too long ago so, you know, guys go to prison and we let them back out on the street. >> months later. >> and they're going to go back to what they're used to and what they know. if there's something we can do with the prison that can help with work programs. when people come out it gives them an opportunity to try to better themselves. >> this is coming back home for you, this is the city where you grew firsthand. >> i grew up in one of the, you know, probably one of the toughest eras when it comes to murders in the early '90s in chicago. i grew up in that era of the same things that our kids are going through now of being afraid to go outside. >> how did you handle it? >> i was a kid who wanted to play basketball, who got lucky and was able to have mentors in my life to help me, and i think that's one thing a lot of our kids today is missing is mentorship. if we want to stop this epidemic, it's needed now.
7:35 am
>> you try to teach your kids right from wrong and, you try to put them in situations, if this happens in school, no, you don't do this you do this. go to this person so you try to tell them right from wrong but, then they come back and say, well, dad, kids are being killed by police officers. you know, i thought you said police officer was, you know, was safe. >> your boys afraid of the police? >> they are. my boys are afraid of police the same i was when i was growing up. not all police, obviously, but, you know, my boys hear everything that's going on in the world. all the harassment, all the murders that's going on, and they pose the question back to me and what answer do i have for them, you know, so they know how involved i am in the community so then i take that and i have answers for the city. i go to the mayor and go to the city and say what are we doing to strengthen gun laws, you know, what are we doing to help
7:36 am
>> because then you hear the police, they say the police in the city of chicago, they say, we're fighting a war out there. >> they are. they are fighting a war. and they can do a lot better. but they can get more help as well to do better. there's other cities that have way tougher gun laws. we have weak gun laws and, you know, we have to do a better job of being leaders, all of us. the leadership in our world today and our communities is suffering. big time. >> this came right in the middle of a presidential campaign as yokn expressed his condolences to your family. also got a lot of reaction for this tweet he sent out where he said dwyane wade's cousin shot and killed walking in chicago. just what i have been saying, african-americans will vote trump. what did you think when you heard that? >> well, i was kind of conflicted. you know, it's like on one hand your cousin's death is used as a ploy for a political gain. on the other hand, it's a national story and goes back to
7:37 am
i want eyes on this city. you know, i want us to be able to do more together and only way we can do more together is if more people know what's going on. i was grateful it started a conversation but on the other hand it just put a bad taste in my mouth because of what my family is dealing with and what our city of chicago is dealing with and used as p gain. >> nykea's mother says she's forgiven the killers. can you? >> she's strong. my auntie diane is a very strong woman. her faith in god is -- i mean, she's right there with my mother always. their belief is so strong. if she can forgive, you know, then i think anyone should forgive, but i don't think we should forget. i really think now that my
7:38 am
city is bigger than basketball,. which basketball is a big part of it, this is what i do for a living, but i think my purpose at the end of the day is to come to chicago and be a part and be the voice that can help bring people together. >> good luck with that and thank you. >> i appreciate it. >> you know, wade got that phrase bigger than basketball from his mom. she said you are bigger than basketball. she's a real leader in that community. she's a pastor. and tomorrow she has a tough job eulogy for her niece. >> what a phenomenal job she did with her son. incredible interview. >> very powerful. coming up next here in our big board, jonbenet ramsey's brother speaking out nearly two decades after her murder. and then, parents' worst nightmare. a small boy sent home on the wrong airplane. how did it happen? plus, is too much noise hurting tennis players at the u.s. open? our insiders join us in two minutes. open?
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back now with the big board and team of insiders to weigh in on today's top stories, including patrick mcenroe right here with us. but we'll begin with this old mystery back in the news. jonbenet ramsey, as the 20th anniversary of her killing draws near and the boulder, colorado, police department releasing this statement about the investigation. >> boulder police department is committed to finding justice for jonbenet through a methodical and comprehensive investigation while looking at all aspects of the case. we have not and will not give up. >> okay, dan abrams joins us right now. i can't believe this is still an open case. dan, will this make any difference? >> well, look, any murder case that's unsolved is going to be considered an open murder investigation. but as a practical matter, sadly i don't think this case is ever going to be, quote, solved. they've investigated every potential angle, the evidence has only gotten weaker over time and only more questions rather
7:42 am
think we're going to get answers in this case. >> dan, and we are hearing for the first time jonbenet's brother burke who was 9 years old at the time, speaks out to dr. phil, and he says i know people think i did it, they that my parents did it. i know that we were suspects. dna evidence cleared the ramseys of this crime. thought the family was involved. police even considered them suspects and a lot of people still do think that they were involved. why? >> well, look, first of all, burke didn't do it and i'm now convinced that the ramseys weren't involved, either. the main reason that people suspected the ramseys was the ransom note. there was a note left in the house that had been written on patsy ramsey's notepad with a practice note on it before. which was nonsense. it talked about we're a small foreign faction. who says they're small when they want to threaten someone. they claimed they kidnapped jonbenet, even though it was
7:43 am
the note was all a fake. it took a ton of time to write that note and so everyone assumed it was either the ramseys trying to cover for themselves or the ramseys trying to cover for burke. >> right, it is -- there's still so many questions out there and like you said we may never get the answers. dan abrams, thank you for joining us. now to a parent's worst nightmare. this 5-year-old boy flying to new york alone on this his mother arriving at the airport to find him missing. jetblue presenting her with the wrong child. after three terrifying hours, the airline finally locates the boy in boston. we have legal analyst areva martin joining us now. areva, i can't even -- i put my children on planes by themselves. i can't even imagine this scenario. how did it happen? >> many of the facts, amy, of this case are still under investigation but as you said this is a horrifying experience. two little boys, 5 years old,
7:44 am
headed to different destinations. the boys are mixed up, placed on the wrong flights, and apparently no one at the airlines even noticed it until one boy is delivered to the wrong parent in new york and that parent brings to the attention of the airlines that it's not her kid. >> areva, here's what jetblue is saying about it, while the children were always under the care and supervision of jetblue crew members we realize the situation was distressing for the families. the mom has hired an attorney. how can jetblue even defend this in court? >> there will not be a defense to the case. they already admitted that they made a mistake and in a court of law that's essentially acknowledging liability and that they were negligent with the handling of these two kids. this is a case about daniels at this point. >> how much they're going to pay. areva, thank you very much.
7:45 am
that new $150 million roof that's retractible, designed to keep the rain out but it's also keeping the noise in. espn tennis analyst patrick mcenroe is here and let's try to hear the difference in the stadium, here is the open in 2015, no roof. and now last night's match. >> oh. >> i guess there's a difference there. you played on courts all over the world. what difference does it make? >> hum. the huge humming noise. first of all, this is amazing. the roof is gorgeous. they played yesterday during the day 3 1/2, 4 hours while play was stopped on the other court so the players who are complaining about it -- get over it. you're making a ton of money. there's more money than ever before. the fans are getting -- someone just asked me here, i'm going to the u.s. open this weekend, labor day weekend, will i be able to see tennis?
7:46 am
see tennis. no matter what the weather is because of the roof has been great and ambience is tremendous for the fans. no wind now too on that center court. used to be the windiest. much higher level of play. >> something else people are talking about, this new nike commercial and "greatest female ever" flashes and then, female vanishes, leaving the simple declaration greatest athlete ever. very, very powerful ad. what do you think? do you agree? >> well, listen, i'm really enjoying coming here to "gma," and i think you guys are starting t stole this from me, okay. because i was the one -- i treated this during wimbledon. i said, serena is the greatest female tennis player of all time. people came after me. what are you talking about -- female, how dare you. i said she is the greatest tennis player of all time. then people said, just tennis player? i said, you know what, okay, she is the greatest athlete of all time. >> from nike. >> nike. >> show me some love, nike, unbelievable.
7:47 am
so much. areeva and dan, thank you so much. coming up in just two minutes -- the football call of a lifetime that has everyone cheering and it's next. ng and it's next. (man) honey, what's a word for "large blaze"? (wife] fire. [man] thirteen letters. [wife] fire. [man] thirteen letters.
7:48 am
we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
7:49 am
? we are back now with a call of a lifetime making one family and an entire football team very happy and abc's paula faris is here with that. hey, paula. >> good morning. this one almost brings a little tear to your eyes. it's that time of year our kids are off to school and we all wonder how will they do? will they be happy? take a listen. as the parents of one ohio state football player find out some great news about their son. >> your son has done a great job and so i want to give you guys a call and let you know he is today, today we're going to name him the starting tailback at ohio state. >> oh, my god. >> i know, right? so he doesn't even know yet so we're going to let him know this afternoon but i wanted to give you guys a call and let you know that.
7:50 am
>> that was the mother screaming in the background, by the way. that was tony alford on the phone. the running backs coach at ohio state. he called the parents of mike weber to let them know that their son will be the starting -- will be starting for their team. it's a pretty great tradition letting the parents know about their son's first start. many times they tell the parents before they even tell the athlete but the phone call, if you can listen to it in its duration is excell entire time. >> brings a huge smile. >> and by the way, college football on espn and abc this weekend. great weekend of college football. >> cannot wait for that. thank you very much, paula. also can't wait for this. our huge party in the park with jason derulo, stay with us. it's all coming up next. ? coming up, "gma's" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian. irresistible since 1950. irresistible since 1950.
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serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira.
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it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. back here on "gma," we're not the only ones talking hurricane. let's get straight to the pacific ocean, where lester is moving toward hawaii. has the big island all the way up to oahu on hurricane watch. we'll be watching that through
7:55 am
"good morning where attention and sound advice is a big deal. tion and sound ade
7:56 am
apartment building behind the stratosphere overnight. and investigators believe squatters may be to blame. witnesses told fire investigators that they saw a person hop out of a second story window and run from the building. emergency crews are now trying to figure out if this was the same person who called 9-1-1 and was taken to the hospital with burns to 20 percent of his body.
7:57 am
step closer to becoming a reality. the state board of education just approved regulations that would de- centralize power in the school district. supporters say that gives parents more of a voice. but the board of trustees is concerned things are moving too fast, and the most needy areas won't get taken care of. the proposal still needs final approval from state lawmakers. that could happen as soon as next week. the red rock canyon campground reopens today. but... you still aren't allowed to and 50 dollars a night for a and the arts district will be hosting another first friday event tonight. the organization is asking that people dress up in their favorite 70's outfit... so pull out those bell bottoms... and head downtown from 5 to 11 tonight. as always... there will be entertainment and
7:58 am
every weekday with all of your weather, traffic and breaking news... join us-- four-30 to seven.. we'll be back in a half hour with more local news and weather. < > if you missed good morning las
7:59 am
but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hurricane hermine hits hard barreling into florida overnight and ginger is on the front line of the storm as it strikes. widespread flooding. dangerous winds. >> it's life threatening. >> millions of americans in the threat zone all along the east coast heading into this labor day weekend. ? all of me ? brand-new research now on how you should really be battli pain. the popular health approaches you should be using. toss out the drugs. get your pain under control. dr. ashton here live. ? go big or go home ? royal snapshots. he's known as the prince of selfies. first prince charles, but could he capture will and kate? how the construction king tried to pull it off all over again. ? i want you to want me ? and get ready to kiss the sky. jason derulo here live, and he has the whole park dancing as we say -- >> all: good morning, america.
8:01 am
>> and a whole bunch of fans there in central park for our final concert of the summer, and who is the star? jason derulo. there he is getting on the bus to head to the park. ? talk dirty to me ? >> he's like -- >> and he's got a whole posse right there. sara haines with us too. >> thank you, george. as we head into the holiday weekend, that means big sales and savings, and becky worley breaking down what you should buy right now and what to wait on from tech to toys and more. this is when i always say guess how much i saved, not how much i spent. >> you do that on everything you buy. >> i kind of do. and take a look at this photo lighting up the internet in record time. that's a sneak peek of lumiere and cogsworth from the live action "beauty and the beast." coming up in "pop news," we're inviting you to be our guest because we have a look at emma watson as belle. >> yeah. excellent. >> she's going to be an adorable
8:02 am
that. let's get the morning rundown from paula. good morning. let's get back to florida where hurricane hermine made landfall last night, overnight, packing winds up to 80 miles per hour. the storm unleashing a life-threatening storm surge and now it is headed up the east coast. ginger is in the storm zone south of tallahassee. ginger, good morning. >> reporter: and, paula, that is exactly right. we were right here in st. mark's when that eye passed by, so the first hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade. as it made landfall, hundreds of thousands without power. 80-plus-mile-per-hour winds at that point. lots of power outages. i mean, hundreds of thousands, and then schools are closed, of course, and right here we were worried about flooding. now it is starting to recede and this storm isn't over. it's in georgia. it's still a tropical storm with max sustained winds of 60 miles per hour moving to the north and east through georgia, eventually south carolina and north carolina in the next 24 hours, and then it goes out in the ocean and with it comes that tornado watch still in place
8:03 am
it takes it, the holiday itself into parts of the midweek, meandering and affecting your start to school, everybody getting back to work. this thing could be a real bad thing as far as the coast goes as far into wednesday, even thursday on some of the computer models. paula. >> yeah, not good news for the holiday weekend. ginger, thank you. we want to turn to politics now and donald trump will visit an african-american church over the weekend in detroit. his first appearance before a mostly minority community and trump will sit down for a one-on-one interview with the church pastor, and according to "the new york times," trump will be following eight pages of scripted questions and answers prepared by his campaign aides. he is also expected to address the congregation afterwards. and the state department says that it will release all of hillary clinton's daily schedules from her time as secretary of state before election day, which is weeks earlier than initially expected. the documents could answer lingering questions about her meetings with donors to the clinton foundation. clinton will begin traveling on her press plane next week after being criticized for not giving
8:04 am
there is big news on wall street, the economy created only sao,000 jobs last month, that's fewer than expected. the unemployment rate stayed unchanged at 4.9%. most gains were in the restaurant and health care industries. the disappointing jobs report reduces the likelihood that the federal reserve will raise interest rates. but there's some good news in the report, wages w up last month. >> walmart plans to use automation for doing that work of 7,000. and samsung is halting sales of its popular new smartphone because the battery could explode. the company says a battery cell made for the galaxy note 7 can cause the phone to catch fire. customers can exchange this
8:05 am
model. and the youth football league pop warner is now facing a class action lawsuit over concussions. the suit's been filed by mothers of two deceased former football players. they claim that the organization ignored the risk of head trauma. and finally this weekend, if you're snapping some vacation photos for your instafeed, be sure to keep your eye to the sky. one woman was trying to make her friends jealous snapping this picture of what looks to be a delicious vanilla ice cream on the shore, but somebody yeah, it's a seagull, looking for that particular -- >> that's almost worth losing the ice cream over. that's a pretty cool shot. >> is there any -- >> i feel like i would still eat it after that. >> no, you would not. >> i would not waste a good ice cream cone. she's on a boat. where is she going to get the next one? >> sara, no, no, no, no. >> there's no five-second rule with that one, sorry. >> you just wipe the top layer off. thank you. i'm not alone here, people. okay. >> at this table you are.
8:06 am
>> nobody is on your side here. >> it was only eddie. okay, now time for some "pop news." be our guest behind the scenes of the upcoming live-action "beauty and the beast." disney releasing some enchanting footage of emma watson and adam in their first table read. take a look. >> what are you reading? >> nothing. >> sir lancelot -- >> "king arthur and the round table." >> still a romance. >> felt like a change. >> ooh, i love it already. >> it's going to be great. >> that is a good beast voice, though, i like that. >> and the music. >> a producer on the film sharing a few set photos from the tale as old as time. each more magical than the one before but we have yet to see emma watson in costume as belle and we might have to wait till it hits theaters march 2017. that's one of my favorites. >> love it. >> do you have a favorite, george? >> um. >> you.
8:07 am
>> "the little mermaid." >> i like -- i'll sing for you on the break. next up, olympic gold medalist laurie hernandez is already hard at work vying for that mirror ball trophy. the "dancing with the stars" contestant spinning around on the floor with partner val chmerkovskiy -- how do i say that? >> chmerkovskiy. >> where is ginger when we need her? >> chmerkovskiy. >> okay, it looks like the duo might just be getting started on the routine but they definitely have the secret handshake down pat. teammate aly raisman did very well on the show as did former gymnast nastia liukin, and gold medalist shawn johnson took home the trophy and we know he's amazing. he spun with ginger last season. >> you can tell she's got the moves. >> you get a gymnast, hello. they know what they're doing. just throw a backflip in there and 10s all around. >> a couple somersaults. >> that will do it. will and kate were busy thursday the duke and duchess making their way through cornwall and silly isles. am i saying that right?
8:08 am
>> i don't know. >> just go with it, sara. >> say it with confidence. >> i'm going to go with george, scilly isles teaching surfing to reduce anxiety for kids and kate even downed a shot of 120 proof whiskey. that's my girl. it was one construction worker who stole the show. first, the muscular man spots the royal couple. then he's like, omg, i need a photo right now and he takes h snaps an epic pic for the scrapbook. watch this, and bam. >> oh. >> hilarious. >> now, this isn't the first royal picture for the selfie prince. the worker snapped this with prince charles just two years ago. >> it looks like he's in the right place at the right time. >> it's cute, prince william is side-eyeing him like that's my girl. i like it. >> thank you, sara. here's a look at what's coming up next here on the "gma morning menu."
8:09 am
pills. dr. ashton here with new research. and then it is a holiday weekend which means big savings so becky worley has the secret to scoring the best deals. plus, jason derulo getting our party in the park started. look at that. his huge performance just moments away. i want to be on that bus. >> i know. ? why does it feel so good why does it feel so good ? does does it feel so good ? ?ooooks like those braids aren't easy to tie. ? ? a "how do i retire at 50" side. ? hang in there, dan. ? "sure, you can keep the kitty" side. ? ? that's why there's nationwide, ? ? helping to grow and protect your many sides. ? ? nationwide is on your side. ? well she loves to say, "well, fantastic!" a lot. i do say that, you see... i study psychobiology. i'm a fine arts major.
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? the trumpets they go -- look how excited our crowd is. welcome back to "gma." they are all waiting for jason derulo performing live this morning. we can't wait, as well. that's coming up in just a bit. but first, we have great news for millions of americans who suffer from pain. a new study out from the mayo clinic offers new hope and proof
8:14 am
pain medications like tai chi, yoga and acupuncture can actually work. tai chi, yoga, acupuncture, all common ways to fight stress, but could they really help you fight off some serious pain? a new national institutes of health review just out now shows that these extremely popular health approaches may also be effective tools for helping manage chronic pain, a condition that more than 25 million american adults live with every day. christian marshall is only 34 years old and loves dancing and working out, but his chronic shoulder pain makes it hard for him to do what he loves most. >> i dance a lot. it's been my passion. sometimes in the middle of the dance you'll feel that you cannot do certain movements. >> reporter: right now, a popular pain relief choice is to use opioid painkillers. according to the u.s. department of health and human services, in 2014 more than 240 million prescriptions were written for
8:15 am
enough to give every american adult their own bottle of pills. >> opioids such as oxycontin and percocet have traditionally been used for acute pain. but now that we have more evidence that alternative therapies can help, i encourage patients to seek out those types of treatments to see if that would be a right fit for them. >> reporter: so, for christian, it was important to get the help he needed naturally and with the suggestion of his doctor, he started acupuncture. >> it changed my life. now i can dance better. i can, you know, work mo efficiently. >> reporter: he says it gives him relief, making him feel healthier and ready to go back out there and do what he loves. dr. jen ashton joins us now with more. so, explain for us why it's so difficult for doctors to treat pain. >> well, this is why there's a whole specialty in medicine called pain management. there's different types of pain, people perceive pain differently. there's acute and chronic pain
8:16 am
and let me show you what i mean. you can have a source of pain. if it's not treated, it spreads throughout the body very much like these magnets, and so you can start with pain in your neck, and then if it's not treated, develop pain in your back, shoulder, head and that's when acute pain becomes chronic pain and it is psychologically and physically debilitating. >> so doctors often prescribe opioids for their patients, people wan doctor's office with a prescription in their hand but there are so many side effects. >> there are side effects and, listen, it's not one size fits all. opioids have their role in treating acute often surgical pain. but they come with a huge list of side effects and obviously an increased risk for accidental overdose, dependence and addiction. they have their role but for chronic pain you really need to start looking at other things and that's why this study from the nih, which was a compilation of all of the u.s. data, is
8:17 am
>> all right, so, let's get to some of those alternatives and we'll begin with acupuncture, which is scary to some people because it involves needles. >> have you ever tried it? >> i have not. >> i have. i would say i recommend it to 10% of my patients. this has been around for thousands of years. the thinking is that it triggers meridians that circulate in our body. this is mark. he is a licensed acupuncturist. his patient, jackie. now, i want to mention -- let's say you have neck pain, and people think, "a," does this hurt, and "b" am i just getting needles or wires in my neck. the answer is, it does not hurt. these are the diameter of a dog hair basically and they go all over the body. cost is a factor. sometimes insurance will cover this now, i'm happy to say, but people should be prepared. if you've had chronic pain it's unlikely one session will treat it. you probably have to go for awhile. >> okay, and these are pressure points releasing pressure here? is that what this is? >> these are ancient chinese meridians so all over the body, jackie has some needles there in her foot.
8:18 am
perfectly good right now. >> yes. >> okay, i see people doing this in the park. tai chi. >> tai chi. now, again, ancient, thousands of years, it's really a complicated blend of movement, meditation, balance, flexibility. it has been shown to improve chronic pain, and this is something -- it looks complicated like a choreography. it's so easy. i took my first -- >> it's relaxing me watching them. >> right, and these are all people from the dallas t they're international. anyone can learn this. i think this should be taught in high school but really -- >> and adrienne from our staff also joining in. >> oh, wonderful. >> so, anyone can do it, right? even adrienne. go, adrienne. you have a breathing technique that can help too. >> it talked about various relaxation techniques. there are a whole range of them. i like one called belly breathing. a lot of different names for this. basically i'm going to show you how to do it. it's very easy. put a hand on your belly. another hand can rest on your chest.
8:19 am
you want to actually try to feel your lower abdomen expand out, then you'll exhale slowly through your lips, do it again, breathe in through your nostrils and you want to alternate between having your belly expand and your chest expand. >> oh, okay. >> very relaxing. don't you feel relaxed? >> i do. all right, thank you, jen. you know what, coming up next, this gets my heart beating fast, big labor day weekend savings, we're talking about sales. what to buy right now. ? hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys
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e hell out of here... get him out of here! get out! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? we're back now with our big labor day savings. one of the biggest sales weekends of the year and becky worley joins us with the best deals. becky, it seems like they get bigger every year. sales weekends are huge. why? well, the economy, george, is performing well. retailers, they're not desperate to move excess inventory. but on big shopping weekends, they do feel compelled to stay competitive with other retailers. now, the good news, sales are equally available online and most sales have already started today. >> and what are some of the best categories for deals this year? >> well, you've got to start with appliances. best buy, lowe's, home depot, sears, they're all slashing prices, 30%, 35% off. i think you should only buy fridges or dishwashers or washing machines on these big
8:24 am
also, home depot, they have a paint sale that's hard to beat. normally you pay $23 for a can of behr house paint. well, they have a mail-in rebate for 10 bucks off each can, $13 a can for paint is really a good price. another big category, summer clothing. summer, remember, don't buy the fall clothing yet. that won't be that cheap. it's really about the summer clothing. but banana republic has 40% off everything. j. crew has 30% off. its factory store, 50% off everything in the store. old navy 50% off all jeans, t-shirts and dresses. carter's kids' basics, 50% off most items. amazon fashion getting into the game interestingly enough, advertising lots of items at 70% off, george. >> a lot of good deals. let's play a quick savings speed round.
8:25 am
>> buy. this is the last best time to buy tickets for thanksgiving and holiday travel. >> car? >> buy. we are moving into the end of the year crunch for dealerships. they have to get rid of their 2016 inventory, but haggle like a pro. >> and a new phone? >> no, negative. don't buy. wait. apple announcing new products next week, so that means that prices will go down on previous generation products. >> it's got to be time to buy a barbecue grill, right? >> yes and no. so, savings this weekend across almost all grills, 20%, 40% off. you get pretty much the whole pick of the inventory, but, if you can wait till october and november, the inventory gets a little bit less, but the discounts, they go up. 50% to 60% off. >> okay, becky worley, thanks very much. great advice.
8:26 am
and coming up, jason derulo, our party in the park. everyone is ready. ? kiss the sky ?
8:27 am
fire at a church in north las fire investigators believe an arsonist started a fire at a church in north las vegas... this happened just after midnight near lake mead and 5th street. thankfully, the fire was quickly extinguished. members of the holy trinity african methodist episcopal church were out surveying the damage overnight. thankfully, it doesn't appear
8:28 am
scheduled... the man convicted of killing a 15 year old boy... while trying to steal his i-pad, will be spending at least the next 20 years behind bars. michael solid was sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole. in 20-13, solid and a friend tried to steal the ipad from marco arenas, and during the struggle the teen was hit by their suv. the other robber, jacob dismont is scheduled to be sentenced next month. first football game of the season... they absolutely dismantled jackson state last night... the finaly score.... 63 to 13. u-n-l-v's next game is at u-c-l-a --- next saturday. join us for good morning las vegas tomorrow beginning at 430am... for the latest weather, traffic and breaking news... we'll have more local news headlines coming up in one half hour < > here's a look at today's top stories from good morning las vegas..
8:30 am
? welcome back, everyone. we are back now with our huge party in the park and a great crowd in city parks found dane summer stage. who is here today? i'm pretty sure it's jason derulo. >> that's right. all for our final concert of the summer performing but first take a look. ? ? spread your wings and kiss the sky ? ? kiss the sky ? ? i believe we could fly now ? ? spread your wings and fly woo ? ? so we can kiss the sky ?
8:31 am
? nah nah ? >> hey! ? spread your wings and kiss the sky whoo ? ? kiss the sky ? [ cheers and applause ] ? ooh ? ? >> oh, yeah! ? ? don't know when we going home but your friend could come along ? ? i'm thinking why not baby why not i'm looking good don't wanna blink ? ? mary tells me i'm a king i'm
8:32 am
? oh take a sip take a sip now take it down take it down now ? ? say ah say ah say ah say ah oh do your dance do your dance now ? ? sing it loud with me right now say ah say ah say ah say ah ? ? 'cause i believe we can fly now spread your wings and kiss the sky ? ? yeah i believe we can fly now ? high whoo so we can kiss the sky ? >> everybody. let's go. ? my new girl headline the news but my ex still coming through ? ? and i'm thinking why not baby why not ain't nothing gonna stop
8:33 am
? i'm thinking why not baby why not ? ? take a sip take a sip now take it down take it down now ? ? say ah say ah say ah say ah ? ? oh do your dance do your dance now scream it loud with me right now ? ? say ah say ah say ah say ah ? ? 'cause i believe we can fly now spread your wings and kiss the sky ? ? whoo ? ? yeah i believe we can fly now spread your wings we're miles high ? ? whoo ? ? so we can kiss the sky nah nah nah nah ? ? tell you all my deepest darkest secrets ?
8:34 am
if you let me ? ? hey ? ? i just bought a mansion you can keep it ? ? top down all day got that broccoli g girls g6 head to miami ? ? tell you all my deepest darkest secrets if you let me if you let me ? ? 'cause i believe we can fly now spread your wings and kiss the sky ? ? yeah i believe we can fly now spread your wings we're miles high ? ? so we can kiss the sky ? ? we're too hot do it baby do it baby ? ? kiss the sky yeah ? ? yeah yeah yeah ? ? yeah baby we can kiss the sky
8:35 am
>> we've got more jason derulo coming up but first from "kiss the sky" to a real-life superstar in the sky, pilot sully sullenberger saved lives with his miracle on the hudson featured in "sully" and nick watt sat down with him to hear all about it. >> mayday, mayday. we've lost thrust on both engines. >> reporter: total engine failure. a water landing, all 155 souls saved. we all think we know the story. so going into the movie i was thinking, how are they going to make this exciting. >> and that's the same question i'm told clint eastwood had. >> reporter: how? eastwood the director spectacularlyiving us a view we who weren't on that plane have never seen. >> we're going to end up in the hudson. this is the captain. brace for impact. >> it's almost an out-of-body
8:36 am
cockpit together played by the actors. >> tom hanks. >> our every man. >> he did ask for your opinion. >> he did and i was going to give them regardless but he was very gracious. >> reporter: this movie highlights a chapter i had no idea existed. >> why didn't you attempt to return to laguardia. >> there wasn't enough altitude. the hudson was the only place that was long enough and smooth enough and wide enough to attempt to land safely. >> reporter: the 18-month ntsb investigation to determine did sully do the right thing, hero? or fool? were you thinking did i do the right thing. >> absolutely. the constant second-guessing, what if'ing in the dark of night. >> what if i got this wrong and this is the end of my career. >> reporter: sully had 208 seconds between the bird strike that crippled his plane and the water landing. and just gut and experience.
8:37 am
not possible to practice a water landing. the only training we got was a theoretical classroom discussion. >> miracle. >> it was not a miracle. it was many people rising to the occasion. >> reporter: hero, you. >> i had to come to terms with that. you see, we didn't choose to rush into a burring building to pull someone out. this was the situation that was forced upon us. >> heads down, stay down. >> reporter: slice of history, a happy ending wants us all to share. >> had even one person not survived it would have changed this event entirely and could not have celebrated any of this. >> is anybody still here. >> reporter: for nick watt, abc news, san francisco. >> "sully" opens up nationwide on september 9th. what is going on here? >> i don't know what's going on here. but you know what it smells like? it smells like school spirit. did you know that today is national college colors day.
8:38 am
we're kicking off college football season. abc and espn. we got you covered for the biggest games of opening weekend including number one alabama taking on the usc trojans tomorrow at 8:00 eastern right here on abc. everyone, let's take a [ cheers and applause ] >> and, sara, smith college, are they representing? >> they are the smith college pioneers and i do not see them here. >> go blue, michigan. and coming up, jason derulo, performing live here, party in the park. we'll be right back.
8:41 am
what a way to close out our summer concert series. jason derulo, yeah. you hear the crowd. he sold more than 55 million singles worldwide and now he has a new platinum hits album out. if fact, so many you made an album out of it. that's pretty remarkable. >> thank you so much. >> i want to talk about your new single. we all heard it. "kiss the sky" featured in my new favorite movie "storks." >> yes. >> you put it on the new album. what inspired it for you.
8:42 am
was just really uplifting and one of those songs that kind of had like a camaraderie feel. i love you more. you don't even know. especially right now we need a song like this that's not just uplifting ourselves but somebody he. you know what i'm saying. >> i love it. you know what, your fans are pretty avid. you can see how excited they are that you're here. who were eating a pancake of your image. we have a picture to explain. you have to see it. >> yeah, you got to see it. i mean, we were coming here, you know, trying to make the big entrance trying to get here on time riding the city bus in new york and we saw some ladies on the side and they're like can we get on? i mean, yeah, sure and then they were like holding up a pancake and the pancake, who is that, jesse jackson. no, it's you.
8:43 am
>> did they eat the pancake. >> somebody took a bite out of it. took a bite out of my hair. >> the reason they love you is because they love hearing you sing and we'll do that next. >> let's do it. >> here is jason with his double platinum hit -- this is my favorite "want to want me." go for it. >> let's go. ? it's too hard to sleep i got the sheets on the floor nothing on me ? ? nothing on you ? ? and i can't take it no more it's a hundred degrees it's a hundred degrees i got one foot out the door ? ? where are my keys 'cause i gotta leave yeah ? ? where you at ? ? in the back of the cab i tipped the driver ahead of time ? ? get me there fast i got your body on my mind i want it bad ? ? i want it bad ? ? ooh just the thought of you gets me so high so high ? >> are you ready? good morning, america.
8:44 am
want me and if you want me girl you got me ? ? there's nothing i no i wouldn't do i wouldn't do just to get up next to you ? ? girl you're the one i want to want me and if you want me girl you got me ? >> say what. ? there's nothing i no i wouldn't do i wouldn't do ? ? just to get up next to you just to get up next to you ? >> that's right. ? you open the door wearing nothing but a smile fell to the floor ? ? and you whisper in my ear baby i'm yours ? ? said baby i'm yours ? ? ooh just the thought of you gets me -- >> say what?
8:45 am
want me and if you want me girl you got me ? ? there's nothing i, no, i wouldn't do, i wouldn't do just to get up next to you ? ? girl you're the one i want to want me and if you want me girl you got me ? >> sing. ? there's nothing i, no, i wouldn't do i wouldn't do ? >> yo, sing. ? just to get up next to you whoo just to get up next to you ? ? whoo-hoo ? ? just the thought of you gets me so high so high ? ? ooh just the thought of you gets me so high so high ?
8:46 am
hands up now. new york city, put your hands up now. everything is for, everything is for. everything is for. good morning, america. good morning, america! ? girl you're the one i want to want me and if you want me girl you got me ? ? there's nothing i, no, i wouldn't do ? ? i wouldn't do just to get up next to you ? ? oh baby ooh ? ? ooh ooh ? ? girl, you're the one i want to want me ? ? just to get up next to you just to get up next to you ? >> sing it. ? get up get up
8:47 am
series is presented by king's hawaiian. irresistible since 1950. ? you got me (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
8:48 am
now it's your turn to make the switch. danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag.
8:49 am
it's a beautiful day here in central park and it's about to get even better. here is jason derulo with his four-time platinum single "talk dirty ? ? yeah ? >> good morning, america. we want to know do you talk dirty ? ? i'm that flight that you get on, international ? ? first class seat on my lap girl, riding comfortable ? ? 'cause i know what the girl them need ? ? new york to haiti i got lipstick stamps ? ? on my passport you make it hard to leave ? >> so where you been? ? been around the world don't speak the language ? ? but your booty don't need explaining ?
8:50 am
to understand is ? ? when you talk dirty to me yeah yeah yeah yeah what you say talk dirty to me ? ? right there baby don't stop do it all day ? ? talk dirty to me i like that i like i like that what you say talk dirty to me ? ? get jazzy on it ? ? you know the words to my songs ? our conversations ain't long 'cause i know what the girl them need ? ? new york to haiti i got lipstick stamps ? ? on my passport you make it hard to leave ? ? been around the world don't speak the language ? ? but your booty don't need explaining ? ? all i really need to understand is ? ? when you talk dirty to me
8:51 am
? big booty ? ? talk dirty to me talk dirty to me ? ? i like you"you should be hyou i like you ? >> hit it. ? ? talk dirty say what ? [ muted ]. >> say what ? ? swing swing don't stop jason derulo ? ? been around the language don't speak the language but your booty don't need explaining ? ? all i really need to
8:52 am
me babe ? ? first thing in the morning what's better than you you opening your mouth baby talking dirt dirty ? ? talking dirty ? ? talking dirty to me ?
8:53 am
we sent him here to fix it. but congressman joe heck became part of the problem. a half-million dollars in congressman heck's campaigns, and heck supports their agenda -- privatizing social security, handing wall street billions in fees, but risking our retirement in the stock market, cutting benefits, putting wall street ahead of us. congressman heck -- what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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okay, the cast is revealed and may be the most epic cast ever. now wednesday for the first time the new "dancing" stars are all live. >> you don't want to miss it. >> only on abc. >> good morning, america. ? all right, before we go we want to say a very special thank you to two very important people
8:56 am
are moving on, they were such a big part of this show, each and every morning and they will be missed but they are on to sleeping in and lots of other important endeavors. we are so proud of both of you. thank you for being and making us look good and feel good every morning and we are sending you off with a big hug from everyone. how about a big round of applause for rita and kevin and thank you, jason derulo. fantastic job this morning.
8:57 am
minutes apart from each other and this morning, they've left 2 people dead. the first happened around 8 last night... near palacio park which is along lake mead boulevard, just east of mlk. metro tell us the victim was in his late teens to early twenties. they believe the gunman is around the same age as well. detectives are working hard to piece together the details of what led to the shooting. it's not clear if any arrests of have been made. the second shooting has left
8:58 am
this one broke out around the same time the first one did. it happened near paradise and twain. we're told the victim suffered 4 gunshot wounds and was rushed to sunrise hospital. hours later, he died from his injuries. homicide detectives are continuing to investigate. no arrests have been made. good morning las vegas is live every weekday with all of your weather, traffic and breaking news... join us-- four-30 to seven.. more local news headlines are coming up on action news live at midday. i'm beth fisher and here's a look at one of today's to
8:59 am
i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
9:00 am
criss angel is in studio sharing his message of health. but go loco over the food. we're in the kitchen with dishes like these. live on our stage, the union drifters perform before the big weekend show. time for some friday fun as the blend starts right now. "morning blend" [ laughter ] >> yeah. this friday morning we're taking a live look outside right now. downtown las vegas. labor day weekend. we'll tell you about some concert happenings down there in just a little bit. i am exhausted. >> speak of concerts. >> stayed up too late, man. you left early. >> thank you for inviting me to cold cans play last night. i still have my bracelet on.


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