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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 5, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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all-new on this labor day, great viral videos "right this minute." a passenger is on the roof getting hurt up. what happens when his show leaves one man for irritated than entertained. whoa! >> it's a crazy scene at the birthday party for russia where the monkey's not the only thing that has a celebrity under the microscope. it looks like something out of independence day but is it real or fake? >> you got to be honest, it's pretty good. >> the extraordinary video that's lighting up social media. >> and tell you what i want what i really want. she was spice girl wanna-be with a special request. >> want you to be my bridesmaid.
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message. >> said i'm a one-woman girl band. so -- >> turned out way too real, folks in these videos. >> turnip? >> turn up. >> i thought we were talking vegetables. sorry, continue. >> huh-uh. you're going to see exactly what i'm talking about when i press play. >> wow. >> whoa! >> how do you start fighting on top of a bus? >> the man running into the bus is being tackled because right befo and stopped traffic. turned up on the bus on the roof and you're not supposed to do that. so. the police were trying to talk him down. and this contractor was like huh-uh i'm done here. hops up on the bus and takes matters into his own hands, tackled the dude and then this happened. tosses him right off the side. he hits the ground and takes off
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>> the same police that were trying to talk him down were waiting for him right there they tackle him, handcuff him. he's out of here. >> nobody told me dancing on the roof of a bus is illegal. come on! >> the guys in the next video turned down. let's just say that the police said he may have been a little bit intoxicated. the driver was also very unamused, and the folks are getting off. but wait, the driver's getting off, too. and what's that in his hand? >> is that a person? >> the limp >> he's dragging a body off the bus. he's leaving a body and -- >> the man was passed out on the tram. so, he drags him off the tram, and leaves him there. >> that's not cool. >> that was -- >> folks in the area they walk up, they check on the guy, and then they call paparamedics. you see an ambulance pull up and they start to tend to the man. the driver says that he did call police. they weren't responding quickly enough and he didn't think it was safe for the man to be on
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condition let alone drunk next to some tracks where he could roll over onto the tracks and get run over. he also said this caused a lot of discussion but thankfully the folks that spotted him jumped into action, called in some help. he's okay. >> wow. >> this video is getting a lot of mixed attention on the internet. why? because this is at a birthday party for a child in russia apparently the child of a really well known the big attraction was this monkey dressed in this colorful funky outfit that you see they're giving this monkey treats and it's also drinking some kind of juice or something from a bottle. >> but that wasn't the only thing at this party they also had a tiger cub. >> i hate when animals are used for entertainment. the kids don't know any better. of course the kids are going to be fascinated by what's put in front of them but it also teaches them the wrong kind of
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sort of take a bit of what nick said. everyone's sort of going to be like oh, and reaction but honestly we've all done stuff like this. even going to a zoo is like doing this. so, reserve judgment before you know -- >> right. because it's easy to do that. but think about the ways that you engage with an mass like this, as well, so you know it does seem like it was a controlled environment. it does look like a really fun party for the kids. >> it's just unnecessary. and i think we all need to trend away from that kind of and interaction with animals. >> yes. [ indiscernible ] >> you don't need to know much about swift water rescue to realize something's about to go down. that's what david haroldson thought when he saw this guy standing there with one of those throw bags. david recognized the situation because he works with the salt lake county search and rescue. here comes the raft. with four people in it. it's hard to tell but the fourth person is hunkered down, looks maybe a little nervous about
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for good reason. >> the guy at the back with the paddle is the one that got ejected. there goes the throw bag. >> wow. >> imagine what would have happened if they didn't plan properly. >> yeah, you're right. had that line not been there he would have been sucked under. >> dangerous situation but thankfully these guys got everything in place and handled this the right way. another rafting situation here again a raft full of people, the guy's barking out orders. this is cool. i don't know if i've ever really heard it to what to do. >> keep going keep going. >> all clear directions coming from the river guide. in this raft, maybe not so for the raft behind. [ indiscernible ] >> everybody out of their raft paddles slowing everything, these guys in this raft spring into rescue mode now. we got a bunch of swimmers, a
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the guide with the overturned boat stayed with that boat plus many people in as they could gets to the shore all people that were in that raft were reunited safely with the raft that they were in. >> nice. good job. working as a team. >> are you in the mood for aliens? great aliens. >> yes, yes, yes! >> oh. come on. >> check this out because i'm going to give credit. this one is kind of good. from a small village in malaysia. you can hear people's reaction to what they're seeing. also cameras going off. it's out of independence day, let's be honest. moves over the top. you can hear some sort of bang, some loud thundery bang.
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not done yet but as he gets further away it's fating. like i said you've got to be honest. it's pretty good but it's coming back. this is where it starts shifting over its axis here. giving us a good look at that burning light in the middle. >> and then everybody gets zapped. >> correct me if i'm wrong, a small amount of skepticism at the table? >> no! good most likely prank. >> this has been lighting up social media in malaysia. just jumping from person to person because again let's be honest, it does pretty well. >> i'm just going to put out there whoever did this i think this is a resume to hollywood. >> just ahead in more of today's new videos a live cam rolls on a special lady. >> everybody in the town knows about it.
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closed captioning provided by -- w your mouth feels discover act? dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act? dry mouth. like us on"right this minute." stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. that is melania she's waiting on clementine to come for dinner he has been gone for
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wentner africa. this video is taken in croatia the company they are a water company they sponsored live cams being broadcast of this family. because there's a beautiful story behind this, melania 14 years ago was shot by a hunter. her wing was damaged and she couldn't fly so she was taken in by this man. he is a teacher. he saw on the side of the road, took her in, nursed her, and kept her and is can't thrive but i have to make sure she has a family. he put a nest on top of the house and hoped some day a male would come by. so for the last 14 years, he spent summers from march until august with her. so when the male isn't around does this guy just cart the female stork around in his car? >> yes, he does. he takes her off the roof, he stays in the house during the winter. he feeds her. she even gets to go for car
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everybody in the town knows about it. well, the water company decided hey, they put a live cam in so people could watch and wait for him to come back. because, he says he has come back on the same day around the same time for the last 14 years. but this year, for the camera, he was a day late. >> oh. >> these two have had four little storks. they have four babies that they -- >> oh, no way! so they're delivering babies. >> yes. them how to fly. >> there's a disney exec writing this down. there's going to be a story, celebrities doing the voices. i mean you wouldn't believe if it wasn't on video. >> no need for oli ridiculous intros just a couple of absolutely awesome family videos. this first one, two brothers getting ready to play baseball.
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>> oh. >> you a baseball player? yeah. >> you -- >> yeah, you. [ indiscernible ] >> i feel like i can go play some baseball right now. >> yes, let's go. >> completely ready so excited, so jacked up, baseball. it's such a sweet video as good as that video is i didn't think we could have another one to rival it but we do. this one by the look of it is grandma and granddaughter and the granddaughter has herself a magic wand and she's saying the most important magic words. [ babbling ] >> gets that magic word just right so magic happens.
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>> wild. >> magic words. >> this is buddy but time for this little girl because she's going to remember this the rest of her life. [ screams ] >> something to say about leggings. >> what is -- >> is real. >> next "right this minute." >> and still to come, a wind suit flight with a 360 view. >> so that you feel like you're right there. >> why it's so good it will make your palms sweat. >> oh, no. plus, see the hilarious reactions when these guys flex their pranking muscles. >> i'm really ripped. right? >> mm-hmm. fact. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm
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is specially formulated for eczema, with the strongest non-prescription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. we all know those guys. big muscle guys who have to everybody know that they're so buff. >> oh, yeah. huge. oh, my gosh. look at those guns. >> hey. >> the guys muscle up, and head to the library. >> wow, you've been hitting the gym. >> ladies did you guys know that i'm not even flexing right now? this is my -- this is my
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do you want to borrow it? >> no. >> i want you to go away. >> not sure if that's real muscles or not. >> i'm actually heading to the gym real quick. this won't take long. 15 grams of protein. so -- did you hear of protein? >> oh, okay. >> i wasn't sure so we could actually see the definition of the muscles. because right now he looks like maybe he's been working maybe even insuggesting in ice cream. >> get out of here if you could see the muscles through a big, fluffy sweat shirt you know he's stacked underneath. >> biceps? >> what else? >> i got work tonight. >> i got to stay on top of it. >> that guy looks like he actually lifts. >> he does go to the gym to lift the weights. >> time to do some weights. >> i'm actually not -- just to clear the air. >> i was wondering if you wanted
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i think i qualify. >> here's the question that we all want to know. >> he is on point. >> exactly, finally. >> exactly somebody calls him out. >> it has been every human being's dream to have the ability to fly. i don't think that's an overstatement. that is wing suit flying. the closest to wing suit flying most of us will ever get is this video right here. this is in brazil. we get to experience a wing suit flight in 360. the first base jumper that we follow is a base jumper with the 360 camera. we can actually look back in
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it is in 4k so the quality is meant to be so clear, so close. i'm telling you, when you watch this video -- >> he went over the side and i was like uh-oh. >> this looks so much better. when we first got the 360s, the resolution wasn't quite there. a cool effect to get it now, it's going to suck you in even more, especially if you're using one of those >> i love that we can see the mountain below, we can look behind him. >> you can turn around but doesn't that make you nervous if i'm looking behind me on the video. what's up ahead? am i going to run into -- >> you get that feeling. >> right up ahead they're intending to fly very close to each other. >> that's pretty neat. that is really pretty neat. >> eventually the way most of
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the beach as he glides down to the ground. >> she's singing a spice girls tune to let her girls know >> really want you to be my bridesmaid. >> now the wanna-be star reveals the secrets.
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kind of hard to not love this video. iceland. with the drone, taking shots of the northern lights. >> i mean come on now, this is done with a high end drone, and a high end sony exam ra to capture all of this in low light the light house just the beacon of beauty with the green streets in the background.
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you look closely you'll be able to see some birds roosting on that rock. watch what happens just as he cruises past the rock with the drone you'll see a flash. of the light house. >> oh, cool. >> nicely timed. that's like -- like the star from our solar system affecting the outer edge of our atmosphere. >> i just love that. the only reason you could hate on that is the didn't go. >> guys i tell you what i want what i really really want. >> tell us what you want. >> i want to -- i want to -- i want to -- >> tell you what i want what i really want tell me what you want ? ? >> this woman is one of my favorite ladies on the internet not just because she's cool got a great sense of humor but also
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she put this video together to ask her friends a really big question. >> and she did it to the tune of wanna-be be the spice girls. ? really want you to be my bridesmaid ? >> oh. >> yes! >> so cute. ? we can't be wasting no precious time ? ? let's go get some dresses so we look real fine ? >> it's so good! >> hold on a second. slow down. singing. i love you but it's true. >> hey -- hey. ? be my bridesmaid ? ?? >> consider a video like this asking the groomsman to be part of your party. >> it could be done.
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now welcome to the show. >> yay. >> where did you get the idea to do it like this and with this particular song? >> well, after perusing the internet for some clever ideas i just was not very excited about any of the ideas out there so i thought make a video for a song that kind of identified our youth. >> have they responded? have you heard back from them with yays or nays or maybes. >> for >> did you send these directly to the bridesmaid? and did you ever expect to be on tv. >> i never intended for anyone else's eyes to see this but the way the internet works. i texted them the video and a few of them didn't respond for like a whole day. so, they probably just thought it was a lame video that i was sending them. but most of them were pretty shocked and said i'm a onewoman girl band so -- my fiance all of his boys are asking him why
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>> now that he has gotten out what kind of reaction have you gotten from people that you don't know? >> most of them are questioning my dance moves. anyone who is a friend of mine realizes this is completely foolish on purpose. ? really want you to be my bridesmaid ? ?? >> wow that's so good you should go to and
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all-new on this labor day great viral videos "right this minute." heartbreaking cries after rescuers find a fawn without its mom. how an unsettling trip to the shelter leads to a happy reunion the next day. >> hungry. >> two ladies fighting in the streets. >> what do you reckon it's about? >> why we're never guess. >> knew it was coming. i mean, hey. >> i will eat whatever is on the table. >> she's young but this girl has a very cool message though. >> what's behind some very strong feelings about her food. >> i won't -- either. >> plus some ladies get in their cardio, kangaroo style. >> my parents are out of town for the next few days. they asked me to take care of


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