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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  September 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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today on the "morning blend," show your heart and run. the special event set for this weekend. plus football is back. how to show your pride every day of the week. buying a new or used vehicle? rev up your engine. the blend starts right now. [ music ] >> it's friday eve, eve, eve, everybody. taking a live look outside right now. fairmont street experience. you can help a great cause. more on that in a little bit. it's friday eve, eve, eve. >> it took me a minute to think about that. >> he's arguing with me in my ear. friday eve is thursday. friday eve, eve is wednesday. friday eve, eve, eve would be today.
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anymore: but we're straight out into this week. >> this is happening, whether you like it or not. >> you and i had a big night. >> okay. hi, i'm shawn tempesta. >> i'm j.j. >> before we get to our big night, ryan lochte this u of h a really big night. >> it is all over the news. >> wow! i didn't see that shot! "dancing with the stars" premiere started with a scare right after olympic swimmer ryan lochte performed. pro the stage as he was getting a critique from one of the judges. security grabbed the men quickly, took them into custody. it's believed a couple others were yelling anti-lochte chance. i would assume they are from brazil perhaps gas station owners and i can't verify. >> we don't know. this is crazy. can i tell you my favorite part about this video? i watched a lot of the video. the look on her face was
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then her eyes were like what's going on? >> exactly. >> tom bergeron, watching it all go down. he's like, wow. wow. okay. all right. well, we're going to go to break. >> just so smooth. like he had the whole thing under control. >> yeah. when marie osmond fainted way back when, he keeps it cool then. tom bergeron, steady. >> you have to watch the video just to listen to him. the foxtrot with cheryl and i've been saying how good of a dancer is he going to be. he's all right. do you want to know who killed laurie hernandez. she's going to be right at the top. >> speaking of love, lot of love last night. we were both at the luxor to support criss angel and his mission to raise $1 million to
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amazing event. >> what a big, big, big night. you know, it was amazing. it was so clear that most people have been touched by cancer. >> yes. >> no question. absolutely. it's gone through many people's lives. chris was there, you know, really in full form. people really do believe in him. they really have gotten behind him. i was so impressed with what people had to say about him on the carpet >> he loved it. he thought it was great. >> he didn't have a lot to say, for whatever reason. >> so let me tell you what tony orlando did say. he said that at this point it's excellent because we reached a point where there is hope for children with cancer for children with leukemia. you can actually be treated for it and there was hope. >> absolutely. >> and also just saying that this guy, criss angel, is a fabulous guy.
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childhood cancer as well. i know it's near and dear to his heart. dee snyder was his heart. there was a lot of people crossing paths. he's saying we're not going to take it. a very dramatic performances of "we're not going to take it." >> you remember that song from the '80s. like yeah, we're mad. >> mad at the establishment. >> they have changed it now into a video that says, we're not going to take cancer anymore. we're going to fight it. >> we have video of that, but we're not going >> no. because you know why? it's gotten i believe over 6 million views online. so yes. you should go online and watch it. and criss angel directed the video. it's really touching. a woman shaves her head in the video. >> and a woman shaved her head last night on stage. >> can you believe a woman would do that? >> she was fantastic such a sweetheart. here was the funny thing. that woman actually, my wife was in the bathroom right before the show started. and she's like, these two ladies paid me the biggest compliment. those are the two ladies, one
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i saw her outside and i'm like, you look wonderful. >> it's really great. but she was making a point. i believe she had a family connection to cancer, which so many of us, including myself, did last night. hey, let's watch what dee snyder has to say. the cool thing is, we can't hear what he's saying. sea good looking guy or >> we're having an audio issue. >> great events, i will say. >> it was. >> criss angel's help, you will see this again and chances are you'll see this televised because i have memories of mda being pretty incredible. >> yeah. it was a great night. we'll upload those videos online. >> absolutely. >> kudos to criss angel and his million dollars challenge. you can log on to criss and donate today like many people did last night. >> that's right. a lot of those auction items were getting big money.
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yeah. right now get your blood pumping for a great cause. the second annual show your heart run returns this saturday. it benefits the children's heart foundation. >> absolutely. and here with more about it is executive director kelly mcclellan, also here with us is osker gamboa. he's a heart hero. it's great having both of you. how are you? >> awesome. >> we can hear them, that's good. let's talk about children's heart foundation. what is it? what makes it so important? >> so the children's heart foundation actually provides financial and emotional assistance to families that are touched bid having a child with a congenital heart condition. congenital heart defects are the number one birth defect in america and the leading cause of infant death. so its are has a gigantic impact on our community. it's six times more prevalent than childhood cancer. >> wow. >> and twice as many children die from a congenital heart
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childhood cancers combined. so our job really is to help the families deal with the emotional and financial situation and impact that that has on them. >> wow. >> it's wonderful you're helping families in this way. tomorrow's event is your second annual. >> yes. we're very excited. >> tell us what you have planned. >> so the show your heart run is actually traditional 5k, so it is geared toward for real runners as a part of being a time ship, racing that they need. and it's a lot of fun. we do a walk associated with it as well. and it's designed really to create awareness about what it is that our kids go through and to help us help the community really understand what it's like to have to be a child living with the chronic heart condition. >> osker gamboa, let's talk about you and what it feels like to be part of the foundation. >> it is.
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just a weekend ago that we had the picnic and that was fun. it's just been grateful having the children's heart foundation here to help us fight through what i'm going through right now. >> okay. i'd like to talk about this cool t-shirt that you have on. okay? this is from camp. >> yes. >> tell me about camp. >> camp helped a heart is an amazing place where kids like me can just go and won't have to worry about anything. it's a sanctuary, pretty much. yeah. i love camp. >> if you could do camp 52 weeks a year, you'd be doing it. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> i love camp. it's where i learned my love -- i think of camp, i think of acappella music. this is one of several things you're able to help with. >> it is actually.
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for families and camp mend a heart is one of them. camp mend a heart is an opportunity for the children to just be normal kids in a traditional camp experience. and without the children's heart foundation, it's the only one in the entire state of nevada. so we fly kids from all over the state. we serve the whole state. it's the only camp for children with heart conditions in the state. so for kids like osker, it gives them a chance to swim is in a lake, climb a rock wall and have a bonfire with smores. >> you got smores? >> yeah. >> you had me at smores. that's all i needed. you can leave the rock climbing. it's great having you. if people want to get involved, how do they do so? >> go to they can find out about us and the run and there is a link to register right there. >> great having you. >> have a great run. >> thank you. >> second annual show your heart run for children's heart
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near buffalo. registration is at 6:30 a.m the run begins a half hour after that. for more information, head to the web site or call the number on your screen. the temperatures are nice and cool. especially that time of day. >> i know. >> perfect for a nice run. >> a nice time to jog. still to come, fly for charity. take flight for a special cause coming up. >> you're watching the "morning
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i come from a big family. a whole lot of people. a whole lot of love. and a whole lot of food. my dad's family was from mexico. my mom's was from italy. 60 years ago they met here in nevada and we grew as a family really grew as a family. dad got his start parking cars at the dunes hotel. dad lived his life following three principles, work hard, be honest and respect everyone, that's what i tried to do as attorney general. catherine took on the big banks when they preyed on homeowners. and forced them to pay one point nine billion dollars to nevadans. she became a national leader in protecting children from sex traffickers. and passed laws to keep seniors safe from crooked scams.
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welcome back to the "morning blend." last time we had the band of guys of peters and associates on, the subject matter about ways to track spending and how in the first step is a rather understanding personal finance. attorney judah zakalik is here
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in the process. that's budget. don't turn off the channel! don't worry. he promises he'll make this easy. >> he did. he promised just before the show started. good morning, jude. welcome back. >> pleasure to be here. >> budgets, the word makes some people cringe. >> yeah. >> but let's really just tell me about it. what is a basic budget? let's face this problem. >> head on. bu whether we know it or not, we do it every day. so for instance, i'm on my way here this morning, i was a little late, i admit. i budgeted how much time i need to do jump in the shower, have coffee, to get here on time. although i didn't fully account for traffic, there was a little traffic there, i basically made it on time. so it's a plan to essentially live out your day, your month, your year, your life. that's what it is. >> people look at budgeting as being hard because it's kind of like looking in a mirror and
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>> yeah. >> it's an introspection. it's not necessarily the easiest thing in the world s? >> it isn't. you just have to make it simple. anything we can overcomplicate. so the point is start simple. start with something and then you build upon it. so for instance, if you're just starting a budget, you're going to put a lot of the necessary things in that budget. so shelter, transportation, food, health, all those things. then you can expand. as a way of example, if you're going to put something in there for transportation, maybe put car in your budget. that takes care of the car payment, the car insurance, the gas, the maintenance. then later on you can break it down and make it more complicated to really pinpoint where your issues may be. but just start simple. it shouldn't take any longer than a half hour to start with. that will give you a basic guideline to build from. >> this is sort of like categories. let me separate my spending into categories. >> first we have to get an idea of what we're spending money on, whether it's reasonable the amount we're spending, how much
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that way we can determine whether we need to increase our budget or decrease our budget or cut down on certain expenses. >> something like cable tv. >> hi. >> let's talk about. why would you not put something like that in a budget? >> it is a big expense. because it's not necessary. >> okay. >> you can get us over the air, by the way. >> you guys are broadcast, right? >> yeah. >> you're okay there. you use a simple antenna. it's but it's not necessary. so when we start off the budget, we want to start simple. so what's very simple is what it takes to live. the food, shelter. >> the necessities. >> the bare necessities. we have a picture of the essential budget that kind of explains what you can expect, what a bare budget should look like. >> right. you can see it's very bare. there is maybe ten line items there. there is ten there that essentially say hey, these are what you need to live.
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$100 a month on that, over 12 months that's a couple grand. >> you create a category for things that are unessential. >> yes. the nonessential things. >> is internet essential? >> now in today's day and age, yes. i do. >> here we go. so your internet. by the way, you can stream us at >> shameless. all those thing come into play. so you can build in nonessential things later. first thing to determine what it takes to live and see how much you have left over and you decide what's important to you. is it more important to eat out? is it more important to take on an extra dog? is it more important to have cable tv? i know sometimes people think that pets are necessary. it definitely helps the quality of life. but these are all things nonessential. so we need to understand what's essential first. >> absolutely. get into the basic. if i had to live bare bones what, would it be? cut and dry. really i think the goal is figure out where your money is
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might be making more money, but you don't see that money. you have to kind of step back and figure out where all this money is going to get a better understanding of how you're losing it all. >> or building it. a lot of times people say hey, i was doing really well five, six, seven years ago. i had a pay cut. i lost my contract, whatever. i don't have the same amount of money. i don't know how to live now. it's because they never budgeted. they had all this money coming in. they didn't have to worry about where it was going. once that money gets tighter, they really have to understand where it's going so they can adjust their lives. it's very difficult to adjust your cost of living. that's why you need budget. >> whether you're tightening the belt or whether you're making good money, gosh, you got to be aware of what is going on, don't you? >> yes. >> but it can be intimidating if you've neglected it tor a while and i've been in that boat. you think i don't want to face it. i'm afraid of what i might learn
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take that first step. >> otherwise it will come back and bite you big time. it's better to know because we can avoid a lot of issues. you can avoid even coming to see a lawyer, me in particular, or anyone about any debt issues if you just budget correctly. that's what we want to do. >> great having you. >> thanks so much. >> you're welcome. >> for more information on the services offered by peters and associates, or the panda guys, visit the web site on your screen. you can also find them on
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s. >> easy way to take years off your appearance, get this, it only takes five minutes. if you're teeth are yellowing due to coffee, tea, red wine or smoking, need to pay attention. our next guest says a whiter smile can actually make you look up to 13 years younger.
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here. help us get a whiter smile. not an hour, it's not in days. five minutes. >> less than five minutes, shawn. >> that's ridiculous! >> incredible. i've been doing this product for over two years. it's been blowing up all over the country. called powerswabs. it's revolutionary, clinically proven on average to mighten your teeth two shades in five minutes. six shades over seven days. it is changing the way we whiten our teeth in this country. >> pretty incredible. rings inside a tree. >> uh-huh. >> for humans. we can see oh, man. >> yep. >> i tell people all the time, i will take an average looking person on a split screen. i'll take jlo, yes, even jlo, and i'll be -- on the other side. if her teeth or yellow or stained, the attraction factor goes way down. and instinctually, your eyes are going to go to that person with the whiter teeth. because it doesn't matter what
9:23 am
teeth are stained, it kills everything. >> we have some video we want to look at now. >> we did a panel. we took 100 people and showed them that digitally altered picture and they guessed the girl in the right was up to 13 years younger. >> wow. just from that picture? >> yes. >> same person. digitally altered. but look at the girl on the right. she looks like she could take on the world. the girl on the left, not only does she look older, but unhealthy. that's not the perception you want to give off. let me tell you, i have a younger wife me of that daily. so trust me. >> tell us how this works. >> a quick two-step process. the first step is the swab. rub it on your teeth like this. like a q tip on the teeth. saturated with formula. rub it for two minutes. top and bottom teeth. what we do is we accomplish two things. one, we actually lift the stains off of our teeth. if you have a product people use the strips in i the stray trays. they will whiten, but not remove
9:24 am
talking. it's not the gluey stuff or pushing your mouth? >> no. that's the strips in the trays. people have big complaints about them. they're messy, taste bad. and the worse part is the sensitivity. really is. i get that question all the time. why does that happen? i use the strips. we get through two session social security and my teeth were killing me. they suck the moisture out of the enamel. this not only removes the stains, but hydrates. and that leads to the biggest advantage of >> with the other ones getting rid of the enamel, breaking it down, you can't get enamel back. >> no. >> once it's gone, it's gone. >> i liken it to doing your laundry. do you do your own laundry? >> i do. >> you're a liar. >> i pick it up. >> if you did, if you put your whites in and say you didn't put your detergent in. just bleach on your whites, what would to do to your whites? >> they'd be dried out, nasty. just wouldn't be good.
9:25 am
teeth. that's why you get that pain in your teeth when you use the strips and trays. you put -- this is your pseudo detear gent. they're hydrating the enamel. then we're going to whiten. >> this is the whitening? >> this is. it's only two minutes. you're going to do this. this is like your pseudo bleach. the great thing about this, this is a much less that adds to the minimal or no sensitivity. we're looking at some results here. you can really see the difference. incredible. >> that's after one use, which i'm doing right now. that's on average two shades whiter. that's over seven days, six shades whiter. this is a party. you're allowed to double dip. get in there, get all the solution. >> you don't have to share your powerswabs with other people. there is plenty to go around. >> the great thing is i was blessed with white teeth.
9:26 am
color. >> i have one tooth. it's worse than having all bad. >> but because of the swab, you can focus on that one area to get it to the same shade of white. so that's it. we've done two minutes. that's less than five minutes. on average two shades whiter. in seven days, six shades. results last up to six months. unheard of. >> i think people are watching you like, all right. i'll take a look at the color chart there. is that what's going to happen for me? >> you know, it's like anything else. if someone is 300-pound, they start working they're going to see bigger results than someone who only needs to lose five you understand pounds. this will work. it works on everyone. another point i want to bring up, another reason it's been so popular, it lifts the stains off the caps, crowns and veneers. i've solved your problem. you can attest to this because when you get the procedure done, it looks great. >> of course. >> but over time, people will tell you it starts to gets
9:27 am
they can do about it unless you want to invest another $7,000. this will restore them to its original color. this was developed by a dentist. a lot of the hosts i work with have veneers, caps, crowns. they use this product because their teeth have gone uneven and they use it to get it back to the original color. >> this is something we all need. great having you. >> thanks for having us. >> great smile. >> i owe it all to powerswabs. >> as should you. today there is a special going on for "morning blend" viewer will get free shipping, plus a free quick stick with their order. mention the "morning blend" as well and you'll take advantage of the great buy two, get one free promotion. powerswabs, we'll throw in an extra free quick stick. call right now. supplies are limited. 800-941-3760. as well. it's time for your beauty
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are you tired of shaving, waxing, tweezing and plucking? well, who isn't? now it's possible to discover your beautiful skin without the tedious, painful and the short-lived fixes. laser hair removal is a fast and easy solution for permanent hair reduction. the secret to it is the clinically proven technology that targets and destroys cells responsible for hair growth without harming surrounding skin. it's fast, easy, and f.d.a. cleared. it works on areas such as t face, under arms, arms, chest, back, bikini line and legs. they have a gentle mesh pro state of the art laser technology and unlike others, it is perfect for all skin types. it's available at phaze laser medispa in village square. the address is on the screen. again, this beauty tip is sponsored by phaze laser medispa who are on the show in just a few minutes.
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>> you ever look at your skin and think, i wish i could get rid of that? oh, yes, i do. it's a common thought as we aiming or maybe you have a regrettable tattoo. guess what? now you can get rid of phaze laser medispa offers state of the art technology to help transform you in ways you may not have thought possible. back with more on their exciting services is vice president and co-owner sarah lopez and assistant clinical manager jessica valencia. ladies, welcome back. >> hi. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us back. >> we are getting very close to your opening here at phaze laser. tell me what is happening this month. >> we are so excited because in one week, so next tuesday, we're gonna have our soft opening. we're excited to have everybody
9:32 am
facility. we're located on west sahara and fort apache in village square. >> a soft opening. what is that exactly? you're going to start treating people? >> we're going to start treating people. as a matter of fact, you can call in now. we have plenty of appointments. so go ahead and call in now and we open the doors on the 20th. however, we will have a grand event party in october, which we will announce the next time we're on air. >> sounds like and you are starting to book people now because you are with us last week and one of the things that is very, very popular, a service you provide, is something called sculpture. >> yes. >> tell me about this. >> yes. sculpture, we already have a lot of appointments on the books for this. this is the first f.d.a. approved treatment of its kind. it's a fat reduction treatment. it's quick and easy. it takes 25 minutes. most people only need one to three treatments. so you can come in at your
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go to the gym, theres no down time. go back to work, go to the gym, go shopping. whatever you want to do. >> okay. there is no down time. it takes 25 minutes. we're looking at a picture right now. what are we looking at? >> this is the mooedallities that are going to be against your skin during your treatment. this is the light-base technology that penetrates and attacks those fat cells so your body's natural lymphatic simple can flush them out. t without surgery. >> touchdown amazing. >> no needles. >> no needles? >> how much fat and from where? >> we get rid of 25 to 35% fat. we target those trouble areas that everybody seems to have, like the lower abdomen or the love handles, the flanks, the sides. everybody has like those areas that are just stubborn. they can't seem to lose with diet and exercise.
9:34 am
them. >> sculpture, very interesting. so you come in. you have that area treated. that special area that you would like to see go away. and how many treatments might you need? >> it depends on the client. but we're generally looking at one to three treatments. >> okay. >> 25 minutes apiece. not a lot of time in the office. not a lot of time. so come in. you lay down, relax. that's it. >> big screen tv. >> you can get op your phone. get on your >> you are a skinny, mini. but you did have this treatment. and you said it was really easy. >> i had my areas of concern. i have a little stubborn fat on my lower abdomen. as soon as i gain weight, that's exactly where it goes. i did it. it was quick. there was no down time. you feel light warming sensation. in the next day or for a couple of days, i felt a little sore. as if you worked out. it just blows my mind. >> we've gotten to this point
9:35 am
another thing you offer that is very popular is tattoo removal. talk about that. >> relove our technology because unlike a lot of modalities on the market, we can really treat all skin types and ethnicities. this is important because if you are treated with a modality that is not suitable to treat -- >> we had a darker skinned image on just before. that was amazing. >> yes. it's important because if you don't use the right technog to the skin. >> oh, no. >> yes. >> wouldn't want that. >> we have some of the best technology. if you take a look at the image that was just on there, that was really, really dark. with just about five session, we were able to remove that. safely and effectively. >> i bet that's kind of emotional for some people, getting rid of a tattoo, isn't it? >> it is. but maybe like tears of joy. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> get that thing off me. okay. so those are two things you do very well.
9:36 am
skin rejuvenation. talk to me about that. >> we have a wide variety of skin care treatments available. we do chemical peels, our signature phase peels. we offer micro determine abrasion. micro needles. so we have a lot of treatments to treat different skin concerns. we can help anti-aging pigmentation, a lot of different things, acne. >> thank you very much. please. can we hair removal. laser hair removal. talk about this. >> yes. >> again, just like our tattoo removal technology, our laser hair removal technology also allows us to focus and treat on all skin types. so we have -- look at that back. >> that is a huge change. >> there are a lot of wives perking up at that. and men, too. you guys are going to really welcome men into your spa
9:37 am
services. >> men have concern, too. women like men that are silky smooth as well. >> yeah. whatever makes you feel good is what i say. >> yep. >> if you want to rock some hair, then do it. but no. i'll go for the silky smooth: let's talk about something more intimate. tell me about it. >> thermiva is a advantagial rejuvenation. it's a no down time procedure as well. you can come in our we'll have -- you'll be comfortable. >> listen. i think it's a little hard to talk about this service. but it's a great thing and a lot of women are out there looking for it. >> it's noninvasive. again, there is no kneeleds or surgery. that's why there is no down time. >> tell me about -- i'm sorry to interrupt. we're running out of time. i just want you to tell me about the specials that you're offering for veterans. >> yes. in honor of 9-11, we wanted to
9:38 am
it really hits close to our hearts and so we really wanted to make sure that anybody that comes in and shows proof, they can go ahead and receive 50% off of their packages. normally it takes three to 12 sessions. >> thank you so much, ladies. >> thank you for having us. >> we look forward to your soft opening next tuesday. phaze laser medispa is located in village square. to book an appointment, call the number on your screen or visit the web site listed. don't forget about their great specials. soft opening is one week from today. a community event to tell you about as we head to break. fly for a cause today in downtown las vegas. the fremont street experience to benefit three square food bank. from 1 to 7:00 p.m., 100% of revenue goes back to the charity. you can purchase flight times or book in advance at
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>> finally those temperatures are going down and while it still may have around 90 degrees, it's actually the perfect time to schedule a tuneup for your furnace. our next guest can help do you just that. >> alaskan heating and air conditioning prides themselves on happy customers. joining us is manager chad dymon and a happy hampton. welcome back. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> great. you as well. >> let's talk about, why is right now a great time to have your furnace serviced? >> it's a good time to get signed up for the furnace service because we're going to be pretty busy starting in october and so we want to get people on the schedule as quickly as we can so that they can reserve that spot. before it's cold and then they turn it on. >> don't go by the time or the
9:42 am
there. >> alaskan had been at it for 40 years? >> yes. we're in our 40th year. >> you haven't been there 40 years. >> no, i haven't. >> you don't look like it. tell us how long you've been working with alaskaan. >> we got involved in 2012. the current management has stepped in and helped the original owner to kind of take it to the next level sort of thing. so we've been kind of running with this since 2012. >> awesome. >> how did you get into air conditioning to begin with? >> i had a bad experi another air conditioning company actually. doing some business consulting and, you know, a friend of ours had an air conditioning company that wasn't doing really well. and -- he said, you know what? i had a bad experience with these guys. i want to take them down. let's do it. >> really. i knew what i was looking for as a customers and so that's what i believe that i could do it better than what was being done out there. >> awesome. >> that leads me to ask you what
9:43 am
>> your reviews are through the roof. >> absolutely. >> it's always starting with why. we want to treat people the way that we would want to be treated. so that's how we begin our decision making. it's easy to make the right decision when you're doing it for the right reasons. >> this is pretty gutsy, may i add. going on and putting your yelp reviews online is impressive. five stars, five stars. that's because of great customer se robert, you're on the front line. you walk into people's homes, they don't know what we've got. i think when we have people in our house, some bad experiences with some people. this is where alaskan is trying to clear the air, ironically. >> absolutely. >> tell us how you got involved with alaskan. >> i worked for a company that wasn't doing such great, great things, if you will. then chad heard my story and sent me a message to come on did
9:44 am
here i am. >> good eye. >> two years later. >> it sounds like you both have a similar story. >> there we go. >> here is something very important. it's in all of our homes, especially here in las vegas. let's do is the right way. >> absolutely. it's easy to do it the right way. easier. and not everyone appreciates good quality, i would say. some people no matter what you do, they're not going to be happy. but we're really -- we pride ourselves in finding cto that want that quality of service. they appreciate what quality is and they don't want the surprise of the ac not working at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. >> that's the worst surprise of all. there is good quality and there is alaskan quality. >> i like that. >> you're welcome. google t. winter tuneup special. let's talk about that. >> so we are doing $59. we're going to bring it down from 89 for people that call in and mention the "morning blend." >> awesome. >> for the first five callers,
9:45 am
monoxide detector. >> which is awesome. it's one thing that like we all think about it. we think about maybe installing it. but we really should. it's silent. you're not going to notice it. heaven forbid it happens, it's bad. >> those are worth money as well. >> they are. yes. >> how much do they cost? this is a free value. >> the ones we're doing are about $60 each. >> fantastic. >> they're valuable. you may monoxide poisoning. but fatigue, headaches, dizziness, these are symptoms of breathing in carbon monoxide gasses. so a lot of people get sick during the winter holidays and they don't realize that it might be they're breathe not guilty bad gasses. >> there we go. gentlemen, great having you. >> thanks. >> thank you so much. >> call the number on your screen to take advantage of that $59 winter tuneup special. also first five callers receive a free carbon monoxide detector. >> for additional information
9:46 am
conditioning, call the number on your screen or visit their web site. site. alaskan over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion.
9:48 am
ready to get behind the wheel of a new ride or maybe something with some miles under it already? well, while it's exciting to find the car can also be incredibly confusing. here to clear up all the confusion, executive editor of auto trader, h us the best deals is brian moody. how are you, buddy? >> hey, good morning. how is it going? >> doing very well. you're on a lot somewhere in our great country and you're helping people try to find a car, huh? >> yeah. exactly. we got a couple of examples behind us. but really no matter what kind of car you're getting, there are
9:49 am
dealership and that's the first thing to keep in mind. before you even go, do your research. you need to know what kind of car you're looking for. i would say even narrow it down to three or four before you visit the lot and that way you're gonna get the best car for you and on top of that, know your credit score. you have to know your credit score pause that score determines what kind of loan you're gonna get, the length, and the interest rate. you don't want to be surprised once you get there to find out oh, i have bad credit. you want to know that before hand and manage it before you >> you don't want to be the guy that is just roaming the lot trying to figure out which car you want. you kind of want to know what's there and exactly what kind of financing you should be getting offered, which is great. speaking of financing, buying or leasing? how do we decide which is the best option? >> well, it depends on really what your needs are. i would say for a person who wants a new car every two, three, four years, leasing is gonna work out best. that's gonna cost you less over the short-term. but over the long-term, leasing
9:50 am
if you want to be a high roller and look like you have a new car every three years, that's going to cost. if you want to save money over the long-term, then buying a car is best for you. that's also best for those people who like to keep their cars for a long period of time. >> absolutely. when it comes to choosing a dealership, it's not like all dealerships are the exact same. you get different maybe perks and different customer service at each dealership. how do you choose? >> well, you made a great point. they aren't all the same. so just like everest aunt and every electronic store isn't the same, you want to shop for the dealership that's gonna best suit your needs. if you don't mind high pressure, fine, go to one of those places. but if you want to be treated with respect and you want them to treat you like a customer that's going to drop 30, 40, $50,000, then that's what you should be looking for. remember, you may have to go back to this place if your car is recalled. if you have an issue mechanically for service. so make sure that you like the
9:51 am
listen, in las vegas, there no, sir shortage of ford, honda, or nissan dealerships. go to one that you like and if you don't like it, go on to the next one. nothing wrong with that. >> the haggle. it's so fun. negotiating the price. what tips do you have? >> yeah. is it fun, though? that's the thing. some people think it is. some people -- you know what i'm saying? here is the thing, if you don't think that haggling is fun, negotiating the price, then look for a one price for championship. that takes off the pressure and many people prefer that. they don't want the lowest price. they want a fair price and they want to move on with their day. however, you're one of those people, let's take my dad for example, who really wants the absolute lowest price, you know what i'm saying, then here are some things to keep in mind. go toward the end of the weekend, the end of the day, the end of the quarter or even the end of the year. that way some incentives from the auto maker to the dealership or maybe the dealership to the salesperson will kick in as they get that one last sale
9:52 am
>> the man i love the haggle. i haggled for my wife's car. it's so much easier when it's not your car and you don't have an emotional investment. it's so good. 20 seconds left. payments options, anything to consider before sealing the deal? >> yeah. if you're gonna buy, and that's the way to save most money over the long-term, put as much money down as possible when you buy so you pay less in interest. if you're going to lease, put as little money down as possible. maybe even zero. that way you won't lose that money. never coming back to you. >> no question. brian, great talking to you. thank you so much. >> nice. thank you. >> take the guesswork out of finding the car of your dreams. auto trader's got you covered. they'll clear up everything for you. j.j., over to you. >> thank you, shawn. where your team's pride and score a touchdown in style. the nfl is leading wait so you can show your pride every day of the week throughout the year.
9:53 am
runway to the red carpet, sportswear is everywhere and the nfl is leading the way, showcasing how to wear team pride every day of the week and throughout the year. we caught a behind the scenes look at the nfl women's campaign shoot in new york city. >> i love going to football games and super bowl, enjoy super bowl parties. it's been part of my life since i was a little girl. >> you're repping your team. for me my hometown. it's a cool way to make it fashionable, from t-shirts jerseys. i like to see a terry bradshaw. you can maybe anything great with a great pair of heels. >> they did. the collection boasts endless option for different wearing occasion, like t-shirts, yoga, plus size styles, maternity. this super model donned her favorite styles. >> my go-to pieces are a classic hat and like a classy jersey. it doesn't matter what you're wearing, if it's is summer dress
9:54 am
a baseball cap looks sexy on a girl. >> olivia culpo says it's like making the look your own. >> everyone has their personal taste. it depends on what you want to do. obviously mine is really girlie and i like to make it as feminine as i can. usually dress it up. or even dress it down. i'm from long island. here today is denim on denim. very trendy. >> actress and singer keke palmer loves to mix it up with her favorite designer duds. >> i get signatures, staple pieces on the more -- i jazz it up with other things that maybe aren't as expensive. we've been doing a lot of that today. it's the best way to express your person through clothing. i always compare jerseys. they're like some of my favorites 'cause they immediately let people know what your personality is all about. >> you can shop the looks at nflpop spoken com/women.
9:55 am
finally some cute nflwear for women. hello? remember to check out "morning blend" com. stay with danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes.
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tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us.
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today on the view, it's an entire show of hot topics. what? join the ladies and the panel as they sound off on trending today at 10 that is mere moments from now. >> yeah. and next week is a huge premiere week for abc. one week from tonight catch the season 4 premiere of marvel agents of shield at a new time. 10:00 p.m. now. that's way past my bedtime. >> that's also past safe harbor. it could get a little crazy. very exciting. i got a paper cut earlier right there. >> ouch. >> how unfortunate! >> i've just been mending it the whole time.
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against bullying. >> you're darn right. you can take a stand by lacing up your shoes and joining them on a run, walk, roll to combat that. that's wednesday. >> that's right. that's it for us today.
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