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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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homeowners...will be seeing a little more sunshine in their pockets. one battle won its victory day for robert lucero and more than 32 thousand existing solar customers it's huge it's huge because we were concerned about it robert-- who invested in solar just 3 months before the puc raised his rates-- needed the savings to keep his system running on a fixed income you have to try to save whatever you can while customer will now see more money in their pockets- solar business. it was definitely a rough couple months over at sunpower-- sales reps are now getting in contact with the hundreds of people who had either stalled or cancelled their requests. we're here to stay right here to service our customers we want to make sure that they have the 20 to 25 if you promise them solar customers-- who opted in before 2016-- will now see their fixed monthly charges reduced to the same as non solar customers. nv energy it's not a win or
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now this decision does not effect any new customer signing up for solar-- at 6 on why more needs to be done to bring back solar here in nevada. lesley marin, 13 action news. we received this statement...... from "bring back solar"... saying in part: "this is a tremendous victory..... not only for the solar customers..... whose investments will be protected... now... it is vital to restore all nevadans' ability..... to go solar affordably.... in the future." while most people believe today's decision was a good one.. it's very important to know who you're working with for rooftop solar. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston explains. ----the solar companies will be back in business soon in nevada, and thousands of people here are interested in rooftop panels. maybe as many as tens of thousands in las vegas.
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it's sunny a lot here, so that's why the companies see this as a great market. ----some of the companies have been accused of unscrupulous tactics, whether it's making promises of static rates or even lower energy bills. if you are wondering what protections you have, i asked solar city's jon wellinghoff about that this week. play sound what protections for ratepayers? 12:44: "there are scam artists...." 13:11: "...the district attorney's office." ----wellinghoff assured me solar city does not engage in such practices. but you can be sure the legislature won't take his word for it and will take
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governor sandoval is giving input...... on the stadium plan recommendations that are awaiting his final say!!! "the southen nevada tourism infrastructure committee".... approved the plan...... to bring a..... -1- point -9- billion dollar stadium.... to our valley. now... the governor will consider.... he said.... he'll give each of them..... a review. sandoval says.... once he's comfortable with a proposal..... he'll consider the options.... available." we're only a few hours away from what's shaping up to be a traffic nightmare. at 10pm.. road crews will close the southbound ramp from us-95 to i-15. if you have to drive through that interchange.. you'll have to follow detour signs. the road work is part of project neon. the closure is expected to last through 10:00 sunday morning. here's a live look outside... where those sunny skies could soon turn.... cloudy and grey... 13 first alert meteorologist..... karla huelga explains....
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warming temps, light winds and lots of sunshine will be the theme for the weekend. expect highs in the mid 90s on saturday and upper 90s on sunday. however, changes seem to be coming for the start to the workweek as moisture pushes in from the south and starts to bring more cloud cover on monday and chances for rain starting late in the day breaking right now in denver hospital workers safe but still on lockdown after reports of shots fired at a hospital according to our sister station...roads are blocked off...and there is a heavy police presence outside of rose medical center. police have not been able to cofirm whether any shots were fired.
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and police are searching for a suspect. a seriously close call for a metro motorcycle officer at durango and tropicana. the officer was thrown to the pavement in a bad crash.. but was still able to radio-in a call for help. only on 13 action news.. parker collins spoke with the men who rushed over to help before paramedics arrived. scanner 25:15-25:26 "someone n i don't see it. i don't know what it looked like. it came up from behind me so fast." this is what went out over the police scanner... seconds after the crash... the policeman crying out for help... after a suspected dui driver rear ended him so hard... he flew back into the car's windshield and landed on the road. stand-up 20:41:55-20:42:03 basically on all sides of the crime scene there are houses right across this wall and for the people living over here this was the first thing they saw and heard this morning.
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23:13:07-23:13:16 "for the sound and for the wreckage and for the bike to be that far away i mean for the officer to be alive is just a godsend he had an angel on his shoulder." until paramedics showed up. al mazza, rushed to officer's side 23:07:37-23:07:42 "we looked down the cop is right there and you can tell he's in to talk with that driver -- which was surpising to them! 23:09:51-23:10:04 when you heard that and hopped the fence and see what had happen you believe this guy is alive? "no no i mean no because he's over here and the bike is 100 foot down there with the car." waiting for an ambulance to show up... they couldn't do much... but they did offer the officer a cigarette. 23:09:12-23:09:21 "from what i could see this leg whatever was here looked like it was coming out of his leg and it was pretty nasty." the driver who did this was arrested. near tropicana and durango parker collins thirteen action news.
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as customers try to get their hands on the newest generation of apple's smart phone. but.... there's sure to be disappointment.... because some models of the phone are already sold out.. thanks to heavy pre-order sales. the fbi is being sued by several news organizations over the hack into the locked i-phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. the associated press.. gannett and vice media want to know who the fbi paid.. and how much it spent to get the suit was filed under the freedom of information act. the complaint was filed after the fbi rejected a request for those records. your voice.. your vote in the race for the white house.. and donald trump is flipping on one of the issues that launched him into the political world. after being one of the main voices in the so-called "birther" movement.. trump tried to put it in the rear-view mirror once and for all.. and president obama was quick to respond.
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in the united states. period. i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as well. trump also said hillary clinton's 2008 campaign started the controversy.. but there is no evidence to back that up. today in washington.. clinton fired back. "imagine a person in the oval office who traffics in conspiracy theories and refusing to let them go no clinton also says trump's acknowledgement of the president's birthplace didn't go far enough.. and says he needs to apologize. a new campaign against recreational marijuana in nevada just launched..... with some powerful supporters... including governor brian sandoval!!! the website for a group called.... "protecting nevada's children".... went live today. it's the first major push..... against recreational pot in our
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their financial backers.. but... that information is expected to come.... next month. a question regarding recreational pot will be..... on the november ballot. senate minority leader..... harry reid continuing his war of words against the republican presidential nominee. in recent days... he called donald trump "not slim and trim..." and.... criticized trump.... on the senate floor... calling him a "spoiled brat," "a con artist," and... a "human leech." in an interview with c-n-n's manu raju today reid again.... attacked trump. unbelievably immoral people i've ever heard deal with politics." trump responded to the "slim and trim" comment in a washington post interview, saying.... "i think he should go back and start working out again..... with his rubber work-out pieces." referring to an exercise band that snapped... and blinded reid... in one eye. a local woman who lost her son and mother is heartbroken by what she found
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help.. she turned to us. when you ask.. we investigate. plus... a criminal breaks through the ceiling..... to steal money from a cash register... and... he gets away with it! but looks can be deceiving... why this thief was probably disappointed..... when he realized what he pocketed. screaming and.. a later.. woman beats the odds three times with the same table bet on the same day.. exactly 10-years apart. we'll explain what's behind this strange.. winning roulette tradition. over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services
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d parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto.
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r to keep us safe. i'm catherine cortez masto,
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california y- m-c-a through the ceiling..... to steal cash from a register... stealing all the money inside.... before leaving. he kicked through the duct..... in the child development center... you can probably see..... where this is going. neither the cash..... nor the register were real. it was a children's toy..... filled with play money... worth next to nothing. now.. they say the cemetary isn't doing anything about the problem and turned to us for help. when you ask.. we investigate. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin joined them at the gravesite today. these are pictures from the last time alisa celis went to the gravesites of her son and mother. there is a sprinkler box next to her mother's grave, and
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into the ground. and there is a huge area of mud next to her son's grave, and she says it washes over his headstone. 22.42.31 im definitely upset 32 this is my mom and my son, of course im upset 36 these people dont have no sympathy for what im going through 42 i dont want to come here 43 we went out there today, and while we were taking video, an employee at bunkers cemetary came out. she promised us they would fix the issues with both graves, and started fixing one of them while we were still out there. we looked into this story after alisa emailed us. so if you have a problem you want us to check out.. send an email to and please be sure to include your phone number. from contact 13... -2- jeep owners... have filed separate injury lawsuits... against fiat chrysler. -2- different women claim..... their jeeps rolled over their legs... causing life-changing damage. the suits come..... after the death of actor.... anton yelchin. he was killed.....
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as he checked his mailbox. critics claim.... the vehicle's electronic gear selector is defective... causing it to roll. a debt collection company... is being sued..... for -10- million dollars... over those annoying robocalls!!! officials in california say... "eye-core"... and its subsidiaries violated consumer protection laws... by using "robocalls".... to harass people. some of them... didn't even owe.... any money. the company says... it looks forward to defending this matter... and... continuing to improve its collection practices. a detroit mom is tackling the problem of school overcrowding after her daughter said there were 60 kids in her classroom. first.. she went to the school to see it for herself.. then took pictures of the classrooms. they show desks crammed up against the teacher's desk and students sitting everywhere.. including on the counters.. and using milk crates for chairs. "there is no possible way with 60 kids in a classroom that you can teach a child. 60 kids. 1st grade is 50 something kids the babies are sitting on
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the district says its trying to reorganize classes to address overcrowding. the teachers say it's unacceptable and want more furniture and smaller class sizes. the popularity of soccer is growing fast... and... legions of young players are learning the game... and... that trend comes along.... with an increase.... in soccer injuries. according to the report in the journal pediatrics... soccer-related emergency room visits have spiked..... -1- hundred and -11- percent.... from 19- 90 to 20-14. sprainsr among.... the most common injuries. people looking to turns their lives around are getting a second chance.. thanks to the "fair chance for higher education" pledge. it means more than 60 colleges and universities will not immediately rule out applicants based on criminal records. and.. they'll make internships and job training available. the u-s department of education is pushing the initiative. it estimates one in five americans has a criminal record.
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alert weather.' warming temps, light winds and lots of sunshine will be the theme for the weekend. expect highs in the mid 90s on saturday and upper 90s on sunday. however, changes seem to be coming for the start to the workweek as moisture however, changes seem to be coming for the start to the workweek as moisture pushes in from the south and star monday and chances for rain starting late in the day. monday will also be breezy with highs in the mid 90s. by tuesday the cloud cover
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will remain in the forecast. also, high temps will cool to the upper 80s. chances for rain will linger on wednesday with a bit less cloud cover and highs around 90. more chang a large storm system approaches from the pacific northwest. most of the energy associated with this system will pass to our north, but it will pass close enough to bring windy conditions the area on thursday and breezy winds friday as it makes its exit. highs will top out in the low and mid 90s on thursday then in
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upper 80s on friday as the system drags cooler air into the region. a california woman has an uncanny tradition for winning at roulette. up next.. find out why you'll want to put your money down with her for a guarenteed win.. but you'll have to wait 10-years to do it. at -6- the f-b-i and several local law enforcement agencies swarmed to boulder city today... but... not for an investigation. what they were doing.... to help keep your kids safe.
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the chef-inspired panini collection from subway is grilled right before your eyes, in our new panini press. but...let's start at the beginning the new salami caprese panini starts with genoa salami, thick-sliced fresh mozzarella, creamy pesto, and italian bread. then it's pressed and grilled to cinematic perfection to get a golden brown crust
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the new chef-inspired panini collection.
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in las vegas.. after roulette number for the third time in her life.. as the clock struck midnight on her 36th birthday. nats - (cheering) leslie sategna put down 1-thousand dollars on number 16 this morning at aria and won 35-thousand dollars. she says her father won on the number when she turned 16.. and she won on the number when she turned 26. she says she's already planning to come back on her 46th
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in just a matter of days... the cast of "jersey boys" will take its final bow..... at the paris. after more than -8- years... the curtain will close..... for the last time..... on september -18-th... if you have tickets..... after that date.. you can exchange them.... or.... get a refund. monday will also be breezy with highs in the mid 90s. by tuesday the cloud cover thicken and chances for rain will remain in the forecast. the upper 80s. chances for rain will linger on wednesday with a bit less cloud cover and highs around 90. more changes arrive thursday as a large storm system approaches from the pacific northwest. new on 13 action news live at six - a boy walking home from school nearly killed while walking home from school. only on 13 action news -- what the kid says happened just seconds before the collision. and... here's a look at what's coming up.... in tonight's primetime line-
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at -8-.... it's "last man standing".... followed by "doctor ken"..... at -8- 30. at -9-... dive into "the shark tank".... at -10-.... it's 20/20 and... that's our news for now.. but... stay with us for abc's world news tonight.. up next. remember.. we're always on at and on our free ktnv mobile app. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news.. live at 6.
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tonight, the breaking news. the fallout. donald trump's about-face on whether president obama was born in the u.s. now, 53 days before the election, trump suddenly changes his mind. tonight, the angry reaction from members of congress. from hillary clinton. from first lady michelle obama, who late today took aim. the officer tonight, indicted. opening fi teenagers as the car pulls away. there is breaking news coming in now. the air scare. the smoke on the plane. the passenger's battery. and it comes amid the massive smartphone recall already. the meat cleaver attack here in new york city. tonight, new images. and what we've now learned about the vicious attack. and the 3-year-old adopted, who left behind her best friend in the orphanage. and tonight, the reunion that stopped us.


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